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Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Tackles Kind Juice

The first thing you notice about Kind Juice, besides the attractive and colorful labels of course, is that the liquid inside looks very different than most eliquids. Kind Juice is a label that uses 100% organic flavors, not concentrates, natural or artificial. And it shows.


Many of the eliquids appeared to have bits of, well, fruits or other such flavors in them. The second thing you notice is that these eliquids smell incredible. You get the notion that you are truly vaping mashed up blends of real fruits or whatever else you’re vaping. It is a very natural vape…

Kind Juice Means Full Flavors

Kind Juice eLiquids are fully flavored eliquids made with astonishingly pure ingredients. Of course, these ingredients don’t come cheap and that’s reflected in the pricing of 100% organic eliquids. We’ll get to the price, and sizes, briefly, but first a little more about what makes the juice in Kind Juice so delicious.

Kind Juice refers to their line of eliquids as e-nectars for good reason. All of their E-Nectars are 100% American made without the use of any synthetic flavorings or any kind of sweeteners. In addition, Kind Juice is completely PG-free.

Raw Ingredients

Kind Juice uses raw ingredients. Made in small batches in order to maintain strict high quality and flavor consistency throughout. These are the eliquids people with PG allergies or people that really want to minimize the indigestion of anything artificial need to enjoy vaping. While lacking the flavor-carrying component, propylene glycol, Kind Juice is still able to bring out luscious and plentiful flavor in each carefully crafted blend.

Kind Juice 12 Flavors This Time

When the team was invited to review 12 of the e-nectars we were, honestly, just a bit comprehensive. As a rule, our personal vaping habits include eliquids made with artificial, concentrated flavoring, and a healthy dose of PG.

We’re not sensitive to propylene glycol and we enjoy eliquids with tons of flavor, so we weren’t sure that a 100% organic flavor extract eliquid, or e-nectar, would be satisfying enough to vape for 72 hours, exclusively. There is only one other organic flavored brand that we’ve enjoyed reviewing.

Thankfully as it turned out, none of the 12 flavors lacked flavor in the least. Most didn’t even lack throat hits, which was surprising, and flavor and vapor production was right up there with the best of the best.

The set of e-nectars that were sent over for review are as follows:

Granny “Tarty” Smith
Route 66
Ring of Fire
Once in a Blue Moon
Indonesian Clove
Key West Sunset
Teachers Pet
Pirates Gold
Jungle Juice
Geisha Moon Song
Alpine Frost
Midnight Decadence

We also received their 6-flavors of dripping eliquid, or gels, and will have them for you in the next two weeks.

Protocols – If this is your first Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review we suggest heading over to our Protocols page to learn exactly how we conduct our reviews and how we score each eliquid and how one becomes a winner of the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Pricing & Size

Each Kind Juice e-nectar is $13.25 for 15ML glass bottles with drippers. Compared to other brands that use PG/VG and natural and artificial flavoring the price for a 15ML bottle is on the high side. Premium eLiquid brands that we’ve reviewed before have been as low as $7.99-%8.99 for same 15ML size. So, is it justified?

That depends solely on you and your vaping preferences. We can tell you that the cost of creating eliquids using 100% organic flavors is much higher than ‘artificial concentrates’, that’s true enough. But, the price of Kind Juice isn’t a factor if you’re a vaper that needs or wants a non-PG, organically flavored eliquid.

The labels are not only super attractive, they also contain all the information you need to be an informed vaper. Ingredients, a Sell By date, name, nicotine strength, and other information are right there and easy to read. Each bottle features shrink-wrap bands and a child safety cap.

And let’s begin

Similarities and Common Ground

We can save a lot of time by saying that if your tastes lean more toward the 70/30 PG/VG artificial concentrate eliquids that can be had for as low as $3.99 for a 15ML bottle then you’re probably not going to want Kind Juice. The flavor profile is completely different than an artificial concentrate flavor, and you’ll love the flavors, but chances are the price of organics will be a factor.

No Alcohol in Kind Juice

Although there is no alcohol, or other unnatural tastes to any of the eliquids below they are distinctly “organic” in nature. Kind Juice piles on the flavor, and they are excellent, but those flavors taste like organic flavors. One has a slight floral tinge, the others don’t. Some give you a wicked throat hit and some are mostly free of a throat hit.

