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WALKING VAPED-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Walking Vaped Eliquid is created by master flavorists who did over three years of research and testing. They mix this premium eliquid made from USP Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol, USP Grade Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, US sourced flavorings, and Nic Select Brand 100% Pure Nicotine in an ISO 8 Certified Clean Room in California. With eye catching labels and names, let us see which flavor really rose to the occasion…..

Dana will be sitting this one out as she had a severe illness and couldn’t taste properly for over a week.


Vanilla Vapers:

Sour Apple Apocalypse:

Strawberry Labotomade:

Gruesome Grape:

Maple Waffle Mania:

Spinfuel Protocols:

 If this is the first time you are reading a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review, we suggest that you take a look at the new protocols we’ve set up for each of the reviews we will do moving forward. You’ll need to know how long we vape the eliquid, in what manner, what we look for, and how an eliquid may earn a coveted Spinfuel Choice Award. In addition, in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one, knowing the intricacies of our methods will give you a greater understanding of the process. Click here:

Walking Vaped Particulars:

Walking Vaped come in 15ml and 30ml clear glass bottles with glass child proof droppers. They retail for $15/15ml and $25/30ml which is pretty pricey in my opinion for premium eliquid. Most premium brands run at $22/30ml retail. The 15ml averages out to $1/ml which most are just not willing to pay. The 30ml price averages out to $.83/ml which is a bit better, but still high. The blends are a 70vg/30pg blend which is great for use in RDAs and great Sub-Ohm Tanks. They can be handled by dual coils (such as the Kanger 1.8 ohm or 1.6 ohm and the Nautilus BVC coils) as well though because I do have testers in my shop that run higher VG blends. The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.


We received 15ml clear glass bottles with tamper proof droppers and child resistant caps. The clear glass and black labels with the zombie logo are definitely eye catching. There are SO many people into zombies and especially the Walking Dead series. This eliquid that is almost modeled after that idea will have people drawn to them just for that fact. The logo, name, flavor name, and nicotine level are all on the front while the ingredients, warning, and other information is placed neatly on the sides. There is also a born on date which is GREAT!!



This is what it is all about: the flavor. We have five to cover. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows.  Remember as always, taste is subjective and  is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for four candy or dessert blends!!

 VANILLA VAPERS: “Indulgent mixture of vanilla extract, creamy milk, and sweet cream. Float on vape clouds with this luscious and heavenly blend.” – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!

 Dori:  5 stars. This is one of the best vanilla flavored vapes that I have had to date. It took me awhile to warm up to it, but once I did-I couldn’t put it down. My sweet spot seemed to be at 40 watts. I think here the sweetness and vanilla flavoring are perfectly balanced. I am a custard lover, but plain ‘ol vanilla is something hard to master Spinfuel Choice Award Winnerwith a bit of pizzazz. This has all of the elements that excite me from the sweet cream I’m left with at the end of the exhale, to the delightful vanilla flavor throughout the entire vape. The inhale starts out slow, but very strong, with just a masterful vanilla flavor. Next, the sweet cream and milk swirl into the blend and the flavors all blend together through most of the exhale. I even get great clouds from Vanilla Vapers and just a mild throat hit. I’ll be using my HexOhm V2 with a Popeye RDA and .3 ohm coil build for these reviews.

Alicia: 5 stars. Sweet, creamy vanilla custard is a staple in the vaping world. It’s also a flavor that you either love or you hate. I used to not like vanilla custard, but over time I have grown to love it.  I bumped my heat up to my sweet spot of 70 watts. Vanilla Vapers delivers on the sweet and creamy, but is lacking on the thickness of what normally comes along with custards. It’s a lighter vape, so if the thickness of other custards holds you back, but you love vanilla, this may be one to try out. I can go either direction when it comes to custards. I am missing the thickness on this just a little, but the natural sweet vanilla taste that comes through with this e-liquid is something that I think makes up for it.

Scott: 5 stars. This eliquid reminded me of a vanilla ice cream. The smell and the taste was indulging. On the inhale, I got a nice, smooth, and flavorful custard with a hint of vanilla. On the exhale, I could still taste the custard, but noticed more of the delicious vanilla. If you are craving that bowl of vanilla ice cream, this one may cure that craving for you. Also, if you are a vanilla vape fan, this will be in your wheelhouse!!

Louis: 5 stars. This was a nice take on a classic flavor. It really reminded me of vanilla frosting. The inhale was slightly sweet vanilla with an extra rich and sweeter vanilla flavor that came out in the exhale. I liked that this wasn’t a boring vanilla eliquid. There were different levels of vanilla that you got to go through as you vaped this. It would go from light and smooth, to rich and sweet, to creamy and amazing. It was a good vanilla experience.

