Vapinski Vapes Dreamy Drips From Ogre Juice

First off, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday if you got to take the day off and enjoyed it!! I chose to take my daughter into work with me for a few hours in case people need some supplies because I am normally closed on Sundays. I love what I do and celebrating Labor Day by working a job I love for a few hours was a no brainer.

That is the great thing about the vaping industry. I’ve lived through every stage. I did not have a shop near by when I began vaping-which is why that became a goal of mine eventually. It’s essential to start out with the right equipment, and you need that just right flavor of eLiquid. A vape shop is a necessity in my book. You should support them and you should have a regular one you visit. The community is amazing and very social! I did the online purchasing for months. I wasn’t happy. If you go to the right shop, you’ll pick up the right equipment, flavor, and even extra knowledge-plus, you’ll meet new people. I have had to straighten out so many online issues, you just wouldn’t believe it! Back to the eLiquid though, reviewing is another job I love and take very seriously. ELiquid is about replacing a craving and it has to have a certain depth to it. It has to be smooth, flavorful, produce a nice vapor, and not kill my throat. Some people have other characteristics they search for and that’s why a tasting bar is nice to visit, especially with a freshly wicked RDA in hand.

This week I am going to look at the NEW line from Ogre Juice, Dreamy Drips. This is the second Max VG line and these blends are geared towards big flavor and big clouds! The guys at Ogre Juice just wanted to give these blends a different name to distinguish between the different lines. They wanted this name to be more vape related and the owner, Brandan, actually sketched the label artwork out himself before handing it to a printer to make it come alive. The “drips” are different colors for the different flavors. I like the bright blue child proof caps and white labels with the blue “dripped” logo for a bright, unique look. The labels will probably need an update someday with the batch code and born on date, but for now the ingredients, warning, nicotine level, name, and flavor will be sufficient.

Coconut Cream Pie

“Exactly like your fresh home made pie. This juice captures each bite of a coconut cream pie to perfection. This juice will not let you down!”

     I started this week off just right with the Coconut Cream Pie. My parents had a cook out and it happened to be the pie my Mom made forCoconut Cream Pie dessert. SCORE!! I had a fresh piece for my photo!! On the inhale, there is a mild and creamy coconut flavor and then I can taste the crust at the tip of the exhale. The exhale itself is a nice combination of the flavors, and I’m left with a taste of just biting into a slice of the pie. It’s almost a coconut pudding aftertaste. I would say this pairs best with a cup of coffee in the morning or evening…or both!! I tried this at various watts up to 60 on the Lotus LE80 mod. I preferred the sweetness that I attained around 35 watts. I will be using the Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build for all of these reviews.



“A unique combo of apricot and honeydew swirled together in a delightful mouthwatering mix.”

ArpilHoney     Aprihoney is a unique blend that is very smooth. The honeydew is the first thing that I taste and at 45 watts, I can pick up the apricot right along with it. The sweetness is pretty spot on, and while this may be an acquired taste because it is a unique blend, this is also a very refreshing vape. The honeydew is light, but the sweetness really comes through when the apricot hits. The exhale is more of a creamy melon and really tasty. As I imagine all of these reviews to go unless otherwise stated, the throat hits are mild and the vapor production is great!!




Summer Fusion

“This juice is the perfect go to vape on a hot summer day. It combines fresh mango with coconut and undertones of berries. All of which is tied together with a hint a vanilla.”

     Summer Fusion is a nice fruity blend that has a great balance of flavors. The mango is not overpowering and the berry flavor dances Summer Fusion
around in the background nicely. I get a tiny bit of the coconut before the exhale and I think the vanilla is what makes all of the flavors blend smoothly together throughout the vape though it’s very faint. I enjoyed this best around 40 watts. I could see myself enjoying Summer Fusion from time to time. I really enjoy how smooth this is and the fruit flavorings that were used.


Orange Cream Cicle

“You will keep coming back to this perfect all day vape. Just like you would the ice cream truck down the street for your favorite treat. A bright refreshing orange combined with sweet vanilla ice cream.”

Orange Cream Cicle     Orange Cream Cicle is a smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream vape with a nice touch of orange flavoring mixed into the blend. The orange is not overpowering and mixes right in soon after the inhale. The blend and flavors last throughout the exhale and if you’re a Dreamsicle fan, you may want to try this one out! I enjoyed this blend even better around 45 watts. The cream and orange blend really came out here.



Melon Madness

     “This juice is a mix of melons, with a blast of berries to make sure you keep coming back for more!”

     Melon Madness is a nice, creamy blend of melon flavors that will delight melon vape lovers everywhere. On the inhale, a smooth blend of Melon Madnesshoneydew, cantaloupe, and maybe a touch of watermelon flavors that just blend really well together. The eLiquid is smooth, with a sweet, creamy melon blend. I started this off at 50 watts and I really like the flavors that hit here…. even if there is no berry blast. The melon blend lasts throughout the vape. At a lower wattage, I catch a note of the berries before the inhale. If you want to taste a little of the berry, try this at 35 watts or lower.


Ogre Juice has put out another solid line that will please a variety of palates from dessert and fruit lovers to those who just need a change up from their same old routine. There is one more cinnamon teddy graham flavor that I didn’t receive, Nandi Bear. I am sure that one is pretty good too! Check out Dreamy Drips on the Ogre Juice page on Facebook or follow them on Instagram at @ogrejuice. Dreamy Drips are available in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine levels. They retail at $13.99 for a 30ml which is a super price at .