But they are all naturally flavored and it shows. That is to say that a red apple tastes like a red apple, and so forth. And organic flavors are easier to vape for longer periods of time than artificial flavors.

Kind Juice, and another organic flavored eliquid brand we’ve reviewed have legions of followers who are as loyal as soldiers. These are the vapers that love natural flavors and want to vape eliquids that are made as pure as possible but still deliver a first class flavor and vape experience.


If you’ve never tried an organic flavored eliquid its high time you have. Organic eliquids are in a class of their own, and for many it’s either a “love it” or “hate it” proposition.

Having said that, just a word of warning; some organic eliquid brands fall far short of the mark when it comes to delivering a pure flavor. In the nearly 3 years that we’ve been doing reviews this (Kind Juice) is only the second brand to deliver both an organic vape, and a flavorful vape. It is much more difficult to create a successful eliquid organically than it is to do so with heavily concentrated artificial flavoring.

Kind Juice Vapor Production.

In an effort to avoid being overly redundant we’d like to stress that anytime you have a high-VG eliquid the vapor production is going to be plentiful. As head writer I’ve decided to not include vapor descriptions unless a particular flavor falls short of the mark or exceeds beyond our wildest dreams. Otherwise, consider all 12 to be vapor heavy eliquids with terrific aromatic vapor.

Do not compare our impressions and descriptions for the following eliquids to brands that use non-organic, artificial concentrate ingredients. The two have very different flavor profiles.

The e-Nectars

Route 66 – “Take a drive down Americana with this bold classic tobacco flavor”

Julia – 4.75 Stars

Route 66 took a little more voltage than the others to reveal its real boldness of tobacco. The only way to describe it, for me anyway, is to say that this is a dark, woody tobacco with a kind of nuttiness found in tobacco house eliquid makers. Loved it!

Tom – 5 Stars

I’m giving this a qualified 5 Stars because all the other tobacco flavors I vape all the time are made with artificial concentrates, and its what I’ve become accustomed to. So, yes, you’re going to taste that organic element to Route 66 but it gives it a whole new dimension of flavor. A very real tobacco blend, and made for the serious tobacco vaper. Bravo!

Keira – 4 Stars

Not really my kind of eliquid, Route 66 is a very grownup flavor of bold rich tobacco notes that won’t pull any punches. I enjoyed this one more in the evening, and disliked completely in the morning. Route 66 even has a tobacco aroma to it while you vape it, so plenty of tobacco vapers would like this, organic or not.

Jason – 5 Stars

An excellent tobacco flavor, very genuine and flavorful. Vaping Route 66 reminded me of some of my favorite tobacco eliquids, but with the added component of being organic, or truer to the tobacco flavor. Great job, and a real surprise.

Indonesian Clove – “Venture to the far east for an exotic blend of real cloves paired with our Route 66.”

Julia – 4.5 Stars

Probably the best clove flavored juice I’ve ever vaped, but I’m not a clove lover and couldn’t stand clove cigarettes as a teenager. So I didn’t think this one had a chance with me. Surprise! A Clove tobacco that allows the flavor of cloves to come through without that clove burning sensation that you get when smoking clove ciggies.

Tom – 4.5 Stars

If you like clove flavors this one is going to make you a real fan of organic eliquids. The choice to blend the cloves with their rich Route 66 tobacco was a great idea. This one is on the serious side of the tracks, for serious vaping. It’s the opposite of a fun, sweet vape.

Keira – 3 Stars

I have as much room for cloves in my life as I do for the flu. However, if you like cloves then you will absolutely adore this one. The reason is that the cloves are there in a full, rich flavor, without pounding you into the ground with it. Interestingly, although the vapor was better than average it was less than the others. I wonder if that is the nature of cloves, they just don’t produce much vapor or smoke. A delight for clove people, but not vapers that dislike cloves. Sounds simple, but its really not.

Jason – 4.5 Stars

As a huge clove fan myself this was my one of my top flavors. The Route 66 tobacco is a great base flavor for the distinctive flavor of cloves, and together they form a vape that is unbelievable. The best thing about this clove recipe is that while the cloves had a strong influence on the flavor it didn’t overwhelm the experience. A natural, full flavored clove and tobacco ejuice, Indonesian Clove is a must have for clove vapers, or smokers.

