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Totally Wicked e-liquid has been providing excellent eJuice in the US market since 2008. With two (2) company-owned stores in Florida and a vast network of resellers throughout the US and UK, Totally Wicked e-Liquid has become one of the top names in the eCigarette marketplace.

In addition to eJuice, Totally Wicked also has a large number of branded hardware and accessories, including their own, unique, top selling “designed and manufactured in the UK” PV called The Odyssey, which is quite literally one of the most impressive high-end PV’s Spinfuel had ever had the pleasure to review. (See Review Here).

Totally Wicked e-Liquid has several different “lines” of eJuice. In addition to all the tools, flavor concentrates and liquid nicotine to make your own eJuice, Totally Wicked offers ‘The Patriot Line’, the ‘TW Red Label’, ‘TW Titan eLiquid’, ‘Platinum Ice 54mg eLiquid’, and the ‘Titanium Ice 72MG eLiquid’. Each line is “sourced” from the very best companies offering the highest quality ingredients and made in facilities that sport some of the most sophisticated tools and procedures in practice today. In order to earn the Totally Wicked label the sourced company must pass the most stringent requirements in the business. The Totally Wicked “Mantra” if you will, is “Safety, Quality and Value”.

Ready for Regulation: Over these past many months we’ve reviewed several brands of eJuice, but Totally Wicked is the only company that seemed to be ready for tough regulations undoubtedly coming in both the UK and the US markets. Totally Wicked wanted to add these warning to their boxes, not only in preparation for the “Mommy State” mindset making sure every free citizen was made aware of any claim against eJuice that could possibly exist, but also because they felt that needed to make sure that every customer was equipped with the knowledge to make good decisions. The same goes for their childproof caps, not every company does this, but the people behind Totally Wicked take that extra measure to make sure their products are used safely. Think we’re kidding about all the warning on the box? Here are some of the warnings seen on the side of every box of TW eLiquid:

  • If swallowed seek medical advice immediately.
  • Very toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.
  • Harmful: Danger of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure if swallowed.
  • Irritating to eyes and skin.
  • May cause sensitizations by skin contact.
  • May cause harm to unborn child
  • Vapors may cause drowsiness or dizziness.
  • Very toxic to aquatic animals…

Sadly, if you were new to vaping and picked up a bottle of their eJuice and read the label, you’d run out of the store and head for a decontamination facility so that you could be scrubbed down. You’d also be tempted to swallow a handful of iodine just to be sure. Totally Wicked is being proactive by listing these warning now, rather than being instructed to do so, but they also see it as a responsibility to their customers. As Vaper’s we understand the minimal risks involved, but new comers to vaping might just need to be reminded that while it’s safe to vape, you might want to make sure that the liquid itself is kept safely stored away from curious kids and pets. It makes sense.

American Made: For this review we chose the Patriot Line, which is a line of eJuice made right here in the US by one of the top eJuice manufacturers who have partnered with Totally Wicked e-Liquid to create a unique and delicious line of flavors. With more than 50 different flavors in the Patriot Line alone, it was difficult choosing 10 or so flavors that would best describe the range available, but we think we were successful in our choices, but let us know your favorites in the comments below.

Nicotine Range: The Patriot Line offers a wide range of Nicotine levels, including “zero-nicotine”. From 6%, 10%, 14%, 18%, and 30%, the “right” level for you is easy to find. The several levels available are also a great way to “step down” your nicotine levels should that be a concern for you. The team members ‘vape’ at 18% nicotine and are happy to stay at this level for the foreseeable future.

Specifics of the Patriot Line:

eJuice Characteristics; The Patriot Line features some of the strongest flavors we’ve ever tried. Sometimes that worked in their favor, and sometimes it didn’t. After vaping several flavors in this line all three of us chose one word to describe the line; that word is “bold”. There wasn’t a single flavor that we considered ‘weak’ or ‘underpowered’. The Nicotine level for each flavor in our review was 18%.

Taste: Totally Wicked e-Liquid didn’t get to where they are today by playing it safe. This is a company that takes risks, so it was clear to us that some of the flavors created for the Patriot Line would have niche appeal to Vapers that enjoyed powerful eJuice, eJuice that left no doubt that you were vaping Totally Wicked e-Liquid. As we go over each of the flavors you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Thickness: The eJuice itself has a medium-thickness, great for vaping in tanks systems or DCT’s. Nowhere near thin and runny at the same time they aren’t thick enough to clog an atomizer. While we had success using normal cartomizers it did take a while longer to fill a cartomizer drop by drop than it did when we used a syringe with a flexi-needle (highly recommended for every brand of eJuice). In the end, we decided not to use cartomizers for this review, and instead went with tank systems and DCT in order to get the best possible flavors.

