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Vaping with Vapinski – 9Lives

It’s been weeks full of construction and “temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement”. This really is crimping my shop style!! I’ve had to walk around dump trucks and play frogger with Bobcats and Kubotas…at least I always had my Hexohm V2 or Lotus LE80 in my hand. Vaping. It does calm the nerves even at 3mg!!

The customers are loving my construction bullsh** sales, so I’m trying to make lemonade-flavored vapes out of the lemons I was thrown.

9 Lives

Moving on, I met this next vendor in Hamburg, PA at a convention back in May ’15. 9 Lives is based near Harrisburg, PA and they mix their eliquids in a sterile lab environment. Their blends are MaxVG (vegetable glycerin) and the only PG (propylene glycol) in the blends are those found in the flavorings. They got into mixing just for personal use and had some in a local shop and the owners asked to sample it. They liked it so much that they wanted to sell it. So, they decided to make it a business. The owners wife is a cat lover. The labels are cute and to the point. The nine is big and in red with a cat paw print in the background and the word lives in black at the bottom. On the back label are the flavor name and other information you need.

Five percent of the profits go to animal charities. I think that rocks!

Now, let’s get to these tasty flavors…


“Blackberry & Cream”

Socks is a delightful blend of blackberries and cream. Everyone loved theSocks by 9 Lives aroma this one gave off. I haven’t come across a straight blackberry flavored vape yet and this is done very well. The true essence of the blackberry is captured. On the inhale, I taste the delicious blackberry flavor and the cream helps smooth the tartness out nicely. The flavor heightens right before the exhale and stays in the back of your throat, but in a good way. This yummy blend also lasts throughout the exhale. If you enjoy fruity vapes, and especially like blackberries, Socks is one you should try! I vaped this using my Lotus LE80 box mod with the Production RDA and a .3-ohm coil build. I like it best around 30 watts.

Snow Leopard

“Vanilla with a hint of cream….”

SNOW LEOPARD 9 LivesSnow Leopard is a vanilla flavored vape with a hint of cream. I’m expecting this to be all about the vanilla, and while it has a very nice vanilla flavor-it’s just not punching me in the face like I believe it should. However, Snow Leopard is VERY smooth. The vanilla flavoring is very good, and some like it more on the subtle side. I get that lovely flavor on the inhale. The cream adds a nice touch of sweetness and really makes this extra smooth. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is really good. I like this best around 40 watts.


“Mango & Raspberry”

Kitten by 9 LivesKitten comes in a regular and Albino version. I chose to try out the Albino version. I really like the blend of mango and raspberry and that 9 Lives has managed to figure out a pretty decent balance between the two flavorings. In a lot of blends using mango, the mango tends to overpower and become too intense. I’ve only enjoyed maybe one or two I have tried with this tropical delight included. I’ll add Kitten to the mix of likes for sure. The sweetness really comes out at over 40 watts. I notice the mango flavor as soon as I inhale, but the raspberry mixes in soon after. The blend is a nice mix of both flavors that makes my taste buds tingle. I am not into many fruity vapes, but I could see dripping this from time to time. I honestly like the vapor production I’m getting from this line. The flavor isn’t too overpowering and it lingers throughout the exhale. There is a mild throat hit.


“Pink Lemonade”

SIAMESE by 9 LivesSiamese is a pink lemonade flavored vape that actually reminds me of chewing a piece of pink lemonade flavored gum. I am really enjoying how smooth this is and how the flavors are there but they don’t punch you in the face too hard. The sweetness and tartness are well rounded. This is an experience vape where if you like the flavor profile you really just have to try it out for yourself. The prices are great for a MaxVG blend. I liked this one around 30 watts the best.

You can order any of these MaxVG blends at . They have two sizes available: 30ml/$15 and 120ml/$50. You may also order most of the blends in a “neutered” version or 60vg/40pg blend if you prefer that ratio. The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Make sure you follow 9 Lives on Facebook at 9 Lives e-liquid and Instagram @l9ves.ejuice. They have more tasty flavors to choose from.

My ratings are as follows:

Socks: 5/5 stars
Snow Leopard: 4/5 stars
Kitten: 4.5/5 stars
Siamese: 4.5/5 stars