Pirates GoldA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner– “Perfectly aged Caribbean Rum and Walnut Banana Bread”

Julia – 5 Stars

Wow! To be totally honest, I thought this was going to be a tobacco blend. Pirates Gold… I mean, come on, right? Instead this is wonderful walnut banana bread with rum notes so beautiful it will play your song over and over. Definitely on my rotation now, this is really wonderful.

Tom – 5 Stars

The rum in this blend tastes like rum without alcohol, just that smooth, dark rum flavor without the burn of alcohol, and it is magnificent. Roll that into delicious walnut banana bread and you have such a great vape that you would have to be crazy not to add this to your rotation. An all-day-vape that will have you feeling as though you’ve just had a perfect day and you’re topping it off with a rich piece of walnut banana bread dessert. Man, what a juice!

Keira – 5 Stars

The perfect walnut banana bread with just a note or two of dark rum makes this a wonderful vape experience on every level. The banana flavor is accented by the real flavor of walnuts, and just for good measure, a splash of relaxed rum to give it even more depth. A fantastic vape and one added to my rotation.

Jason – 5 Stars

I guess I was about half way through the 12 flavors when I got to Pirates Gold. Surely impressed with this all-day-vape that I really did not want to move on to another flavor. So, filling a clearomizer of this juice before moving on and would sneak vape it for the whole 3 days. Rich banana bread laced with walnuts and splashed with a bit of sweet rum, Pirates Gold is to die for. A must have eliquid.

Geisha Moon Song – “A rich plum wine with jasmine infused blooms.”

Julia – 4.25 Stars –

The plum flavor comes through as a pure plum liquid, and that’s the great part of this flavor. However, that touch of Jasmine, while certainly not overpowering, does give you a floral flavor on the exhale. I’m not keen on florals, but thankfully this is just lightly floral.

Tom – 4 Stars

I have to score this one for its natural ingredients, vapor, and the amount of flavor produced. I would not vape this one unless I was reviewing it because florals and I just do not mix. For a quality eliquid through, it’s solid.

Keira – 4.5 Stars

The light touch of Jasmine gives this e-nectar an additional layer of beautiful flavor. The plum flavor is rich, the Jasmine is delicate, and together they serve up a delicious and satisfying experience. Such splendid flavors!

Jason – 4 Stars

The first part of my time with this plum and Jasmine eliquid I didn’t like it at all. The florals hit me hard and that was all I could taste. However, after I took a break and began vaping a couple of others I came to it and what a difference! I guess my internal wiring had to make certain adjustments to organic flavors because once it did I loved it. I’m stopping at 4 stars only because I think the Jasmine is great for floral vapers, but if they could roll it back just a tad it would be even better. But, what do I know? I love my PG and artificial concentrates, you know?

Key West SunsetA Spinfuel Choice Award – “Reminiscent of candy peach rings, taste the sweetness of the ripest peaches down south.”

Julia – 5 Stars

Not only does this e-nectar deliver a fantastic sweet peach flavor, it also has a phenomenal throat hit. I have no idea why that would be, but Key West is the perfect organic eliquid for peach lovers.

Tom – 5 Stars

The authentic flavor of peaches was not hard to believe, it is organic flavoring after all, but it was still surprising to me that it was a full as it was. This is an eliquid that will not disappoint peach lovers.

Keira – 5 Stars

I did not read the descriptions to any of these e-nectars so I was expecting a Key Lime flavor. To get across the purity of flavor I’ll you that despite my mind thinking I was about to taste a lime flavor, on the exhale I knew instantly it was sweet peach. No confusion, just sweet peaches.

Jason – 5 Stars

I don’t know what a candy peach ring is, never even heard of it, but I know what this tastes like and to me this tastes like I took a tree-ripened peach and vaporized it and breathed it in. If you take a good long drag from any piece of hardware you’re also going to get one heck of throat hit. Not a harsh one, but a solid one. Surprising and delicious.

Teacher’s Pet – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Washington crisp red apples dipped in rich creamy caramel.”

Julia – 5 Stars

How do you not love sweet read apples covered in creamy caramel? You have to; I think it’s a law. Teacher’s Pet is truly a distinctive red delicious apple base with a super caramel blended in. Added to my rotation and enjoyed as an all-day-vape, this is what sweet apple and caramel are all about.

