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Vaporetti V-Drops – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

   Vaporetti is no stranger to avid Spinfuel readers. However, the particular eliquids we will be reviewing below have not been released at the time we published this review.

The eliquids below are a High VG blend. Vaporetti doesn’t release information about the ratios of PG/VG blends.  Perhaps they feel others might try to duplicate their blends, but I really don’t know. They are certainly not the only brand to keep their recipes close to the vest. That being the case however, the team and I were truly put to a test with our palates for this one.

We used drippers for this review. High VG blends are appreciated best through rebuildables. Although there are amazing tanks out there now that can certainly replicate the performance of an RDA; the new Arctic Tank, the Kanger Subtank, the Joyetech Delta 2, and the Aspire Atlantis are the top contenders for ‘dripper-like performance‘ in taste and vapor..

Vaporetti is a vendor out of Rhode Island. They use 100% Kosher USP PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) which means they use the best of the best, as do many of the top shelf brands today. I can always tell the difference when top shelf ingredients are used. They have an online retail store and have 31 flavors currently available, all which have been very well received by many of their customers. The flavors we will be covering in this review are: Cereal Killer, Sour Puss, Frozen Puss, Elf’s Breath, Convicted Melon, Rainbow Frost, Panic Attack, and Dew Me.

Note* Spinfuel received these eliquids a couple of months ago. We’re not sure why these eliquids have not yet been released, but when they are we’ll update this review to reflect the release date. For now, consider this review a review of some upcoming eliquids from Vaporetti.

Spinfuel Protocols

Because this is only the second review from the NEW Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review, we suggest that you take a look at the new protocols we’ve set up for each of the reviews we will do moving forward. You’ll need to know how long we vape the ejuice, in what manner, what we look for, and how an eliquid may earn a coveted Spinfuel Choice Award. In addition, in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one, knowing the intricacies of our methods will give you a greater understanding of the process. Click here

Vaporetti Particulars

The bottles we received were clear plastic 30ml shrink-wrapped bottles. We also received one sample in a 10ml bottle. I’m not sure if the High VG line will be available in these smaller sizes as well. Drippers tend to go through eLiquid at such a fast rate I would think a 10ml bottle would not be a thought for any vendor producing this type of blend. The Vaporetti V-Drops line is more affordable when buying them at the 30ml price anyway ($.80/ml for the 10ml size and $.56/ml for the 30ml size). Keep in mind this is a Premium brand that uses 100% natural ingredients and flavors in their V-drops line that I just mentioned. I’m confident they keep these same standards in their High VG blends as well.

Vaporetti sent us 6mg-nicotine samples to review, so we know this option is available. As for pricing, other nicotine levels available, and other specifics, keep checking for the release of this line!!


The bottles were packaged in what we understood to be “Premium” packaging, each arriving in a separate black box highlighted with a gold border and gold and red lettering. The look is classy and the labels follow suit. Vaporetti lists the ingredients, nicotine level, lot number, born on date, and displays their name, logo, & E-Liquid name as well. It also has the proper warning that every eLiquid bottle should have. I enjoyed the unboxing, and truly felt as if I were unwrapping a “top shelf” product. Appearances are the first impression after all….


This is what it is all about: the flavor. We have eight to cover. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows. Remember as always, taste is subjective and is in the ‘mouth of the beholder‘. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team, as we all have different palates and I value the opinions of each member on my team.


Dori: 4.5 Stars. I love all kinds of breakfast cereal vapes. I look for that rich cereal flavor, a touch of creaminess, and the flavor profile of the cereal represented. In this case, I seem to get citrus flavors at the height of the exhale, so I’m going with a Fruit Loop and Captain Crunch mix. The cereal flavor is evident in the inhale and very flavorful, then the citrus note hits, and finally the cream swirls in and they all dance together in the final exhale. The flavor is really good and the clouds are excellent for a high vg mix. I’m using a Manhattan Mod with a Doge dripper and coil build at .5 ohms.

     I also put this blend in a Kanger Subtank Nano. The difference between dripping and putting it in this tank that I seem to note are that the flavors are better blended during the inhale. The citrus flavor really comes through from start to finish vaping it this way. I definitely got more of a cloud from my mechanical mod and Doge dripper, but the vapor production is still very pleasing in the Nano. The throat hit remains a medium one in both uses.

