Vape Craft Inc. has just released a new blend of delicious e-liquids called the Vapors Anonymous Line, one of their original lines from years ago. Consisting of 5 new flavors, including Relapse, Twelve Steps, Milk of the Gods, The Sponsor and Vapeaholic, this new hand-crafted line of superior eJuice has not been farmed out to an e-liquid manufacturer, as many brands are today. Vape Craft carefully crafted each one, and manufacturers them in their own clean rooms.


Vapors Anonymous is the first e-juice line that Vape Craft has made. However, way back in January 2016 we reviewed some eliquids from Vape Craft, and it did not go well. That review even included a very different version of Milk of the Gods, and back then the score was not very good. Oh, how things change. Since that review Vape Craft has literally changed just about every aspect of the Vapors Anonymous line to include top-shelf ingredients, 70/30 VG/PG blends, and flavorings that make the 2016 flavorings completely obsolete. Vape Craft has been around for years, but this line of Vapors Anonymous proves that companies can evolve, improve, and become leaders in the industry.

Over the past two years we’ve seen so many eJuice brands just disappear, refusing to change with the times, or bother to live up to the realities we all face in the vape industry. The fact that Vape Craft is still going strong, still being innovative, and still a major player, proves that wise leadership and dedication wins out.

We’ve been told that it has been the passion of Vape Craft to hand-craft a truly amazing line of ejuice, and after spending a lot of time with these new blends, vaping all the flavors in one of the top sub-ohm tanks on the market (also available at Vape Craft), the SMOK TFV12 Prince, we can truly say that every flavor in the line has been a sheer delight.

A Word from Vape Craft (About Vapors Anonymous)

Back on the 12 Steps to find your Higher Power, which might have you vaping some Milk of the Gods and searching for the Mystic Diamond- precaution……Relapse is on the horizon. Don’t get Hypnotized and fall back into the same old habits or soon you may become a Streetwalker by night! Get on the phone-quick!! Call The Sponsor; she will set you straight and on your way to becoming a Vapeaholic. Back to the 12 Steps….vape….enjoy!


And with that…. on we go!

The Vapors Anonymous Line in Brief

Milk of the Gods“Milk of the Gods is a creamy caramel flavored reviewed with a surprising twist of golden nectar and a hint of cinnamon.”– Vape Craft

The Sponsor – “The Sponsor is a juicy pink strawberry chewy candy that will have you drooling with excitement! Its sure to become everyone’s new favorite candy flavor!” – Vape Craft

Relapse – “Relapse is a creamy pineapple float that will stop you from relapsing back to those lesser eliquids. With just one taste of this classic flavor you’ll be whipped.” – Vape Craft

Twelve Steps – “Twelve Steps will satisfy your taste buds with this fruity and sour eliquid blend. A delicious apricot and honeydew exhale with a hint of sour to finish it off.” – Vape Craft

Vapeaholic – “Vapeaholic will take your taste buds to a tropical paradise with hints of orange cream, strawberry, coconut, and watermelon that will leave you feeling refreshed after each hit!”

The Spinfuel VAPE Review

It’s been a while since the team has gathered together to do a full on Spinfuel Vape Team Review, but if anything could get back in the saddle it was these great new flavors from Vape Craft. Our methods stayed the same, we each received a 60mL bottle of each flavor, and vaped with the SMOK Prince tank (reviewed here), changing out the Coil with each new flavor. The coils we chose for this review was the TFV12-Prince-X6. The X6 has been around since the Prince launch last year and provides a solid and authentic flavor fidelity and rich clouds of vapor.