Tom – 5 Stars

Teacher’s Pet is a marvelous red apple and caramel ejuice, one I enjoyed immensely. But, although I awarded it with the full 5 stars, its not one I take lightly. There is a huge difference between red and granny smith apple flavors, in real apples and in eliquid, and if your leaning are on the sweeter sides of apple flavors, and you enjoy a real caramel flavor this has your name written all over it. If you could vaporize a caramel apple this would be the result.

Keira – 5 Stars

Sweet red apples and a creamy caramel…what’s not to love? Although this red apple flavor is true to the flavor and the sweetness, it is somewhat different than an artificial red apple concentrate. Its more “real” meaning it can be an all-day-vape easier than an artificial one can. You won’t tire of this flavor because, while abundant, it’s less in your face than others. And the caramel is sweet and very caramel, like those chewy caramel candies that everyone loves. A great combination, and a very satisfying vape.

Jason – 5 Stars

First, sweet red apples are so much better than the tart green apples, so that was big for me. Second, the caramel is sweet and creamy, and very natural. Together they make for an all-day-vape that will make you want to go out and buy some real caramel apples. The flavor reminded me of all those times up north when we bought caramel in containers, sliced up sweet red apples and dipped them… only here we breath the vapor in, but the taste is the same. Delicious!

Once in a Blue MoonA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “A wonderful blend of the seasons first wild blueberry harvests.”

Julia – 5 Stars

If you truly know the real, genuine flavor of wild blueberries this will become your next all-day-vape. An incredible treat to vape, and so full of luscious blueberry flavor that you will want to reorder this the minute you start vaping it. Wonderful!

Tom – 5 Stars

To me it was like there was alchemist on hand who took a glass of 100% real blueberry juice and turned it into vapor. So thick with flavor, so thick with vapor, this is the juice that you will want when you feel the need for blueberries. Amazing!

Keira – 5 Stars

I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this one for anything. What a fantastic blueberry flavor, what an amazing vapor maker! You have to try this one if you care about great blueberry eliquids. Even if your thing is not organics, this will please every blueberry fan. A must have.

Jason – 5 Stars

I thought at first the reason why I loved this blueberry delight is because I began vaping it right after Route 66, which is a deep, serious tobacco flavor. The difference is like turning on a light in totally blacked out room. But, even the next day when I went in for round two I found this blueberry masterpiece to be incredibly satisfying in both flavor and vapor. Wild blueberries just like you get in New Hampshire.

Midnight Decadence – “Luscious layers of dark velvety chocolate with aromatic mint to balance.”

Julia – 3.5 Stars

This one has the beginnings of a great vape, with lightly flavors of chocolate and mint. But, it wasn’t strong enough to deliver the same level of flavor of some of the others. We got a small bottle of this one, not enough for the whole team, but I have a feeling they would have said the same thing. Great flavor, just make it more flavor.

Tom – 4 Stars

Julia and I discussed this one at length because while Julia thinks Kind Juice needs to ‘up’ the flavor quotient I think its fine. However, it’s fine as an all-day-vape, which means that it doesn’t have to be a heavy flavor. If the chocolate and mint were as heavy as Julia wanted it might taste better for a while, but I don’t think you could keep vaping it for hours on end, like you can with this one.

Granny “Tart” Smith – “Pucker up and enjoy the original flavor of green apples.”

Julia – 4.25 Stars

I’m not too sure “pucker up” is an accurate description for this lovely green apple ejuice. But, there is no doubt that the pure flavor of green apples is plentiful, delicious, and packing a throat hit that I did not expect. I think we all agree that this makes a fine all-day-vape.

Tom – 4.5 Stars

Judging this granny smith eliquid on the organic scale I would have to say that it scores through the roof. You definitely get that organic green apple flavor, very different than a green apple artificial concentrate that’s for sure. That said, once I started vaping it I did not have the slightest inclination to stop. The flavor, an even keeled green apple with a whisper of sweetness lasted all day. I stopped and started several times because I had 12 flavors to go through in 3 days, but each time was just as delicious. And the vapor, thick and aromatic, was heavier than I ever imagined it would be.

Keira – 5 Stars

My very first all-day-vape in green apple. This one is thick with flavor and vapor, packs a throat hit worth mentioning, and lasts and lasts. Fill a glassomizer and call it a day, you’ve found your reason to go organic.

