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Though it didn’t get much attention when compared to its sibling devices, the Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3 was a pretty innovative device. It may not have been the first device to run with multiple battery configurations, but it was certainly my favorite. Since then, several companies have attempted to ape that design and format, but until now, none have stood out as viable. The Vaptio N1 Pro (Check it out here on the Vaptio website) might just be the next evolution of this design. Though we have yet to get a test model in our hands, we couldn’t help but post a few words about this sizable, but sleek two- or three-battery powerhouse.

For the uninitiated, the concept of this battery design is simple – the user has the option to swap battery doors to accommodate either two or three 18650 cells. With two batteries, the N1 Pro serves up a potential 200 watts of power, while three cells will give you longer duration, and 240 watts of power.

Regardless of which configuration you choose, Vaptio made the N1 Pro a sizeable metal beast. At a hair taller than 92mm, with 55mm of width and another 45mm of depth, this is no pocket rocket. But it’s no ugly behemoth, either. The N1 Pro has a bold, modern design that exudes both power and maturity, in either battery setup.


Surprisingly, the N1 Pro has a comparatively small 0.91-inch OLED display, which is somewhat dwarfed by the sheer mass of the device as a whole. But the vertically oriented full-color screen appears to be legible, with power, voltage, resistance and individual battery life readings clearly visible to the user.


Also surprising is how narrow the raised 510 connection is, considering the sheer girth of the N1 Pro. Though I don’t foresee any overhang with 25mm atomizers, there could be some odd gaps for larger tanks, thanks to the elevated lip. This is something we’ll put to the test when the N1 Pro arrives at our desks.

Vaptio N1 Pro Mod Preview Spinfuel VAPE

In terms of features, the N1 Pro is packed, with power, bypass, temperature control, and custom user curve modes, all with their own distinct displays – including a very nice custom curve visual that maximizes every portion of the diminutive screen.


The N1 Pro can handle Kanthal, Ni200, titanium, and nichrome, along with full TCR capabilities, memory slots, and my favorite feature of all – a return/back button to make menu navigation more intuitive. It might be odd that a back button would be an anticipated feature of a vape mod, but anyone who has seen me wrestle with obtuse menu trees will appreciate my enthusiasm.


Vaptio doesn’t make much mention of the chipset, so we’re not clear on what is powering the operating system. But one element the company is touting heavily for the N1 Pro is the protection suite, which offers safety from over-vaping, low voltage, short circuits, overheating and temperature protection.


We’ve seen these options on other mods, of course, but Vaptio’s heavy focus on this element is reassuring, especially with 240 potential watts coming from this massive mod.


There’s certainly a lot to like about Vaptio’s latest offering, but we’ll reserve judgment for testing time. It should be noted that the N1 Pro will be offered as both a standalone device and a kit, with the Frogman sub-ohm tank. Should the kit version arrive, we’ll certainly put the Frogman through its paces, as well.


What’s your take on the N1 Pro? We’ve got a lot of discussion going on around the office, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Vaptio N1 Pro Mod Preview Spinfuel VAPE

Vaptio N1 Pro specs:

  • Color Display
  • Over Vaping protection
  • Low Voltage protection
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Over Heating protection
  • Multiple output modes: 240W max output, Bypass, Temper, Custom


Vaptio N1 Pro contents:

  • 1x N1 Pro 240W Mod
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Battery Cover