Vapors Anonymous Review

Milk of the Gods – A Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award Winner

2018 Spinfuel VAPE Choice AwardJulia – 5 Stars – Vape Craft tells us that Milk of the Gods is a creamy caramel with a twist of nectar and a hint of cinnamon. It is, and on the inhale is where you’ll taste that creamy caramel, and on the exhale, there is this awesome blend of a flavor honey and just a touch of cinnamon at the tail end of exhale. This is a very smooth vape that isn’t too sweet, but just sweet enough. A great eJuice to begin the day and vape all day long. I was surprised and delighted that Milk of the Gods has been added to my daily rotation.Vapors Anonymous eJuice by Vape Craft – A Review



Tom – 5 Stars – To do caramel justice it takes someone that knows exactly how caramel vapor ‘should’ taste on the tongue. Whoever it was at Vape Craft that developed Milk of the Gods knew how to get the most out of a creamy caramel flavoring and balance it with a drop of honey, sweet rice milk, and just a pinch of cinnamon. An all-day-vape, best vaped as warm vapor (65-70W with the Prince X6 coil), this is one eJuice that every vapor should try. My tastebuds found bliss with Milk of the Gods.


Jason – 5 Stars – My choice to award the full 5 stars to Milk of the Gods is based on two flavors and how they hit on each draw I took. The first was this sweet caramel flavor on the inhale and at the start of the exhale. Then, once a good exhale gets started the tastebuds are flooded by a natural honey flavor then gently touched with a hit of light, sweet cinnamon at the very end.


Keira – 5 Stars – Just by reading the official flavor description I was looking forward to vaping Milk of the Gods (and the rest of Vapors Anonymous). A good caramel flavoring is more common today than it was a few years back, so Milk of the Gods delivered a truly nice layer of creamy caramel. As far as I’m concerned Vape Craft could have ended it there, with the awesome caramel flavoring, but they really went for it by blending in the perfect amount of honey and a drop of cinnamon. I kinda wish the cinnamon would hit a little harder at the exhale, but I’m not complaining. This is good stuff, and on my rotation right now.

The Sponsor – Pink Strawberry Candy

Vapors Anonymous eJuice by Vape Craft – A ReviewJulia – 4.5 Stars – If you are at all familiar with a certain candy treat that is sort of like taffy, but softer and easier on your teeth, you’ll recognize this flavor. There is a unique strawberry flavor, mixed with soft chewy candy, and it is so smooth that it can be vaped all day long without losing its flavor. I loved it, as did our boss, Dave. He was begging us all for more.


Tom – 4.5 Stars – Sometimes I find an eliquid that delivers such deep flavor in an unworldly smoothness, that I know it’s going to be a part of my vape life for a long time. With “The Sponsor” though, the strawberry flavoring was definitely “candy-like” and not as authentic as I like in my strawberry flavors. However, even with this candy flavor I’m going to be buying The Sponsor once a month at least. Worth a vape, especially if you can get it on sale.


Jason – 5 Stars – As far as quality goes, Vape Craft’s Vapors Anonymous line is at the top of the list. I would even say that the hand-crafted quality is as good, or better than some of my long-time favorites like KILO and Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Vape Craft is a full-service vendor, and unlike some of the BIG names in eliquid, they also carry a full line of vape gear, which makes Vapors Anonymous line even more special. Imagine the work, the passion, and the dedication it takes to create a line like this and still manage other lines of juice AND vape gear? Amazing. Anyway, as much as I enjoyed The Sponsor it is, after all, a candy strawberry vape; sweet, flavorful and producing tons of clouds. I enjoyed it best as very warm vapor, and despite the fact that strawberry candy flavors are not usually on my list of favorites, The Sponsor made my rotation.


Keira – 5 Stars – If you’ve been a reader of Spinfuel VAPE’s team eliquid reviews you might understand that I am always giving out more 5-star scores than the other three members. The reason is simple; I love to vape. I really love huge clouds and sweet awesome flavors, except tobacco flavors. This strawberry candy blend is on the sweet side and using my SMOK X-PRIV (reviewed here) and a TFV12 Prince with the X6 coil, the clouds that The Sponsor (and the others) produces are phenomenal. Combine these fantastic clouds with a sweet smooth strawberry candy flavor and you have a winning blend. An eliquid you must vape to believe.

