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Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape Shops

It isn’t often that we gear an article in Spinfuel directly for vape shop owners… this is one of those rare times when we thought it would be appropriate. The Vimanna Vape Bar is worth talking about.

Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape ShopsWe recently spoke with the founder of Vimanna Vape Bar, as well as a happy client of Vimanna in New Hampshire (Christine at UnDun in Lebanon NH), and, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve tested out several custom e-liquids by Vimanna. We believe that the whole “Create Your Own E-Liquid” concept has finally found the right path, through the Vimanna Vape Bar concept.

However, please understand that we, Spinfuel, aren’t selling anything, nor are we in any way trying to convince you to invest in anything. We won’t make a dime, as it as always been, our intent is to inform.

We discovered the Vimanna Vape Bar while browsing Migvapor’s website and decided to talk to the founder of the company to find out more about it. We thought it might be an interesting idea for an article, which is what we told him, and he was candid and upfront about the whole thing. Always a plus.

Quality First

There are a lot of concepts out there for every business model. Concepts are great. They’re fun, adventurous,Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape Shops intriguing sometimes. But in order to get it out of the concept stage you better have a great product to offer, so, when it came to Vimanna Vape Bar the first thing we considered was the quality the eJuice.

No matter how fancy, or attractive a DIY vape bar is, if the quality of the e-liquid being made is crap, well, say goodbye to repeat customers. When we found out more about the Vimanna Vape Bar through MigVapor and UnDun’s Christine, we wanted to try our hand at making some custom flavored eJuice. If, and that was a big if at the time, the e-liquid we made was of exceptional quality then we would write an article aimed at vape shop owners to simply let them know about it.

Vimanna Vape Bar Concept

The Vimanna Vape Bar is mainly for vape shops that want to offer customers a high quality, great tasting Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape Shopscustom e-liquid on the spot. That said, Vimanna Vape Bar could also be used by a vendor or a vape shop website. Before getting to the physical vape shop concept, let’s do a quick overview of how it works online.

Custom E-Liquid Online 

Of course, we didn’t have the opportunity to walk up to a Vimanna Vape Bar and mix our own ejuice right there on the spot, so we asked MigVapor Company, the company behind the the Vape Bar, to let us mix up some custom eJuice and give it a try.

The online concept for the Vimanna Vape Bar allows visitors to create the same custom eJuice that visitors to vape shops can, with the ease of doing it online and having it mailed to the customer. The following, brief, rundown is on how it works for online customers. We will review the three eliquids we created with the online version of the Vape Bar in another article, for now, here’s how simple it is.

Creating a Bottle of Custom eJuice Online

Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape ShopsFirst, a customer visits the website that runs a Vimanna Vape Bar online. There they will see that they have the opportunity to mix up to 5 “flavors” in any combination. An actual Vimanna Vape Bar in a vape shop can offer up to 10 individual flavorings per bottle. To keep it a bit easier for online users 5 flavorings is seen to be plenty.

Migvapor has dozens of high-quality flavorings under the Vimanna Vape Bar label to choose from, so the combinations are nearly endless.

There are 5 drop-down menus that list all the flavorings available for mixing. The customer can choose 5 different flavors, or one or two, they can even choose how many “shots” of flavor to add to the mix, up to 5 online.

High VG Too!

Because this is 2015 customers even have the choice of choosing the VG ratio, from 50% VG and 50% PG to “High VG”. Nicotine options for 50:50 flavors are 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg, while the High VG options are 1.5, 3, and 6mg. Naturally, since our e-liquid team prefers High VG and 3mg nicotine that was what we chose for our custom eJuice.

Once the customer knows what flavors they want to mix, and the proportion for each one, they choose the Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape Shopssize of the bottle, 15mL or 30mL ($10.95 and $18.95). Place the order and in a couple of days the order arrives, in glass bottles, shrink-wrapped, and ready to vape. (All the VG/PG solutions are fully steeped, so there is no need to wait before vaping the new creation.)