SOUR APPLE APOCALYPSE“Get ready for the apocalypse with our premium Sour Apple E-liqiud. This liquid combines the crisp, refreshing taste of green apples with the perfect amount of tart. Our brilliant candy potion is reminiscent of your favorite childhood treats. Pucker up, this combo is intense!”

Dori: 5 stars. This is another smooth and tasty vape from Walking Vaped. The green apple flavoring is amazing! I can taste it as soon as I inhale and it starts off sweet with a little bit of a tangy note towards the exhale. The tangy starts to flow into the exhale and then sweetens out again as it fades off. Sour Apple Apocalypse is a really smooth eliquid with a great apple flavor and super vapor production. I enjoyed it best around 40 watts.

Alicia:  3.75 stars. I’m with Louis on this one. I am definitely reminded of a granny smith apple flavor with Sour Apple Apocalypse. The sour is very light and at times, completely missing. The inhale is a sweet granny smith apple. As the exhale starts, I get a tiny hint of sour that quickly disappears and returns to the sweet apple flavor. After vaping this for awhile, I also started to notice it took on more of a fake taste than what I had picked up when I first started this flavor. That fakeness also brought along a coating of some sort that was followed by an unpleasant aftertaste.  Unfortunately, that was a big turn off for me and I decided I couldn’t give this a higher score than 3.75.

Scott: 5 stars. I agree with Dori here. This eliquid is an awesome taste of green apples and a sweet candy reminding me of a green apple jolly rancher. There isn’t even a tart bitter aftertaste. On the inhale, I tasted a nice tart apple flavoring. On the exhale, it mixes with a sweet note giving it an apple candy taste. The mixture is so balanced that you will be craving more.

Louis: 4 stars. There is a perfect blend of sweetness to balance out the sour taste of this eliquid. I also found a lot of flavor with this one. It reminds me of a not so intensely sour green jolly rancher. On the inhale, I could taste the sour apple (green granny smith actually). The sour apple sweetened up, but kept some of the tang in the exhale. This is definitely an eliquid to wake up your taste buds for sure.

 STRAWBERRY LABOTOMADE:  “A flawless balance of sweet and tart. Inhale ripe strawberries and exhale freshly squeezed lemonade. Experience a taste infusion like no other”

Dori: 5 stars. I started Strawberry Labotomade out at 50 watts and thought it tasted pretty darn good right there. The inhale is full of a nice, slightly sweet strawberry flavor right before the lemon swirls into the blend before the exhale. The strawberry flavor actually helps the lemon from overpowering the vape, because it comes close at the height of the exhale. This is where I get the most “tang”. The exhale is a  delicious blend of strawberries and lemonade that is really smooth. The throat hit is mild and there is great vapor production.

Alicia: 3.75 stars. You can’t go wrong with Strawberry Lemonade. Or can you? Yes, you can. This delivers good flavor, but unlike my teammates, I was missing the sweet strawberry. The inhale and exhale both delivered a great lemonade flavor, while at the very tip of the exhale, a tart strawberry flavor came through. It faded quickly and went back to good ole lemonade. If I was rating this strictly on just lemonade, I would give it a 5, but I’m not. This is to be strawberry lemonade and with that, I just can’t rate it high because I’m missing the strawberry.

Scott:  5 stars. This is definitely a strawberry lemonade vape. I loved the balanced mixture of sweetness and tartness. On the inhale, I got a balanced blend of sweet and tangy with the strawberry and lemon flavorings. On the exhale, it blew me away with a blend that is so beautifully mixed. Neither flavor overpowers the other giving me that taste of a fresh glass of strawberry lemonade. 
Louis: 4.5 stars. I agree with Dori and thought this was a good combination of strawberry and lemonade flavorings. I could taste the sweet strawberry as soon as I inhaled and it got a little tangy with the lemon but keeping some sweetness on the exhale. I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet, but it also wasn’t pucker your lips lemony either. This eliquid had a lot of flavor and kept me wanting more.

GRUESOME GRAPE:  “A gruesomely intoxicating grape aroma. This combination is pure and potent. Become immersed in the freshness of a Californian vineyard with just one vape.”

 Dori: 3.5 stars. Gruesome Grape is a little off kilter to me…especially in the exhale. It almost tastes like watered down grape juice with a really strange off taste to it. The exhale is a lot more pleasing which is why this still maintained a decent score. The exhale is more of a lightly flavored grape soda and is pretty tasty. Gruesome Grape is still pretty smooth with a great vapor production. I enjoyed it a little better up at 50 watts, but I couldn’t find a place where I didn’t get that off taste in the inhale.

