Gypsy Juice by Arkansas Eliquid

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

As promised, today we present our eLiquid Team Review for the Gypsy Line from Arkansas Eliquid. This High VG line was developed for cloud-chasers and those that enjoy Sub-Ohm tanks…you know, us.

Arkansas eLiquid Company offers top-shelf quality at unbelievably low prices. For instance, a 30mL bottle is $9.99, 60mL jumps to only $15, and double that again and a 120mL bottle goes for just $20. I don’t know about you, but if I find a great eLiquid in a large 120mL bottle for twenty bucks, I’m stocking up. And stocking up is exactly what we plan to do with the Spinfuel Choice Award winners.

The Spinfuel Choice Award in 2016

As we get closer and closer to some kind of regulation on vape gear and eliquid, many brands have already moved to much higher quality ingredients, clean rooms for mixing, bottling, packaging, and shipping, and making sure that the sourced ingredients will pass muster with the FDA. In other words, there are more ‘quality’ eliquids on the market then ever before. That being the case, the Spinfuel Choice Award had to change and grow with the industry. We can’t put as much weight into the ‘quality’ of eliquids as we used to, the result would be a wide spread increase in the Choice Award. To maintain the value of the award we needed to focus on attention on more than just quality.

Today, an eLiquid can be awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award for the perfect scores in the following categories

  1. Quality – That remains the top concern
  2. Brand Reputation and Value to the community
  3. And accurate description of the flavor, by the brand
  4. The satisfaction we feel while vaping the eliquid
  5. Flavor rendition – Does the flavor hit the mark.
  6. Did we enjoy the flavor, vapor, and the delivery?

Vape Gear

This time out the entire team made the decision to use identical hardware. The four of us used a Volcano Lavabox DNA 200 and the Gigue Dolphin Sub-Ohm Ceramic Tank. The combination of the mod and tank are certainly not the only gear that can produce an excellent vape experience, but by using the same equipment there would be no confusion among the team, or our readers, on how the eliquid might vape in one tank over another, or with one mod versus another.

We chose the Lavabox DNA 200 for its ability to vape pretty much anything, and it ‘took’ to the Dolphin tank extremely well. That said, its important to note that the Dolphin tank is not a TC-capable tank ‘out-of-the-box”, so  used the Lavabox  in variable wattage mode.

The Gigue Dolphin used a new ceramic coil for each flavor in the review. The Dolphin Tank features a very advanced solid state heating element wrapped in a ceramic cylinder. It held 4mL of eliquid, and features one of the nicest top-fill systems. Equipped with triple auxiliary adjustable airflow slots, and a dual layered drip tip, we vaped between 55w and 75w with pure flavor and tons of warm vapor. Our review of the tank can be found here. The Gigue Dolphin will find its way into many more eliquid team reviews down the road.

Flavor Characteristics

The Gypsy line of eliquids from Arkansas Eliquid was surprisingly flavorful, but never overly so. Every flavor delivered an abundance of aromatic and dense vapor clouds. Despite the wide range of flavor ingredients, from a smooth custard to tarty fruits, they were never difficult to vape, regardless of whether a team member enjoyed a particular flavor.

Brand Value and Reputation in the Vape Community

Based on feedback from our readers, searches in various forums, plain ole’ Google searches, and our own personal experience with Arkansas Eliquid there can be no doubt that the reputation of brand is well considered. The pricing of such high quality eliquid makes the Value to the community pretty priceless. While not all brands are capable of delivering high quality ejuice at these low prices, Arkansas Eliquid must be applauded for their pricing structure.

Now, let’s get on with our impressions of the Gypsy line by Arkansas Eliquid.

KREM – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Gypsy Juice by AR Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - Arkansas EliquidCustard Matters. We are proud to introduce our amazingly delicious custard flavor. Imagine sitting down and enjoying a warm crème brûlée drenched in caramel with just a hint of honey to wash it all down. This flavor not only vapes great but fills the room up with an aroma that will have everyone asking you what you’re vaping. Welcome to the party custard.”

