The Spinfuel eLiquid Team Tackles Arkansas eLiquid

All Arkansas eLiquids are handmade and use the highest quality natural ingredients. All their flavors and bases are USP Grade certified. Using the Coupon Code “NewBee” you can receive 10% off your order!

Okay, but just who are Arkansas eLiquid? This new label is probably one you haven’t heard about until now, with good reason. Until recently, Arkansas eLiquid has been a local brand in Arkansas and have only recently offered their e juice online.

Element Vape

After spending 3 days vaping their eLiquids we’d like to think this review is somewhat of a launch review.  Arkansas eLiquid is about to become a much larger company because, which very few exceptions, each and every eliquid we reviewed were excellent examples of a talented flavorist. Three of them earned a Spinfuel Choice Award, which is not so easy to do.

The Team

The Team for this review is our all-star team, made up of; Tom McBride, Jason Little, Me, and of course, Keira.  We spent a little more than 72 hours vaping Arkansas eLiquid exclusively. Our opinions of each ‘flavor’ is our own, and subjective, but our evaluations on vapor production, throat hit, and complexity are as objective as we can make them. We have all agreed what constitutes good vapor production, and whether or not a certain eliquid has complexity, based on the number of flavors involved and the label’s description of those flavors. Keep in mind; if a team member doesn’t like a particular flavor he or she can still rate the ejuice high based on the objective points.

A Word About Aromas, or “The Nose”

We have noticed an uptick in other eliquid reviews around the internet on the subject of an eLiquid’s smell, or aroma. Some call it “the nose” as though they were taste-testing a fine wine. We find this practice to be more problematic than helpful, and here’s why.

When we began reviewing eLiquids on a consistent basis back in 2012 we all tried to use the ‘smell’ of an eliquid when coming up with an overall score. Some flavors smelled delicious while some were awful. Recently, John Manzione, our publisher, loved the smell of Angel Sauce by The Plume Room so much that he told us that if it didn’t contain nicotine he would be tempted to “take a swig”, and while that’s a nice sentiment about an eliquid, it has nothing to do with the flavor when vaporized. That is an example of having the aroma work in the eLiquids favor.

However, there have been times, many times actually, where the aroma of an eLiquid is almost unpleasant, yet still producing an excellent flavor and huge clouds of vapor and while some eliquids had a complete absence of smell yet were fantastic when vaped. Let’s face it; the chemical makeup of eLiquids ‘should’ be nothing more than propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring. The only possible part of that recipe that could produce a ‘pleasant’ aroma is the flavoring. Organic or artificial flavoring may or may not smell pleasant, but it just might taste great.

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That being the case, it is our view, unanimously, that the aroma of an eLiquid has nothing to do with the flavor of the vaporized PG/VG/nicotine/Flavoring recipe.

At times we will mention how great the aroma is, but it is not used in the scoring at all. We accept that other reviewers might want to evaluate an eliquid as though it were wine, but its not something we want any part of.

Ratings And Spinfuel Choice Award

We use the same 5-Star rating system we have always used. It is based on objective and subjective aspects of each eliquid.

Flavor authenticity (Does this Apple flavor taste like apple?), Vapor Production (Am I getting all vapor I want), Accuracy of the description (Is the writing on the label poetry or is it describing an accurate flavor profile?), Vape satisfaction (Does this satisfy my urge to vape?).

We no longer rate the Throat Hit as part of the 5-Star rating, however we do still comment on it. Since it is the PG ratio and nicotine that affect the throat hit, we have decided that it should not be considered vital to the official rating. Why should we judge an 80/20 eLiquid with 18-24mg nicotine on its throat hit when you may decide you want to try the flavor, but at 50/50 and 12mg nicotine? The only thing you’re likely to remember is that Spinfuel said it had a good throat hit, so what happened? We ask that you keep in mind that we vape only the label’s “house blend”, and always at 18mg nicotine unless otherwise noted, and the throat hit we get from a certain eliquid is dependent on that house blend and nicotine level, not to mention the device we’re using, which can also play a part.

The stars awarded to an eliquid are based on the following:

5 Stars – Beautifully executed flavor and vapor. Authentic and plentiful flavor profile, accurate description. Satisfying experience, would definitely buy again. Excellent juice.

4 Stars – Nicely done. Good to excellent flavor and vapor. Authentic flavor profile, close to or accurate description, satisfying to a point. Could certainly see ourselves buying it again. Really good juice!

3 Stars – Nicely done, but not very special. Average flavor and vapor. Could have easily switched to another flavor without missing a beat. It was okay, but not something we would buy, and won’t add to our collection or rotation. Average juice.

2 Stars – Not a good execution. Poor to average flavor profile. Vapor and flavor muted or hidden under artificial or chemical taste. Low to average vapor, couldn’t wait to change out. Not buying it, won’t add it. “Can we throw this away now?” Poor.