Jason – 4 Stars

I will happily admit that the green apple flavor is delivered in a way that provides a fantastic vaping experience, and I’m not a real fan of green apples. But it’s not as tart as the description says, to me anyway. That lack of tartness is the only reason I’m pulling a point back on the score, even though I enjoyed more with less tart. As the group implied this granny smith apple ejuice is an all-day-vape of the green apple kind.

Jungle Juice – “Full of punch and intrigue, this tropical medley will leave you guessing in enjoyment.”

Julia – 3 Stars

Jungle Juice failed to deliver the punch, and the intrigue for me. Although packing a ton of vapor, and a ‘good enough’ flavor I was disappointed that there wasn’t a tropical fruit to be found. I miss, and that was unexpected.

Tom – 3.5

The vapor, the throat hit, and even the flavor on the inhale was good. It’s the exhale where Jungle Juice fails to deliver. The exhale is a sort of a mess of bungled up organic tastes that just wasn’t very good. The tropical flavors need to be better defined.

Keira – 3 Stars

My least favorite, Jungle Juice has poor definition for a tropical ‘medley’. Where’s the pineapple or coconut or passion fruit? I can taste a Kiwi flavor, which is what you don’t want other team members to taste, and a somber tasting flavor that I just couldn’t nail down.

Jason – 3 Stars

Maybe it was my expectation, maybe it was something else, but whatever it was Jungle Juice didn’t work. I give it 3 stars strictly due to the quality of juice, it’s top-notch, but the flavor of vapor was just too confusing to be much fun to vape.

Ring of Fire – “Ignites the senses and combines layers of heat, sweetness and the robust taste of Ceylon cinnamon.”

Julia – 4.75

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a strong cinnamon organic vape that packs a whollop. Loved, loved, loved this one, Ring of Fire is a terrific sweet/hot vape that will definitely bring you home. Organic vapers will flock to this delightfully vigorous flavor. I didn’t want to put it down, but I knew I had to.

Tom – 4.5 Stars

This cinnamon eliquid delivers all the cinnamon flavor you could want, but not so strong that it would qualify as one of the ‘so hot you can’ vape it’ eliquids from others that would build it with artificial cinnamon concentrates so strong you couldn’t vape another flavors for hours. This one will tingle the tip of your tongue, while applying a bit of sweetness to proper places. I enjoyed vaping Ring of Fire for hours.

Keira – 4 Stars

To successfully vape Ring of Fire you have to vape it long enough to get past that initial burst of cinnamon until your taste buds reactivate. When they do reactivate you’ll taste an awesome sweet flavor in heavy vapor that will make you glad you stuck it out. Fun to vape, and delicious, this is a keeper.

Jason – 5 Stars

Ring of Fire gets my vote across the board because it is such a unique cinnamon eliquid that delivers what you expect with a cinnamon vape, but goes way beyond to take your senses on a journey through the various stages of sweet, sugary cinnamon goodness. I think this kind of experience can only be achieved with organic components; the Ceylon cinnamon makes a big difference in a true cinnamon experience. Complicated, delicious, and full of energy, Ring of Fire will be added to my rotation.

Alpine Frost – “Step into the blizzard with refreshing, stimulating, and exhilarating organic menthol.”

Julia – 4.75 Stars

No way in the world did I think I would score a menthol eliquid as high as I did here. This, kind of sweet, organic menthol is one of the best, if not the best, menthol vape I’ve ever had. It leaves you will a very cool inhale for many minutes afterward too, so I wouldn’t go vaping some fruit or bakery flavor for at least 30 minutes. But, if you want cool vape that won’t treat you like a typical menthol give one a shot, I think, like me, it will change your mind about menthols.

Tom – 4.75 Stars

I did not know there was such a thing as an organic menthol eliquid. I guess there is now. The best way for me to describe Alpine Frost is to tell you how I vaped it for several hours…. I would take these long, 20 second (on a mech) drags, filling my lungs to capacity and beyond, and then let it slowly so the cool feeling in my mouth would just gently come out. The vapor wouldn’t stop, and neither would the sweet menthol goodness. The first menthol eliquid I’ve enjoyed in a very long time.

