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A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Never before has this team gathered together to begin writing a review while still inside that 72-hour window. If this is your first ever Spinfuel eLiquid Team review, that’s a big deal.

For 72 hours our team vapes, exclusively, the e liquids provided by the company we are reviewing. It is standard procedure to wait until at least a day has past, beyond that 72-hour period, before meeting to discuss the flavors and build a narrative review. This time, however, we began talking and putting notes together, within a few hours. That is how impressive Bird’s Nest Elixirs e liquids are.

We were excited to talk about this ‘steampunk’ inspired label. Only 4 flavors out as we write this, with another soon to follow (discussed in our interview with Robin O’Connor, the owner and mixologist of Bird’s Nest Elixirs), and each of them incredibly unique, very complex, and with more nuance that we believed possible. I believe Keira even mentioned ‘witchcraft’ one night, after she awoken at 3AM just to vape a bit of ‘Fanfare’. Witchcraft or not, these are indeed four special ‘elixirs’.

Bird’s Nest Elixirs are sold in a single size, 30ML bottle. The price for each of the flavors is on the high-end, coming in at $22 a bottle. As much as we might love these wonderful e liquids, there is no denying that $22 is a lot more than we are used to paying. To give you an idea, the brand I buy most of my e liquids from recently raised their 30ML price from $14 to $16 and my heart sank. Oh, I’m still a customer, but it does matter. So, the first question to ask, or the first question to put out there to you, our readers, and to then answer further down, is this: “Is Bird’s Nest Elixirs worth $22 a bottle?” I’ll address this in a bit, but first, more on the particulars of the Bird’s Nest Elixirs lineup.

Robin O’Connor, owner of the company and the sole mixologist, (flavorist) is extraordinarily open about the amount of information she will reveal about her marvelous ‘elixirs’. On each page of her beautifully designed website she reveals the exact, or nearly exact, PG/VG ratios, as well as steeping recommendations and, like Johnson Creek and others, tells her customers what to expect in the way of flavor strength, vapor production, and throat hit. After our interview I came away believing that Robin would make an excellent Spinfueler, honest, transparent, and humble. (Robin even admits to enjoying The Plume and Alice in Vapeland e liquids). I completely trust her and the e liquids she creates.

The four ‘elixirs’, as she likes to call them, are all pretty thick juices, Robin tries to get as close to 50/50 PG/VG as she can, but despite the thickness of the liquids we had no issues with any atomizer we used to vape them. Having said that, if you usually have trouble with thick juices you might want to take that into consideration.

If you require a higher PG level, or a higher VG level, Bird’s Nest Elixirs will accommodate you. When we review a label we ask for the ‘house’ ratio and flavor, and suggest that you do as well, at least until you can properly assess the e liquids and make adjustments you need, if you need them.

A Small Discussion on Pricing

I think it’s worth a few paragraphs to talk about a topic that comes up frequently among the staff. Price. What is an e liquid worth? Why are some so inexpensive (Mt Baker Vapor – $7.49 30ML) and some so expensive (Five Pawns – $27.50 30ML)?

Certainly the cost to make the product is a huge factor, as well as the volume. Mt Baker Vapor can charge as little as they do because of the volume they sell, retail and wholesale, and because they are not ‘hand-crafted’, meaning they aren’t made bottle by bottle but rather in large batches. Five Pawns are the most expensive I’ve seen in the US, but I don’t know enough about them to tell you why they charge as much as they do.

Putting aside the other labels, is Bird’s Nest Elixirs a brand that I will pay $22 for a 30ML bottle. The answer as to why I would is as complex as these flavors are. The short answer is, “Yes I would, for Fanfare and Maestro anyway, and yes I plan to order more.

Now the long answer…

When you buy e liquids from labels that are small, that use only the purist, most expensive ingredients, and who then bottle them in high quality glass bottles, the answer becomes another question…something like this; “Are you able to find a less expensive brand that can offer a similar ‘enough’ vaping experience?” If that answer is yes, then maybe $22 becomes too expensive and is only reserved for special occasions, or as gifts to loved ones. If the answer is ‘no’, then it depends on how much you want to re-experience that e liquid. Like I said, when it comes to Fanfare and Maestro, there is no question, I’ll pay that much for them.

Well, that’s my answer anyway. I posed that question to the team members as well, and here is what they had to say.

Keira: Honestly? I will pay that and more for Fanfare and Maestro, without hesitation. Now if you would be so kind as to buy the other two, we’re all set!

