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Spinfuel Invitation: What e-Cigarette Brands Do You Use?

There are many brands of eCigarettes on the market today. While most of them are bit-players, around for while and then disappear from sight, a few have a decent size of the eCig pie.

That being the case we decided that it might be interesting to hear from our readers on why they chose the brand they did. We put the word out and we got a ton of responses. Each week, on Tuesday, we’ll offer up a new guest writer. If you would like to tell our readers why you vape the brand you do, write a column and send it to us. You have a thousand words to explain why your brand is the one to vape. Who knows? You just might convince some people to give your brand a try. Oh, and you can request that our readers use your name as a referral, potentially earning you a ton of credits or free product for your chosen brand.

The article below, by Richard Brigham, is our first of a long line of readers that have taken our invitation to heart. His email, explaining his love for blu Cigs, was too good not to allow him to go first. So without further ado, we present “Why I Vape blu Cigs”. Enjoy!

Why I Vape blu Cigs by Richard Brigham (Guest Writer)

I owe whatever number of years I have gained back to my lifetime to the eCigarette company “blu Cigs”. Because of them I was able to stop smoking analog cigarettes instantly. I am healthier, happier, and I enjoy life like never before. That’s a lot to lie on a company, I know, especially one that makes eCigarettes. Even so, I can honestly say that blu Cigs saved me from a terrible ending that my life would have surely been, as well as a delicious substitute for the horrible tobacco cigarettes.

After seeing a few tweets on twitter about blu Cigs from @spinfuel I wrote a direct message to tell the people behind the moniker that blu Cigs had literally changed my life for the better. I was then invited to write an article about why I use blu Cigs. I accepted the invitation. What you are reading now is that article. I hope you like it and I hope that you will try blu Cigs and see why, to me, it’s the only eCig on the market worth using.

I was smoking almost 2 packs of analog cigarettes a day when I first discovered blu Cigs. Every year I make this New Year’s Resolution about stopping cigarettes and last year was no different. Only this year I made a ‘spur of the moment’ decision while standing at the check out at Walgreens. I saw the blu Cigs mini-kiosk and picked up a disposal and bought it. I did it for the heck of it, I guess I just wanted to try it out since I’d been hearing so much about eCigarettes lately. That moment changed my life.


When I got home I took the disposal blu Cigs and sat down in the living room, kicked on some music, and leaned back in my recliner. I took a drag from the blu and let it out. I took another and then another. Before I knew it more than 15 minutes had went by. This amazing device was delicious! The taste was shockingly good and the “vapor” was thick and delicious and so much better than a tobacco cigarette. I didn’t know much about eCigarettes at the time but I knew this blu Cig disposal was the best thing I’ve smoked in years.

The next day I drove back to Walgreens and bought one of the blu Cigs starter kits and a ‘half-dozen’ cartridges. Once I did that I went online to read about electronic cigarettes. I won’t bore you with things you already know about, but I learned a lot and I came away from it knowing that I had found the answer to my analog smoking habit.

Without really thinking about it I did not smoke a single analog cigarette that weekend. I was busy, as usual, but I never even thought about cigarettes, I just kept smoking my blu Cigs. No nicotine withdrawal and no nervous reaches for a cigarette the entire time. Without even trying to quit I had effectively quit analog cigarettes that weekend. Since that time I haven’t even had the desire to smoke tobacco.

As the weeks went by I learned a whole lot about eCigarettes. I’ve met a few people who also ‘vape’ and I tried a lot of different brands. It seemed that whenever I met another eCig user they were using a different brand and I would always allow them to try my blu’s and I would try their brand. Nothing ever compared to blu. Two of the people I met who were smoking other brands have since switched to blu Cigs. I’m not kidding. Blu Cigs are just different somehow.

It’s very difficult to put into words just how different blu Cigs are from all the others, but I’ll try. First thing people notice is how much smaller blu Cigs are to all the others. A blu Cig battery, with cartridge attached, is the closest in size to that of a traditional cigarette. And it’s perfectly balanced as well, or at least it is to me. Even the slightly larger blu Cigs Premium100 is smaller than most of the regular sized eCigs on the market.

flavors blu

But its not the size that really matters, it’s the taste and the vapor you get from a blu Cig. Every other brand I’ve tried tasted “artificial”. With some I could actually taste metal, on others I could taste chemicals. None of them came close to the rich; yet smooth taste of a blu.

Over the past few months that I’ve been exclusively an blu Cigs customer I’ve tried all their flavored cartridges, including Cherry, Peach Schnapps, Pina Colada, Menthol, Vanilla and Java, plus the original classic tobacco. I truly like all of them, but I mostly stick to classic tobacco, which has a flavor to it that I cannot get enough of. Whenever I place an order for more cartridges I always add a couple of Pina Colada’s and Menthol to the order, just to change things up. My least favorite is the Java Jolt but even that flavor is better than any other brand I’ve tried.

So I guess I smoke blu Cigs because of the flavor of its cartridges. I continue to try new things, especially when friends of mine have purchased a new vaping device or some new flavor of smoke juice. But I always find them ‘wanting’ and I can’t wait to pull out a blu Cig from my Smart Pack and enjoy the rich flavors.

Since that first weekend I have purchased a couple of extra batteries and USB chargers to match. I keep a steady level of a dozen packs of cartridges handy as well. I was a tobacco smoker for a long time, and I enjoyed smoking. But now, I get the full experience of smoking at a fraction of the cost (I was paying $6 a pack for tobacco cigarettes), and with so much more flavor than I ever thought possible. In addition, I’m not harming my body, I don’t smell, and I don’t turn non-smokers off. No one ever complains when I smoke my blu Cigs.

There are reasons why blu Cigs is the largest and most successful eCigarette brand on the market. Blu delivers on taste, vapor, and value. While most other brands charge you from $15-$20 a pack blu Cigs charges $10 a pack. There are no artificial flavors coming through a blu cartridge, just pure flavor.

If you’re looking for a great eCigarette at a great price, look for blu Cigs at your local Walgreens or order them online at Their new, improved batteries, and their newest flavors beat every other brand out there. Once you try blu you’ll never look back.

 Richard Brigham