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The WISMEC Vicino was a second-rate fixed-voltage tube mod that needed to be overhauled. After reviewing and grading the WISMEC Vicino (I refer to it as the Vicino 22) with a poor performance, once I knew the Vicino D30 (Diameter 30mm) was headed my way for review, I had mixed feelings. The feature set, power output, size and functionality all changed but kept the same visual sleekness, easy one-button 5-click operation and the 0.2Ω Triple Kanthal coils are now cross-compatible with the little brother; or a baby cousin. The WISMEC Vicino D30 Starter Kit shares a lot of similarities with the first rendition but differs enough to stand alone as a powerful, performance driven device; not simply a sequel. Check out the features and specs before I get into a proper review.

Vicino D30 Battery Features:

  • 30mm Diameter
  • Integrated 3000 mAh Battery Capacity
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Dual Mode Output
  • Variable Wattage Output
    • 5W to 60W
    • Notched Bottom Ring
  • Bypass Mode
    • Output Based on Battery State
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Chassis
  • Cylindrical Shape
  • Single Button Operation
  • LED Feedback
    • Battery Life Indicator
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Dual Circuit Protection
  • Over Charge/Over Current/Over Discharge/No Atomizer Protection

Vicino D30 Sub-Ohm Tank Features

  • 30mm Diameter
  • 6ml Tank Capacity
  • Threaded Top Fill
  • Hidden Dual Bottom Airflow Control
  • 3mm by 12mm Each
  • Vicino D30 Coil System
  • Vertical Coil Orientation
  • Organic Cotton
  • Triple 0.2 ohm Coil
  • Fully Detachable Structure
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

The WISMEC Vicino D30 is a mix between a Variable Wattage Tube-style Mod and a Mechanical Mod, giving users the option to switch from 5W-60W using the new regulatory dial on the bottom of the device or bumping it over to BYPASS Mode. First impressions of the device rang a similar bell but obviously felt much bigger (8mm bigger diameter) and heavier (95g more to be exact) with a smooth Stainless Steel finish; also available in all Black. Using the wattage dial is very straightforward, easy to click into place and is made solid without any extra play or movement. The dial doesn’t rotate 360° so getting familiar where each setting is makes adjustments a quick endeavor. The 5W, 10W increments and BYPASS are etched lightly above the dial and easy to see indoors but outdoors they blend in with the finish. My setting stayed at the 60W mark and rarely moved.

The WISMEC Vicino D30 has a built-in 3000mAh battery versus a replaceable single 18650 cell in the Vicino 22. Battery life lasted me the entire day vaping aggressively; much longer than I anticipated. Battery charge status is monitored by the flashing light behind the fire button. If your battery is above 60%, the light will stay solid after you release the fire button. If below 9%, it will flash quickly and more frequently. It’s almost impossible to see the flashing white LED in the daylight but after spending a few weeks with it, you’ll notice a power drop when the battery starts draining below say 25% so no need to look at the light anyway. Charging is done with the supplied micro USB cable and the red light next to the USB connection will pop on during and will shut off when fully charged. From a completely dead, unable to fire battery, it took over three hours for the light to diminish; not great but a good tradeoff for battery life. Battery venting is accomplished by the three small holes on the bottom which did their job, preventing the Mod or Atomizer ever exceeding lukewarm. Also the Vicino D30 is loaded with several essential protection features balancing comfort and safety.

Paired with the WISMEC Vicino D30 Atomizer with a true and accurate 6ml eJuice capacity, the pair was made for each other and performs like you’d expect. The 30mm Atomizer is 50.4mm tall, almost 9mm shorter than the Vicino 22 Atomizer. Every time I glance at my tank, the eJuice level seems to stay the same! Even at 60W, eJuice consumption is minimal. Threaded top-fill design makes filling simple but without any knurling on the top cap can be challenging to remove with slippery hands. I poured my juice straight from the bottle thanks to over 7mm of space between the glass and the chimney; there are no fill slots. Two 4.8mm non-adjustable juice flow slots provide ample wicking and I never got a dry or burnt hit. The Pyrex glass section is held on by two bottom O-rings and a seal under the top cap resulting in no leaking at all through the seams.