Alicia: 4.5 Stars. I love cereal vapes, they are by far one of my favorites. I disagree with Dori and Kris because I’m getting more fruit than citrus flavor. This is like a bowl of fruity pebbles, without the milk. Fruity and sweet with a touch of citrus. I like the fact that the citrus doesn’t overpower the fruitiness of the flavor. They blend nicely making it a good cereal vape! Only thing missing is the milk. But it’s okay to have it without now and again! I’m using a Sigelei 150w mod and a Tugboat V2 RDA with a .5-ohm coil build. 
Scott: 3.75 stars. I like the taste of cereal vapes, but this wasn’t one I could say that I would add to my bag of goodies. This one has a strong, citrus tasting fruit loops flavor.

If you don’t mind a citrus taste, and enjoy a fruit flavor undertone-then this could be for you. For me, it was just ok. I’m using a fuhatan mod with a tugboat V2 RDA and with a .4-ohm coil build.

Kris: 4 Stars. To me, cereal killer had a lot of flavor, but mostly lemon. It left a burn in the back of my throat. It did have a good taste with the subtle taste of other fruits. For those of you that like lemon, this is the juice for you.

Adam: 4.5 Stars – With this flavor, I am getting a flavorful berry captain crunch flavor. This is leaving a harder hit in the back of my throat, so I actually added this to my daily flavors to vape. The throat hit could be from the citrus notes my other team members are getting. This is a definite daily flavor for those of you that like that enjoy cereal vapes.


Dori: 5 Stars. I gave Sour Puss 5 stars because Vaporetti simply nailed a Warhead candy. I don’t know how many of you have tried these candies, but I have children who like to make me taste things. These things consist of really sour candies with some touch of sweet in the middle. You want to take the candy out because it’s so sour, yet you keep it in your mouth because it is GOOD and quite entertaining!! Sour Puss really did this for me as a vape.

The team and I definitely have mixed reviews on this one, but Scott seemed to get where I was coming from. I enjoyed it because it reminded me of a time with my kids and I kept going back for more. It’s an entertaining vape!

Alicia: 2 Stars. Well, it’s definitely sour on the inhale. I want to say it’s like a sour fruit with maybe a touch of citrus flavor. I’m overwhelmed by the exhale and aftertaste though. I get a cologne type aftertaste that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Scott: 5 stars. I had to give it 5 stars, because this one mastered one of my favorite candies-Warheads. This flavor definitely has a sour hit, but with a hint of watermelon as well. It reminds me of a watermelon warhead. The first vape makes your lips curl, but then you get a nice watermelon undertone. I enjoyed this vape a lot even though some of the other team members didn’t care for it. If you like sour vapes, then you should put this one in your line up.

Kris: 3 Stars. Sour Puss smells amazing, but I gave it just 3 stars because I taste a lot of sourness and very subtle fruit. After dripping it a few times, there seemed to be no fruit flavor at all. I just wish it would have been more balanced.

Adam: 3 Stars. I am getting a very sour flavor on this liquid. I agree with Dori and Scott, this reminds me of a very sour warhead candy. I just wasn’t as overjoyed as they were about the flavor. Sour Puss had a very good exhale though and would be a good vape for you if you like sour berry flavors.


 Dori: 4.25 Stars. This one is definitely on the refreshing side and complex as well. There are notes of cooling, sour, and smoothness. I know smoothness isn’t a taste, but it really is in this case. That is what makes this vape very unique and interesting. I really couldn’t pick out any particular flavors. I enjoy intriguing eLiquids. Frozen Puss has that going for it! The clouds are amazing, vapor just rolls out.

Alicia: 3.25 Stars. Frozen Puss just seemed to be another common tropical fruit vape to me. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t like it either. I tried to pick out the different flavors but the pineapple seems to drown them all out. I did get hints of banana here and there but you really have to try to find it. The flavor isn’t too bold or overpowering but it’s not defined either. If you like your tropical fruits thrown into a blender mixed together and served over ice, this would be one for you. Although, for me, I would like to be able to piece out the fruits and have it be a little more complex.

Scott: 3.25 Stars. This is probably one I wouldn’t try again. It just wasn’t one for me, but for a menthol lover, this may be right down their alley. It has a strong hit of menthol with a hint of melon. The flavor was very mild.

Kris: 5 Stars. Although I don’t care for menthol vapes, Frozen Puss is cool and fruity. I taste melon and berries, followed with a nice, cool throat hit. I could put this is my daily line up.

Adam: 4 Stars. I actually liked this flavor a lot with the addition of the menthol. The eliquid actually reminds me a lot of my childhood and chewing on zebra striped gum, but with the hint of menthol. It is not that bad. Frozen Puss has a very nice throat hit with a cool exhale. It’s definitely a good fruity flavor for the vapers that like that.


