The Best Disposable Vapes in 2022 Will Have These 5 Features

If you thought that 2021 was the year of the disposable vape, look out because you haven’t seen anything yet. While disposable vapes were clearly the fastest-selling pieces of vape hardware last year, industry observers are predicting that disposable vapes could potentially even outsell bottled vape juice in 2022. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the United States; sellers in the United Kingdom and Europe are also reporting that they’re finding it difficult to keep the most popular disposable vapes in stock.

So, what does the popularity of disposable vapes mean for you as a consumer? It means that if you love a super-convenient vaping experience, you’re going to enjoy a bigger selection of disposable vape bars – and lower prices than ever – this year. It also means that you’re going to find a new generation of disposable vapes with a wide variety of new features that you’d ordinarily have only seen in advanced vape mods. In this article, we’re going to explain some of those new features and describe how you can expect the vaping industry to evolve over the coming year. 

The Best Disposable Vapes in 2022 will have these 5 Features.

Enormous E-Liquid Capacity

One of the biggest new features that you can look forward to in the next generation of disposable vapes like the new Hyde Mag vape by Mi-Pod is a much larger e-liquid capacity than ever. In 2022, the highest-capacity disposable vapes are now featuring up to 10 ml of e-liquid per unit. That’s around 4,500 puffs of vaping time. With a total nicotine content of around 500 mg per device, that’s the equivalent of up to two cartons of tobacco cigarettes in a single disposable vape.

Over the past year, more efficient production methods helped to make disposable vapes less expensive than tobacco cigarettes for the first time. This year, though, disposable e-cigarettes might become the cheapest way to vape – full stop. If you think about it, a disposable vape with a capacity of 4,500 puffs easily has the potential to last for two weeks or more of full-time vaping. How much money do you currently spend on vape juice and replacement coils every two weeks?

Rechargeable Battery of Disposables Vapes

In 2022, the best disposable vapes will begin to blur the line between traditional single-use devices and full-fledged vape mods. If you’re going to create a disposable vaping device with enough vape juice to provide thousands of puffs, that leads to the question of how you’re going to supply enough battery power for up to two weeks of use. If you’re currently using a refillable vape pen or mod, you get nowhere near 4,000 puffs out of your device before you need to recharge the battery. 

High-capacity disposable vapes are going to have that same problem, and the manufacturers of those devices aren’t going to want to resolve the problem by outfitting their devices with enormous batteries. Instead, they’ll solve the problem of battery life by using rechargeable batteries. With a rechargeable battery, it’ll be possible for a disposable vape with a huge quantity of e-liquid to still be very small and pocketable.

Disposable Vapes and New Coil Technologies

Along with the management of battery life, the high e-liquid capacity of the best disposable vapes in 2022 will also present a second problem. Specifically, it’s going to be difficult to provide top flavor quality from the beginning of a device’s life to the end – especially with heavily sweetened e-liquid – if the device is designed to provide thousands of puffs. No one wants weak hits with a disposable vape – or an unpleasant burned flavor – when the device still has more than half of its e-liquid supply remaining.

To ensure that high-capacity disposable vapes will provide the best possible flavor quality, manufacturers will turn to advanced coil technologies in 2022. Mesh coils will help to provide bold flavors from beginning to end and will simultaneously reduce power consumption. Ceramic wicks will resist heat and prevent coils from burning out prematurely. With those two technologies, disposable vapes will taste better than ever this year – whether it’s the first puff or the 4,000th. 

True Premium Vape Juice

As we mentioned above, disposable vapes have become so popular that they have the very real potential of outselling traditional bottled e-liquid this year. That’s because the prices have finally reached a tipping point. If you can buy a disposable vape for around the same amount of money that you’d spend on a bottle of vape juice – and they’d both last around the same amount of time – why bother with a traditional refillable vaping device at all?

With that fact in mind, it’s entirely possible that the success of disposable vapes is going to begin hurting vape juice makers financially this year. Many of the top vape juice brands have already started working with the makers of disposable vapes, and that trend will only become more common this year. More than ever, disposable vapes will feature the very best e-liquids in the world.

Appealing New Designs in Disposable Vapes

In case you haven’t noticed, the number of disposable vapes on the market right now is extremely massive. If you go to any good online vape shop, you’re going to see dozens of different products. For example, serves the upper end of the vaping market and has added some incredible designs, especially in the CCELL cartridge range. Sleek, subtle and futuristic, you wouldn’t realize these are vapes at all at first glance. The same is true of brick-and-mortar vape shops, where disposable e-cigarettes have consumed much of the shelf space that was once taken by mods and e-liquids. 

You’ve already seen how difficult it can sometimes be to choose just one disposable vape out of a selection of dozens. Imagine how much harder it’s going to be when the product selection doubles or triples as it probably well this year. 

As more and more disposable vapes hit the market in 2022, the proliferation of products will dilute the market. Eventually, there’s going to be a point at which there are more disposable e-cigarettes than there are people who want to buy them. Differentiation, in other words, is going to become extremely important. 

Manufacturers need to do what’s necessary to make their devices stand out on crowded store shelves, and they’ll do that in two ways. The first way is by increasing the puff counts of their devices. A puff count serves as an easy point of comparison that potential buyers can see at a glance. 

The second way to differentiate a disposable vape is by making it stand out visually – and you can expect manufacturers to do that in a big way this year. Look for fancy shapes, eye-catching colors, luxury trim options and more; the manufacturers will do whatever it takes to maintain your attention in an increasingly crowded marketplace.