Jason: “Hmm.. tough one. But, yea, I would. Fanfare is something completely new, and an incredible all day vape, so I will definitely add it to my regular rotation. Probably Maestro and Lyric too. Oh hell, might as well throw in Uproar too. But I wouldn’t waste them, I would use them sparingly.”

Tom: “As far as I’m concerned, you’re making a bigger deal out of $22 than you should. Yes, it’s more expensive than a lot of labels we buy from, but when you consider it’s only another $5-$6 per 30ML bottle than its not a big deal. I’ll definitely buy two or three of these flavors, and happily.”

John: “I think Tom has it essentially right. I certainly wouldn’t pay $22 for average flavors if the rest of the market was $12-$14. Nevertheless, when you think about it, its still well below $1 per ML, so I’m okay with it, especially if the flavors are incredible. When you get to the real high end, like Five Pawns, no, you’re now bumping up to $1 per ML and we’re well past spending that kind of money now. Besides, some of the best e liquids I’ve ever had were from inexpensive labels.

The take-away from this discussion about pricing seems to be that if you love the juice you’re vaping you’ll pay more with a smile on your face. However, I can’t help but think that as someone who reviews e liquids, how do I get across the message that you should invest $22 or more dollars to try them when you have no idea if you’ll like them or not? In this case, all four flavors are worthy of your investment. Luckily, Bird’s Nest Elixirs offers a great sampler pack; all four flavors for $15, in 5ML bottles. So if you’re not sure, you can spring for the sampler and then BE sure.

The Four Elixirs

While today Bird’s Nest Elixirs offers mostly tobacco flavored e liquids this won’t necessarily be the case down the road. The first four are two tobacco blends and a green tea blend, as well as one coffee blend, but they are really more than that. Vapers who have shied away from tobacco flavors before might very well fall in love with one or more of them. Even vapers who have not been happy with most coffee flavors might just love the coffee-centric flavor Maestro. They are not easily pigeon-hold into such strict categories.

The Review

We start off with the #1 flavor voted by the team. Fanfare is an unbelievable achievement in alchemy. This is the one that Keira believed (not seriously guys) came from witchcraft. Right now, as we go to press, Fanfare is sold out. However, I have spoken with Robin and I was told that the situation will change later this week. We won’t have to wait more than a few days for Fanfare.


Bird's Nest FanfareFanfareA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Bird’s Nest says – “An intoxicating burley tobacco blend featuring the bold flavor of bourbon.  But we didn’t stop there… hazelnut and blueberry playfully dance around in the mid-notes adding to your vaping pleasure.  Designed to be an “All Day Vape” for those who want a satisfying but not overpowering flavor.”Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Julia – 5 Stars – Fanfare is, without a doubt, the highest scoring e liquid we’ve had in forever. Every beautiful note is played with such finesse that to stop vaping Fanfare would be an achievement is self-discipline. With a delicate and perfect balance, each of the flavors, bourbon, hazelnut, blueberry, and a gentle burley tobacco, make themselves known exactly as you would want them to.

On the inhale I get a sweet blueberry flavor mixed in with a gentle and sweet burley. Once these flavors register I begin to detect a bit of the hazelnut as it joins with the blueberry notes. On the exhale they all come together with a pleasant blend that nudges you into a flavor mix that is, and is not, tobacco.

My sweet spot for Fanfare, using a dual coil 1.8ohm X.Jet tank is 4.1v. The vapor is warm, the flavor is exquisite, and the overwhelming sense of wellbeing and calm embraces me in ways I did not think we possible from vaping. Fanfare will remain in my collection for as long as I vape.

Keira – 5 Stars – Fanfare is a magical journey into a land of exquisite pleasure and joy. Delivering satisfaction in ways I never would have expected, this is the one flavor every vaper would embrace. A flavor with such incredible complexity that works on every level is a rare find. If I were to break it down into its simplest terms I would describe Fanfare as a gentle blueberry tobacco with notes of sweet burley and just a hint of hazelnuts. If an e liquid could ever be described as ‘romantic’, it would be Fanfare.

Vapor is thick, aromatic, and playful. Throat hit is light, but who cares. This is not a flavor to ‘smoked’, this is a flavor to experience. Fanfare makes vaping come alive.

Tom – 5 Stars When I read the description I expected a sweet blueberry and burley tobacco blend. With a base of burley tobacco and blueberry notes I didn’t expect a lot of complexity, but that is just what I got. Fanfare is a full-flavored vape with incredible balance. It is the perfect blend, a flavor that can be enjoyed by any and every vaper, whether or not they think they won’t like a tobacco flavor.