1 Star – Unvapeable. A really bad experience. Chemical or artificial taste and/or aftertaste. 3 drags and we’re out. Tossed it in the trash. Wouldn’t give it away. Horrible.

The Spinfuel Choice Award is awarded to any eliquid that surpasses our objective judgment and our subjective considerations. If a team member happens to not like, say, Pomegranate, but the e liquid presents an authentic pomegranate flavor, luscious amounts of vapor, and a complex flavor profile it can still earn a Spinfuel Choice Award if all other factors deem it to be an eliquid of excellence.

Hardware We Use

We try to vape all eLiquids we review with a myriad of devices, so for this review we used the following. (Other devices can be used and not noted, the following is what was used in the majority of the time we spent with the eLiquids)

Tom: (NEW) Sigelei 20W with Aspire Nautilus, Aspire BDC Viva Nova

Julia: ZMAX (Red Brass)– Aspire Nautilus, Aspire BDC Viva Nova, 510 cartomizers, X.Jet clearomizers with adapter.

Jason: Innokin iTaste 134 MINI iClear X.I – Vision Spinners X.Jet Spiders

Keira: Innokin Lily, ZMAX Mini – (Blue), Aspire BDC Vivi Nova, and DCSmok Carto-Tanks

General Impressions: Arkansas eLiquid uses a plastic bottle with a snub-needle tip. Each of the eLiquids in this review were ‘not thin’ and ‘not thick’, they can be squeezed from the bottle into whatever device you wish to use without trouble. The consistency is just thin enough to bypass any trouble you might have with a particular atomizer, while thick enough to avoid appearing ‘runny’.

Arkansas eLiquid offers a variety of PG/VG ratios; 80/20, 70/30, 50/50, and “House Blend”. Our review bottles are House Blend, which we believe to be 60/40 because of the thickness and flavor intensity. We could be wrong, and we’ll update this review if we are.

Flavors in this review include:

The list below is in no certain order. We randomly chose the empty bottles from a box at the time we gathered together to discuss our impressions; approximately 24 hours after the review period.

Arkansas eLiquid1 – Cinnamon Apple – Spinfuel Choice Award – Arkansas eLiquid Says – “Cinnamon Apple by Arkansas e Liquid is a twist on a popular smoothie offered at The Healthy Hog. The ice, almond milk, have been left out but the blend of apple & cinnamon is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.”2014-ChoiceAward-HiRes-BirdsNest

Tom – 5 Stars – Arkansas eLiquid has a unique cinnamon flavor that they use in this eliquid, and their Cinna Vanilla. I love the taste of it, and the perfect blend of this cinnamon and apple flavoring is very pleasing to the palate. Tons of vapor, a solid thump of a throat hit, I vaped all I could get, and definitely wanted more. I have room for a flavor like this in my rotation, so I’m adding it. If you like apple flavors, on the sweet side, with more than a touch of cinnamon you will love it.

Julia – 5 Stars – An eLiquid like this deserves to be available nationally, not just locally. I enjoyed Cinnamon Apple every time I vaped it, in the morning, afternoon, after dinner, and right before bed. An all-day-vape, and one I’m definitely adding to my collection. Awesome vapor, good throat hit, and very satisfying. Apple and cinnamon are a great pair, especially like this.

Keira – 5 Stars – Truthfully, I could not put this down. What a great recipe these guys came up with. A cinnamon that is as sweet as it is spicy, a sweet green apple flavor that melts into the cinnamon, and a ‘vape’ that would satisfy the most demanding tastes. For days when I feel like vaping nonstop I would order this in zero nicotine just to keep the flavor with me. Delicious, just delicious.

Jason – 5 Stars – The first time I vaped this I thought to myself that I must be in the mood for a cinnamon flavor because I really loved this one, and that is unusal. I’m not someone that vapes a lot of apple flavors, but this combination is so spot on that I will add it to my weekly vape right away. The right amount of thick clouds of sweet vapor with just the right amount of ‘cinnamon kick’; what a great way to start off a new review of a brand I’ve never had the pleasure to vape before.

ALL: Best Vape: Dual Coil 1.8ohms at 3.9v – All-Day-Vape? – Yes


Arkansas eLiquid2 – Baker’s Berry– A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – Arkansas eLiquid Says – Baker’s Berry Medley (Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberries, Cream) is a twist on an older favorite of our Mixed Berry. Use this sweet smelling e liquid to control cravings and vape all day.2014-ChoiceAward-HiRes-BirdsNest

Tom – 5 Stars – Baker’s Berry was the first eLiquid I chose to vape for this review, and wow, what a great introduction to Arkansas eLiquid.

