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Hi, my name is Chris Mackai, and this is my story…

I’ve been smoking since I was 15, one of the downsides to hanging with an older crowd.  Bumming from friends, sneaking a few at work, hiding smokes in the trunk of my car.  I did whatever I needed to do.  Even as a high school athlete, I merely switched to “lights” during sports seasons.

I was hooked.

I did manage to quit once during my adult life.  Cold turkey and stayed away for a whole year.  Cigarettes still crept back into my life.  Just one or two at work.  Just a few while I’m out with the guys.  Next thing I knew I was back at it again.

Recently I was giving some hard thought to quitting.  My kids wanted me to.  Financially it was draining me.  But I didn’t have the WANT to.  I enjoyed it, I really did.

After discussing the matter with my girlfriend, she brought up a vape shop that a customer of hers had opened up.  She went to check it out and walked out with a started kit.  She loved it, and suddenly I felt like I was missing out.

I grabbed myself a cheap gas station kit…battery, tank, and cheap ejuice.  It was alright, but nothing amazing.  She urged me to get a better setup and some better ejuice.  Tons of delicious flavors, much better vapor, choosing your own nicotine levels.  Once again I was hooked.  This time in a good way.

Without even realizing it, I hadn’t craved a cigarette in a few days.  Days lead to weeks.  Weeks lead to months.  And here I am now.  3 months cigarette free and I feel amazing.  It’s amazing how I smell smoke on people now and can’t believe that I unknowingly was the same way most of my life.

My vaporizer isn’t huge and expensive.   I use the iTaste VV with Aspire BDC tanks.  I find them suitable for any situation.  They perform exceptionally well and still fit into my pocket when I’m not using them.

I also have a pretty diverse taste with my eJuices.  Tasty baked goods, fruity concoctions, even flavors that remind me of a particular juice box or a snack that I used to love as a kid.  The list and decisions are endless.

Just the other day I had someone at work ask me what I was holding.  After one puff, he looked at the cigarette in his hand and wondered why he wasn’t using something that tasted as amazing as my vaporizer.

I explained the rest of the benefits to him such as saving money and not having to inhale fumes from burning tobacco, poisons, and hundreds of other things.  I’m fairly certain he will be converting over in no time.

I enjoy being smoke free.  I enjoy not taking breaks from my day to walk outside and have a cigarette.  I enjoy my teeth starting to whiten again.  I enjoy not hacking up a lung numerous times a day.

Between sheer willpower and an amazing woman by my side, I am certain I won’t be going back.

Chris Mackai