Fanfare produces a tremendous amount of thick vapor, sure to please the biggest of cloud-chasers, yet its throat hit, even at 18mg, is light. Definitely an award winning flavor, but unlike my fellow team members, not my favorite. If you want a strong tobacco vape this won’t do it for you, but if you’re looking for something you can load up into a huge glassomizer and vape on all day long, this is the one you must have in your vaping arsenal. I dare you not to love it.

John – 5 Stars – I am always looking for a great all-day-vape. The more I have in my collection the better. Fanfare has definitely earned a spot in my collection if for nothing other than being a delicious, satisfying, all day vape. While it’s a tobacco blend I really think Fanfare would appeal to just about any vaper. The sweet blueberry notes, mingling together with a sweet burley tobacco and hints of hazelnut, it is one of the most enjoyable e liquids I’ve had the pleasure to vape.

The throat hit won’t overwhelm you that’s for sure, but when you happen across something so beautifully balanced and delicious I have to think that you won’t much care. This is an e liquid to be vaped for the flavor and thick vapor, to be enjoyed, not to simply satisfy a need for a nicotine fix. Fanfare is more than a delicious e liquid, it is an experience in the art of fine flavor creation.

Jason – 5 Stars – Fanfare is a 5 star flavor, one you won’t forget. But, if you hope for a strong, man-sized tobacco vape you will be disappointed. Fanfare was the last one of the four that I vaped, and I experienced some remarkable and robust tobacco flavors and an amazing pipe tobacco with orange notes before this one, so I thought I was going to end my review period on a soft note. That being the case I decided to push Fanfare as far as it would go, to see what it could do when taken out of the safety range.

If you want to get the strongest sense of Fanfare take it up to the higher voltages. For me that was a single-coil 2.1ohm clearomizer with a voltage setting of 4.9-5.2. That’s the spot where the tobacco really shines through. The vapor and the throat hit show up in a big way, and before long you’re vaping a tobacco with smaller blueberry notes, which was the way I enjoyed it most.

Fanfare is a remarkable e liquid, one that will definitely satisfy you on every level. If you’re looking for something with a gentle blend of sweet blueberries and burley then vape it in the lower ranges and enjoy a relaxing vape, and if you want to put the peddle to the metal for maximum tobacco flavor with a minimum of blueberry than take it up to 5v or more. You won’t burn it, you’ll jump start it. Let’s face it, Fanfare has two faces; one for the ‘romantics’ like Keira, and one for the tobacco hungry vapers like Tom and myself.


Bird’s Nest Elixirs Review Spinfuel eMagazineUproar A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Bird’s Nest Elixirs says – “Smooth and satisfying pipe tobacco blend with a bold punch of juicy ripe orange, a subtle hint of anise followed by a touch of vanilla to round things out a bit.”

Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerJulia – 5 Stars – The first thing I noticed with Uproar was a big hit of pungent orange flavor. If you’ve read my past reviews you might already know I have ‘issues’ with orange flavors, unless they are sweet and well-tamed. This is not sweet or well-tamed. Uproar means business. This is the e liquid that pipe users are screaming for, but others might think too bold, too uproarious for them.

But here’s the strange part; I stayed with Uproar for the entire time I set aside for it and after about 4 or 5 minutes the strong orange flavor blended well into the deep pipe tobacco flavor and became entwined like nobody’s business.

The more voltage I put to Uproar the better it got; more vapor, more flavor, and nice comfy warmth. In the end I kinda, sorta liked it, much more than I usually like pipe tobaccos. But, with all the other e liquids in my collection I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t buy it. Still, if pipe tobaccos are your thing, and if you like a nice bit of orange in your vape, this is going to be something you’ll want to have around.

Keira: –  5 Stars – Julia and I vaped Uproar at the same time. I mean that both of us opened new X.Jet Spiders (1.8ohm), and filled them with this e liquid. We let it sit for 10 minutes, and began vaping it. Julia’s reaction was immediate, the orange in Uproar comes at you fast, and my reaction was, well, different. My problem wasn’t with a strong orange flavor notes that are very dominant in Uproar, but instead it was just too rich of a tobacco for me.

I know I’m going to slammed for this, but Uproar will, I believe, appeal to male vaper more so then female vapers. I remember trying real pipe tobacco when I was young, there is this small window with teenagers where they try their hand at smoking a pipe, and a friend of mine talked me into trying it. Uproar reminds me of that day. I used to think that the tobacco I tried was a cherry pipe tobacco, now I’m beginning to think it was an orange-based pipe tobacco. Do they make that? In any case, Uproar is too strong for me. Men will love it though.