I didn’t read the description before loading up a clearomizer and giving it a go, and after a couple of deep drags I couldn’t figure out why I would be getting this creamy flavor in addition to all the various berries, especially raspberry. I could make out each and every berry, something that is mostly impossible for me. The dominant berry flavor is raspberry, with strawberry coming next, winding down with blueberries, all drenched in this sweet creamy flavor. Vapor is thick, aromatic, and plentiful, throat hit was good, and the vape satisfaction was off the chart. I’m not a ‘berry’ guy, but this one… I’ll make an exception. Bravo!

Julia – 5 Stars – Had Arkansas eLiquid not added a fantastic cream flavor to this berry concoction I don’t know if it would still be a 5-star vape. It still would have been good, a sweet combination of berries in just the right amounts, but with the addition of cream it becomes like a bowl of mixed berries with sugar and cream poured over it. A magnificent berry flavor, if you like berries in your vape this is one that you have to try.

Keira – 5 Stars – I enjoyed Baker’s Berry so much that I vaped my share in a single day. It was just as delicious in the morning as it was in the warm sun of the afternoon. In a clearomizer like the X.Jet Spider it produced so much vapor, with a clean, sweet creamy berry combo that I think I could have vaped it for a week and not tire of it. Baker’s Berry was the best of the ten for me, hand’s down.

Jason – 5 Stars – Describing this one as a bowl of berries with sweet cream is the best description I’ve heard. I couldn’t believe that I was able to taste each of the berries as clearly as I did, and then on top of that I got this sweet creamy flavor and it just came together beautifully. Great vapor production, satisfying, and delicious. To top it off, I’m not that into berry flavors!

ALL: Best Vape –Single Coil – 2.5ohms at 4.4v (can be pushed higher) – All-Day-Vape? – Yes

Arkansas eLiquid3 – Banana Pudding– Arkansas eLiquid Says – “The first recipe out of the kitchen for our appetite control line Banana Puddin’. You must smell and taste this e liquid! The creamy taste and banana combination are bound to make you forget about that craving for a slice of pie!”

Tom – 3.75 – I’ve had a few banana pudding eLiquids in the past year or so, and a couple of them tasted exactly like vanilla pudding, bananas, and vanilla wafers. Sadly, this one did not. And that’s the only reason I can’t score it higher. What it is though is solid, excellent vanilla and banana vape with only the slightest hint of a cookie flavor. Excellent vapor production, a medium throat hit, and the banana flavoring is authentic too. It needs more vanilla wafers to make it a smash hit, but if you’re looking for an excellent vanilla/banana vape this is one you should try.

Julia – 4.25 – My first year of vaping I never even heard of a banana pudding eliquid, and then the second year I saw, and tasted, more than a few. This one is a good one, but not as good as others I’ve had. I enjoyed it, especially as an evening vape. The description is a little confusing for me, and that might be the issue with it. Is it banana pudding or banana pie? Where I am from, there is a big difference. This lacked the vanilla wafer flavor that you must have in a banana pudding eliquid.

Keira – 4.75 – Julia and I vaped this one at the same time and we were able to bounce our observations about it off each other. I liked this one a lot more than Julia did, and I think the reason is that for me this was an excellent recipe for banana and vanilla. Sweet vanilla flavor topped with rich banana, I would choose this one again and again as a dessert vape any time of the year. But she is right about it not having the right amount of vanilla wafer flavor, which it does need if it wants to be a banana pudding.

Jason – 3.5 – I like banana pudding as a real dessert and as an eliquid flavor, but what makes the eliquid great is the flavor of banana and vanilla wafers, just like in the actual dessert. Without the right amount of vanilla wafers it falls short of being a great dessert vape. Like Julia, I’m having some difficulty deciding on whether Arkansas eLiquid had a banana/vanilla pie in their minds while creating this one, or a bowl of vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, and slices of banana. You should be able to taste more vanilla wafer than banana, and here it’s the opposite. Nevertheless, this is a good vanilla and banana dessert vape.

ALL: Best Vape: Single Coil 2.5ohms at 4.2v (not a lot of play in voltage) – All-Day-Vape? – No

Arkansas eLiquid4 – Cinna Vanilla – AR Says –  CinnaVanilla by Arkansas eLiquid Co is a sweet and spicy blend with hint of cream that joins together our most popular flavors vanilla and cinnamon.”

Tom – 4.75 – That excellent cinnamon flavoring used in the Cinnamon Apple shows up here as well in this surprising combination of cinnamon and vanilla. The throat hit is significant, solid and satisfying. Vapor production is thick, aromatic, and even a little fun (vapor rings are super easy with this one). It’s the flavor that really gets you though, adding cinnamon to vanilla makes the vanilla seem to hit harder, spicier, and definitely something you’ll want to vape more of. I didn’t get that ‘cream’ flavor, but that could be just me. I will buy more of this, it’s something you need to try if you like vanilla and cinnamon flavors.

