… Once it was decided by the well-meaning, but dangerously ignorant federal government, to kick pain patients off opiods my pain doctor put me on Methadone.

My prescription called for 5x 10mg pills during the day/night. Hardly sufficient to manage pain, but no one seemed to care. It was the cheapest drug you could buy, approx. $12 for 145 pills. Sure, i saved a lot of money, but suffered physically for it.

In 2022 Delta THC has become an important weapon against my pain because the feds thought addicts were more important than pain patients.

If you read about Methadone, you’ll come away with the misunderstanding that Methadone was a strong painkiller. Trust me, it isn’t.

What it does, effectively, is keep the patient miles away from every feeling any kind of withdrawal from opiate medications. It’s the reason why drug abusers are put on it. Sadly, too many Methadone users say it is harder to quit Methadone than heroin. (I’ve never tried heroin, so I have no idea)

The Delta THC Products – Pain and Stress

Now, before I tell you what these various Delta THC products helped me while managing my pain, I’d like to get the following on the record.

“Suffering daily pain, using the pain scale of 1 to 10, (10 being in pain so badly you either want to die or to be rendered unconscious.) I’ve lived these past few years (since the radical government regulations) hoovering between my best days of a “7” and my worst days of an “9.7”. 

Something had to be Done

In New Hampshire, medical marijuana is a ‘thing’. Last time I investigated it there were 3 dispensaries across the state. Surprisingly, it costs $150 a year for an evaluation and to get approved to be issued an ID. In the past only a pain doctor could approve or even take pain information for a marijuana ID. Today, any doctor in NH can now do so.

My experience with marijuana dispensaries can be summed up as “meh”. I’m not interested in being stoned. Especially stoned to the point where I’m giggling like a fool, or just acting stupid.

Unfortunately for me, this generation of cannabis is like a hundred times more potent than it was in the late ‘60’s and ‘70’s. I don’t enjoy it.

Though I spent the money for the marijuana card I may have spent a total of $100 for a few items with the lowest level of THC I could fine. Still, the ‘highs’ I experienced with cannabis may have done wonders for my ‘mood’, but little to nothing for physical, debilitating pain I lived with daily. 

Looking Elsewhere – Delta THC

I hope during the past week you’ve clicked a few links in my previous piece to learn more about Delta THC.

You should know more than “Delta products contain a unique form of THC that allows the chemicals to work on pain, stress, anxiety, and other ailments.” Much more. No one should just buy any product that carries the word Delta on it. 

I’m writing about the products I used, all supplied by DeltaExtrax. This a company I’ve learned to trust when it comes to developing products that truly do work the way they are said to work. However, during my 3 weeks of an ‘official’ period (I have every intention of continuing using Delta THC), I mixed and matched the various products every day. 

For instance; I might wake up, have a cup of coffee and a dropper of a Delta Tincture, or smoke a few hits off a White Rhino joint, or even pop a Delta THC gummy bear or two. For clarity, I’m going to write about them one at a time…

Balance Delta 8 Tincture

Delta-8 THC is an isomer. Which is two or more compounds with the same formula but a different arrangement of atoms. The molecules have different properties of CBD, is derived from hemp and CBD. It is a psychoactive cannabinoid that offers several benefits to the user. 

This unique cannabinoid is different, chemically, from its close relative, Delta-9 THC. It only differs from a few atomic bonds, hence an ‘isomer’). Structurally it occurs in small concentrations. It’s Hemp is derived making it Hemp compliant. Balance contains less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC as required under the 2018 Farm Bill.

The 3 primary strains in Delta 8 THC are Indica, Sativa, and the Hybrid. A Hybrid Strain combines the best of Indica and Sativa. What makes the Hybrid strains popular is the fact that they have the best properties, and having 1 trait more dominant than the other. The potency of Sativa is the same as Delta 8 THC Indica or Hybrid strains.

Can Delta 8 THC Get You High?

Well, yes, probably. By no means is Delta 8 even remotely as psychoactive as today’s marijuana. If you’re my age though, you’ll recognize the ‘high’ as smoking some 1969 marijuana. I found that very welcome. 

The Right Dosage for Delta 8 THC

DeltaExtrax recommends starting the Balance Tincture at ½ to 1 dropper. I’ll add that its best when placed under to tongue as it enters the system faster.

I agree with the official starting dosage. Using other Delta THC products at the same time, two or more products a day? Then a ½ dropper is safe to use, to start with.

I start with Balance Delta 8 THC because when I wake up my body is sore, swollen, and stiff. A ½ a dropper under the tongue, and spending 10 minutes listening to music before getting out of bed. A vast improvement. Not just an improvement in pain management, but my basic outlook on living with this pain. 

