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Vaping With Vapinski – Vape Storm

While I’m happy to report that I have half of a sidewalk, there is still no access to it and the workers have moved to another street for a while?? Some days you can’t seem to win, but maybe you just have to look on the bright side! For instance, I have another super vendor to share with you this week.

My girlfriend and I stumbled upon Vape Storm in Niagara at ECC and were instantly intrigued. The labels were eye catching, but so were the flavors. I mean who doesn’t love a bright splash of colors on a black background and a skull?? Vape Storm eliquids are mixed in a sterile lab and are Max VG so the VG ratio ranges from 74vg/26pg to 85vg/15pg depending on the flavor. The flavors? Oh, just wait and see what I’ve chosen to review!

I spoke to the founder of Vape Storm, Derek Dame, via messenger yesterday. He said, “The story behind Vape Storm is pretty simple. At the time I started vaping, I couldn’t find any local juice that I truly enjoyed so I read that I could make my own and began to do so. The few people that tried the liquid I was making wanted to buy some and I didn’t feel right about selling it so we did a co-op thing. They would help pay for the supplies. Word spread throughout Boise and a local distributor and chain of shops contacted me and wouldn’t take no for an answer when they wanted to order 800 bottles.

That was the beginning. They built a facility soon after and business took off from there. Derek also said, “I chose the name Vape Storm because while I was in Nashville during the winter there was a huge storm going on while I was creating the first four flavors.” That’s pretty cool! I’ve always loved a good storm and in PA we get a variety!!! Now, let’s get to these flavors…


“Don’t be fooled by the name, no one wants to banish this delicious juice. Exile is the combination of creamy strawberry and sinful custard that will engulf your senses and make you want to give in to its temptations day after day. It feels so good to be bad.”

Exile is a smooth, creamy strawberry vape with notes of shortcake that give it an extra pop. On the CINNAMON-TOASTinhale, a creamy strawberry flavor that is great with the perfect touch of sweetness. The custard is really
creamy at the tip of the exhale-which is also where I can taste some of the cake. The exhale is a rich blend of flavors, and the vapor production is excellent! There is a mild throat hit. I would say if you like strawberry and cream vapes, custard or fruit vapes, that you should check Exile out!! I enjoyed it best at 40 watts. I’ll be using my favorite for reviews, the Lotus LE80 mod and my Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build.

Dirty ‘ol Custard

“King Odin is known for being a relentless seeker and giver of wisdom. After vaping Ol’ Dirty Custard, you just might have an epiphany that it’s creamy banana custard with a HINT of chocolate is just simply the best around.”

CUSTARD-BANANA-CHOCOLATEDirty ‘ol Custard may be one of the best custards out there. Who doesn’t love chocolate and bananas?? Vape Storm managed to blend yummy notes of chocolate into a scrumptious banana custard in a way that makes me want to keep on going. Yes, the banana flavor is good and so is the chocolate. SCORE!! Dirty ‘ol Custard makes me just smile because it is SO smooth and the flavor is just as it says…simply the BEST around. I’ll take this one any day. On the inhale, a creamy and smooth banana custard hits me first before the chocolate swirls in prior to the exhale. The exhale is a lovely combination of flavors and it makes me just want to take another inhale. Honestly. You should probably try this no matter what flavor profile you are into. I enjoyed it best around 35-40 watts.


“Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do, I have a perfect puzzle for you and it’s solved with saying “I WANT IT NOW!” So come and get this blueberry perfection before it sells out! Feel free to be a tad greedy when obtaining it, but make sure to stay away from the golden goose eggs.”

CINNAMON-TOASTVeruca is a mild, fruity vape. On the inhale, a subtle blueberry flavor with a touch of raspberry added. The clouds are enormous. The vape is extremely smooth, but the flavor is really light. It fades really fast after the exhale. I don’t know that it’s that big of a deal with how smooth this is, and I’m kind of enjoying blowing all of these massive clouds. I actually needed a palate cleanser between the two big boys anyway. Veruca is a nice light vape that would be a refreshing change up in your daily routine. I like the blend of flavoring used, and though a touch more would be great, I will finish this one. I messed around with this one from 30-60 watts and had a variety of experiences. Check it out!

Shots After Dark

“When the sun goes down, Shots After Dark is out to play. Party all night, vape all day. The peaceful banana, coconut and mocha is a MUST for coffee lovers and a recovery after a night full of fun.”
CINNAMON-TOASTShots After Dark is an EASY review. This is one of my all time favorite eliquids and I rarely go without it. From the first time I tasted it, I immediately ordered a 120ml online. I rarely do this, but I knew I couldn’t be without this fantastic delight in my rotation. I literally switch this in between my review eliquids every so often because it is pure heaven in a bottle. Seriously. I would give it ten stars if I could. I usually throw it in a tank. I’ve used the Atlantis 2, Maganus, and Zephyrus tanks and ran them either at 50 watts or up to 70 watts and loved the flavor of Shots After Dark. I’ve also enjoyed dripping it, which is how I’ll do the review. The inhale is full of a rich, mocha coffee flavor that has hints of the banana and coconut in it. These hints are just subtle and really blend in a magical way. The exhale is more of a creamy, deep, rich coffee with a touch of mocha. The clouds are, once again, voluptuous to say the least and the throat hit is mild. YUM. Just picture yourself with a delicious mocha, at a beach house…staring at the ocean…


“Cinnamon Toast Crunch is known for being “The Taste You Can See” Well, Sin-A-Storm is that taste you can FEEL. When you vape it, you can instantly recognize the popular breakfast cereal.”

Sin-A-Storm may just be one of the best Cinnamon Toast Crunch vapes I’ve had to date. Vape Storm
has managed to blend the cinnamon in a way where there is no element of overpowering during the vape at all. It vapes just like the cereal tastes…literally. On the inhale, the nice crunchy squares of cinnamon flavored cereal are evident, but the touch of cream rounds it out a bit so it isn’t harsh at all. The exhale is reminiscent of the milk at the end of the bowl, only not as sweet. I’m ok with that. Sin-A-Storm is very smooth with a mild throat hit and great vapor production. This is another hit in my book. It has the flavor, smoothness, and fits the description on point.
These are just five of the eleven flavor menu that Vape Storm offers. Check them out online at the Vape Storm website, where you can get their 15ml@$10.99, [email protected], 60ml@$37.99, and 120ml@$64.99. As always, support your local B&M shops if you can get this tasty eliquid locally!! The nicotine levels that are available are: 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, and 6mg. Make sure you follow Vape Storm on Facebook and on Instagram @vapestormjuice.

Here are my ratings for these five:

Exile: 4.25/5 stars
Dirty ‘ol Custard: 5/5 stars
Veruca: 4/5 stars
Shots After Dark: 5+/5 stars
Sin-A-Storm: 5/5 stars