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 3 Great eLiquid Flavors This Week

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for more than a week and just haven’t had the time to do it. Thankfully the eLiquid flavors I was vaping last week are the same ones I’m vaping this week. And I’ll probably vape them next week and the week after as well because I have discovered some flavors that all perfect all-day vapes.

Before you feel confident enough in my opinion of an eLiquid keep in mind that I am hardly ever involved with the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. I don’t test out different flavors all the time like the review team does. In fact, the only time I get to try a flavor that will appear in a review is when one of team members are so impressed with one, or perhaps in a really good mood, that I am approached and given the opportunity to vape one for a while. The only thing I can assure you of is that, for me, these flavors, or blends, fill every requirement I have for an eLiquid. They provide ample flavor on the way in and on the way out, they produce tons of vapor, and they can produce a decent throat hit if I vape them at a pretty high voltage. Well, there is one flavor I vape on a regular basis that produces a good throat hit with every drag no matter what voltage I’m using, and when I get to that flavor I’ll tell you about it.

The Throat Hit Conundrum

To me, the ‘throat hit’ is the least important factor of the “big three”, which are flavor + vapor + throat hit. When I was a smoker, if I remember correctly, the only time I ever felt any type of throat hit was my first cigarette of the day. I was never a smoker that grabbed a cigarette first thing in the morning either. On the rare occasions that I did, after a big night out or something like that, I would always get this rush of adrenaline that made me dizzy, produce wicked anxiety and an onset of nausea. I really hated to smoke upon waking. Waiting one or two hours after waking up was the norm for me. Anyway, this seemed to affect the throat hit I would feel when I lit up.

I say it’s the least important, but it does have some importance. A good throat hit for me is one that is strong enough to feel at the very back of my throat but not enough to make me cough or even throw back my head like I’ve seen others do. I liken it to a slight flick back there, sort of a “Hey, feel that? Want another?” Its definitely pleasant, but it still takes a back seat to flavor and vapor.


Flavor is #1 on my list. If an eLiquid doesn’t deliver a lot of flavor I won’t bother vaping it again. Flavor fills your mouth, washing over my taste buds with wave after wave, making me want to hold the vapor in my mouth and let the taste soak in. And that’s one of my worst vaping traits, holding the vapor in my mouth longer than most people.

I used to take hard, fast drags when I began vaping, which was a real problem because of what I used to vape. No matter how good someone says a mini-eCig is, it’s not good enough for the kind of Vaper I was. As it turned out though, the mini-eCigs taught me how to vape. Slow, steady, 6 to 8 second drags are the way to do it. A long and steady drag doesn’t put too much work on the atomizer, it allows you to draw in the maximum amount of vapor, and with a properly working atomizer the taste is at its best. In fact, there are certain flavors of eLiquid that you can literally change by the way you vape it. A long steady vape will give taste “A”, and a fast, hard vape will give you taste “B”. “A” is the flavor the eLiquid Artist designed their blend to give you; taste “B” is a bad side effect of poor vaping skills. At least in my vaping world.


While good vapor is a must for me I don’t particularly like 100% VG juice. There are some that are 100% PG-Free, but to be honest, I’m not so sure its 100% VG either. I need to check into that. Johnson Creek’s Autumn Crisp and Vanda are too heavenly flavors that are both PG-Free yet still product a throat hit and an ungodly amount of vapor.

The perfect ratio for me changes depending on the device I’m using on the battery. In cartomizer tanks or even a wick tank like a Vivi Nova I want 50/50, otherwise an 80/20 or 70/30 is fine. There are some brands that can deliver amazing vapor at 70/30, and even 80/20. And just to be clear, “amazing vapor” means ‘well above the norm’. Most eLiquids deliver a normal amount of vapor, which is good vapor, but once you’ve had an eLiquid that produces “amazing” vapor your whole concept of vapor changes. This is explained better in my first of three flavors I’m writing about today.

If I’m not getting at least “good” vapor from an eLiquid I won’t vape it again. It might have a dynamite throat hit and a wicked taste to it but if it isn’t producing enough vapor for me to exhale some 5 seconds or more of vapor then its really not satisfying my vaping needs.

To sum up, when I tell you about a flavor I really like, one that I am willing to stake my reputation on (such as it is), it must produce amazing vapor and amazing flavor. If it doesn’t I’m not going to waste my time or yours.

There are thousands of different flavors out there, whether they are completely original or a variation on a theme, there are plenty out there to experiment with for the rest of your life. You don’t need me telling you about an average eLiquid. I also don’t score them, rate them, or otherwise judge them against other flavors. The three I am starting off with are the three flavors I am vaping now because they deliver the best vaping experience for me, now, at this time. In six months I might not even have it in my rotation, but chances are I will. Still, I don’t guarantee that you will love these flavors, but if I were you, I’d definitely try them, even if it were a small tester bottle. Just be warned, if you wind up loving them as much as I do you’re going to wish you had ordered a bigger bottle. As it happens, that is exactly what happened to me with these three, and with each of them I ran out before I could get more. That was a pain in the ass, and a mistake I try not to make anymore.

Flavor #1 – My very favorite flavor right now is – FanceeJuice – MeeseTracks

MeeseTracks is an amazing eLiquid on so many levels that it is difficult to explain to you how much I’m currently in love with it. Luckily for me the review team loved it as well, giving it a Spinfuel Choice Award and insisting that I try it. I am so very glad they did.

MeeseTracks is a magical blend of hazelnut and chocolate. FanceeJuice has blended this so well that it is not only an all-day vape; it is an around-the-clock, every day, and every night vape. If you have ever enjoyed either a hazelnut-anything or a chocolate-anything then you will love this flavor. Chances are, even if you’ve never enjoyed hazelnut or chocolate you’ll still like this eLiquid because the way these guys mix the hazelnut and chocolate MeeseTracks creates a totally new, totally original flavor. You might be able to sense the hazelnut, or sense the chocolate, but you will not recognize the MeeseTracks enough to say, “This tastes like…”

The first time I ordered MeeseTracks I ordered 2x 30ML bottles. When they arrived there was a note inside the cylindrical tube that said “best used after…” which was almost two weeks later. I decided I couldn’t wait that long so I filled up a 3ML tank and started vaping. It was so good I remember telling my wife that if it were this good the day it was delivered I can’t imagine what it could taste like in two weeks time.

So that I wouldn’t have to concern myself with home steeping of this particular flavor I stashed the second bottle and immediately ordered three more bottles. It took a little fancy footwork to get MeeseTracks always ready to vape (although it really is ready to vape out of the bottle and upon delivery), but now there is always a bottle or two fully aged and ready for me.

One of the things that the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team was really excited about was the amount of vapor FanceeJuice flavors put out. Their “base” mix is 70/30 and yet every flavor I’ve tried, which is only about half of them, has put out more vapor than any other eLiquid brand I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, and loved, many of them. There is something almost magical about FanceeJuice’s artistry that allows their eLiquids to create as much vapor as they do. FanceeJuice is all about the flavor and the vapor, and although I am writing about MeeseTracks, there are several other flavors by them that are just incredible. I may tire of MeeseTracks one day and set it aside for a few weeks, and if I do there is no doubt in my mind that it will be replaced by another FanceeJuice, perhaps American Pie or Peppered ChocoMint, or even one that I’ve never had before.

Flavor #2 – My second favorite flavor right now – Mountain Oaks Vapor – White Leaf

I would vape White Leaf more often then I do if I could handle it. The flavor is to die for, but the throat hit packs a whollop.

White Leaf is also a Spinfuel Choice Award eLiquid.

White Leaf sits in Mountain Oaks Vapor’s Tennessee Tobacco category and is described by MOV as a sweet and smooth vanilla tobacco. I’m not sure that does it justice though. I’ve had plenty of “Vanilla Tobacco” blends and this is nothing like them. I don’t taste vanilla at all. I don’t taste tobacco really. What I do taste is something completely original. A hard-hitting eLiquid with a taste that will do more than please you, it will grab you and kiss you on the mouth. It will shove its tongue into your throat and treat you as an object of lust, and you’ll do the same.

I suppose you wouldn’t be completely off the mark by saying there is sweetness to it, but I think that would give most people the wrong impression, just as saying it’s a vanilla tobacco. It’s not UN-sweet, but its not overly sweet. It’s definitely not dry either. It is such a great eLiquid that I am able to vape all day with it, and strangely enough, the throat hit I get in the beginning is the same at the end. I’m betting they take this recipe to their graves.

I think I spend more money on Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquid then anybody else, despite my current love affair with FanceeJuice. Mountain Oak Vapors have the most original flavors of any other brand I’ve tried. I don’t want to upset any other brand because there are many that I think the world of, and enjoy many of their flavors like crazy, but ever since vaping an MOV flavor many months ago they are the ones I turn to most often. Before White Leaf there was Cinnamon Swirl, before Cinnamon Swirl there was Heavenly 7, before Heavenly 7 there was Legendary, and before legendary there was Blue Ridge, and on it goes. But right now it’s all about White Leaf. I’m in lust with White Leaf.

Flavor #3 – My third Favorite eLiquid right now – The Plume Room – Cinnamon Sweet Roll

Thankfully, The Plume Room reopens tomorrow, February 21st. And man, because they work so freaking hard I’m going to try and hold off ordering from them for another few days because there will undoubtedly be a bottleneck of orders coming in once they start accepting orders again. But that’s just how good Andrea is at making delicious works of art in eLiquids. Several of her eLiquids now carry the Spinfuel Choice Award, and Cinnamon Sweet Roll is one of them.

Cinnamon Sweet Roll is a sweet cinnamon vape with a real authentic “roll” to it. You taste sweet cinnamon, sure, but more than that you get the honest to goodness flavor of a cinnamon bun, or sweet roll. This is the one eLiquid I vape differently than any other. Like I mentioned above, I take long steady drags from my PV, but with Cinnamon Sweet Roll I take in a drag as long as I can, often shutting off the devices I’m using. It produces a very deep vapor filled with the glorious flavor of the sweet roll and I just let it sit there and slowly breathe it out. I try to make the flavor last as long as possible.

I vape 12MG (or thereabouts) nicotine with all the brands now, so that lessons the throat hit all around (except for White Leaf I think), and Cinnamon Sweet Roll has a softer throat hit anyway, so if you are looking for a hard-hitting cinnamon flavor this is NOT it (try MOV’s Blister or Ginger’s eJuice “Atomic Fireball”). Instead, this is an eLiquid for vapers looking for a sweet roll with more roll than cinnamon. This eLiquid satisfies any desire for a sweet vape, yet it is an eLiquid I can vape all day long.

Cinnamon Sweet Roll was not always my favorite eLiquid with The Plume Room. The first flavor I fell for was their M-Type, a Marlboro type eLiquid, after that it was their Banana Pudding, so authentic is this flavor that I felt like I taking a spoonful of banana pudding and turning it into vapor. There are several flavors from The Plume Room that are really great, and when its time to say “goodbye for now” to Cinnamon Sweet Roll I have no doubt another TPR flavor will take its place.


These are the three flavors I am vaping right now. It was different a few weeks ago and it might be different a few weeks from now. Today, right now, these are the ones that give me the most pleasure.

If I combined the number of hours I vape for each of these great eLiquids it would amount to about 85% of my vaping time. The other 15% of flavors I still enjoy, but have been put in the back of the rotation. Flavors from Ginger’s eJuice play a big part of my vaping experience and in fact before The Plume Room’s Cinnamon Sweet Roll was Ginger’s eJuice “Cinnamon Candy”, a much more cinnamon-y flavor with a harder throat hit, good vapor, and tons of flavor, yet sweet like candy. I switched because of MOV’s White Leaf, which is the most powerful of the current flavors. There wasn’t room in my life for both.

There are so many good eLiquids around today, and I am by no means saying you should drop what you’re vaping and buy these flavors. What I am saying is that should you feel like discovering some new flavors, these are a great start. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the day to vape all the flavors I’d like to vape, nor is there enough money. It would be awesome to be able to take 20 or 25 Vivi Nova’s and fill them with different flavors so I could switch up every hour, but really, who can do that?

For the record, I use my brand spanking new purple ProVari all the time, and several Texas Tuff Tanks, a cartomizer-based tank, a handful of Vivi Nova’s. I’ve reduced the nicotine levels in all my eLiquids for one reason, so that I could longer without over doing it.

Care to share your favorite flavors? Feel free to do so in the comments. And, if you have experience with the three flavors I’ve written about today, let me know what you think of them.

John Manzione