Tom – 5 Stars – Now THIS is what I call a great pipe tobacco vape. Just the right amount of orange, authentic semi-sweet orange that won’t appeal to everyone, and a deep, rich tobacco flavor. The subtle hint of anise was too subtle for me, I just didn’t taste it, but I’m fine with that since I’m not a huge anise fan anyway. There is a very slight hint of vanilla in the finish, but not enough to take away the punch of tobacco and orange majesty.

Uproar delivers a better vape in the higher voltage range, where the flavors literally bust out and flood your senses. Vapor is big, thick, aromatic (of course), but not as big as Fanfare actually. This is a 50/50 PG/VG e liquid that should earn a spot in every tobacco lovers collection.  My favorite of the four.

John –  5 Stars – Okay, Uproar is a terrific pipe tobacco blend. Just the right amount of orange flavor, the right amount of rich pipe tobacco, and gentle notes of vanilla in the exhale. It will stand tall among the other pipe tobacco blends I’ve vaped before, but I just can’t see a reason to remove a pipe tobacco vape I have in my collection for this one. If I was looking for a pipe tobacco for my rotation this would definitely get my attention, so if you’re looking for a good, orange enriched pipe tobacco definitely give this one a try.

Jason – 5 Stars – Uproar is a pipe tobacco blend that any pipe tobacco vaper would love. A really balanced approach to a rich pipe tobacco infused with not-so-gentle orange flavor. Massive vapor, a light to medium throat hit, depending on how high you push your voltage, and a thoroughly satisfying vape, Uproar will become a legend among pipe tobacco vapers. I loved it.


Bird’s Nest Elixirs Review Spinfuel eMagazineMaestro –  A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Bird’s Nest says – “A blended coffee that is not overpowering. Warm, rich hazelnut balances the robust coffee with a touch of vanilla swirled in to further soften everything a bit.  A dash of wintertime spices were mixed in to make this your go to morning treat without the calories.  This flavor is meant to be a softer take on coffee.”Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Julia – 5 Stars – Although there are other coffee flavor e liquids that I absolutely adore, none of them have ever been able to become an all-day-vape for me. There is a point at which the coffee flavor becomes too much, and I wind up with a headache. Maestro is the first coffee vape that I have enjoyed for an entire day and I cannot wait till I get more of it.

The description for Maestro is spot on. You will get a beautiful, soft, mellow, and perfectly brewed coffee flavor on the inhale, with hazelnut notes that play along beautifully. On the exhale comes a gentle hints of vanilla that calm the nerves and sets the tone for an awesome any-time-of-the-day vape. Pump up the voltage for the ultimate coffee vape. Massive clouds of vapor, a medium throat hit, and a satisfaction you won’t believe. Extraordinary.

Keira – 5 Stars – I’m not so sure Maestro could be an all day vape for me, though I’d like to try. Unfortunately we ran out before I could make it the whole day. There are many coffee flavors in VapeVerse, but something like this is not only memorable, it is soothing and delicious.

You know how some coffee flavors hang on to a certain bitterness that is built into coffee naturally? Maestro delivers no bitterness, just an awesome blend of smooth coffee flavor with hazelnut notes. That hint of vanilla that Julia gets in the exhale found me on the inhale, and it was just that little extra something that set it apart from simply ‘great’ to ‘amazing’.

Tom – 5 Stars – If you are looking for a coffee vape that doesn’t burn the inside of your mouth, while still managing to hold on to that rich coffee flavor, Maestro is it. Coffee flavors have been around for a long time and there are several of them that I have in my collection, yet here is another one that just has to be added for those times when I want a very smooth coffee vape. I am reminded of a high quality hazelnut coffee with cream, with just the right amount of sweetness.

There aren’t many coffee vapes I can use all day, but I have a feeling this is an all-day-vape.

John – 5 Stars – The official description to Maestro perfectly describes exactly what you can expect from this extraordinary coffee flavor. Right down to the spicy notes on the exhale (Cinnamon?) and the soft vanilla notes on the inhale. Primarily a hazelnut coffee infused with vanilla, this is one of the smoothest, most satisfying coffee vapes I’ve had. I usually tire of coffee vapes no matter how good it is, and I’ve had some good ones, but somehow Maestro is able to take you through the day, without overdoing it.

Jason – 5 Stars –  Just when I was sure that certain flavors have seen the pinnacle of their evolution along comes an extraordinary take on a smooth coffee blend that proves me wrong. Maestro is very much like that perfect cup of coffee you long for on cold mornings. Not too strong, not to weak, no bitterness, and the right touch of spices to liven up the day, Maestro is an award winning combination that will please any and every coffee loving vaper.