Relapse – A Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award Winner

2018 Spinfuel VAPE Choice AwardVapors Anonymous eJuice by Vape Craft – A ReviewJulia – 5 Stars – Every time I see that an eJuice blend includes Pineapple I think “Pina Colada”. But Relapse is something else altogether, it’s more of pineapple + thick vanilla ice cream. It’s as close to a genuine Pineapple Float then I thought possible. As I write this I’m on my last tank of Relapse, and with every exhale the clouds are so thick (and tasty) that I have to stop typing for 3 or 4 seconds, until the screen and the keys on my laptop are visible again.  Vaping my Prince Tank with an X6 coil at 69W I get a mouthful of semi-sweet pineapple topped off with rich cream that lights up my tastebuds like a grand dessert. Although I would love to see this exact recipe replicated with banana flavoring, I know that Relapse is going to be in my rotation for quite a long time.


Tom – 5 Stars – Warm, luscious ripe pineapple with rich cream comes together in this 70/30 VG/PG blend in such a way that satisfies on every level the best eliquids can. Enormous clouds, intense flavor, but never overwhelming, Relapse is one of the best, if not the best, pineapple blend I’ve had in years. In my rotation, Relapse is an ejuice that has to be awarded a Choice Award.


Jason – 5 Stars – Before Relapse I haven’t had a pineapple flavored eliquid in my collection since 2013. Pineapple ejuice can come off too strong, or too weak, or even too sweet, while its companion is usually a coconut flavoring to balance the stark pineapple traits. Relapse changes everything. This is a ripe pineapple with the exact amount of rich cream needed to create a totally new and unique pineapple sensation. If you like pineapple flavored eliquids, Relapse has to be on your short list. Go to Vape Craft and get the discount code and pick up a bottle or two of every Vapors Anonymous flavor and make sure Relapse is one of them. Outstanding.


Keira – 5 Stars – A pineapple float? Yep. Rich sweet pineapple blended together with a delicious creamy flavoring that is so smooth, so flavorful, and at the same time such a cloud maker that you’ll wonder why no one has created pineapple and cream in this way before. I vaped every bit of Relapse I received for review, and immediately thereafter put another order in for more. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before with a pineapple blend. Try out all five of Vapors Anonymous, especially with the 40% off discount code, and your vaping life will get better than ever. Best. Pineapple. Ever.

Twelve Steps – Apricot and Honeydew Blend

Vapors Anonymous eJuice by Vape Craft – A ReviewJulia – 4 Stars – I guess there is always one in a new line up that becomes the least liked, and in this collection called Vapors Anonymous, Twelve Steps is the one I least liked. But, the reason has nothing to do with the quality of ingredients, it has everything to do with the fact that honeydew and apricot are not great flavors for me. More specifically, Twelve Steps has a very strong apricot flavor on the exhale which overwhelms the honeydew until it almost disappears. Not everyone will agree with me, and they shouldn’t. Apricot just isn’t something I like.


Tom – 5 Stars – Of the five eliquids in the Vapors Anonymous line, Twelve Steps is the boldest of them all. And, one of my favorites. While I agreed with Julia that the apricot flavor was the strongest of the two main flavors, the combination works for those Vapers looking for a flavor blend that makes a statement, yet still manages to create huge clouds of vapor. It’s a specialty fruit that is less sweet than the others, and creates a clean, crisp vape experience. I’m sure I won’t vape Twelve Steps every day, but I certainly plan on keeping a bottle on hand. If you like apricots, you’re going to love this one.


Jason – 5 Stars – I broke with the team on Twelve Steps by first vaping it with the X6 coil and then switched out to SMOK’s Mesh Coil. With the X6 coil the blend of apricot and honeydew seems like a mashed-up flavor creation, and I wanted to see if the same flavor combination it identically with a more complicated coil type.


