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E-Cigarettes like every item that you use in your life is susceptible to get cluttered with grime, dirt and any other imaginable thing. It does not matter how meticulous you are to prevent it from becoming dirty, they always get dirty somehow. The fact that they are reusable makes it mandatory for top hygiene care to be observed. The best way to maintain and protect your e-cigarette is by understanding the best way to clean it. Below are some useful tips on how to get the job thoroughly done.

Washing Your E-Cigarette in Water

Water is known as a nature solvent as most things are able to dissolve in it. An e-cigarette can be washed using water provided that it is hot or warm and without any detergent. High temperatures accelerate the dissolution velocity of organic things, and this is the reason hot or warm water is highly recommended. There are instances where strong flavors can remain in the e-cigarette after it is washed in water. In such instances, vinegar plays an important part in eliminating the strong flavors that tend to remain. The vinegar should be added to clear water and the e-cigarette is placed inside it. The water should then be heated for about 10 minutes and the e-cigarette will become super clean.

Keeping the Terminals Clean

A clean e-cigarette guarantees a longer life and an efficient vapor production from your preferred vape juices. These juices are a different alternative to the conventional cigarettes and a clean e-cigarette gives a vaper the best vaping experience. The vapor produced will taste fresh and free from past flavors. E-liquid at times seeps through the battery holes causing it to become wet, which is quite dangerous. The battery could get wet thereby damaging the charger which will flip from a red color to green for a long period of time. Excess e-liquid mutes your flavors and they taste less vibrant than before. A cotton swab could be enough to clean it after it is unplugged.

Using a Clear Tissue

A clear tissue can be used to clean the e-cigarette. It should be leaned on the tissue for 24 hours to allow the e-liquid residual leak off gradually. The atomizer should be gripped tighly, twisted and spun to remove all the residue and grime. You should ensure that in-between the threads and hard-to-reach places are also thoroughly cleaned. The ecig can be washed in running water thoroughly after doing all the above. It is a smart way of renewing your e-cigarette.

Using Vodka

Vodka can be used to clean the e-cigarette as it is another great solvent after water. The main ingredient of vodka is ethyl alcohol, and it has a better effect when used to clean the atomizer. You should place a drop of vodka inside the atomizer, close its mouth using a finger and shake it thoroughly. Upon release, all the residual and smell previously present in the atomizer will go away.

Using Cola

Cola is a kind of a drink, but it can be used for various other purposes like cooking and cleaning. It can be used in cleaning an e-cigarette efficiently. The e-cigarette should be disassembled to remove the atomizer, which will be placed inside a bottle of cola for 24 hours. After that, you should wash the atomizer thoroughly in running water leaving it with a new look.


E-Cigarettes come with more benefits when compared to the conventional cigarettes in the market. They are a great tobacco harm reduction product due to the least exposure they accord vapers. They are cost effective due to their reusability. It is the reusable nature of e-cigarettes that dictates the importance of maintaining proper care and cleanliness of the product. E-Cigarettes are prone to collecting debris, dirt and residue from e-liquids over a certain period of time. When such build up in the e-cigarette, they decrease the battery life and make the vaping experience less satisfying. Regular cleaning will keep the e-cig in top shape and a greater vaping experience.

Kenneth Overton

Kenneth Overton is a freelance writer and vape enthusiast. This is his first piece for Spinfuel VAPE (e)Magazine.