Keira – 5 Stars

Yep, this anti-menthol vaper is giving Alpine Frost 5 stars. The reason? Because as cool as it is, and it is cool, this eliquid delivers a sweet, thick vapor that gave me so much joy and satisfaction I couldn’t stop vaping it. Luckily for me I vaped Alpine Frost in the evening, as my last flavor change, and I wound up vaping it after we went to bed, with the lights out, just laying back in bed and slowly enjoying a cool, refreshing menthol… in total disbelief that I was actually loving it.

Jason – 5 Stars

Now, menthols and me don’t get along. Menthol gives me headaches, and makes everything afterward taste awful. Only this time it was different. Maybe its because the menthol is organic, which I don’t understand how you do that, or maybe because there was a natural sweetness to it that other menthols don’t have, I can’t say for sure. But this cool menthol flavor was just what I needed. I am adding this to my rotation, and I suggest if you like cool vapes this one you must try.

Kind Juice Conclusion

There is no doubt that an organic flavor profile is different from an artificial concentrate flavor. So, when taking into consideration our impressions above you have to keep in mind that these flavors have an organic, or genuine, flavor. An eliquid like Pirates Gold, which scored a Spinfuel Choice Award, would not do so well if it was made with artificial flavors.

Why did we continue to mention the word ‘organic’? Because many vapers can get confused about organic flavors. For any reviewer to say that this organic eliquid tastes just like this artificial flavored eliquid isn’t telling you truth.

There are people who do not like organic flavors, and there are some that only like organic flavors. If you’ve had organic eliquid before and hated it, don’t read our review thinking that because a certain flavor earned a Spinfuel Choice Award that you’re going to love it. Chances are you won’t. We consider organic flavors to be a natural flavor, unlike most other eliquids, eliquids made with artificial concentrates.

Kind Juice is Gentle on the Lungs

It was discussed that all the eliquids here were gentle on the lungs, not a single one caused any kind of cough, or caused anyone to over vape, something we can do often when vaping 10-12 flavors over 72 hours, and yet they were all 18mg nicotine and caused no problems for anyone. These are some of the benefits of vaping organic flavors, and there are more.

Will the team now restrict itself to organic eliquids for our personal vaping? No, not at all. First, organic eliquids are a few dollars more expensive and none of us are rich, and second, there are some eliquids in our rotations and collections that we would never stop vaping.

Kind Juice Organic Flavors

But, organic eliquids have come a long way in 3 years, the after taste of organic juice in 2012 are gone, and organics are now fully flavored eliquids now, not under flavored “good for you” juice of 2012. Nonetheless, there are several eliquids in this review that we will add to our rotation, but not for the organic moniker. We’ll add them because they are fantastic eliquids.

For many vapers organic eliquid is the only way to go. Whether it’s for the “It’s healthier” mantra, or because organic flavored usually mean a higher VG or PG-free formulas, or simply because they think organic flavors taste better, more natural, and lend themselves to better all-day-vapes. All of these things can be true for many vapers, and Kind Juice is one of two organic eliquid brands we would easily recommend for premium organic ejuice that fits the bill.

One Negative

Our only negative, and it is a negative that cannot be helped, and is shared by the other organic flavored brand, is the cost per ML issue. These eliquids are not as inexpensive as many of the artificial concentrate brands. Are they worth the extra cost? For countless many the answer is a resounding yes, for others the answer is no, and that’s how it should be.

Vaping organic is to take a conscious effort to vape differently than most others. You have to want to, because clearly the number of brands that are not organic are far greater than those that are organic.

Healthy and Pure e-Liquid from Kind Juice

If you’ve had a desire to try organic eliquids then by all means give Kind Juice a try. These guys are sublime eliquid creators, artists, and they know the organic side of flavors. If you already vape organics then you have to try Kind Juice.

Instead of the usual Interview that goes along with the first time we review a brand we’ve culled two videos from Smokenjoey and John Manzione, interviewing the owner and head mixologist of Kind Juice. Watch them below, and see why Kind Juice is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the eliquid community.

Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason

This year both Smokenjoey and John Manzione sat down with Imani, Kind Juice founder and mixologist, at the VCC in Tampa and the VCC in Springfield MA. We present both video interviews below. Both are informative and fun to watch, and they will give you an inside look at how Imani sees the eLiquid industry and how Kind Juice fits into that industry. Enjoy!