Using the V12 Dual Mesh coil provided great separation of the flavors, allowing me to catch the apricot and the honeydew in equal measure. This coil has a resistance of 0.2-ohm and a “best” range of 65-75W. For Twelve Steps I used 75W on my Lost Vape Triade DNA250C and as if by magic, Twelve Steps became this strange, yet delicious combination of flavors on the exhale. Fantastic clouds, rich flavors, Twelve Steps can be that blend Vapers reach for when they’re tired of the same-old-same-old.


Keira – 4.5 Stars – Julia and I vaped Twelve Steps at the same time, and while Julia thought it was much too different to enjoy, I found it to be a wonderful change. When I hear descriptions like “sweet and sour”, or even just “sour” I usually don’t even try to understand them, and at first, I felt the same with Twelve Steps. This creative blend uses a unique combination of apricots and honeydew, but if you use a good sub-ohm tank with a coil made for flavor you’ll discover that the tail end of the exhale also presents a lemony flavor that kind of ties them all together into one of the eliquids that people bring out to shake things up. I might not vape Twelve Steps every day, but I will add to my collection for times when my current favorites leave me cold and wanting something different.

Vapeaholic – Saving the Best of Last – Spinfuel Vape Choice Award

Vapors Anonymous eJuice by Vape Craft – A Review2018 Spinfuel VAPE Choice AwardJulia – 5 Stars – Vapeaholic is the most wonderful blend of tropical flavors I have ever had the pleasure to vape. Sounds hyperbolic, I know, but I’m telling you, somehow Vape Craft’s mixologist found a way to combine the exactly percentages of sweet oranges, ripe strawberries, coconut, and a slight hint of sweet watermelon that instantly wants to be your best friend.


An orange cream flavor is the first flavor to hit the tastebuds, followed by a smooth coconut/strawberry concoction, and at the very end of the exhale with the Prince tank, X6 coil, and 65W or power, the taste of watermelon comes in cleanse the palette and get you ready for the next draw on the tank. I love Vapeaholic, and it has become a permanent addition to my rotation.


Tom – 5 Stars – Reading off the “official” flavors blended into Vapeaholic I believed this was the one I wouldn’t like. First, orange flavoring is very hard to get right, very few can do it. Second, the addition of both coconut AND strawberry? Not gonna happen. Lastly, the watermelon? Why? Then, I filled a new tank and coil, allowed it to saturate and began vaping. My initial response was “WHAT? This is amazing!”


As the coil was broken in the incredible combination of flavors became more mature, deeper, richer, and produced big clouds of aromatic greatness. I wish I had been there when the final recipe was created because something like this does not come around often. Vapeaholic is the Abbey Road of Eliquids.


Jason – 5 Stars – We used fresh coils with each flavor, so at first, Vapeaholic was very heavy on the orange cream flavor. The exhale was a sweet orange cream that could have been the end of it and it still would have received my 5 Stars. But as the coil broke in the other flavors began to reveal themselves. First was the hint of coconut, then the strawberry found its way onto my tastebuds, and finally, but barely, the watermelon flavors floated atop the tastebuds and the whole recipe came together like magic. If you’ve tried orange heavy flavors before and found them lacking, give Vapeaholic a try and see how a master mixologist can create magic.


Keira – 5 Stars – I think my first enjoyable orange flavored eliquid was around two years ago. Before that, orange-centric blends were awful, artificial, chemically tainted, and just awful. Today, in 2018, the perfect orange-centric blend has been created and it is called Vapeaholic. I found it hard to believe that I got so much enjoyment out of this complex, layered blend.


Every once and a while, if you’re lucky, you’ll find an eliquid that becomes a part of your personal vape journey, and for me it is this fantastical blend called Vapeaholic. A must try for every Vaper.

Last Words

Vapors Anonymous by Vape Craft is an excellent line of eliquids that every member of the team will remember for a very long time. From the deep, richness of Milk of the Gods, to the magical mystery tour of Vapeaholic, these five blends remind us all that the creativity of mixologists is alive and well.