Taking apart the Atomizer for the first time, it breaks down into six total pieces and I realized the thick and strong Stainless Steel WISMEC decided to use was top notch. Everything top to bottom is machined very accurate and clean. I had a hell of a time separating the vent pipe and atomizer base. Both were very slick so after using some pliers I finally got them apart. I definitely recommend a good washing with soap and water because a lot of machine grease was present especially on the base and airflow ring. This is one of only two 30mm Atomizer I own, so I’ve been using this on devices like the Sigelei SnowWolf 218 and the Hotcig DX75, which sit flush with no overhang and perform great. Attaching the Uwell Crown 2 or SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast to the Vicino D30 mod, it still functions well but I noticed the entire device heats up quickly and gets hot with continued use.

The adjustable, hidden airflow is the same as the Vicino 22 providing a very uniform, sleek look. The airflow ring has four 14mm x 1.5mm slots that are fed from two 13mm x 3.3mm cutouts underneath the coil housing. The ring has no knurling, like the Vicino 22, is hard to spin since there’s nothing to grip onto and your fingers slip right around it. There’s no way to tell if the airflow is fully opened or closed since the action happens out of sight. Making airflow adjustments normally results in the Atomizer being removed from the mod. The draw is airy enough to blow some serious vapor plumes at higher wattages but restrictive if you so choose.


The 8.4mm ID plastic drip tip looks abnormally small; like putting 10inch wheels on a diesel truck! If you don’t have any other drip tip options and you’re stuck with the only supplied plastic one, expect plenty of condensation that needs to be cleaned out often or you’ll be drinking the lingering eJuice. The Vicino D30 is 510 compatible if your drip tip you prefer works better (I use my Melo 3 tip). Also you can remove the drip tip completely and vape straight from the top cap but using a 510 drip tip yields the best balance of performance and comfort; despite adding considerable height to the tank. No question the WISMEC Vicino D30 is a Direct Lung mod without any real advantage using it for Mouth-To-Lung vaping. Fill up the 6ml pool, crank up the wattage and have an on-the-go cloud chucker!

Unlike my experience with the WISMEC Triple 0.2Ω coil heads my first go around, the Vicino D30 really made these coils stand out. A big plus is these are cross-compatible with the Vicino 22 and the WISMEC Amor Mini Tank. The 4.5mm ID Kanthal coil and two 6mm x 3mm wicking holes provide a saturated, flavorful vape even with such a large Atomizer setup. The wicking keeps up even when vaping hard at 60W. The coil housing doesn’t have a recommended wattage range imprinted on it but with the Vicino D30, these coils can handle the max power of 60W no problem. My wattage stayed at the 60W setting indefinitely unless I was breaking in a fresh coil. Very little spit back thanks to the screen protector over the coil and cotton. I ran the preinstalled coil for a week straight at 60W and with the second included coil got more than a week of consistent vaping. Keep in mind, I use a ‘coil killing’ darker, high VG eJuice so a week is very impressive! The flavor is surprisingly good; not the best flavor I’ve ever had but definitely above average. I enjoyed the coils so much I purchased three additional packs


With all the positives pushed aside, the fire delay is noticeable and quite substantial the first few pulls and gets worse as the battery discharges. It begins to fade once warmed up but it’s definitely still there. The fire button rattle is another big issue. It feels cheap compared to the rest of the kit but is responsive and located in a great position for comfortable firing at least. The Starter Kit doesn’t come with replacement glass or O-rings. Finding a 30mm O-ring or Pyrex glass section is not easy in the land of 22mm-25mm Atomizers. For being a tube-style mod, the Vicino D30 is not pocket-friendly due to its weight and overall circumference. In a nutshell, the Vicino D30 surprised me and is improved vastly over the WISMEC Vicino 22.

Final Grade – C

“If I had to choose between the original WISMEC Vicino and the Vicino D30, it’s a no brainer; D30 for the win! For $44.95 at Element Vape, this is a simple Starter Kit that’s a potential upgrade from a smaller, less powerful eGo or tubed device with the ability to customize your wattage. If Box Mods are complicated and aren’t for you, the WISMEC Vicino D30 could float your vaping boat.”

Team Spinfuel

In The Vicino D30 Box:

1*Vicino D30 Atomizer
1*Vicino D30 Battery
2*Triple 0.2ohm Head
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual