Smokenjoey and our own John Manzione talk vaping at the VCCNE

Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. You know, I must have recorded two dozen hours of video over the weekend at the VCCNE. Much of the time John Manzione, Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine, and myself, had forgotten it was on and just talked as two friends often do. This is one such time.

Element Vape

Here, John and I talk about people who do not smoke and want to take up vaping. Is it a good idea? John and I have two different points of view, and we talk about them. What do you think? Add your comment below, and don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel. I’ll have plenty more “impromptu” video segments as well as several reviews and interviews in the coming days. Subscribe now and you won’t miss a single one. We have some great stuff coming up too!

DISCLAIMER: The videos you will see in the “Behind the Scenes at the VCCNE” are 100% unrehearsed, off the cuff conversations. I’m posting them, with John’s permission of course, so that you can get an idea of what it was like to be there. I hope you enjoy them. Also worth noting; This is only John Manzione’s 2nd public appearance since a long illness that required many treatments and years of physical therapy. For whatever reason he’s self-conscious about being in a video. – Smokenjoey