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The more I try DeltaExtrax products the more I’m sold on their quality and care for every product they make. I am someone that needs these types of products. They raise and maintain my quality of life for sure. That’s the biggest reason I decided to try their newest PreRoll, the Caviar Collection PreRolls. 

What is the Caviar PreRolls Collection by DeltaExtrax?

The DeltaExtrax Caviar Collection PreRolls features premium Delta 10 THC pre-rolls that are hand-painted and then dusted with “Kief”.  I didn’t know what Kief was, so I did a little digging…

THC, CBD, Terpenes, and other substances are found in sticky glands called trichomes on the Hemp plant. Trichomes have a crystal-like appearance. These trichomes become Kief after they dry out and fall off the plant.

What this means is that the pre-roll has been hand painted with Hemp oil. This Hemp oil makes the pre-roll ‘sticky’ which makes it easy for it to be dusted with Kief. Still, these pre-rolls are not for everyone. You might be used to using CBD PreRolls. CBD PreRolls have benefits, but doesn’t give you what Delta THC can. The first time you light up a Caviar, you’re going to get a bigger punch then you realize. 

A Caviar PreRoll produces a unique, and quite wonderful experience.

Caviar Collection PreRolls – Package and Pricing

DeltaExtrax New Caviar Collection PreRolls Review

I’m excited to talk about the packaging and the pricing before getting too deeply into the review. Usually, this kind of information is left for the end of review, to hide the sticker price shock perhaps. That’s not needed here.

DeltaExtrax are packaging the Caviar Collection in boxes of two. For just $12.99 (the usual price, not counting sales or coupon codes) you’ll get two (2) rich, powerful, and pleasurable PreRolls. 

Okay, back to the review…

Delta 10 THC Hybrid Strains for the Caviar

Delta 10 THC are made up of 3 primary strains, they are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The Hybrid strain combines the best of Indica and Sativa. What makes the Hybrid strains a popular blend is they contain the best properties while usually having 1 trait more ‘dominant’ than the other. 

The potency of Hybrid strains is the same as Delta 10 THC Indica or Sativa strains. If you know your Delta THC strains you know that Delta 10 THC is not as powerful as Delta 9 THC, though some say its better balanced. So, what makes the Caviar Collection so powerful is the above-mentioned Kief.  Here’s the big question…

Is Delta 10 THC Potent?

Although Delta 10 THC is not as potent as Marijuana (Delta 9 THC) the fact that this pre-rolls, hand-painted with Kief, makes them extremely potent. Like I said, if you’re not used to high amounts of THC, I recommend only taking a couple of puffs at a time. Once you know how much you need to feel the way you want, or to reduce pain, you can adjust the amount up or down.

OG Kush Caviar PreRolls

OG Kush Delta 10 THC Kief Dusted Pre-Rolls is one of the Hybrid strains infused with premium Delta 10 THC, and hand-painted and dusted with Kief. 

The OG Kush Caviar feature an amazing ‘terpene’ flavor profile and as with each Caviar in the Collection, come with 2 pre-rolls per pack.

This OG Kush strain has a light cerebral invigoration high; it’s known for having more uplifting properties, yet not overwhelming. Also, these pre-rolls are ready to smoke, which is always nice.

Green Crack Delta 10 THC Caviar PreRolls

The Green Crack strain is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or if you’re looking for something smooth to get your day started. Think of it as that cup of coffee at Starbucks, whether its first thing in the morning, or mid-afternoon, you’ll get a nice boost, without that caffeine nervousness. 

Sour Diesel Delta 10 THC Caviar PreRolls

The Sour Diesel Delta 10 THC Kief Dusted Pre-Rolls is a Sativa strain that is infused with premium Delta 10 THC and hand-painted and dusted with Kief.  Like the Green Crack strain, it’s perfect for afternoon pick-me-ups or a smooth to get your day started. 

The biggest difference between Green Crack and Sour Diesel is flavor and throat hit. Green Crack offers a smoother flavor and a lighter throat hit than Sour Diesel. Depending completely on your preference (not mine) you can choose the one that is right for you. 

Bottom Line

DeltaExtrax has stopped their production of all older PreRolls and replaced them with these 2-pack Caviar Collection. The Caviar PreRoll is less expensive, better taste, and more powerful than before. And yes, while the Caviar Collection uses Delta 10 THC, the addition of the dusted Kief makes them a more potent PreRoll. 

I’ve searched the internet for DeltaExtrax Caviar Collection and found them on a few websites. However, no other site has beat the $12.99 price-point. DELTAEXTRAX offered our readers a nice 15% discount as well. Use the special code spin15

I’ll miss the White Rhino PreRoll from DeltaExtrax. Only because I’d gotten used to exactly how much to smoke. And what to expect. Finally, that mild throat hit and nice flavor. Judging the three Caviar PreRolls after just 2 weeks, the OG Kush is my favorite. That middle of the day use and mind tingling high I get from it is sublime. Of course, you might find the Green Crack or Sour Diesel your favorite.

Suggested Use: 

Since these delightful PreRolls are $12.99 for each pack of 2, you might want to order 1 of each. Try them out, then decide which one you want to stock up on. 

Take the pre-roll out of the package. Ignite with flame and inhale 1-3 times. Wait 30 minutes before smoking again to establish individual tolerance.

Ingredients: Delta 10 THC, Terpenes

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