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OBLITER8 2 Gram Cartridge “Critical Mass” Review

OBLITER8 2 Gram Cartridge “Critical Mass” Review

A magical blend of these superb Delta THC blends…

Delta-6 + Delta-8 + Delta-9 + THC-B + THC-H + THC-JD + THC-P + THC-X

Ocho Extracts Critical Mass vape cartridge, in the Obliter8 line, is the first of 3 reviews I decided to tackle this month from this superior brand.

The first thing to get out about Obliter8’s Critical Mass, is it lives up to its Indica strain rep. I’ll discuss this in more detail below.

 After recently reviewing the Tik10 and Tik20 510-battery designed specifically for vaping cartridges, I used this battery for this review, with excellent results.

 The Tik batteries are fantastic for both high-THC dispensary cannabis carts, and carts like the Obliter8 Critical Mass strain, a unique combination of legal, and potent, extracts that still add up to less than 0.3% THC.

About Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Products

OBLITER8 2 Gram Cartridge “Critical Mass” ReviewOCHO EXTRACTS are a true 100% hemp-based cannabinoid. The company is in Newport Beach, California. Ocho doesn’t focus on dried flower and traditional plant uses. Instead, Ocho entered the industry with innovative products and potent extracts that have quickly become the much-heralded brand on the market.

It is well-deserved recognition if only because of bringing to market products that coincide with the strain on which it is based. But that’s only the beginning.

 Ocho Extracts takes great pride in their high-quality products, available in edibles, vape cartridges, and disposables. Inside all of Ocho Extracts’ products are real cannabis-derived terpenes that not only provide a true-to-plant experience but a true-to-strain one too.

About Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Critical Mass (Indica)

Critical Mass from the Obliter8 line is a potent indica marijuana strain that is made by crossing Afghani and Skunk #1. Vaped In small doses, this Indica strain will have you feeling creative and, in my case, very calm. These two features of Critical Mass are worth the price of admission.

While low dose usage may be 2 or maybe 3 hits from the cartridge provides that creative spark with an overall calmness, in large doses, 5 or more deep hits, you’ll more than likely find yourself crashed out on the couch or sofa, barely paying attention to the constant Law & Order reruns on TV.

Honestly, I don’t expect you to pay much attention to what I just said above, at least until you get your first cart and over vape it. Chances are an hour after your 10th pull, you’ll try to wipe something off your face, and it will be the floor.

Origin of the Critical Mass Name

OBLITER8 2 Gram Cartridge “Critical Mass” Review
The heavy, dense, Critical Mass Indica Bud

This cannabis Indica strain is called ‘Critical Mass’ because of its ability to reach critical mass in terms of growing. When growing it in its original cannabis form, branches of the strain tend to bend down so much that they snap off from the heavy weight of its buds. (I know, it’s calling to you now, isn’t it?)

 The Critical Mass stain have dense, heavy, buds that are unusually flavorful (in a good way). The downside (yes, there is a downside) of Critical Mass is that this strain is particularly susceptible to mold, so growers need to be a bit extra cautious with humidity. Flowering time for Critical Mass is approximately 6-8 weeks. Lastly, this strain originated from the breeder Mr. Nice Seed Bank.

Now, I tell you this because when you are not a grower of cannabis, the responsibility to grow it correctly isn’t yours. All you need to do is shop for a cart and enjoy. You should also know that these growers that do produce a fine Indica Critical Mass do so in a very careful and successful way. All the benefits of Critical Mass are yours when you buy a cart, or a pre-roll, and so on.

What it Feels Like to Vape Obliter8 Critical Mass from Ocho Extracts

In the beginning of this review, I outlined the unique, and complicated combination of various Delta THC’s, Live Resins, and more. These carefully constructed recipes are why Critical Mass can do what it can do, consistently. Ocho Extracts combines Delta-6 + Delta-8 + Delta-9 + THC-B + THC-H + THC-JD + THC-P + THC-X to duplicate (legally) the effects of firing up a Critical Mass cannabis joint.

OBLITER8 2 Gram Cartridge “Critical Mass” Review

My Personal Obliter8 Experience Over the Weekend

Leave This World Behind… – Ocho Extracts

I needed to tell you that over-vaping this Critical Mass cart will zonk you out, while vaping the right amount will spark your thinking machine and deliver a rush of peacefulness over you.