Alicia: 3 stars. Gruesome Grape is my least favorite out of this bunch. I’m not a fan of grape Kool-Aid and this reminds me of just that, without sugar and with too much water added to this mix. When I think of grape candy, I want a lot of sugar and a lot of flavor. Gruesome Grape has neither. The inhale is an extremely light flavor, almost as if I’m vaping a flavorless eliquid. Towards the end of the inhale, a hint of grape comes through. It’s almost like a sugar free grape candy. The exhale is more of the dull grape flavor followed by a not so good aftertaste.

Scott: 4 stars. This eliquid had a great aroma. It took a bit to actually get the true flavor of the grape flavoring, but there is no denying this is a grape flavor on the inhale. It is a little light on the grape I think, but unlike everyone else, I still thought it was good. When I exhaled, it reminded me more of a grape soda. The blend was sort of on the refreshing side, making me go back for more.

Louis: 3 stars. I was surprised by this eliquid because I was expecting an intense artificial grape flavor like in candy or pop, but it reminded me more of some fresh grape juice. Like Alicia, I didn’t think that there was a lot of flavor with this one either. All of the grape flavor came out in the exhale for me, and the inhale didn’t really grab me. This was another one I played with the wattages, and I noticed it got even sweeter on the exhale as I turned it up, but it didn’t change the bland inhale much.

 MAPLE WAFFLE MANIA:  “The perfect mixture of sugary aromas. Maple Waffle Mania eloquently combines layers of smooth vanilla, rich oak, and drizzled caramel. Meet pure bakery decadence. Don’t take a bite, just vape!”

 Dori: 4 stars. While I do get the smooth vanilla and a rich oak flavor, I’m really missing out on the whole name of the vape. This doesn’t remind me of a waffle or maple. The caramel is a nice touch that carries into the exhale and the throat hit is mild and smooth. It’s not a bad flavor, just different and not what I expected I guess. I used my SBS Joker Modz for this particular flavor, but had hit it prior on the regulated at 40 watts with relatively the same experience. The vapor production is great with Maple Waffle Mania and if you like a vanilla flavor with an oak undertone, this will be right up your alley…!!

Alicia: 4 stars. When I opened Maple Waffle Mania, I realized it was lacking on the smell. After vaping this, it’s also lacking on taste. It’s an extremely mild flavor that really needs to have more to it. I’m using my HexOhm v2.1 at 50 watts with my 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA built to .30 ohms. I tried this at various wattages and 50 seems to be where I can get more of the flavors coming through. The inhale is a waffle flavor with just hints of maple syrup coming through. The exhale is all waffle, the maple has disappeared. Now, the flavor is very mild and I do think there should be more of it, but the one thing I do really like is that I can taste more of the waffle with this e-liquid than I can with other waffle flavors I have tried. A lot are usually drowned out with the syrup, so being able to taste more of the waffle is definitely a bonus point for me. Now, just make this a little stronger and I’d be in love with it.

Scott: 4 stars. This had a very sweet and sugary smell when I opened the bottle. On the inhale, I tasted a lot of sweetness. but didn’t notice  any of the maple flavoring. It was mild to me and the waffle part was very light as well. On the exhale, I tasted a nice mixture because the waffle seemed to come out more and the maple mixed into it well giving me that buttery waffle taste. It gave me that combination that literally tastes like eating a waffle as it melts in my mouth.

Louis: 3.5 stars. This eliqud didn’t really have much of a maple or sweet taste. I could, however, taste the buttery waffles. I got the waffle taste right on the inhale followed up by the kind of buttery, sweet exhale. I decided to play with the wattage with this eliquid to see if I could get the maple taste to come out better somehow. Instead, I found that it got sweeter as the wattage went up, but not to a sweet maple taste as the name would suggest. There was not a lot of flavor to this eliquid, and not as sweet as I had hoped it would be.


One award and a few other fives thrown out there which is a pretty good showing for a first review. It is hard to do a simple flavor like vanilla well. Vanilla Vapers is a vanilla vape that I could actually enjoy in my rotation. Make sure you check the flavors out by getting the 30ml, the package deal, or checking for specials, as the price point is the only thing that didn’t strike my fancy. Most of the flavors were done really well and these eliquids are definitely made with quality ingredients. I believe that they have a definite place in the industry and the team and I are looking forward to seeing more from Walking Vaped!!!

As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.