Vapor & Throat Hit: Intense flavors and great throat hits are shared by each and every flavor we reviewed. Most of the flavors produced a “wicked” amount of vapor, while a couple of them produced vapor in the “good to really good” range. Not a single eJuice flavor in our review scored any lower than 4 on the scale of 1 to 5 on vapor, taste, throat, quality, price scale.

The Team: Leading the team is Tom McBride (Hi Mom!) as the lead writer and along with Julia Barnes and Jason Little. They spent 48 hours vaping nothing but eJuice from Totally Wicked. At the end of the vaping period they met to discuss their findings.

Hardware: We included Totally Wicked’s own Odyssey PV, along with the ProVape Provari, and Apollo’s VTube as our testing hardware. Using DCT’s from Totally Wicked, Apollo, and a Texas Tuff Tanks from Vape Dudes, all reviewers approached these flavors from a singular point of view, vaping with a serious PV and leaving normal cartomizers, batteries, and cartridges on the sidelines this time.

The Patriot Line – The Patriot Range e-liquid is manufactured in the USA from USP grade ingredients to exacting standards. The base size is 10ML and very affordably priced at just $7.99. The large 30ML is just $19.99.

Random Order: To be sure that our thoughts for each flavor are not in any sort of order from best to worst or worst to best, we utilized the old “scrap of paper in the hat” trick where we wrote down each flavor on a post-it note, put them in a box and picked them out one by one.

The eLiquids by Flavor – or “Why we’re here”

Orange Tic-Tac – Described by Totally Wicked as “Yep. That tiny sweet in a vape” Our team says this;

Tom: 4 Stars – Orange Tic-Tac eJuice replicates the flavor of the orange flavored tic-tac almost exactly, except for one big difference. Orange flavored Tic-Tac’s do not have a cool, menthol-like characteristic to them like this eJuice does. That’s a big plus to me. I’m not a big fruit or candy Vaper, but the combination of the sweet orange candy and the cool ‘hit’ creates an enjoyable vape. Not all the time certainly, but more often then you might think.

Julia: 5 Stars – The sweet tic-tac flavor nailed! I noticed the coolness too, but was unaware that the official candy didn’t have it. Still, I loved it. Not an all-day vape for me, but a good flavor nonetheless.

Jason: 4 Stars – I enjoyed the flavor, they nailed the tic-tac originality, and added a cool freshness. They get the 4 stars for achieving that, but is it something I would buy and vape a lot? No. As much as I liked the taste, it wouldn’t go into my rotation. I’ve yet to fall for an orange vape.

Tiger’s Blood – Described by Totally Wicked as “A great energy drink flavor, and no bull”. Our team says;

Tom: 4 Stars – I’m not a fan of energy drinks, but this particular flavor provided a fun vape. Produced a lot of vapor and the throat hit was amazing.

Julia: 4 Stars – A unique flavor to be sure, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not giving it 5 Stars because while the flavor is there and its original, I just can’t see vaping it for long periods of time.

Jason: 4 Stars – Definitely an energy drink flavor, though I feel it doesn’t have a broad enough range of interesting “notes”. I know that sounds ‘snobby’ (yea, it does – ed.) to say and I don’t mean it that way at all. I could taste the energy drink flavor, but no others flavors were there to give it a real body. It’s funny though, I usually rate a one-note flavor less than 4 Stars, and Tiger’s Blood was interesting enough to vape for a while, so it’s better than I’m making it out to be.

Strawberry Kiwi – Totally Wicked says, “Sugary strawberry cut through with the sharpness of kiwi.” Our team says;

Tom: 5 Stars – I know I know, fruity flavors are not my forte. But you know what? The combination of sweet strawberry with a bite of kiwi comes together really well. Very interesting, lots of vapor, good throat hit. It just works. Marvelous.

Julia: 5 Stars – Very pleasing flavors! This isn’t your everyday strawberry; it’s a deep and rich strawberry, sweet and potent. Throw in some kiwi, which is sharp and able to cut through the sweetness on the exhale, it’s about as complex as I’ve tasted. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something new and interesting.

Jason: 4 Stars – Man, the strawberry gets you going in, and it is a very “strawberry” strawberry, if you know what I mean. Sweetened like it was very ripe on the vine, bursting with flavor. Then you get the kiwi flavor and it disappoints. Definitely an original though, and some people will absolutely love it. I, on the other hand, do not like Kiwi.

RY4 – Every eJuice maker offers a version of RY4. It has a long and varied history and the vaping community takes its flavor seriously. When you put your name on a variation of RY4 you best know what you’re doing. Totally Wicked describes theirs as simply, “Sweet Caramel Tobacco”. Our team offered up:

Tom: 5 Stars – There are so many variations of RY4 and I’ve had good ones and not-so-good ones. RY4 by Totally Wicked is incredibly smooth, rich, and delicious. More vapor production than I’ve seen in a very long time. A great flavor, and Totally Wicked certainly hit this one out of the park. TW’s RY4 is now on my permanent rotation. Ordering more of this one today.

Julia: 5 Stars – No doubt about it, the Totally Wicked RY4 is an amazing vape. I did not want to stop and switch flavors when the time came to do so. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should do so like right now!

Jason: 5 Stars – Totally Wicked has created an RY4 that is unbelievably rich and smooth at the same time. I was stunned by the amount of vapor, and soothed by the rich taste. There is something about a good RY4 that draws you in, and Totally Wicked has produced a “great” RY4.

Kamel – Totally Wicked describes this flavor as “A nice earthly mellow tobacco with a slight note of sweetness”. Does the team agree?

Tom: 5 Stars – A seriously delicious, deep flavored tobacco eJuice designed to replicate a great cigarette flavor without all the negatives that come with analog ciggies. Love this one!

Julia: 4 Stars – While I enjoyed the flavor of Kamel quite a bit, it was a just a bit strong for me. Perhaps at a lower nicotine level, but at 18% I had to back off after a while. But I’ll tell you this; the flavor doesn’t quit.

Jason: 5 Stars – I think we all know why this flavor is called “Kamel”, so I immediately judged the flavor based on it. Why? Because for a long time it was my brand. Kamel is a strong, bold flavor that many people would love as an all day vape. I know I do, and I love this one.

Banana Shisha – Described by Totally Wicked as “East meets west, eastern tobacco blend with bananas from the tropical west.” The team offered this:

Tom: 4 Stars – Since this was my review I was the one that prepared the DCT’s. Instead of waiting overnight for the eJuice to “breathe” (like you should always too) I vaped this one right away. I was struck by the boldness of this flavor and confused that there was virtually no banana flavoring. Then, the next day when we officially began the review period I was struck again about how this flavor changed overnight. Suddenly the banana flavor was there in abundance. I was very happy to be able to taste the banana (its one of my favorite vaping flavors). The tobacco flavor is very strong, making this a “half day” vape rather than an all day vape. Very good vapor production, heavy throat hit. A serious flavor.

Julia: 5 Stars – The boldness of this flavor floored me. Very strong, but very delicious. I’d like to try this at a lower nicotine level because I know it would make a great all-day vape. A little light on the banana flavoring though. I would have like more bananas in my ejuice.

Jason: 4 Stars – A rich and deep flavored tobacco with little banana flavor. A good vape, but the lacking in banana flavoring means a lower score.

Double Apple Shisha – Described by Totally Wicked as “Pronounced flavor of old world tobacco and sweet apples”, and the team says:

Tom: 4 Stars – A delicious tobacco flavoring, but not enough Apple. Not sure why I would choose this one over another TW tobacco, like Americano. The tobacco flavor is a lot like the tobacco in the Banana Shisha. Totally Wicked has a great tobacco taste that’s all its own, so I’m confused why they wouldn’t load this flavor up with Apple.

Julia: 5 Stars – A quality vape if there ever was one, and just enough Apple to make a real difference. A tad more Apple flavoring might have made Apple Shisha too “apple-ly”. I think you’re wrong Tom, this has enough Apple.

Jason: 4 Stars – A hint of Apple in this flavor, which is a little disappointing. A truly marvelous tobacco flavor. The same flavor as the banana Shisha. But a little more Apple would have put this over the top!

Tobacco Americano – Described by Totally Wicked as “In the tradition of a full bodied Virginia blended tobacco” and the team says:

Tom: 5 Stars – An amazing Virginia blend, one of my favorite blends by the way. This one has it all; rich flavor, deep satisfying American taste, vapor like you wouldn’t believe. An all day vape for sure, and one of the best I’ve had. Just great!