Julia – 4.75 – Wow, Cinna Vanilla is a powerful flavor, and something I didn’t expect from a vanilla-anything. The combination of the two flavors makes for one very satisfying vape. Lots of vapor clouds, tons of flavor, and a throat hit people look for. The careful blend of just the right amount of each flavor speaks to the overall talent of the chefs at Arkansas eLiquid. If anything could make this flavor better it would be just a little more creaminess to soften the cinnamon just a tad.

Keira – 5 – I am crazy for Cinna Vanilla. From the first drag to the last the intense flavor of cinnamon and vanilla, with a hint of cream, makes this one of the most satisfying eLiquids in the vanilla family. Incredible vapor, a good throat hit, Cinna Vanilla is one you don’t want to miss, unless of course vanilla or cinnamon isn’t your thing. For myself, this has everything I could want in a solid, intense vape ‘vanilla with an edge’ eliquid.

Jason – 4.5 – I agree with Tom now, after vaping Cinna Vanilla, that the particular cinnamon flavoring Arkansas eLiquid uses is about the best cinnamon flavor I’ve had. It offers the full flavor of cinnamon without the harshness that some cinnamon flavors have, and it doesn’t seem to bother any of the clearomizers I used. Vanilla and cinnamon work against each other and for each other to create something unique, something I’ve never tasted before. I don’t know how, but it is different. Lots of vapor, a solid throat hit, and an excellent vape for early evening especially, Cinna Vanilla should be a flavor you at least try, you won’t be sorry.

ALL: Best Vape – Single Coil 2.2ohms at 4.1v – 4.4v – All-Day-Vape? – No

Arkansas eLiquid5 – Baker’s Tobacco –Arkansas eLiquid Says –  “Baker’s Tobacco is an attempt to make an RY4 eliquid without a harsh bite of tobacco but rather something that complimented the rich creaminess of vanilla and caramel.  The flavor was crafted by Aaron Baker, who manages fulfillment and distribution at Arkansas eLiquid.”

Tom – 5 – How do you create a rich, full-bodied tobacco flavor without using an accepted tobacco flavoring (which is a combination of other flavors)? I don’t know, but these guys did a heck of a job creating a sweet, delicious eliquid that reminds you of an excellent RY4 with a bit more sweetness than a standard RY4. Very deep flavor without that overly committed tobacco intensity found in many other eliquids. I vaped every drop I had and wanted more. Thick vapor, firm throat hit, and a gentle intensity that I didn’t believe were possible.

Julia – 4.75 – It’s been a long time since I’ve even tried any kind of an RY4. I started thinking that all the passion over RY4’s some 18 months ago was just about all gone, replaced by much more complex flavors with layers upon layers of flavors. But here we are with an RY4 that is as different as I can remember any of them being. The caramel/vanilla character of an RY4 is backgrounded here and in its place is sweet tobacco with hints of a rich caramel layer. I’m not sure that vapers looking for a new RY4 should expect to find that here, perhaps it would be better if I suggested you try it for it’s caramel tobacco characteristics instead. Nuanced? Yea, but deservedly so.

Keira – 4.5 – As good as this is, and it is very, very good, I don’t find myself wanting to put this into my collection. Having said that, I have a feeling that there are tens of thousands of vapers that would add this to their rotations just for the unique RY approach to a sweet, full bodied tobacco. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new sweet (almost wet) tobacco with layers of caramel and a touch of vanilla. Unusual, full of flavor, one for the cloud chasers, and yet, one for vapers looking to step into the arena of tobacco flavors for the first time. If that’s you, then you must try it.

Jason – 5 – Ah, this was an awesome tobacco experience that was totally unique yet, a little familiar too. I definitely got the caramel flavor coming through a sweet tobacco character, and it was as full bodied and satisfying as any award-winning tobacco I’ve had before. Had I not known that this was a play on an RY4 I would not have guessed, but looking back on it, the caramel flavor and the vanilla ‘hints’ actually do give off an RY4 vibe. But for me, this is a tobacco blend first, last, and always, just not in the same vein as the Turkish, Barley, and other tobacco blends.

ALL: Best Vape – Dual Coil 1.8ohm at 3.9v-4.2v – All-Day-Vape? – Yes

Cherry Cola Arkansas eLiquid6 – Chick-A-Cherry-Cola – Arkansas eLiquid  Says – “ If you love Cherry Cola, then give Chicka Cherry Cola the flavor is so spot on you can even taste the carbonation. A perfected blend to recreate the classic soda.”