Julia: 5.00 – The name, Krem, told me right away that this was going to be a custard, or creamy eliquid. However, I did not expect Krem to be so incredibly nuanced with flavor components of crème brûlée, caramel, and honey. I expected a good flavor, but I did not expect a collection of flavors so incredibly delicious that I instantly placed it into my rotation.

Vaping Krem at 68w in the Dolphin tank delivered tasteful vapor so thick that I wound up spending a lot more time with then I realized. The flavor of crème brûlée is one of caramelized sugar, with serious caramel notes. If you’ve had it before you know what I mean. Now, blend in a sweet honey so delicately that you know its there but it doesn’t interrupt the flow of flavor and you have a perfect vape for a heartwarming, sitting by the fire vape experience you won’t ever want to leave behind. I can promise you that you’ve never tasted such a delicious custard vape like Krem. FLAVOR – 5.00+

Kiera: 5.00 – Oh my God how remarkable Krem turned out to be! A sweet caramelized flavor drenched in mounds of creamy vapor with a touch of sweet honey on the tail end of the exhale. If not the best caramel/custard I’ve enjoyed, then its in the top 3. If you enjoy a smooth custard flavor I urge you to give this one a go, you’ll thank me later.

Vaped in the Gigue Dolphin at 70w every single atom of flavor detonated on my tastebuds while I experienced pure vape-joy with every enormous lung hit. There are dozens of deliciously smooth custard/caramel vapes out there, but when you can vape something this could for low little you have to consider replacing your more expensive custard vape with Krem. I knew after 5 minutes that Krem deserved a place in my rotation and I’ll order the 120mL for $20 once a month, forever. FLAVOR: 5.00+

Jason: 5.00 – Warm, toasty, and incredibly smooth, this full flavored melt in your mouth caramel/custard eliquid is simply outstanding. Once I started vaping Krem I forgot about the other eliquids in this review and just kicked back at home, closed my eyes, and listened to the latest Pink Floyd’s swan song album, The Endless River (deluxe version), I thought I just might float away and not come back.

If you tend to vape eliquids casually you’ll get a smooth caramel and custard vape with plenty of flavor and thick vapor that will relax your mind and settle your nerves. But, if you put your tastebuds and brain to work and attempt to dissemble each flavor note you’ll realize Krem is unlike any custard vape you’ve ever had. Well, I know its unlike any caramel custard vape I’ve ever had. The key to the magic in this blend is the genius of adding the precise amount of honey to the recipe. This carefully executed recipe creates a flavor that quiets the mind, yet excites the part that enjoys discovery. I honestly, seriously, am in awe of this astonishing flavor. FLAVOR: 5.00+

Tom: 5.00 – To get the most out of Krem, the custard/caramel/honey blend from the Gypsy line you should definitely use a sub-ohm tank known for authentic flavor production. You should also vape Krem in the higher wattages or temperatures so that the essence of sweet custard and caramel melts into your tastebuds.

Using a 200w mod and a ceramic tank with the ability to reach 80w, I had plenty of room to experiment with Krem, and the rest of the line. There isn’t many High VG custard-type eliquids that reach 80w without overheating or breaking down the flavor, but Krem can. While the vapor was a little too warm, the flavor structure maintained itself at the highest rating of the ceramic coil. Tapping down to a more reasonable level of 68w Krem showed its true nature; sweet, complex, and heavenly. That one flavor component that brings it all room is the delicate balance of honey. This honey flavoring takes Krem out of the custard lineup and shines a spotlight on it.

