Innokin iTaste SVD 2 Review

Hi Folks- This is a complete review of the Brand New Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 with the Evolv Microchip– Join me in unboxing, features, how-to, Vape Test and final thoughts.


The iTaste SVD 2.0 is a device that is much more powerful,  and much more beautiful than the original SVD. With it’s ultra-intelligent electronics and comfortable fit, it’s just a much better device, and more than I expected. Priced right as well. 🙂

The SVD2.0 is the first Advanced Personal Vaporizer to run the power and precision of the Evolv Experience™ Microchip. Evolv has worked with Innokin in order to create a board that is completely original. With a maximum output of 20W and a minimum resistance of .5 ohm the SVD 2.0  is up there with the high-end APVs, and with the introduction of Evolv ‘Step Down Technology’, it features advanced new functions and new intuitive Innokin safety features. This SVD 2 from Innokin is a marvel of technology and a huge step in the right direction for Innokin.

With the combination of Evolve and Innokin, the iTaste SVD 2.0 is considered the most advanced and intelligence device up to date. The device uses the new DNA Experience™ Microchip with the maximum output of 20W and minimum resistance of 0.5ohm.

Experience™ Microchip is a custom made 5W-20W that increases and decreases at .1 intervals. With the new feature of Stepdown technology, you will enjoy and experience the precise of true low wattage vaping.

To give you more flexibility, the device will come with ego and 510 connector caps as well as 18350 and 18650 battery tubes.

Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 Starter Kit Features:

  • Chip: Experience™ DNA Microchip 20 Watt
  • Stepdown technology
  • Variable Voltage: up to 20W
  • Variable Wattage: starter from 0.5ohm
  • Available in Black and Stainless/Silver color