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 The Artisan Collection by Vaporfi – A Review

There is a video review by John Manzione here

Vaporfi (pronounced Vapor-FIE rhymes with PIE), a company with an enormous amount of vaping products, including severalines of eliquid, has launched a super premium “collection” called, appropriately enough, the “Artisan Collection”.Vaporfi Artisan Collection Review

Comprised of a wide array of flavor profiles the Artisan Collection, or parts of the collection at least, will appeal to just about every vaper. From a rich tobacco blend to an icy blast, to complex and nuanced fruity blends, each of the six eliquids are unique enough to stand on their own, yet somehow work as a superb collection.


Vaporfi has invested in the future when it comes to their eliquid lines. FDA registered lab, formulas that are registered with the FDA, flavorings developed for inhalation (better than food grade flavorings), Kosher grade ingredients, and Malaysian Palm glycerin, and completely Diacetyl free, there can be little doubt that when the hammer falls from the FDA regulations Vaporfi will likely have no reason for concern.


Safety has always been a big issue with Spinfuel, and it is here that Vaporfi eliquids shine. Lot numbers, cGMP operation standards in line with the 21 CFR part 111 guidelines, along with safety caps and seals, shrink-wrap, glass bottles, and information-rich labels place Vaporfi among the very best in safety standards.

Artisan Collection Particulars

As I mentioned above there are six eliquid blends in the Artisan Collection. Individually they are sold in 30mL glass bottles. Each bottle is $21.99, which is a great price for a super premium eliquid. Nicotine levels run the usual gamut, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. Naturally, a Zero-Nic option is also available.

For this review I used 6mg nicotine strength and sub-ohm tanks, including the Kanger Subtank and the Joyetech Delta 2.

My Impressions

Northern Lights

Northern LightsA breathtaking taste bursting with a minty undertone was designed to invoke a balance of refreshing flavor and a full flush of juicy sweetness from melon berry and guava. The result is an instant delicious classic perfect for anytime you want a burst of cool with a surge of deliciously sweet.”

I don’t understand why some vapers love icy blast eliquids, but there is no denying that plenty do. Northern Lights is an icy blast ejuice that will delight vapers that enjoy this kind of icy experience. The melon and berry is certainly there, the guava notes are slight, but they are all buried in a vape experience so cold that even after you exhale you’ll feel the cold in the back of your throat for a while.

Northern Lights, while executed well, just does not appeal to me in the least. I can appreciate the skill that was required to create it, but this is not what I seek in a vape. Maybe you do?

Throat Hit – Strong – Flavor – Icy – Vapor – Exceptional

Summer Lovin’

5-VF_Premium_Blend_Box_Render_Summer_LovinSummer never tasted so fresh and delightful! This zesty, harmonious flavor is the essence of California sunshine with every puff! Lemon and tangy raspberry bliss perfectly captures the sweet and tarty flavor that is always reminiscent of the loveliest summer days!”

Do you like the ‘real’ flavor of natural lemon? If you do, Summer Lovin’ has to be an eliquid you must try. Tart flavor from a fresh squeezed lemon, tangy, but-not-so-sweet raspberry notes, creates a unique vape experience that will have those that dig this kind of vape craving more.

As for me, well, I don’t even drink lemonade, and I don’t squeeze lemon on my fish dinners, so the flavor of lemon has no appeal. But, there is no denying the pure, natural lemon flavor with a real raspberry finish will have a big audience of vapers that love their tart and tangy vapes.

Throat Hit – Strong – Flavor – Strong – Vapor – Good

Moroccan Gold Moroccan Gold

Like no other flavor you’ve experienced before, this blend offers earthy traditional tones of tobacco based boldness with rich vanilla sweetness. Pair this with a touch of coconut for an utterly extraordinary, deep, and complex profile. The taste of this fine blend vapes beautifully, and its full, robust body cannot be matched. A notably pure flavor, it will overcome your senses in the best possible way!”

This is a tobacco blend that I could not get enough of. While the rich deep sorta-sweet tobacco flavor is dominant, the vanilla is blended perfectly. What makes Moroccan Gold so damned brilliant is the coconut notes found spritzing around the exhale.

What could have wound up being an excellent vanilla tobacco vape turned out to be an exquisite one. Had Vaporfi chosen to leave out the sweet coconut this still would have been an instant addition to my rotation, but with the sweet coconut it becomes something very special, and most likely a long-term member of my rotation.

