I’ll open with a blanket statement — Lost Vape can do no wrong right now. Their high-end devices are mainstays in our rotation. Their entry-level devices redefined what “pod mods” should be. And now they’re about to dominate the gap-bridging hybrid AIO category with the all-new Thelema mod kit.

Why mince words? The Lost Vape Thelema is awesome. Not only does it raise the bar for these mid-range kits, but it also provided flavor and vapor that rivaled some of my finest mods and tanks.

Let’s see why our minds are blown, starting with the specs…

The Lost Vape THELEMA 80W Pod Mod Kit, featuring a 5-80W range, luxurious quality design elements, and an integrated 3000mAh rechargeable battery. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy and quality leather, the THELEMA Pod Mod Kit delivers a wonderful handfeel and exquisite luxurious design elements. Encasing an integrated 3000mAh battery, the THELEMA Pod Kit offers Type-C Charging for a rapid charge to continue delivering its 5-80W range, the THELEMA is compatible with the ULTRA Boost Coil Series, and comes with a 0.3ohm and 0.2ohm option. Encased within the striking form factor is an integrated 3000mAh battery providing ample power to the 4.0mL refillable pod for excellent vapor and flavor production.

Lost Vape Thelema

Lost Vape THELEMA 80W Pod Mod Kit Features:

  • Dimensions – 101mm by 35.3mm by 29.4mm
  • Integrated 3000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-80W
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.0-4.2V
  • Resistance Range: 0.12-5.0ohm
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • 96″ TFT Color Display
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • Juice Viewing Window
  • 4mL Refillable Pod Capacity
  • Top Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
  • Lost Vape ULTRA Boost Coil Series
  • 3ohm ULTRA BOOST V2 M1 Coil
  • 2ohm ULTRA BOOST V2 M4 Coil
  • Press Fit Coil Installation
  • Adjustable Airflow Control Ring
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Check Atomizer Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • 10s Overtime Protection
  • 510 DL Drip Tip
  • 510 MTL Drip Tip
  • Type-C USB Port
  • Available in SS/Ukiran Leather, Black/Ukiran Leather, Gunmetal/Ukiran Leather, SS/Glossy Leather, Black/Glossy Leather, Gunmetal/Glossy Leather, SS/Grain Leather, Black/Grain Leather, Gunmetal/Grain Leather


Lost Vape THELEMA Includes:

  •  Thelema Device
  •  4mL Pod
  • 0.3ohm UB V2 M1 Coil
  •  0.2ohm UB V2 M4 Coil
  •  Type-C USB Cable
  •  510 MTL Drip Tip
  •  510 DL Drip Tip
  •  Warranty Card
  •  User Manual
Lost Vape Thelema 2

Aesthetics of the Lost Vape THELEMA

Pod mod/AIO kits have seemed to “settle in” to a handful of form factors, and the Thelema isn’t pushing to break the mold. However, the accents lost vape thelema all colorsand design choices help separate the Thelema from the other, resin-heavy entrants in the race.


From the stitched leather grip (with a unique, almost Polynesian design), to the flawless frame and build quality, Lost Vape devices always have a high-end feel to them. There are no garish color contrasts, or unnecessary logo treatments to distract the eye. The Thelema is, at once, both striking and mature.


The full color TFT display is standard issue, but is clear, legible and responsive, fitting the device well. If anything, I’d actually consider moving to a monochrome readout, to let the Thelema’s mature aesthetic shine even brighter. A personal design choice, for sure. But one that should be an option down the line.


Our only complaint about the design is the minuscule juice-level viewing window, which is almost useless. Not only is the slot far too narrow to make any real determination of juice level, but because the pod tank is tinted, there needs to be perfect light to make any use of it.


Thankfully, the magnetic pod tank is easy to remove and replace, so the window doesn’t play THAT big a role here. But if you’re going to have this feature, might as well make it usable, no?

Vaping the Lost Vape Thelema Pod/AIO Kit

lost vape thelema coil front view 1If we’re complaining about juice windows, it’s only because we vaped the Thelema so frequently that we were going through e-liquid at a ridiculous pace. In short, all of our staff — from the pod mod loyalists to the high-wattage die hards — loved the Thelema, and have added it to their regular rotations.


That’s because the kit flat out performs. Each draw is rich and flavorful. The vapor production is massive for such a diminutive kit. And it never wanes, even when the battery levels drop to the red zone.


Both of the included Ultra Boost coils were outstanding, if a little indistinguishable from one another. Perhaps Lost Vape should have included a snugger, higher-resistance head to appeal to restricted lung vapers, but who are we to question this amount of flavor?

lost vape thelema pod front view 1Even better, the coils were durable, giving us more than two weeks of steady, high-quality vaping from each. Beyond that mark, the vapor production began to drop off, while flavors got a little muted. But it’s not a stretch to think that the Thelema coils could offer three weeks of performance each with more moderate use.


Interestingly, there’s no documentation about the Thelema’s chipset, but maybe there should be. Not only does the 3,000 mAh integrated battery last seemingly all day, but it also charges (via USB-C) from empty to full in under an hour. And it does all this without ever delivering weak draws or stuttered performance. We tried to find flaws in this department and came up empty every time.


  • Gorgeous reworking of a proven form factor
  • Outstanding flavor and vapor production
  • Durable, long-lasting coils


  • Useless juice-level viewing window
  • The leather designs might not appeal to some
  • MTL coils might be a nice option

Bottom Line

lost vape thelema front side viewBuy the Lost Vape Thelema. There it is. If you’re a pod mod user, the Thelema is the best “next step” device available in this category. If you’re a high-wattage vaper, this is a pocketable, high-performing alternative to your usual setup that could easily become a “go to” mod.


Flavor, vapor, battery life, coil longevity, design, etc. etc. etc. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is as good as AIO devices get. The Lost Vape Thelema gets our highest recommendation.


Score: A+