On Friday night I approached Ocho Extract Critical Mass as a complete newbie. I attached my cart to my Tik10, fully charged, sat back in my recliner, watching The Orville (again) and proceeded to take a total of 4 pulls over a 10-minute period. Once those 4 pulls were taken, I switched to my high-powered box mod and began vaping my delicious freebase nicotine e-liquid.

Then a funny thing happened toward the end of the episode…

OBLITER8 2 Gram Cartridge “Critical Mass” Review
Critical Mass Cannabis Plant

This magnificent blend of Delta THC’s had reached deep inside my brain and sent a message that said “there is nothing wrong right now. Relax, feel the cool temperatures in the room, look at these vibrant colors coming from the Bridge of the Orville, and feel connected to the universe.

For a few hours I delighted in aspects of the episode I didn’t notice before. I came up with an original idea for a spec episode that delighted me to no end. I spent the entire evening feeling better (much less stress and worry) and in a very good mood.

The kicker of Friday night, I felt so good and so peaceful, and didn’t even bother to think about why. I vaped the cart, set it aside, grabbed my box mod, and simply enjoyed the night.

The low-dose experience was an A+ experience, and nothing to get nervous about. For first-timers, Critical Mass Indica strain cart is the best choice.

The High Dose Saturday Night

This is a good time to mention that the flavor of Obliter8 Critical Mass is extraordinary. No, it doesn’t taste like candy (smiles), but it doesn’t taste like a harsh dirt weed either. The flavor is very pleasant, with no coughing, no dry mouth, and no unpleasant aftertaste.

In other words, over vaping was easier than I thought.

OBLITER8 2 Gram Cartridge “Critical Mass” ReviewOver the course of an hour, I took more than a dozen pulls. At first, I reached the previous night’s peaceful calm, and creative mindset. Then, without noticing, I fell fast asleep for a few hours, woke up and stared off into the living room… wondering why I didn’t get up to go to bed.

I didn’t feel bad, I wasn’t overly stoned. It was more like my bones had gone soft, and the best thing to do was to go with it, enjoy the mush-ride, and catch some Z’s.

The next day (Sunday, yesterday) I felt a bit tired, and because it was Sunday, I wasn’t in a hurry to start the day. What I did do was spend some time thinking about the two very different nights I had had.

On Friday if I wanted to, I could have picked up my laptop and written about my experience with a low dose vape of Obliter8 Critical Mass. I didn’t do that, I just went with the ultra-calm, ultra-nice feelings I had.

Saturday night is sort of lost. I remember feeling the beginnings of the Friday night experience, and I felt that calm effect turns into a “time to sleep” effect.

Ocho Extracts developed the Obliter8 Critical Mass carts to provide a way to benefit from the same effect of a couple of glasses of wine, to relax you and spark your imagination. At the same time, if you have trouble going to sleep at night, or staying asleep, then adding a few more pulls from the cart gets to you that deeply relaxed, sleepy state that will keep you asleep well past the crack of dawn.

If I might be so bold; the low dose vape of Critical Mass feels like these words by the divine… The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

Turn off your mind
Relax and float down stream
It is not dying
It is not dying

Lay down all thoughts
Surrender to the void
It is shining
It is shining

It’s Always been Indica for Me…

Over the past 35 years I’ve always used Indica strains because I am always wanting to turn off my mind and float downstream. Some Indica strains of cannabis can do just that, while others have a more hybrid, ‘stoned’ feel to them. By switching to a consistent blend from Ocho Extracts Critical Mass, I’ll never have to take a chance on what effects I’ll have. In other words, I no longer have a reason to visit my cannabis dispensary, all I need to do is place an order on Ocho Extracts Online Store.

Obliter8 Critical Mass Cart Specs

Device: 2 Gram Cartridge – 510 thread

Strain: Critical Mass (Indica)

Cannabinoids: Delta-6 + Delta-8 + Delta-9 + THC-B + THC-H + THC-JD + THC-P + THC-X + Live Resin

         What is Live Resin? Good Question!

Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that preserves all the natural compounds of the plant lost after harvest or during decarboxylation.

Grade – A+

“If you want a calm, creative high, Critical Mass is the one.

Dave Foster for Spinfuel

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