There are hundreds of custard flavors in the world of eliquids, many of them are excellent, but Krem shows how to gain an edge on an over-populated category. You will want to add this to your rotation, trust me. And, when you do, you’ll never have to consider the cost of vaping such a delicious eliquid in a tank that tears through ejuice. For less than a 30mL bottle of Suicide Bunny you’ll have 120mL of a true champion in the custard society.  FLAVOR: 5.00+

Charmed Robbery

Gypsy Juice by AR Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - Arkansas EliquidCharmed Robbery is an amazingly succulent blend of berry and sour. As it rolls across your tongue and you take take a deep inhale, you’ll enjoy the intense sour, and as you exhale the sweet berry will be there to finish. It’s love at first taste!

Julia: 4.00 If you like ‘sour’ this Charmed Robbery eliquid is something you might want to try. I have to acknowledge that AR Eliquid is spot on in their description of “intense sour” because it is incredibly intense sour. That to me is the kiss of death for an eliquid. The real problem though, is in the follow up; the “exhale the sweet berry”; the sour follows you to the very end.

So, while this might appeal to the folks that enjoy sour flavors, to my tastebuds this was awful. FLAVOR: 2.00

Kiera: 5.00 – Unlike my partner, I’m a freak for sour flavors. I’m that kid in school with a bottomless bag of Sweet Tarts and TartNTinys by Wonka. I probably walked around elementary school with puckered lips all day long. So, give me a bottle of Charmed Robbery and I’ll be your slave.

The official description for Charmed Robbery couldn’t be any more accurate. On the inhale you’ll suffer or delight in a big sour flavor flooding the tastebuds…but on the exhale it quickly changes to a peaceful sweetness of berries in overdrive. A must-vape for sour devotees. FLAVOR: 5.00+

Jason: 5.00 – The number of times I have been disappointed with the promise of real sour tartness in an eliquid is too many to count, so when I read the description of Charmed Robbery I wasn’t counting on it delivering the goods. I was so wrong! On the inhale I get a wicked sour hit, while on the exhale I’m greeted with a sweeter flavor that amps me up for another quick inhale. FLAVOR: 5.00

Tom: 5.00 – While some flavors in the Gypsy line up are complicated and nuanced, others are more straightforward or one-sided. Charmed Robbery tries to be complicated by having a sour greeting and sweet good-bye, and on one hand they accomplish that, but on another, it’s not that big a deal. Flavors like Krem can leave you weak in the knees, but they are rare indeed. Charmed Robbery does an excellent job at ‘doing its job’, and for a while I enjoyed it. But, this eliquid isn’t as special as some of the others. Does it need to be? No. FLAVOR: 4.00

Gypsy Juice by AR Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - Arkansas EliquidTiger’s Blood – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

A harmonious blend of strawberry and coconut. It tastes similar to Tigers Blood snow cones just without the ice. One of our most popular flavors and winner of a Spinfuel Choice Award” (March 24 2014)

Julia: 5.00 – Almost 2 years to the day Tiger’s Blood went before the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team and was deemed worthy of the Spinfuel Choice Award. Today, we reaffirm that award for 2016. Tiger’s Blood is truly a delicious sweet strawberry flavor with a robust layer of coconut. Unlike 2014, this Tiger’s Blood is a High VG blend, and with that High VG comes a smooth, evenly balanced flavor and a huge amount of thick vapor.

I vaped Tiger’s Blood as warm as I could get it and it was worth it. I enjoy a sweet coconut flavor and while we could argue that the strawberry was overwhelmingly dominant, I’m happy to say that you will not miss the coconut while you enjoy it. FLAVOR: 5.00

Kiera: 5.00 – I swore to myself that I would not go back to the 2-year old review to see what I, and the others had to say about Tiger’s Blood. And, while I was actually vaping Tiger’s Blood, I stayed away until my 2016 impression was fully formed.

What struck me about the 2-year old review is how similar it was to today’s reviews are done. Two years is a long time and a lot can change, yet we are the same line up, the same team, only much more experienced in detecting flavor profiles. It is as amazing to see how much as not changed as it is to see how much has changed. The biggest change however, belongs to Arkansas Eliquid. But anyway… to see how far the vape industry has changed you simply must check out the 2014 review to see the hardware we used to conduct the review.