Tom – 4.25 – I am reviewing this flavor in a positive light despite not enjoying it very much. You will really taste the flavor so cola, very similar to RC Cola in my opinion, and I just don’t like that flavor in vapor form. It is an excellent description because the cherry cola flavor comes through very well. Lots of vapor, a good throat hit, and for anyone that does like ‘cola’ flavored vapor this will be a satisfying vape. Just not my thing, but done well.

Julia – 5 Stars – Cherry Cola, right down to the bubbles. Well, not really bubbles, but you kind of get that carbonated cola flavor from a foundation cola, with a healthy squirt of cherry flavoring. Uncanny replication of a real cherry coke. Tons of vapor, and a more than decent throat hit, I loved it. As an all day vape, maybe not, but definitely a vape for fun times.

Keira – 4 Stars – You definitely have to like cola vapes to like this one. The cherry coke flavor profile is vivid, alive, and Arkansas eLiquid are correct when they talk about the carbonation, which is very weird to taste carbonation and not feel it at the same time. My gut reaction to this one was that it was an excellent execution of a cherry coke, but I’m not looking for a cherry coke experience. Really good vapor from this one, and the throat hit comes from, I think, that hard-hitting cola flavor. They set out to make a cherry cola eliquid and they did it, almost too well.

Jason – 5 Stars – The cherry coke flavor is so true to its real life counterpart that it threw me off my game for a few minutes. When I was a kid my mom kept a bottle of cherry flavoring (it was a tall bottle, like a 5th of whiskey, can’t remember the name of the company) and she would pour a shot of it into our glass of coke, and give us a straw. I remember it like it was yesterday, and when I started vaping this I immediately felt like I tasted a vaporized version of my mom’s cherry coke.

This one makes me wonder how it might taste with more VG than PG though. Propylene Glycol is an excellent liquid to use when trying to carry a coke flavoring; I mean it can handle the job of an intense yet very distinctive flavor like coke. I wonder how much flavoring you would need to successfully replicate it at 80-100% VG. I loved it, and I bet I would love it even more at 80/20 PG/VG.

ALL Best Vape – 1.8ohm Dual Coil – 3.8v-4.0v – All-Day-Vape? – No

Arkansas eLiquid7 – Mint Chocolate– Arkansas eLiquid Says – Mint Chocolate by Arkansas eLiquid. What started as a shot at a coveted smooth tobacco recipe – turned into a mint chocolate chip eliquid that is so smooth and delicious you can’t resist.”

Tom – 4.5 Stars – Mint Chocolate by Arkansas eLiquid is the best example I’ve ever had where our decision to vape at different times of the day, and in different circumstances really pays off. During my first vape “session” with Mint Chocolate I was ready to condemn it as being menthol chocolate, not a “mint” chocolate. And menthol chocolate is worse than it sounds, and it doesn’t sound good. So, I put it away and decided to come back to it after a few more flavors. It turned out to be the next day, about an hour after I got out of bed, but before breakfast.

I don’t know what my problem was the previous day, but that morning the Mint Chocolate eliquid blasted peppermint at me, with a beautiful mixture of peppermint and milk chocolate. It was incredibly refreshing, with huge clouds of vapor and a dandy throat hit (yes, dandy).

Even though this reminded me of the Christmas season I would love to keep a bottle of Mint Chocolate around for times when I want a cool, peppermint vape with a little something more. If you like peppermint this is a must-try eliquid.

Julia – 4.5 Stars – There is such an enormous difference between menthol and mint that when Tom told me he tasted menthol I thought something might be wrong. Maybe he had been vaping too much and caught a bit of “Vapers Tongue”, so I asked him to change eLiquids and come back to it. I also told him to stay away from any vaping for a few hours at least.

Mint Chocolate is an easy enough combination to make that lots of DIY vapers make it all the time. I’ve had a lot of them from friends and people I’ve met in vape shops in the Northeast to know a really good one from a bad one. Some people actually do use menthol to make it. Arkansas eLiquid uses a slightly-sweet peppermint and a deep (not dark) chocolate in exactly the right proportions. If you’re the kind of vaper that loves a good minty fresh vape you’ll love this one. And, if you think the addition of a nice chocolate would make it even better, then this is a must-try eliquid.

Keira – 4.5 Stars – Mint Chocolate has a lot going for it. A really good recipe is part of it. The combination of mint and chocolate is always good, in candy or vapor, and this recipe has it nailed down. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Vapor clouds galore, best throat hit of the bunch, and very satisfying. But it does have one small problem. After vaping for 15 minutes I got a “forehead headache” from the peppermint. I’m pretty sure it was because the mint and chocolate tasted so good that I took huge drags from it and slowly exhaled so the flood of flavors could glide over my taste buds. After that, I restricted my vape time to no more than 5 minutes at a time and the problem went away. If you’re in the mood for a real, authentic tasting Mint Chocolate vape this is one to try.

