Every Tool You Need To Build Coils

Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. John and I were so impressed with this all-in-one kit for rebuilding coils that we had to so this video of the kit and what is contains. If you’ve ever wanted to get into the whole RBA side of vaping and wondered if you had all the tools, or even wondered what kind of tools you would need, this video is for you.


As you’ll here in this demo-review video, there is a new version coming soon that will make this kit even better. But for less than $45, how can you not add this to your arsenal of tools if you are an RBA vaper? As always, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and leave a comment under my YouTube channel.

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Here’s what comes with the Kit.

This rebuild kit by vapor tech has got all the necessary things that are required to rebuild atomizer.

The rebuild kit includes:

▪       Wire cutters, perfect size

▪       Needle Nose Pliers – small enough for fine detail work.


▪       Ohm Meter – TEST TEST TEST your coil before using them!

▪       2 pairs of Tweezers – Can’t have enough of these!

▪       3 Coil Wrapping Tools – A must have in any RBA kit

▪       Double Sided Screw Driver – Simply, yet vital!

▪       Roll out work mat so you won’t loss those tiny screws.

This cool coil building kit can be purchased directly on Longhorn Vapor’s Website