Bird’s Nest Elixirs Review Spinfuel eMagazineLyric  

Bird’s Nest Elixirs says – “A delicate and sophisticated green tea with nuances of strawberry and lychee.”

Julia – 4.75 – I was very tempted to award Lyric 5 full stars, but at the last minute I pulled back a quarter star for just one reason. Before I tell you what it was I’ll tell you what is exactly right with Lyric. No doubt the name Lyric came to mind when finding the right name for this flavor because of the dominant flavor of Lychee. I’ve had half a dozen or so Lychee blends before, and this one is as authentic as you can get. Lovely flavor, if you like it. Lychee is a lot like strawberry so it makes sense to blend the two, and together they create an amazing flavor. A sweet, creamy lychee/strawberry flavor.

Lyric has the biggest vapor production of the four, in my opinion, though none of them lacked an abundance of vapor. The throat was a bit better with Lyric than the others as well, something I did not expect. So all in all, this is a great flavor, a great vape, and if you like Lychee this one will have you forever. So, why the quarter point reduction? Green Tea. There just wasn’t a hint of green tea. So yes, this is a flavor to write home about, and a 4.75 score is a big deal. Had Bird’s Nest called this a Lychee/Strawberry flavor and not mentioned the green tea, it would have been a 5 star juice.

Keira – 5 – There will be two things about Lyric that you will notice before anything else. One is the flavor of Lychee, a Chinese fruit/berry. The second thing is the enormous amount of vapor. The vapor production, in a small X.Jet Spider, looks like it was coming out of a very expensive, perfectly built rebuildable set for maximum vapor. I couldn’t believe it was coming out of a Spider.

As for the rest of it, Lyric blends the sweet, rich, strange flavor of Lychee with a sweet, fully ripened strawberry…. with a slight hint of green tea, and it is truly a wonderful flavor. My only concern is for vapers who have not tried a Lychee flavored juice. The first time I tried Lychee in an eliquid I didn’t like at all, but now I can appreciate its strange and wonderfully unique flavor.

Tom – 4.75 – Lyric is primarily a Lychee and strawberry flavored e liquid. The green tea aspect is barely hinted at and I’m not sure why they would even bother with it unless it was some sort of stabilizer. I’m not crazy about Lychee, but I do understand its appeal. Combined with strawberry lychee calms down some, and it provides a nice combination of the two.

The vapor production is startling, I didn’t expect it, and I don’t think you will either. The throat hit is very light until you ramp up the voltage and take a huge drag.

Bottom line is that if you enjoy the flavor of Lychee than you’ll love Lyric.

John – 5 – I’ve become a bit of lychee fan myself, so when I read the description I was pretty hyped up for it. It does not disappoint.  Lyric is a pretty heavy lychee and strawberry blend, and both flavors are very authentic and not too sweet. Tons of vapor production, and a medium throat hit in the higher voltage range, this will please any lychee loving vaper.

Jason – 4.75 – Lychee, the primary flavor in Lyric is just a little too strange for me. While I think they did a good job blending it with strawberry it’s still just a little too much for my liking. Vapor production is unbelievable, and you can get a nice throat hit if you’re willing to ramp up the voltage to the point where the vapor becomes toasty. I may not enjoy lychee flavors, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with this e liquid. If you like lychee you’re going to think you died and went to heaven.

In Conclusion

Bird’s Nest Elixirs is a label that knows how to create memorable e liquids. The four flavors from this label are all winning flavors, without exception, and our plans are to become regular customers. There are standouts of course, as there is with any label, and the two biggest are Fanfare and Maestro, in that order.

Buying Advice

If this is your first time hearing about Bird’s Nest Elixirs there is two excellent reasons to pop over to the Bird’s Nest online store and place an order. First, Bird’s Nest has arranged a terrific 15% off coupon code good for the next 30 days. Just type in SPINFUEL during the check out phase and the discount is yours.

The other terrific reason to try Bird’s Nest Elixirs is that they have a 4-flavor sampler for just $15.00. You’ll receive a 5ML bottle of Fanfare, Maestro, Lyric, and Uproar.

If you’ve found our reviews helpful in the past, then we suggest that if you think you’re going to like them by the way we described our experience with then don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet. If you’re hesitant about that, then go with Fanfare, if you’re a coffee fan then Maestro is the way to go.

Don’t forget to read the lengthy review with Robin O’Connor, owner of Bird’s Nest Elixirs.