Our custom blends were marvelous. Great flavor, abundant vapor production, and absolutely no sense of chemical or artificial smells or tastes were detected. These eliquids were deemed to be “premium-level” by the entire Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team.

The Vimanna Vape Bar On Location at Undun Vape Shop

Getting back to having a Vimanna Vape Bar in a brick and mortar vape shop, we interviewed Christine Clarenbach, the owner of Undun Vape Shop in Lebanon New Hampshire. You can check out their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram at ‘ undunnh ‘.

Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape ShopsBy talking with someone in the business, someone that talked with Migvapor at length, someone who had done much due diligence before making a decision to invest in a new idea, would carry a lot more weight than we would. After all, we may have read up on the concept, looked at the schematics, and tested out a few bottles of e-liquid, but Christine owns a Vimanna Vape Bar, and has for some time. Christine has seen the benefits, experienced the customer feedback, and everything else a vape shop owner would need to know before making an investment. Our interview focused on these issues, and we present that interview below.

Christine Clarenbach Talks To Spinfuel eMagazine

Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape ShopsSPINFUEL: First, I have to say, from the photographs of UnDun, your vape shop, it looks as though you have a stunning vape shop. UnDun is beautiful, with artistic touches I would expect to see in a New Hampshire shop. So, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Can you tell us about UnDun? Where exactly are you located, how long have you been in business, things like that.

Christine: Thank you for having me today. Our shop is located at 1 Main Street West Lebanon, NH. We are going into our 15th year in the same location. We started selling electronic cigarettes in 2007.

SPINFUEL:  Wow! You’ve been in since the beginning! Amazing. That does make you as close to being an expert as possible. You’ve seen this industry go from its infancy to its current stat. The stores you could tell! I imagine your ear is to the ground on all things vape-related, so how did you find out about the Vimanna e Juice Bar?

Christine: I had been selling MigCig Eliquid for about a year when they contacted me about the bar they were selling.

SPINFUEL:  Was it an easy decision to make, to add the Vimanna Vape Bar to your shop? If anyone would knowVimanna Vape Bar For Vape Shops what would be successful and what wouldn’t be, I’d say it was you. Was it easy?

Christine: Absolutley! After about an hour on the phone with them I completely understood all the benefits. From the endless juice flavor combinations to the VG/PG ratio to the nicotine strengths.

SPINFUEL:  When did you know that adding the Juice Bar was the right thing to do?

Christine: As soon as I got off the phone from the initial conversation. As I said I already knew what great quality flavors they have.

SPINFUEL:  Tell us how the Vimanna E Juice Bar has impacted your Vape Shop.

Christine: It has changed our customer buying process. Instead of coming in and testing 20-30 or more different flavors that are already pre-mixed, we just ask them what flavor profiles they like and start making suggestions on what custom juice they might want to make. Once you get them excited about the endless options they can have in their custom juice it’s all over from there.

Vimanna Vape Bar For Vape ShopsSPINFUEL: Was setting up the e Juice Bar a complicated ordeal?

Christine: No! It is really plug and play. The mixing station is fairly compact and very professional looking. The bottles all come with beautiful labels and the pump systems they supply are very high quality.

SPINFUEL: What was the immediate response from your regular customers? Did they take to it right away, or were they a bit shy to try it out?

Christine: The first response from the customers was WOW that is COOL! What is it? Then once we explained it to them they just had to try it.

SPINFUEL: How long did it take your customers to embrace the e Juice bar?

Christine: Most customers took to it right away but some people just had to see it and hear about it a couple times before they tried it.

SPINFUEL: Would you say the Vimanna e Juice Bar is gaining in popularity with your customers?

Christine: Gaining in popularity is an understatement! With a lot of our customers being drippers and with a bar atmosphere they are all sharing their custom mixes. The other part they love is that we let them name their juice and keep it on file behind the bar. So the next time they come in we can mix them the exact same juice.

SPINFUEL: If someone creates a particularly good recipe, is that recipe shared with others automatically or does the “inventor” need to give permission for you to allow others to access it?

Christine: If someone creates a good recipe the first thing they want to do is share it with everyone at the bar. Then they name it. Then they usually tell anyone else that they see in the bar for the next week that they need to try the “such n such” e-juice.

SPINFUEL: Have you created any special concoctions with the e Juice Bar that you now sell bottled and ready to go, or are these special recipes made fresh by demand?

Christine: We have not made any ready to go juices. We have created lots of special concoctions however. There is no need to have them pre bottled because we can mix any juice in about 3-5 minutes.

SPINFUEL: How many e Juice flavors can your customers choose from?

Christine: Currently we have 60 flavors and we just ordered another 20.

SPINFUEL: Do you see many customers creating some wicked crazy flavors or do they, for the most part, take the art of creating a new flavor seriously?

Christine: Some customers are a little crazy about it but we caution them that they should try to stay in the 4-5 flavor range. Others really take it like an art form and are very serious.

SPINFUEL: Can you briefly tell us how a customer enters your store and leaves with a bottle of personally created e Juice? What’s the process like, in other words?

Christine: When a customer decides that they want to make their own juice we hand them a laminated sheet with our flavors on it and we ask them what VG/PG ratio they vape. Then what nicotine strength they want. After we have the appropriate sealed bottle in our hand to the answers they gave us we can let the fun begin. The customer than picks flavors from the sheet totaling 10ml. As I said earlier we try to encourage them to stay in the 5 flavors or less range, but it’s their juice they can do what they want.

The pumps that Vimanna supplies allow us to adjust down to .25ml so we usually only put the first 8ml of flavor in and then let them tweak it from there until they get just what they want. Then they leave the store very excited with their own custom juice.

SPINFUEL: What is the current share of the e Juice bar and your other brands of bottled e Juice? Do you think the Juice Bar will overtake the sales of established brands anytime soon?

Christine: We are only one month in on the Vimanna bar and the word is spreading. At this point bottled juice still outsells custom juice but we have over 600 different bottled juices. My prediction is by the end of the first quarter of 2016 custom juice will be outselling bottled juice.

SPINFUEL: That sounds exciting! That being the case, I have to wonder, what would you like to see in 2016 from the Vimanna Juice Bar?

Christine: I would like to see Vimanna come out with 120ml bottles. Our customers just want bigger and bigger bottles of their own creations.

SPINFUEL: That is an excellent idea, and it could save customers even more money! Would you recommend the Vimanna e Juice Bar to other Vape Shop owners?

Christine: I would definitely recommend Vimanna juice bar to other vape shop owners. The entire concept is so cutting edge and they are really looking ahead to what is to come in the vaping industry. I understand they are already planning on what is coming as far as FDA regulations and ways to deal with them.

SPINFUEL: Forward thinking. I like it. Briefly if you can, what are the real benefits to the consumer and your vape shop to having a Vimanna e Juice Bar?

Christine: The advantages to the consumer is they can have any juice customized to their liking in a matter of 5 mins or less. The advantages to us as owners is that we are minimizing inventory by only having to stock the 30ml bottles with the different VG/PG & nicotine combinations and we can mix our customers any flavor under the sun.

SPINFUEL: Listening to you talk about your shop, the customers, and the Vimanna Vape Bar I get the urge myself to open a shop at some point, though that just won’t happen. But, I can tell you love it all, and since your shop is in MY home state, New Hampshire, makes it all the better. Next time I’m in the state, January probably, I’m going to make the drive from Nashua to Lebanon to see your gorgeous shop and to try out the Vimanna Vape Bar with my bare hands. Thank you so much for talking with us, I truly look forward to meeting you in person, and hanging out at your shop.

Final Thoughts

There has always been a market for custom-made eJuice, but because of several annoying issues, some genuine and some just simple greed, the concept has yet to truly take off. There are a few online sites that do this sort of thing, with varying results, but now, with Vimanna, I think the possibility of vape shop owners offering their customers a quality custom product at a fair price is very real.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Vimanna Vape Bar and how to get one installed in your vape shop, contact Migvapor and talk details.


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