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Oh, the number of vape type products today is mind-boggling. If you’re new to vaping, and far from being an expert when it comes to vape hardware, you might find yourself shocked by the number of different vape type products that are available in today’s market. Although many of them may seem distinctive, the reality is that a lot of them are actually quite similar and the only real difference between them is the type.

Before you run off with this information and buy the first vape you see while under the impression that they’re all pretty much the same, you should really have a solid understanding of the different vape types that are out there so that you know which type to look for because each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. That’s where this expert guide comes in to help you understand the different types of vaping devices.

Vape Type: The Different Device Types Available

The most common types of vapes are:

  • Pod vapes
  • Vape pens
  • Disposable vapes
  • Cig-a-likes
  • Vape mods

There are other vape types, one might say, such as pod mods that combine mod technology with pod technology. There are even rechargeable and disposable types of pod vapes. But these are essentially variants that stem from one of the core types listed above.

To choose between the mess of different vaping devices that are out there, you first must choose the type that suits you best. To help you make that decision, you will want to read the definitions of each type below.

Vape Type: What Is A Pod Vape?

A personal favorite of many vapers is the pod vape, which is a vape type that is defined by its use of vape pods. The pod is what holds the vaping liquid and houses the atomizer. Because liquid needs to be replenished when it’s expended and atomizers must be replaced once they burn out, the real convenience of vaping with a pod is that the pod contains everything that must be replaced so if you’re vaping with a disposable pod system then all you ever have to do is change the pod and charge the battery.

There are pod systems that use disposable pods like the Viggo Series and those that use refillable pods like the Zero 2. While disposables are more convenient, refillable pods can be used with a wider range of e-juices.

Another defining attribute of most pod systems is compactness. At their largest, pod system vapes are usually no larger than a typical vape pen. The smallest pod systems fit easily into the palm of a hand. Vapers that prefer to carry their vape with them at all times are likely to appreciate how small pod vapes are.

Salts, as in nicotine salts, are prevalent in vape pod liquid. Pod devices are generally not sub-ohm devices and they operate at a low wattage, allowing them to be used with salts. When it comes to e-liquid, salts can be used in place of traditional freebase nicotine to achieve a smoother draw. As they’re smoother than freebase forms of nicotine when vaped, e-juice can be infused with salts at a higher nicotine strength without reaching the point at which it’s too harsh for most vapers.

Vape Type: What Is A Vape Pen?

EXPERT GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE RIGHT VAPE TYPEVaporizer pens come in many different styles but they’re all powered by batteries and they’re all designed to take up roughly the same amount of space as an ordinary pen that is used for writing. Some have voltage or wattage controls, airflow adjustments, and compatibility with different types of vape cartridges.

There is more than a little variation between the different vape pens that are out there. Compared to pod systems, they tend to have stronger batteries and are often compatible with 510-threaded tanks and carts.

While many pod vapes use their own proprietary vape pods, vape pen batteries tend to be much more universal thanks to the widespread adoption of 510-thread. As a result, vapers can buy and use a variety of carts and tanks from various manufacturers with their pens. The versatility alone makes pen vapes popular device types with many of the world’s vapers.

Vape Type: What Is A Disposable Vape Type?

Disposable vaping devices is a vape type made to be used and then disposed of once they’ve run out. They come filled with vape juice and their batteries tend to be fully charged. They can be used right out of the box, making them one of the easiest types of e-cigarettes to begin vaping with.

One huge downside, if you care about such things, is that disposables are a major source of e-waste from vaping. Somewhat shockingly, many of them, despite their name, actually use rechargeable batteries but lack a charging port that can be used to recharge them.

As a result, they often end up in a landfill at the end of their life cycle, which should be considerably longer seeing as the batteries could technically be recharged and reused. The upside, however, is convenience. Disposables are perhaps the most convenient type of vaping device available.

Flavors are limited when compared to the world of e-juice flavors that refillable vapes can use. Despite this, many vapers choose to use them and they certainly do the job. In some cases, disposable vape manufacturers offer a fairly substantial number of flavors to pick between so there really isn’t too much downside as a result of the flavor limitation that comes with disposables.

Some of the newest disposable devices can be recharged. How exactly does this make sense? Easy. They come with more e-juice than their fully charged battery can handle. To continue using them until all of the vape juice that’s in them is gone, vapers need only to recharge the battery. This, at least, makes better use of the hardware and reduces the rate at which e-waste is produced.

For the ultimate level of convenience, choose a disposable. If you’re concerned with the impact that e-waste has on our world, then perhaps consider just about any refillable alternative.

Vape Type: What Is A Cig-A-Like?

Mimicking a traditional cigarette, the cig-a-like has found its place as one of the most popular types of e-cigarettes for new vapers to get started with when transitioning from cigarette smoking to e-juice vaping. They’re usually nowhere near as powerful as the heavy-hitting devices like box mods, but, they still manage to get the job done and they have the added benefit of being similar to cigarettes.

Their similarities to traditional cigs are what really makes them what they are and the fact that they look a lot like a regular cigarette is quite possibly what attracts so many new vapers to them. For smokers who are transitioning to vapor, a vaping device like a cig-a-like makes that transition a little less daunting.

Some cig-a-likes are all-in-one devices that are disposable. Others have replaceable cartridges and rechargeable batteries that make it possible to continue vaping by swapping empty carts for fresh ones and recharging the battery.

What Is A Vape Mod?

EXPERT GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE RIGHT VAPE TYPEMods are what many advanced vapers swear by. They have more features, more powerful vapor production, and more user control over vapor production than most of the other types of vaping devices. Their big downside, however, is how difficult they can be for new vapers to get started with.

For first-timers, most mods are probably not the ideal device. Once vapers have a solid grasp of ohms, wattage, voltage, airflow, wicks, coils, and e-juice, it is at that point that a vaping mod might sound like the best option.

With mods, vapers are essentially choosing a battery based on its size, power, and features, and then choosing a vape tank to go with it. By combining these two components, vapers can effectively create their own vape and tailor it to produce vapor the way that they desire.

This is not to say that other types of vapes don’t provide similar features, such as variable wattage, only that these types of features are basically standard when it comes to mods.

A big drawback for many vapers when it comes to mods is the size of mod batteries. They’re usually big. Some might even describe them as “chunky” due to their size. Compared to cig-a-likes and pod systems, they’re basically massive. Sure, there are ones that will fit somewhat nicely in your pocket, but they’ll still take up more space than your average pod vape or cig-a-like.

The Vape Type That Matches Your Vaping Style

Experienced vapers that don’t mind the chunky size of a vape mod can appreciate the features and customizability that they offer. New vapers, in contrast, are likely to be better off with virtually any other vape type.

The easiest to get started with is likely a disposable vape type. There’s no learning curve there, you just draw vapor from the mouthpiece and that’s all there is to it. When it’s out of vape juice and its battery stops working, that’s when it’s replaced with a new one fresh out of its package.

Vapers who appreciate the convenience of disposables but not how much it costs to keep buying them will want to look towards refillable options as an alternative. Pods and pens are a good choice here because both types do come in refillable and rechargeable designs.

The best vape type for you is the one that serves you best. Just remember to do your research before you rush to buy a new device because they’re definitely not all made the same.

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