The modern version of Tiger’s Blood is a High VG blend with a rich flavor of sweet ripe strawberries and sweet coconut. If not blended with precision, strawberry and coconut can cause the strawberry component to produce a false, musty flavor that can ruin any chance at a satisfying vape. Arkansas Eliquid took the time and effort to make sure that did not happen. The inhale is an authentic strawberry and coconut flavor, while on the exhale the strawberry seems to back away, allowing a sweet coconut milk to come to the fore. The end result is a deeply satisfying vape. FLAVOR: 5.00

Jason: 5.00 – I remember keeping Tigers Blood in my rotation for several months, until I began a complete overhaul of my collection of eliquids and put together a refreshed line for the rotation.  Today’s Tigers Blood is a smooth and rich strawberry and coconut concoction that is every bit as delicious as I remember, only with more vapor production and no throat hit at 3mg.

With a huge lung hit expect to be greeted with a blend of both flavors, which is explained by these two flavors have very different characteristics. In fact, strawberry and coconut kind of creates a flavor that can’t be created otherwise. Think of it as StrawNut, or CocoBerry, *(or not), but on the exhale something strange happens depending on the amount of wattage/temperature. Tigers Blood is an eliquid that can withstand more wattage then you might otherwise put to it, and when vaped this way it produces a very warm vape with a strawberry finish. Then, if you back down on the wattage/temperature so that the vapor is only ‘warm’ vs ‘very warm’ the finish becomes more coconut than strawberry. Like I said, strange. Delicious either way though – FLAVOR: 5.00

Tom: 5.00 – It’s funny, I remember how over-the-top I was 2 years ago when talking about Tigers Blood. I felt for Tigers Blood like I feel for Krem today. I still believe that today’s Tiger Blood is an excellent coconut and strawberry eliquid, and I vaped every drop I had, but I guess what excites me today is a bit different then it was 2 years ago.

Tigers Blood is an uncommon flavor; a flavor you can’t easily describe to people. Both the strawberry and coconut flavors change when mixed together, creating a unique flavor all its own. Today I would describe this unique flavor as “coming from the shadows”. I swear, as good as it is, it feels like an underground eliquid, definitely not a mainstream eliquid flavor. Still deserving a Spinfuel Choice Award, but for me, the reward is for creating a flavor that both satisfies and reaches inward toward the dark side of human nature. FLAVOR: 5.00

Celestial Dawn

Gypsy Juice by AR Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - Arkansas EliquidA strawberry lemonade blend with a mystery sweetness added into mix. Member of our Fab 5 High VG line designed for drippers. Blowing clouds and filling the room with flavor.”

Julia: 5.00 – This eliquid is an authentic vapor version of strawberry lemonade, emphasis on the lemonade. It is also a major producer of vapor, and I would suggest that if you like lemonade eliquids you need to give this one a try. That said, there are very few, if any, true lemonade eliquids that I enjoy.  To be frank, I want more sweetness and less tartness in my lemonade than most people. So for that reason I won’t be adding Celestial Dawn to my rotation or collection. FLAVOR: 3.75

Kiera: 5.00   – Celestial Dawn is a strong lemonade eliquid. The amount of strawberry in this recipe is not enough to take the edge off the amount of citrus puckering that you’ll make while you vape away on your mod. There is too much tartness in this recipe for me to enjoy, and I like tart flavors. Trust me when I tell you that this eliquid can produce a ton of vapor, so if you like lemonade, real lemonade, you’ll like this. FLAVOR: 4.00

Jason: 5.00   – I don’t vape much in the way of hard citrus flavors to make Celestial Dawn a regular. This one has as much lemonade in it as anything I’ve ever tasted before, and that can be a great thing for vapers looking for this kind of vape experience, but for me, I’m not that vaper.

Tom: 5.00   – As a vaper that enjoys more tobacco and coffee blends than anything else, this Celestial Dawn comes from the other side of the tracks. The strong citrus flavor is the opposite of what I look for in an eliquid. So rather than vape my way through the 30mL bottle I invited a friend over, a certain someone that loves the hell out of strong lemonade (and ice cold menthols), and invited him to partake in Celestial Dawn. His take on it was it was the best tarty lemonade vape he’s ever had. Needless to say, I allowed him to take the bottle home with him. Since my buddy did most of the vaping of Celestial Dawn I’ll let him cast the score for the flavor: FLAVOR 5.00+ (best lemonade ejuice ever!)

Razor’s Edge

Gypsy Juice by AR Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - Arkansas EliquidA savory blend of blood orange and fruit that is bursting with perky citrus notes, and infused with fragrant and tangy tropical notes.”

Julia: 5.00 – I have had some Blood Orange eliquids in the past that were, in a word, gross. In fact, I’ve had them so often that for a while I dreaded seeing Blood Orange mentioned in an eliquid description from anywhere. So, how is the Razor’s Edge? Well… not as bad as I expected.

Blood orange is a troubling flavor to work with. It can leave an unpleasant aftertaste, and it can light up tastebuds better reserved for unsweet foods I’d rather not eat. But how can I deny that the flavor description laid out by Arkansas Eliquid is anything but spot on? Those citrus notes are there on the exhale, the thick flavor of the blood orange is there in abundance, so if you happen to like that flavor this could become a favorite. Just not one of mine. FLAVOR: 3.00

Kiera: 5.00 – Sometimes I think Julia would rather keep all flavors simple and all eliquids to share known flavors of her favorite edibles. Here, with blood orange, is a perfect example. Blood oranges taste nothing like an orange, it has less of a citrus flavor, and it does have overtones of flavors similar to berries. I love blood oranges! I can sometimes taste raspberries in a good, room temperature blood orange, and the red ‘meaty’ part has a strong aroma that some link to bitterness. You have to like the fruit in order to like Razor’s Edge, and fi you don’t, this is not the eliquid you want. – FLAVOR: 5.00

Jason: 5.00 – The blood orange is definitely not for everybody. As an eliquid it can leave a strong, almost bitter aftertaste, but with a quality eliquid that is essentially a blood orange flavoring, there is always a hint of raspberry inside the dry aftertaste. I think Arkansas eLiquid could have improved this flavor somewhat had they introduced an actual, sweet raspberry flavoring to calm down the authentic flavors which can overwhelm those that say they don’t like blood oranges. FLAVOR: 4.50

Tom: 5.00 – I have this tendency to see certain eliquid flavors as “fillers” on an eliquid menu. I consider Blood oranges to be that, a filler flavor. With so many flavorings out there, why spend time trying to perfect a flavor that few people like? I don’t know anyone that vapes a blood orange eliquid, and I can see why.

Taking a big lung hit of Razor’s Edge the first thing I detect is a sweetness, an unknown flavor, but sweet nonetheless. Then the flavor of the blood orange kicks in, and it is strong, pungent, somewhat bitter. On the exhale that bitterness takes over while crushing the sweeter flavor notes on the way out.

I am puzzled why a brand like Arkansas Eliquid would take the time and energy to develop a limited appeal flavor when the talent at this brand can create such amazing flavors like Krem, Unicorn Milk, SKY, and many others. In any case, Razor’s Edge is a quality eliquid with a flavor I want nothing to do with. FLAVOR: 2.50

Gypsy Juice by AR Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - Arkansas EliquidMarrakesh – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

An exotic Moroccan citrus drink flavor explosion...”

Julia: 5.00 – Reading off the names of the eliquids in this review, when I read the name Marrakesh my mind immediately went to some sort of Turkish tobacco eliquid. I was a little apprehensive, but who wouldn’t enjoy a nice tobacco, right? Well, as it turns out, Marrakesh isn’t anything tobacco related, it is a fine, delicious, fun, tropical vape that pleases me no end.