Dori: 5 Stars. Elf’s Breath is a breath of delight! They layers are nice and yet blend well together. There are notes of chocolate, mint, and cream that come together in one final exhale that leaves me wanting more. You have all seen the commercials…please just fly me to the top of a mountain now where I can take a bite of that peppermint patty!

Alicia: 4.25 Stars. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized how much I still love minty vapes. With a name like Elf’s Breath, I was thinking candy cane but it’s more of a Peppermint Patty. This is a very mild vape. It produces a decent amount of vapor but it’s very light on the flavor. On the inhale, I can taste the peppermint and then the chocolate comes out on the exhale to mix well. It’s a nice light cooling vape. I would like to get a little more flavor though. 
Scott: 5 stars. It you like peppermint patties, this would make your taste buds tingle. The taste of this juice is a cool peppermint hit with a mild undertone of chocolate giving you an enjoyable taste on your tongue. The mild chocolate with the mix of peppermint is an awesome combination and I would have no problem putting this in my line up.

Kris: 5 Stars. I really don’t like candy canes, but when I started vaping this–it was eye opening!! The peppermint isn’t too powerful and neither is the sweetness. It’s just right! I can definitely put this in my rotation.

Adam: 4.75 Stars. I really like peppermint patties–and that is exactly what I am getting out of this flavor. Elf’s Breath is an awesome mix between chocolate and mint blended perfectly to create an amazing vape. This could be an all day vape for me.


Dori: 4 Stars. Though there is a nice melon flavor throughout this vape. I also get a slight menthol flavor and a tad of a floral note. This type of blend throws me off a bit. The menthol does add a nice cooling effect but the floral note is just a little confusing. Maybe it’s just the blend. The smoothness from the cream is great and makes the clouds seem even silkier. The blend is very complex and total experience is not a bad one in any way, it’s just very unique. I’m not sure I could vape it all day, but perhaps throw it in my rotation now and again for something different.

Alicia: 4 Stars. For a second I thought I was having a piece of candy with this one. Some might say a Watermelon Jolly Rancher but I think it’s more like the Watermelon taste you get after the sour from a watermelon warhead. It’s that sweet, candy goodness. Not one that I would add to my rotation as it’s a bit too sweet for my liking, but one sugar lovers would probably enjoy.

Scott: 4 stars. If you decide to try this one I hope you like melons because Convicted Melon has an awesome, crisp taste of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. I actually enjoyed this one! It definitely reminded me of enjoying melons fresh from the field. The melon flavor definitely changes on what melon you are tasting if you change your wattage up and down on the mod you are using.

Kris: 5 Stars. I gave Convicted Melon 5 stars because from the beginning to the end I tasted sweet, juicy honeydew melon. Not much more to say except…delicious!! This is definitely in the top three of the blends in the review.

Adam: 3 Stars. This liquid was very hard to get anything out of other than the flavor of cantaloupe and honeydew. I’m not a melon lover so I didn’t enjoy this flavor. However, Convicted Melon does have a great throat hit and it is bearable. If you like a lot of melon flavors, this is the liquid for you.


Dori: 3.5 Stars. I get a nice blend of fruits on the inhale, but the flavors seem to fade fast in Rainbow Frost for me. I get a touch of menthol, but with a name like FROST-I would expect a little more. If the flavor would have carried out more, I would have definitely rated this one higher. I enjoyed the inhale and think the fruity profile is a great one…. perhaps like a handful of skittles? I just think the taste gets lost in the High VG in this particular eLiquid.

Alicia: 4.25 Stars. With no flavor profiles available, I’m not sure what the goal was for the flavor. To me this one tastes like red skittles (my favorite color of the bunch!). It delivers a fruity and sweet candy flavor on the inhale. The flavor seems to lessen on the exhale but not that much. I’m not sure why Frost is in the name because I don’t get any coolness with this flavor at all. It’s a decent vape, but not something I would add to my rotation.

Scott: 3.75 Stars. This was a hard one to figure out with no flavor profile to review, but if you are thinking “taste the rainbow” you just might be wrong. The taste I got from this blend was a lemon lime sherbet. It reminds me of getting a bowl of lime sherbet and digging in. I’m not someone that particularly enjoys lime flavors, but if you are, I think you might really enjoy this one!

Kris: 4 Stars. I have reviewed several menthol flavors in the past, but really haven’t liked any menthol ejuices that I have tried. I disagree with my team members on this one. Rainbow Frost to me has a lot of menthol. I don’t taste much fruit at all. But, when I smell it I smell fruit. For vapers that enjoy menthol I am sure they would like this one.

