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How Does Temperature Control Work In The DNA 40?

While I was at VCCT I was able to ask Oscar Rodriguez from VaporShark exactly how the DNA40 board senses temperature change to prevent dry hits. How does Temperature Control work anyway? I hope this video is informative, vape on!
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About Temperature Control

The ability to manually set the temperature of the eliquid in your vaporizer is another tool to perfecting your sweet spot. With variable wattage your vaporizer adjusts the voltage to create a good vape, and whether you change your tank, or the ohms of a new coil, you can still maintain the same wattage and the device will alter the voltage accordingly. You’ll find that with an Evolv DNA 40 board that when you switch tanks, or simply remove the tank to refill it, it will ask you whether this new attachment means a new coil or the same one when you reattach it, and it will calibrate itself accordingly once you answer by pressing the Up or Down button.

Being able to set the temperature means being able to set the warmth of your vapor without kicking up the wattage. Combine this with never having to feel the burn in your throat or the nasty taste of organic cotton in your mouth after a subohm dry hit and its practically nirvana.

However, all the above depends on using Ni200 (nickel) wire coils, either prebuilt coils or DIY. Without nickel wire the temperature control feature will not work…yet.

The Future

Soon, very soon, other companies will begin to release vaporizers with other means of controlling the temperature of your eliquid inside the tank. Some will license the DNA board, but some are developing means of reproducing the features of the Evolv DNA board without infringing on the patents held by Evolv. The new Pioneer4You IPV 4 is implementing the SX 350 J board by Yihiecigar, a 2nd generation intelligent board with several groundbreaking features. Once we have the opportunity to examine the IPV 4 and it’s board we’ll talk more about it. For now, consider this the infancy stage of temperature control and other intelligent features and its about to kick into overdrive.

The first Evolve DNA board was designed and used a few years back with the DNA 10, which was considered a game-changing board for vaporizers, but “temperature control” is a newest feature launched with the Evolv DNA 40, and once again its become a game changer in the subohm segment of the industry.

Obstacles For The Future (From “Is Temperature Control Vaping The Future?“)

There are a couple of obstacles that must be overcome before temperature control can be embraced by the vape community at large, and only after these obstacles have been removed will the vape community propel it enough to reach critical mass. But make no mistake; it will happen.

Temperature Control is both a safety feature and a feature that provides an even better vape. That said, in order to see it become widely used and accepted, the engineers need to find a way to make nickel wire less expensive and easier to work with, and/or they need to find a way to use temperature control with the more widely available and affordable metals, like Kanthal. I have no doubt that solutions will be found, and I believe it will be sooner rather than later. Until then, Ni200 wire is the only way to access the feature.

My first experience with nickel wire coils was with the purchase of two 5-pack Subtank coils I purchased from Vaporshark ($18.95 per 5-pack). After opening the mailing envelopment I saw that the two packs were actual Kanger products, not custom coils made by Vaporshark, something I expected to be the case. The next morning, while talking with my co-host Jack I learned that Ave40 had recently placed a large order with Kanger for these nickel coils, and because Ave40 had the foresight to believe in the future of temperature control we will soon see them available in many vendor stores and online shops. The price of these prebuilt Ni200 coil heads will be driven down, making them more attainable, and more Vapers will jump on devices built with DNA 40 or the SX350J boards, and as large Chinese manufactures come to market with their versions, or visions of temperature controllable vaporizers this amazing ability will no longer be the purview of Vaporshark and Vapor Flask. Is a temperature control Joyetech eGo One on the horizon? Will the next ProVari have it, or the next iStick? I’d certainly bet on it.