Join me while I ask Kevin Skipper, President of VISTA, what they are doing to fight against the eCig Ban and for our right to vape. The legislation has already been proposed, Kevin is also the founder of the VCC (Vaping Convention Circuit). What does he have to say about Phil Busardo? Find out…

eCig Ban and Vaper’s Rights

VISTA Fighting for Vaper’s Rights!



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Kevin E. Skipper spearheaded efforts to form VISTA Truth Inc., a nationwide non-profit corporation, in April 2014 after recognizing an imminent need for an industry alliance in the face of pending FDA regulations and numerous proposals for state and local laws that were increasingly infringing on the rights of vaping industry businesses. As owner of Vaping Convention Circuit, he was concerned about the possible decimation of the vaping industry, the only industry offering combustible tobacco users a viable alternative nicotine delivery method beyond the openly available, and known lethal, tobacco products. A former 1.5 pack per day cigarette smoker for 15 years, he switched to vaping in February of 2013. Kevin earned a BA in Business Administration & Management from Saint Leo University and a Law degree from The University of Wales (Aberystwyth) and practiced as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator immediately prior to his involvement in the vaping industry.


VISTA is a newly formed non-profit (April 2014) that will be funded by vaping industry businesses with a primary goal of raising the necessary monies to hire lobbyists in every state to proactively advocate for our business rights. The goal is to establish relationships with elected officials in every state, and help to educate them so they can make informed decisions based in truth, and not on bad information, which is happening daily at present, and WILL negatively impact our businesses.

This will allow us, the business owners, to have a voice in laws that affect our ability continue to do, and shape the manner in which we conduct, business. Our approach is one of truth, common sense legislation, and good business practices.

Please spread the word to fellow vaping related business owners as well. Individually, we can not accomplish much; united, we can help shape the industry and protect our rights in each state…before it’s too late.