Julia: 5 Stars – Wow, this is a great American blend. Strong tobacco flavor, but not too strong that you couldn’t vape it all day. One of the best of the bunch. I loved it.

Jason: 5 Stars – Now we’re talking aren’t we? This is truly a Virginia blend, only stronger than most. A good kick, a mighty throat hit, and enough vapor to please anyone.

Grape – Totally Wicked take on a grape flavored eJuice, described as “Nice and tasty berry with a soft light sweetness”. The team says:

Tom: 4 Stars – Definitely grape flavored. If I liked grape this would be a 5 Star flavor for me. What I did like about it was that unlike some other grapes out there this one has a tobacco base, and that’s why I gave it 4 stars. Totally Wicked doesn’t seem to go for candy or fruit flavors alone, tobacco has to play a part. I like that.

Julia: 5 Stars – I love grape flavors and this one is one of the best. While I’ve had other grape flavors that had the taste of grape in them, they had a “cheap” flavor to them. This is not the case here; the grape is blended with a very deep and satisfying tobacco that gives it a rich taste.

Jason: 4 Stars – I like grape as much as the next guy, but to me this one needed just a little more grape flavoring. Loved the tobacco base, a nice touch after a few candy-grape flavors I’ve had, but I wanted to be knocked over with a powerful grape flavor and I wasn’t.

Cherry Cigar – Where some flavors really shine is when they don’t try to be a cigarette, instead they turn their attention to pipe or cigar tobacco blends. Totally Wicked says “A smooth cigar blend of cherry with a subtle hint of mint”. The team offered this:

Tom: 5 Stars – The description by TW is exactly right. A great cigar tobacco, rich, deep and smooth, with a good amount of cherry flavoring, topped off with a mint touch. Perfection! I enjoyed this eJuice the most out of all the flavors.

Julia: 5 Stars – Just the right amount of Cherry flavoring, a deeply satisfying cigar tobacco, a blast of mint on the exhale, creating a complex and enjoyable vape for any occasion. Awesome!

Jason: 5 Stars – Totally Wicked should be really proud of this one. The blends are perfect. The right amount of Cherry flavoring, a great tobacco, and the right amount of mint. An all day vape for me, and one I’ll add to my rotation.

American Red Tobacco – Totally Wicked describes this one as “A Vaper’s take on the original tobacco blend”. What did the team say about American Red?

Tom: 5 Stars – This almost didn’t make 5 stars. At first I felt this was too strong for a great vape. After a couple of minutes though it just hit me. Turned out to be one of the best American blends made. Truly enjoyable. All day vaping for sure.

Julia: 4 Stars – Very strong for me. This is pure tobacco flavor, and I would imagine that some people would adore this flavor. Excellent vapor, huge throat hit, but just too strong for me.

Jason: 5 Stars – I like a throat hit that feels like a kick in the throat and American Red does just that. Some would say this is a harsh flavor, and for some people I bet it is. For me though, this is a great vape.

The Take-Away: While the eCigarette community explodes more and more people will begin to create more and more variations on eJuice flavors. That is as it should be. The strong will survive and the weak will fall by the wayside. For this team there is no doubt that Totally Wicked will remain one of the strongest brands in the industry. They take their eLiquid very seriously and leave little room for mistakes.

Not every flavor in this review was a smash hit with our team, but there was a level of professionalism present in each flavor. Some were too strong, others didn’t have enough flavoring, but all of them were produced to be an excellent “choice” for the consumer.

We didn’t get the chance to review every flavor in their Patriot lineup, nor get a chance to taste their other lines. What we had for review was a group of flavors that made impressions on all of us. There isn’t a single flavor that could be ignored, or glossed over. There wasn’t a single “weak” flavor in the bunch.

Given the excellent pricing structure, the vast amount of flavors available, the level of professionalism in how they are presented as well as how they are manufactured, and lest we forget, the variable amounts of nicotine available, we can’t recommend Totally Wicked eLiquid highly enough. Our suggestion to every reader is this; Go through the Totally Wicked website if their stores or “reseller” is too far to travel, pick out several flavors in the 10ML bottles and give them a good try. We are absolutely sure that you will find many flavors that you will want to add to your rotations.

A superior eJuice, Totally Wicked is a great choice.

Tom McBride, with Julia Barnes and Jason Little