Throat Hit – Mature – Flavor – To Die For – Vapor – Excellent

6-VF_Premium_Blend_Box_Render_Monkey_BusinessMonkey Business

“There’s no monkeying around with this flavor; it is fragrant, luscious, and temptingly sweet! Delicious in every way, this blend is sure to satisfy every craving with the creamy and light taste of custard topped with the sweet and powerful taste of banana. This angelically smooth, melt-in-your-mouth flavor will make you go bananas for it.”

A creamy custard in all its wonder blended expertly with a sweet, ripe banana flavor that would make banana lovers weep, Monkey Business is that banana vape you crave when you want something substantial, rich, full of just the right amount of flavor. None of the six eliquids in the collection is ‘ordinary’, least of them Monkey Business. Don’t expect a simple vanilla custard vape infused with banana flavoring, this is something much more. Banana lovers will embrace Monkey Business like no other.

Throat – Good – Flavor – Extraordinary – Vapor – Strong


The deepest, smoothest, endlessly flavorful e-liquid can be found right here with Decadence. Fantasize a complex flavor profile that uses a silky decadent chocolate as its base, which will indulge every sense and leave you craving more! Intense, with the well-developed smoothness of cream and delightful hint of hazelnut, this exceptionally aromatic flavor is ready to take your vaping to new heights!”

Decadence is that rare chocolate vape that delivers a rich milk chocolate base with an extra helping of hazelnut. In fact, the hazelnut is so prevalent that if you want just a chocolate eliquid to enjoy as a dessert vape this is not it. You need to love hazelnut, as I do, to really get the most out of this truly decadent dessert vape. For sweet-tooth vapers who enjoy that unique hazelnut flavor, Decadence is a must try.

Throat – Good – Flavor – Extraordinary – Vapor – Strong

Black VelvetBlack Velvet

Infuse your vaping with the essence that is reminiscent of your favorite refreshing tall glass of cola coupled with a fruity twist! This fine flavor is a perfect blend of rich and smooth with the exceptional underlying taste of fruity cherry sweetness. Distinguished for its clean, smooth body, this is not an ordinary flavor on any level!

Cherry Coke perfected. I don’t like cherry cokes, although my wife has forced me to try them on numerous occasions, so I know what they taste like.

This time I had an occasion to bring a cherry coke to my wife and turn the tables. She loved it so much that soon after my video review I lost the rest of the bottle to her. This might sound simple; but the truth is, if you like cherry cokes Black Velvet owns you.

Throat Hit – Good – Flavor – Strong – Vapor – Excellent


I love where the eliquid sector of our industry is headed. We’re seeing better eliquids all the time, and without a doubt Vaporfi’s Artisan Collection deserves a spot at the top of the pile.

Even though I did not personally like every flavor, I did like every execution of those flavors. Each eliquid possessed deep, complex flavors and produced more vapor than I had previously thought a 40PG/60VG blend could produce. If I had to guess I would say the rich thick vapor was the result of the Malaysian Palm Glycerin.

I had hoped that Vaporfi would have put together some sort of edition of the Artisan Collection that would include all six flavors in a special presentation box. A collection like that would undoubtedly influence more vapers into trying the entire collection rather than the flavors they know they would like. As vapers we are always surprised by eliquids we believed we wouldn’t like that turn out to be some of our favorites. I think the collection would hold such surprises for many.

My only concern, and it’s a minor one for now, for the Artisan Collection is this huge move toward sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm vaping. Because this collection is only available in 40PG/60VG formula they have a much stronger throat hit in a sub-ohm tank then they do in, say, a clearomizer with a 1.8-2.1ohm coil.

Some vapers will embrace this hard-hitting throat hit but some will want a higher VG blend for more clouds and a smoother throat hit. As it stands now, sub-ohm vapers are still a minority, but how long that remains to be true is anyone’s guess. I hope that should the collection become the big hit with vapers that it deserves to be, Vaporfi will consider a high VG collection.

To sum up… the Artisan Collection was a brilliant move by Vaporfi. These super premium blends were superbly produced, and priced well below other super premium eliquids I’ve seen lately. It will certainly raise Vaporfi’s profile as a top-shelf eliquid brand. I can’t wait to see what these guys are up to next…

John Manzione