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Rolling the Dice on the Astonishing GLAMEE DICE 6000 Mod

When the package arrived, all 10 DICE disposables by GLAMEE, we were all impressed with the construction, the specs, the amount of thick flavorful vapor, and the passionate flavor profiles for each one.

Rolling the Dice on the Astonishing GLAMEE DICE 6000 ModPriced at just $11.88 at eightvape (Spinfuel’s favorite online vendor for all of 2022), the 6000 puff, 5% nicotine salt vape juice, GLAMEE DICE is a great new device. Tailored made for Vapers looking for a heavy throat hit, serious flavor, 20mL vape storage, and true satisfaction, the DICE Disposable easily takes Top Spot in Spinfuel’s Best Disposable Vape of 2022.


The stylish, modern GLAMEE DICE is a 6000 Puffs Rechargeable disposable vape is designed with a special structure of rotatable die for a fun look and feel. (Yes, you can rotate each die just for fun, or to create a better hand-feel)

20mL Pre-Filled Nic-Salt Vape Juice

The DICE has a more than sufficient level of pre-filled e-liquid capacity.
Each GLAMEE DICE holds 20mL of e-liquid in the pod system along with a Mesh Coil and 25W of power output. The DICE delivers an unbelievable flavor and big clouds of vapor, that the experience from each hit is remarkable.

The 10 delicious flavors of all distinct, intense, and provides a big kick.
It took just 3 days to decide that the DICE Disposable is the best of its kind. It’s time for other disposable mod makers to try and figure out a way to top this one.

As I mentioned above, the GLAMEE DICE comes in 10 delicious flavors each with 50mg nic-salt nicotine. All the flavors are specially formulated to provide the ultimate flavor-chaser’s dream, from the very first puff till the last.

GLAMEE DICE Flavors (all 50mg nicotine-salt vape juice)

  • Blackcurrant
  • Black dragon berry
  • Blueberry ice
  • Blueberry raspberry lemon
  • Cool mint
  • Grape mint
  • Bubble gum
  • Watermelon ice
  • Rainbow
  • Fruit paradise
  • Eye-Catching Design

The GLAMEE DICE is constructed as a unique all-in-one disposable mod with the rotatable die that creates an instantly recognizable look. Vaping a DICE makes it easy stand out in the crowd, or a night out at the clubs.


The DICE’s Mesh Coil is perfect for RDL Vaping

RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) is characterized as the middle between MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DL (Direct Lung, usually reserved for low freebase nicotine vape juices). You can visualize RDL as DTL (Direct to Lung) vaping with less airflow.

It is often called the “best of both worlds” in that you can enjoy the flavor experience like DL and the throat hit similar to MTL. And trust me, the DICE by GLAMEE is the best RDL device I’ve ever used.

The Magic of Mesh Coils

Rolling the Dice on the Astonishing GLAMEE DICE 6000 ModThe DICE is equipped with an excellent mesh coil and supports
RDL vaping with its 25-Watts of power output for a performance that surpasses many non-disposable pod mods on the market. Yet, at just $12 a piece, they are used for a week or so, then replaced with a brand-new unit.

The DICE E-juice Capacity of 20mL

With a maximum of 6000 Puffs, even with its 25 watts of power and RDL vaping, the 20mL vape juice capacity makes sure to provide every feature of the device to each and every user of the DICE.

Rechargeable Via USB-C

The GLAMEE DICE utilizes a massive 800mAh battery that users rechargeable using a Type-C Charging port (USB-C cable not included), that provides a very fast recharge rate.

 It took time, but we’re finally seeing USB-C become the standard charging method along every new mod being made.

The Spinfuel Review – Bottom Line

Rolling the Dice on the Astonishing GLAMEE DICE 6000 ModI’ll be honest; 50mg of nicotine salt for someone that gave up smoking cigarettes years ago, is plenty strong. Often too strong. In my everyday life I use freebase vape juice with a low 3mg freebase nicotine. I use a Sub-Ohm tank, and a dual-18650 230W mod.

Rolling the Dice on the Astonishing GLAMEE DICE 6000 ModThese powerful devices were all the rage back before the draconian laws of America and Australia through the entire vaping community on the trash heap own by Big Tobacco. Which, when you think about it, these terrible laws only prove that governments against harmless vaping are owned by Big Tobacco Lobbyists. Money talks, as usual.

There are ways around these ridiculous laws for people like me, but for a new generation of Vapers coming up, they are choosing the “legal” disposable vapes, like the GLAMEE DICE. And for this new generation of Vapers, it’s a real Godsend.

Regardless of what governments and Big Tobacco do to Vapers like me, the new generation will have devices like the DICE that will keep them away from cigarettes.

That said, even with an old guy like me, the DICE is one of the best devices I’ve ever seen, or used, as a tool for smokers to leave cigarettes and cigars on the dust bin of history, this is it.

The flavors (of which I’ve tried them all) are remarkable, and any smoker’s need for nicotine is more than covered with these harmless nic-salts.  (Though I do wish GLAMEE made a 10mL nic-salt or 20mL nic-salt. But I’m not really their target market anyway)

GLAMEE DICE SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 202202023If you are looking for a real, professional way to stop smoking, repair your lung damage, and add a decade or two back to your life, the GLAMEE DICE is one sure-fire way to do it.

And if you are already a Nic-Salt Vaper and you’re looking for the best, most powerful disposable on market, it is without a doubt the GLAMEE DICE.

Priced right ($12), offering a solid 6000 puffs at full charge (they are rechargeable, so never settle for a weak charged disposable again), with deep, long-lasting flavors, we highly recommend the DICE to any current smoker, or any Vaper looking for a throat hit and a magnificent value.

Grade: A+

Favorite Flavor: Black Dragon Berry & Rainbow – Let us know what YOUR favorite is.