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The Breakfast Club E Liquid

The Breakfast Club – A Vapinski eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazineThis on and off with the warm and cold can pretty much stop now. I love PA for the weather changes and all, but just stay cold and then GO away! No matter what the temperature, the vape shop is a great way to spend my days. I am pretty picky when it comes to which flavors and brands I carry, and I like to keep my customer’s palates excited for more. The Breakfast Club, by Ruthless e liquid, is my latest find.

I waited forever for different cereal flavors to bring into the shop, and I was SO excited when I met the next vendor at VCCPA in Pittsburgh last June. Breakfast Club E-Juice is a MaxVG line by Ruthless E-Juice who is a California based e-juice company. Ruthless Vapor has always taken pride in their e-juice and used only the finest of ingredients made in the USA. I really enjoyed vaping their Banana Chips which I was sad to hear that they discontinued!! “Breakfast Club E-Juice was founded with the effort to fill the market void for delicious, smooth and high-quality breakfast …cereal-themed E-Liquid. Our flavors are meant to bring to vapor the sensation of a delicious bowl of semi-crunchy cereal, flavored specifically to replicate all of your childhood favorites.

The 30ml glass bottles have child proof glass droppers and are tamper sealed. The labels used to have the cereals on them and I really love the new labels. The Breakfast Club is in a bright red at the top of each color coded label with the flavor profile written at the bottom. Customers love this aspect. Ruthless also has the size, nicotine mg, batch code, ingredients, and warnings on the sides in probably one of the easiest to read labels I’ve seen yet.

Let’s just get to these tasty cereal vapes because they are some of the best out on the market in my opinion. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to order their newest release which will be Corn Drops. Those Pops with the sugary corn flavor!! I’m excited!! I’ll gladly add that into a future update article that will be coming soon. For now, here are the Breakfast Club’s Fab Four by Ruthless E-Juice…..

Apple Snaxx

 “A burst of cinnamon apple crunch topped with a light cream finish.”

 The Breakfast Club – A Vapinski eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine    I have to say that Apple Snaxx is amazingly delicious. I am just not a big fan of apple flavored vapes because the apple flavoring is never quite right. This one IS sooooo good. On the inhale, the flavor is reminiscent of the dry cereal. The apple flavoring is truly tasty, and when the cinnamon blends into it, it doesn’t overpower it at all. The touch of cream blends in prior to the exhale and really makes this a smooth vape clear to the finish! I can’t believe how much I enjoy this one. Ruthless has pretty much nailed this cereal if you are a fan of this infamous cereal or enjoy cereal and apple/cinnamon eliquids. The blend is definitely spot on and scrumptious!! There is a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production with Apple Snaxx. I will be using my HexOhm V2 for these reviews with a Popeye RDA and a .3 ohm coil build. I enjoyed this best around 40 watts.


Crunk Berry

     “Crispy balls of fruit drizzled in 2% milk to bring out the berry perfection.”

     Crunk Berry is a delicious version your favorite Captain’s cereal. On the inhale, I can taste the fruit The Breakfast Club – A Vapinski eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazineflavored cereal notes. The milk mixes in pretty quick to the blend and adds a nice creaminess to the flavor. On the exhale, it reminds me of drinking the milk at the end of the bowl of cereal. My mild criticism was that there could be a tad more berry flavoring. I enjoyed this at different wattages, but found that the berry flavor came out better at a lower wattage around 35-40 watts. Crunk Berry had a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production. This is one of the best crunch berries out there, again in my opinion, but it was the first to land on my shelves and I only have one other variation in stock to date.




     “Dried fruit medley doused in fresh off the teet milk for the ultimate transcendence into breakfast heaven.”

The Breakfast Club – A Vapinski eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine     Froops has a nice, creamy taste that I’m not used to with most Fruity Loop eliquids. Most are overly citrus and that just turns my palate off with the first vape. On the inhale with Froops, I taste the dry cereal and creaminess first. The dry cereal has a hint of citrus, but it isn’t overpowering and it blends well with the milk. This is like eating the perfect bowl in my opinion. The exhale is, again, just like drinking the milk at the end of the bowl. If this is the cereal you enjoy, you should probably check this eliquid out!! I enjoyed this best around 40 watts, more citrus does come out at higher wattages, but it still never overpowers! Froops also has a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production.



Vape Flakes

     “Sugar-coated flakes soaked in fresh whole milk that creates a decadent spoonful of semi-crunchy goodness.”

     If you love a bowl of those golden frosted flakes of deliciousness, than Vape Flakes will be an eliquid you won’t want to miss! This particular flavor is the whole reason I even sampled this line at VCCPA. I The Breakfast Club – A Vapinski eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazineneeded a good cereal line at my shop. I needed a good Crunch Berry, but no one had a good Frosted Flakes out that had caught my eye. On the inhale, I taste notes of the cereal, the sweetness from the sugar, and the creaminess from the milk. The blend and sweetness are spot on. It’s the perfect spoonful with every vape at 50 watts for me. The exhale becomes even creamier, and Ruthless has seemed to nail that perfect exhale of milk at the end of the bowl with every flavor. I enjoy Vape Flakes in my rotation from time to time. There is a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production with Vape Flakes as well.

I can understand why Ruthless E-juice has the reputation that they do. The Breakfast Club E-Juice MaxVG line is a solid set of four delicious and well-balanced flavors sure to please most breakfast vape lovers!!! They retail for $20.99-22/30ml online and $22 in most B&M shops. This is the average for most premium eliquids and the quality is definitely there. The eliquids are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. Always support your local B&M shops when you can, they can give you great advice and a community to grow in as well. Make sure you follow Breakfast Club E-Juice on Facebook and on Instagram @breakfastclubejuice. My ratings are as follows:

Apple Snaxx: 5/5 stars.

Crunch Berry: 4.5/5 stars.

Froops: 4.5/5 stars

Vape Flakes: 5/5 stars