Jason – 4.75 Stars – I want to give our readers a heads up about Mint Chocolate by Arkansas eLiquid.  Everyone has an eliquid that causes him or her to ‘over vape’ on occasion. It could be that the flavor is so good you want to vape it very fast, or the vapor is so thick that you want to keep you lungs full of the stuff so you vape deep and quick… or it could be both.

Mint Chocolate by Arkansas eLiquid is that eliquid for me, and apparently Keira as well. I could not get enough of it, and that in turn gave me headaches.

When I found out that Keira had the same problem I knew that others might too. There is only one other eliquid, made by another label, that gives me a headache when I over vape it, and both that one and this one are just too good to not have in my rotation. I learned to deal with the other eliquid, so I’ll learn to deal with this one as well. And actually, its not the eliquid that’s the problem, its the way we vape it. I don’t know about Keira, but when something tastes wicked good I get a hunger for it.

Mint Chocolate by Arkansas eLiquid might be too good of a flavor, and for pacify vapers we might have to mark the bottle to remind us not to over do it. Amazing stuff!

ALL: Best Vape – 2.1ohms – 3.9v-4.2v – All-Day-Vape? – No

Arkansas eLiquid8 – Tiger Blood – Arkansas eLiquid Says – Tigers Blood by Arkansas eLiquid is a harmonious blend of strawberry and coconut. It tastes similar to Tigers Blood snow cones just without the ice.”

Tom – 5 Stars – I don’t know about the other members of the team, but I couldn’t wait to get into the discussion phase of this review so I could talk about Tiger Blood. I never, ever, thought I would love a coconut-based eliquid as much as this. I like them, but they are difficult to make well. Coconut can be used too much or too little, and when used too much it kills off any other flavor added to it, and if too little it gets lost in the combination. This is the first time I felt that a coconut based eliquid got it exactly right.

Tiger Blood is the perfect combination of a sweet, authentic strawberry flavor meeting and mingling with a sweet coconut flavor, and together they form a special and unique eliquid that for a time I wanted to ignore the other eLiquids in this review and just vape it until it was all gone.  Both strawberry and coconut share the stage equally too, but because coconut is such an original flavor (can you name any other food that tastes like coconut?) it seems to always comes first in any combo. And despite sharing the spotlight equally well I wouldn’t feel right calling it a strawberry eliquid with coconut notes.

This also might be the first time I’ve ever had a coconut and strawberry combination, usually its coconut and pineapple, which I also like.  Tiger Blood is a big cloud maker but light on the throat hit. If you like coconut eliquid you will love Tiger Blood. That said, if you love strawberries but aren’t crazy about coconut then you might want to avoid it. I hope you don’t though, I hope all of you will give it a try. This is my favorite flavor from the bunch.

Julia – 5 Stars – I had no idea what to expect from Tiger Blood. Another eliquid by that name, “Tiger’s Blood”, was by Totally Wicked and it was described as an energy drink flavor, which wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t this…at all. You will instantly recognize both coconut and strawberry, as though each were layered on top of each other, yet blended at the same time. In a way, there are 3 flavors involved when I vape it; coconut, strawberry, and what I’ve come to call StrawNut (CocoBerry sounds like a cereal). StrawNut is a gentle, but unique flavor that is sort of a creamy, or silky flavor that serves as the bond between coconut and strawberry.

Wicked clouds from Tiger Blood, a very decent throat hit, and an excellent execution of two very different flavors makes Tiger Blood an award winning eliquid.

Keira – 5 Stars – My first reaction to Tiger Blood was “This is weird”, because although I recognized the coconut and the strawberry flavors right away the combination of the two was unlike anything I’d tasted before. Tiger Blood is sweet, but not overly so, with fresh coconut and luscious strawberry. It is a combination of flavors that satisfy on a primal level, but causes you to smile with heavenly delight as they mingle and dance over your tongue.

Tiger Blood is an excellent vapor producer with a good throat hit, although the throat hit hardly matters with flavor like this. Tiger Blood is the eliquid to use when you want to sit back and relax with a very special flavor combo and let the world drift away.

Jason – 5 Stars – A truly remarkable eliquid, Tiger Blood is the best of the bunch, and that is saying something. There are many excellent eLiquids in these ten, but there’s something about Tiger Blood that gets in there and doesn’t let go.

I was surprised that I loved Tiger Blood as much as I did because I don’t have a single coconut based eLiquid in my collection, and certainly not in rotation, until now. Tiger Blood is so good that I do have it my rotation and will have to place an order this week. If you’ve even just thought about  a coconut based eliquid you’ll enjoy this one, I’m not kidding. If you already like coconut and strawberry eLiquids this is one you’ll keep around forever, and you’ll want to tell everyone you know about it.