Can Balance Delta 8 THC Tincture Make You Sleep?

You might suspect that Balance Delta 8 THC makes you tired. That’s not something you want when you wake up in the morning. With a ½ dropper you won’t (or shouldn’t) get tired ‘from’ of using it. 

Balance Delta 8 THC is “my” calming/focusing tincture. When I wake up sore and swollen from my diseases, this tincture helps reduce inflammation and calm my mind. As a pain patient will tell you, the minute they wake up the first thought is pain. Balance helps direct your first thoughts to more positive ones.

Products During the Day and What I use Them For

The White Rhino PreRolls are in my daily regime because I am also a Vaper. The White Rhino’s are mild enough for just about anyone. What I mean about ‘mild’ I mean they don’t make you cough like smoking a marijuana joint. I love vaping. I love the huge clouds of flavorful vapor that comes with vaping. Adding a White Rhino (and others) was a simple choice for me, and a very effective one. 

I stock up on various kinds of Delta Gummies, especially when they go on sale. One of the best gummies for pain and stress is Delta 9 THC called Wild Cherry Chronix. Delta 9 is a more potent psychoactive agent than Delta 8. Live Resin D9 Gummies (I’ll get into Live Resin products more in Part 3) and Citrus Burst Delta 9 are effective and delicious. 

A Delta THC infused gummy is so simple to take. I don’t chew them, I use them the way you would a lozenge.  Active agents don’t land in the stomach, they work their way into the bloodstream faster. You feel the difference in minutes. My newest favorite is the Tropical Punch Delta 10 THC Gummy.

Tropical Punch Premium Gummies are made with Hemp derived Delta 10 THC as a way to enrich Delta 8 THC.  A 40mg gummy is the perfect gummy for any time of day. I will often take a gummy before bed, when before Delta THC I would take an Ambien. I took Ambien every night for 20+ years. 

Milk Chocolate Bar Live Resin 

After lunch and dinner, I’ll break off a bit of chocolate from this Delta THC edible. It works as a dessert and as another de-stressor and pain reliever. The Live Resin process uses frozen raw Hemp extracts to ensure that the Delta 9 THC remains fresh.  It maintains a maximum potency this way. I also keep it in my refrigerator only because I like chocolate to be cool or even frozen.

How These Delta THC Products Work for Me During the Day and Night

Because Methadone doesn’t do much of anything for my pain, I need Delta THC products to alleviate this all-engrossing pain.

Whenever anyone is dealing with chronic, unrelenting physical pain, they cannot escape the tons of stress that comes with it. Additionally, unless someone is bedridden without anything to do, everything they take for pain and stress must for function. And focus. Definitely for work. Delta THC by Extrax zeroes in on solving the issues without putting you to sleep or in a stupor.

Recently I began adding Delta THC cartridges to my regime. These cartridges are vaped, usually with a 510-battery or a pod mod with a 510 connector. For many it is easier to attach a cartridge and vape a few hits. The alternative is lighting up a PreRoll. I’ll do both as of now, but perhaps that will change down the road.

Extrax makes different Delta THC cartridges. Next week I’ll go over how I use them and how often. 

Part 2 Conclusion

I don’t know if I’ll wind up with more than the 3 parts. Its beginning to look like I should do at least one more. Even to outline a typical day, and what products I’ll use, how much, and when. 

Today’s piece is to point out that tens of thousands of chronic pain sufferers sufferers from unrelenting stress. How they can manage our own pain and stress situations. These legal products offer real solutions to pain and stress. 

Since using the Delta THC Tincture called Balance, my mornings are almost pleasant. Certainly, my mood in the morning is more positive than it was. And as the day progresses, I’ll make use of other Delta THC products. Products that manage to keep the worst pains at bay, and to other days filled with 99% less stress. 

No Help Doctors

If your own doctor is at a loss as to help you with “real” pain management. Probably because of the Feds, not you. Or the stress that comes from living with pain, then you need to turn to Delta THC for relief. 

Below are important links to the products I’m using today. As well as links for a detailed understanding of how Delta THC works and what it is. I urge you to read through them while I prepare for Part 3 and Part 4.

Thank you for returning for Part 2!

John Manzione

The White Rhino PreRolls

Balance Delta 8 Tincture

Delta 9 Wild Cherry Chronix Gummies

Citrus Burst D9 

Blue Widow HHC Cartridge

Live Resin D9 Gummies

Milk Chocolate Bar w/ Live Resin

Mimosa THC O Cartridge

Straw-Nanna Ocho Extrax Cartridge

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