Adam: 4.5 Stars. With this eliquid I’m getting a sweet tart or nerd candy flavor. This eLiquid is an amazing fruit candy flavor that I would vape all day long if I could. Rainbow Frost has a very good exhale and great throat hit that isn’t overly harsh. This is a very pleasant vape.


Dori: 3.5 stars. This one reminds me of eating the powder out of a pixie stix. I’m tasting what could be a blue raspberry flavor. The name “Panic Attack” does not correlate with the flavor in any way that I can figure out. Some may have an attack of some sort over the sweetness that they get out of the vape, but I kind of enjoy an overly sweet vape now and again.

Alicia: 1 Star. I’m not sure what to say about this one. I cannot even recommend trying it. On the inhale, I get some kind of flavor that I can’t even begin to guess what it is. I think there is some sort of fruit flavor trying to come out but it is taken over by the exhale, which reminds me of cologne. It’s just not a good juice. In fact, it actually kind of burns my nose. I have no idea how some of the others were able to vape this one any longer than a few seconds.

Scott: 3.25 Stars. I was a little disappointed with this one because I couldn’t get much of a flavor profile from it. What I could taste reminded me of sour gummy worms. At first it had a sour taste, and then you are left with a fruity melon flavor. Though some of the other members of the team did not care for this one, it wasn’t all that bad to me. I still wouldn’t add this to my every day line up though.

Kris: 3 Stars. With my first vape I tasted berries on the inhale, but it was an artificial berry taste. My second inhale, and throughout the exhale, I tasted a lot of VG. This is on the bottom of my list of the eliquids in this review.

Adam: 2 Stars. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this eLiquid at all. This one even got to the point where it actually made my stomach hurt while I vaping it. It also hurt my throat. I did get some sort of a sour patch kid flavor out of it though. This was just not something I could enjoy and it won’t be a part of my collection in the future.

Dew Me

Dori: 4 Stars. I get a citrus fruit drink out of this one. The flavor is crisp and I am tasting a slight Mountain Dew-ish note on the inhale, but it fades quickly. At the tip of the exhale, a lime note is so evident it takes over and makes it more of a Sprite on the exhale. The flavor is still very good and refreshing, and the vapor production is decent enough. If you’re into drink flavored vapes, check this one out.

Alicia: 4.25 Stars. From the name I can tell this is to be a Mountain Dew type flavor. As an avid lover of the soft drink I am a bit disappointed. I don’t get that Mountain Dew flavor from it. I do, however, feel like I’m having a green push-up Popsicle. This is not a bad flavor at all however. The citrus isn’t too overbearing and the exhale is a nice sweet lime flavor. At 6mg nicotine the throat hit isn’t too harsh and vapor production is nice.

Scott: 4 Stars. Well for you Mountain Dew lovers out there (like me), if you smell it straight out of the bottle you would think this is going to be a close one. However, the taste is a just little off. It reminds me more of a bottle of Mellow Yellow because of its citrus taste. I could add this one in my everyday rotation because it does have a very awesome flavor. The smell from this vape definitely reminds me of Mountain Dew though.

Kris: 4 Stars. I thought DEW had a good flavor on the first inhale. With this juice I used my little boy dripper. While smelling DEW ME, it smelled like Mountain Dew. I agree with Adam that there is a lime taste to it. However, I didn’t notice the lime until after I vaped it for a few minutes. It definitely was not a real strong lime, but it was noticeable. It gave me a smooth throat hit, but did left behind a little bit of an aftertaste. I think that if they removed some of the lime flavoring I could vape this in my regular line up.

Adam: 3.5 Stars. When smelling this liquid it smelled like Mountain Dew, and I was excited because I am a Mountain Dew lover. Once I vaped it the first time, I got an instant flavor of just lime throughout my mouth. Dew Me has a very hard throat hit as well and reminds me of a lime hard candy with the smell of Mountain Dew.


Vaporetti is a vendor that uses quality ingredients in their eLiquid, but sometimes failed to nail the flavor and the vape experience we expect from a premium label. We had a few mixed reviews, but overall we enjoyed most of them. We were handed quite an array of flavors, and we all put our palates to the test.

The flavors were all complex in the way of being layered with different elements of sweet, sour, creamy, and even menthol. The flavors were there in most of them, and the vapor was abundant, which is what you expect from a High VG eLiquid. The verdict then is that if you read any of the impressions above and were intrigued by them then you might want to give them a try.

Dori, Alicia, Scott, Kris, and AdamThe Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team