ALL: Best Vape – Dual Coil 1.8ohms at 3.9v-4.2v – All-Day-Vape? – Yes

Arkansas eLiquid9 – Sweet Tart– Arkansas eLiquid Says – “Sweet Tarts by Arkansas eLiquid is a blast from the past. This is eliquid is spot on and tastes uncannily like the real candy we all get buckets of during Easter and Halloween.  *Warning this eliquid can cause flashback the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Tom – 4.5 Stars – Sweet Tart is getting this 4.5 star rating from me not based on whether I like it or not. I don’t like it, but that’s to be expected from me because I never like any ‘sweet tart’ variation. I don’t like sweet and tart together. That said, I do like how Arkansas eLiquid isn’t trying to “out tart” the competition and instead are giving you an authentic sweet tart experience, emphasis on the sweet. Lots of vapor, a solid throat hit, Sweet Tart is an eliquid all the vapers out there that keep this flavor alive.

Julia – 4.0 Stars – When it comes to ‘tart’ flavors you can usually count me out. I don’t vape to taste tarty flavors, I vape for deep, dark, and sweet flavors, even in my tobacco choices. So I was very happy to see that Arkansas eLiquid developed a Sweet Tart flavor that isn’t really all that tart, but definitely reflective of the actual bag of Sweet Tarts you buy at the movies.  Although the vapor was plentiful, it was somewhat less than some of the others. The throat hit was definitively there, with any ‘tart’ at all you’re going to get a throat hit, but that doesn’t figure in to my score anyway.

I enjoyed my time with Sweet Tart and I think they did a great job with it, but this won’t be in my collection or my rotation because its one of those eLiquids you take out and enjoy when you can’t decide what to vape. In this job, I’m always vaping different eLiquids anyway, so to make it into my collection you have to really knock my knickers off…like Tiger Blood or Cinnamon Apple.

Keira – 4 Stars – I think we all agreed that Arkansas eLiquid did a good job creating an eliquid that tasted just like the candy by the same name. Unlike my other half, whenever I go to the movies I do pick up a bag of Sweet Tarts and chomp away. So now I don’t have to go buy a bag or eat the wasted calories when I do want some sweet tarts. I plan to add a 15ML bottle to my rotation for times when I get really fussy about what I want to vape. While it does have its fair share of “tart”, my taste buds get more ‘sweet’ than ‘tart’, but that could just be me; all tongues are ‘delightfully’ different.

Certainly not the biggest cloud maker of the ten, but its no slouch either. All in all, if you are a fan of the candy, you’ll be a fan of the eliquid.

Jason – 4.5 Start – I am unsure of how I feel about Sweet Tart the eLiquid. Arkansas eLiquid did a great job duplicating the flavor profile of the candy, but I’m not so sure I want to vape that candy. I’m scoring it higher than I ‘feel’ about it because they did such a good job with it, but it won’t be an eliquid I will add to my collection. I don’t get the fascination of vaping something tarty tasting anyway so it makes me wonder how many vapers actually buys these kinds of flavors. I wonder if anyone ever makes one of these types of eLiquids (tarty, tangy, etc.) an all day vape.

Regardless of how I feel about tart and tangy eLiquids you have to hand to Arkansas eLiquid for doing a great job mixing the right flavoring to come up with an eliquid that actually tastes like you would imagine vaporized Sweet Tarts would taste.

ALL: Best Vape – Dual Coil 1.8ohms at 3.9v-4.2v (this can be pushed easily) – All-Day-Vape? – No

Arkansas eLiquid10 – Smoked Apple– Arkansas eLiquid Says – Arkansas eLiquids Smoked Apple takes us back to Harvest time and outdoor cooking. The eliquid has subtle tobacco taste to compliment the sweetness of the apple to give you a perfect blend that you can vape all day.”

Tom – 5 Stars – First, the obvious. Smoked. Apple. Whenever I see that name I think of Smoked Ribs, or Smoked Ham, so I expected Smoked Apple. It’s not, it’s an apple flavored tobacco, and it is wonderful. I don’t believe this is the same tobacco base used in Baker’s Tobacco, which is a RY4 concoction. I don’t taste any caramel or vanilla, or other RY factors, but I do taste a deep, moist tobacco leaf tobacco with beautifully sweet apple bits. Smoked Apple is the kind of eliquid I would put in a 6ML Vision Victory glassomizer and pacify vape from morning till night.

Lots of vapor from this blend, but a light throat hit. So satisfying that you can’t help but smile while vaping it. If there was a downside to Smoked Apple it would be the tendency to over vape it. Extraordinary.