Despite the High VG, Marrakesh isn’t as big a vapor-maker as the others, but what it loses in vapor production it more than makes up for in a smooth, flavorful, sweet tropical vape.

On the inhale there is little to no flavor to detect, it all happens on the exhale. The flavors in this blend are distributed all over the tastebuds, but centering on the pleasure producing sweet areas. A delicious citrus flavor, have to be a lime, hits first, and then a mixture of tropical fruits that I cannot identify other than to say we all immediately detect as “tropical”. This will go into rotation as a replacement for my standard tropical blend. A winner all around. FLAVOR: 5.00

Kiera: 5.00 – I’m not sure why, but Marrakesh came as a darker colored eliquid than the crystal-clear others. A golden color, Marrakesh delivers a wonderful tropical blend of flavors that are also deeply satisfying. And ‘satisfying’ is not usually associated with a fun flavor, and Marrakesh is fun to vape.

As to the sweetness of Marrakesh; after spending several minutes vaping large lung hits I could taste a sugary flavor along my lips. I really liked it!

While Marrakesh is a delight as warm vapor you’ll have to be careful not to scorch your coils trying to get it too warm. For some reason it does not have the same latitude that other eliquids in this review has. FLAVOR: 5.00

Jason: 5.00 – I think Marrakesh would become a favorite tropical eliquid for a whole lot of people if vaped with a sub-ohm tank that keeps the airflow set to the maximum opening. I experimented a little with this one and tried various wattage settings and airflow. Tighter draws leave room to smash up the nicely balanced treasure trove of tropical flavors, causing a real change in the way it satisfies as a tropical vape. With wide airflow the flavors spread out, and you can catch the nuanced flavors easier, producing a seriously satisfying tropical vape.

At once simple and complicated, Marrakesh is better than people would think when they think about a tropical eliquid. Yes, it can be fun to vape sweet tropical flavors, but when done with furious lung hits it can become something much bigger. FLAVOR: 5.00

Tom: 5.00 –  I enjoy a good tropical vape now and then, and Marrakesh is certainly that. I’m not super excited about it like I am with Krem, but I know an excellent tropical vape when I try one. This eliquid provides a full flavor on the inhale and exhale, though the vapor production, while excellent, was not as thick and voluminous as the others.

The flavor is a blend of tropical flavors on the sweet side, a touch of citrus in the finish, but no tart notes from a tart tropical fruit, which I enjoyed the absence of quite a lot. Vaped at 62w in the Dolphin tank, the vapor was warm but not overly warm, and the satisfaction comes from vaping a flavor that reminds me of vacationing in the Bahamas. FLAVOR: 5.00 


 It’s not hard to discern where we stand on Gypsy eliquids from Arkansas Eliquid. The eJuice that contained sweeter flavors obviously scored higher than the tart or the citrus. The most loved eliquid was KREM, and the least likes was Celestial Dawn. Everything else placed somewhere near the top.

There is no doubt that the Gypsy line is as high as quality of the White Lightning line, but it seemed to me, as the header writer, that in a general sense we like the White Lightning a tad more. We did award a few Spinfuel Choice Awards based on how well they performed and how well they delivered personal vape satisfaction.

All in all, there is a reason why Arkansas Eliquid has made such a splash on the online eliquid community and that is offering excellent flavors, high quality ingredients, and a remarkably low price. I just hope that there aren’t many people who would judge the quality of the eliquid by the price. Just as there are awful eliquid out there that cost upward of $25 per 30mL bottle, there are superior eliquids out there for a fraction of that. One of those companies is Arkansas Eliquid. If you passed on the brand based on the low price you’re missing out on some of the best vape experiences you’ll have.

Want to try some Arkansas Eliquid? Check the link explore both the White Lightning and Gypsy line up.

Julia Hartley-Barnes and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team