Smokenjoey and the SMOK VCT

Hi Folks, join me as I review and compare the Smok Tech VCT Sub Ohm Tank to the Kanger SubTank. At half the price, can this budget Sub Ohm Tank Keep up with the Kanger? You decide as I do a vapor test on both tanks. check out my website at for the latest reviews, tips and giveaways. Also check us out at

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One of the first concerns I had about using a sub-ohm tank that was more Resin than anything else was the possibility of flying blind, aka, not knowing how much eJuice I had left in the big tank. The minute I lifted out the white-Resin tank I noticed that AVCT was smart enough to leave a nice strip of clear glass so that users can monitor the eJuice level and refill when needed. If this is one of your concerns as well, you can relax.

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