Julia – 3 Stars – I vape a few tobacco blends, some filled with greatness and others that are just a change of pace tobacco. Some are very sweet, and some are semi-sweet. None of my choices for my collection or rotation are dry tobaccos; I’m in a totally different tobacco class than Tom or Jason. Anyway, Smoked Apple was a tobacco blend that I really wanted to like because I do enjoy apple flavors and I like several tobacco blends. I wouldn’t say this is a bad tobacco, but I wouldn’t say it was a great one either.

Smoked Apple delivered on the vapor production, and the throat hit was about average. On the whole, Smoked Apple is about average for a decent tobacco eliquid.

Keira – 3.5 Stars – Having discussed this one at length with Julia I have to say that while I scored it just a little higher than she did, our reasoning for it scores in the 3’s are also very similar. Basically Julia believes this is an okay tobacco, nothing special, with nice bits of apple flavor in it, and I have to agree. This is a fine tobacco eliquid but after having vaped some of the best tobacco blends in the world there is nothing in Smoked Apple that rises above the best. It’s good, very good, but not great.

This apple tobacco blend would appeal to vapers who are just getting into tobacco eLiquids. It is so smooth, with bits of apple flavors here and there, and because of its neutral middleof the road flavor profile I think it may have been designed to appeal the widest number of vapers, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.When you’ve vaped specialty tobaccos from all over you learn how precise a tobacco (or really any flavor) can be made, and how generic they can be as well. I’m not using the term generic in a bad way here, because what I mean is, what I said above was, this is a tobacco vape for the all the vapers that want to try a tobacco blend but are not familiar with all of them. This is a great place to start.

Jason – 4.5 Stars – This is a solid, rich tobacco eliquid with just the right amount of apple flavor to give it a warm, full bodied profile that will please a lot of people looking for a good, premium level tobacco vape. The tobacco part of this combination is good enough on its own to win some vapers over, and when they decided to add an apple flavor to the mix they made it really special.

Whether you are looking for your first tobacco or your 100th, if you’re still searching for “the” tobacco vape you might want to try this one. The apple gives it just the right amount of ‘oomph’ to make it something worth trying.

Vapor production is sky high, throat hit is pretty good (though not harsh), and the overall vape is thoroughly satisfying. I have several tobacco blends already, but I’m adding this to my collection, and will kick it into my rotation very soon.

ALL: Best Vape – Single Coil 2.1ohm 4.2v – 4.4v – All-Day-Vape? – NO/YES

And then….

We believe Arkansas eLiquid is going to be a big player on the national stage. They are a new label, and to be able to bring to market so many good eLiquids this quickly shows there is a lot of talent at work here.  A few of them were home runs with all of us, but that’s usually the case even with eliquid companies that have been around for years. We can all expect to see good things coming from this label.

…Our Conclusions…

With eLiquids like Tiger Blood,Cinnamon Apple and Baker’s Berry Arkansas eLiquid already show a lot of depth in the talent pool.  Wise choices like the particular cinnamon flavoring they use in Cinnamon Apple and Cinni Vanilla, as well as the right apple flavorings to use in their tobacco blend, and that incredible intuition for using the precise amount of coconut and strawberry for Tiger Blood, Arkansas eLiquid will be fun to watch in the coming months.

…Price of Vaping Arkansas eLiquids…

We certainly cannot speak for Arkansas eLiquid when it comes to pricing, but looking over the prices of their 15ML and 30ML bottles, particularly because they use plastic bottles and as of now are not tamper-proof, they are a little more expensive than we’d like to see, but not by much.  A 15ML bottle will run you $11.99 per bottle, a 30ML will cost you $17.99.  ($5 more buys you twice the eLiquid)

…Buying Advice….

And here’s the rub; There are a few in these first 10 eLiquids (we hope to bring you a sequel review very soon) that we intend to purchase immediately because we do not want to be without them; namely the Spinfuel Choice Award Winners, Tiger Blood, Cinnamon Apple and Baker’s Berry. Arkansas eLiquid’s 30ML price is just $2 more than what we’re used to paying for our own eLiquid, but less than many other labels we know and love.

Anywhere you buy eliquid you’re going to get a break on the price per ML when you buy a 30ML size or more. The fact that Arkansas eLiquid charges $17.99 for a 30ML bottle, it is worth nothing that the $5 gets you twice the eLiquid over the 15ML bottle price. Our Award Winners are definitely worth springing for the 30ML size, the others we leave up to you. If you like what we described chances are you’ll like these eLiquids even more.

…Last Word…

Arkansas eLiquid is jumping into the national online marketplace with a collection of eLiquids that are wide in variety, and we’d like to see them introduce a variety/sampler box that contains 5ML or 10ML sizes of 4 or 5 of eliquids in an inexpensive sampler box so that anyone can sample their juice before making a larger purchase.

But any way you look at it, there are eliquids in this review that will definitely get Arkansas eLiquid into the national vape community.

 Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little