Upon receiving my very own Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm RTA, this  is exactly what I said…. “Holy hell, this thing is big.” After using it for a couple of weeks, it hasn’t gotten any smaller, but now I’m more apt to say, “where has it RTA been all my life?”

There’s no getting around it — the Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA is monstrously big (as far as RTA’s go). With a versatile, easy-to-use build deck, adjustable airflow, and a real sense of “bigger and better,” the Trilogy checks off a lot of boxes for us.

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA

purple - Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTALet’s see why, starting with the specs.

 The Trilogy RTA offers up to 5mL capacity when using the upgraded bubble glass capacity. Originally holding up to 2mL with the straight glass tube, the Trilogy features a large postless build deck. Equipped with a central airflow that ventilates beneath the coil structures, airflow is taken in from a multi-hole dual slotted airflow control ring at the base. With large deck based terminals, the Vaperz Cloud Trilogy can fit massive coils to create delicious clouds of vapor.

Vaperz Cloud TRILOGY 30mm RTA Features:

  • 30mm Diameter
  • 22mm Build Deck
  • 2mL Glass Capacity
  • 5mL Bubble Glass Capacity
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Quarter Turn Top Fill System – Dual Fill Ports
  • Postless Build Deck – Quad Deck Based Terminals
  • Terminal Size – 2.5mm x 3mm
  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
  • Side Secured via Flathead Screws
  • Efficient Wicking System
  • Dual Sided Multi Hole Airflow – 7.8mm x 6.4mm
  • Ventilated Directly Beneath Coils
  • Threaded 510 Connection
  • Available in Sky Blue, Purple, Red, Teal (Green), and Matte Black

The Vaperz Cloud TRILOGY Includes:

  •  Trilogy RTA
  •  Instruction Manual
  •  Spare Screws and O-Rings
  •  Extension Piece
  • Bubble Glass
  • Bubble Extension Glass

Initial Impressions and Aesthetics of the 30mm Vaperz Cloud Trilogy

package - Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTARight away, RTA veterans are going to be surprised at how big the Trilogy appears to be, considering the modest juice capacity. But both the stock 2mL straight glass/metal section and the 5mL-capacity bubble glass section look like they could house a small army, so builders can rejoice — someone is making stuff for us again!


And for once, I actually prefer the smaller tank format on the Trilogy. Because the already-broad exterior looks damn sharp, standing out from all the faceless bubble glass extensions in my collection. In 2020, it’s the little things that count, and this thing looks great, regardless of the design inspiration.


The build deck is extremely simple to use, with a narrow, postless setup to hold both ends of the coil lead. It gets wide enough to handle most any wire, but can get tight enough to handle the thin-wire coils some old-school stalwarts still insist on using. I appreciate a versatile deck, and Vaperz Cloud delivers big time, here.

My only slight complaint? Out of the box, the airflow control ring needs two wrestlers and three strongmen just to move it. Some elbow grease (and spare e-liquid) finally moved it along, but prepare for a workout when you first open the package. This might also explain a few of the leakiness problems we found during testing.

Using the Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA

Let’s start with the building. While getting coils placed is a breeze, wicking is a finicky thing on the Trilogy. All RTAs have little quirks when it comes to getting the right balance of cotton to juice flow, but the Trilogy took me a little longer than usual to find that sweet spot. And even then, once the cotton broke in a bit, there was still some spitback.

More than a few times I found myself mopping up excess e-liquid from the airflow control holes. At first, I thought it was condensation from excessive use, but over time, I realized the tank — even with the extended glass installed — wasn’t meant to be left too full. As a result of this oversight, more than a few milliliters escaped while I wasn’t looking.

Near-Flawless Coil Builds

build deck - Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTABut man, when you get the build right? It’s near-flawless in terms of flavor clarity and vapor production. Maybe it’s a little difficult to achieve In an era of quad coil sub-ohm tanks and newfangled RTA designs, the Trilogy is a refreshing return to dual-coil simplicity, with a laser-focus on flavor clarity and consistency. Yes, the Trilogy can chuck its share of clouds, but if you’re buying this RTA to fog rooms, you’re missing the point.


Using a wide range of coils and liquids, I tried to “trip up” the Trilogy in hopes of finding SOME flaws in its performance, but failed. You see, there’s beauty in simplicity, and there was basically none to be had. Sure, I had a gurgle here or a misfire there, but the Trilogy didn’t care if it was a complex Clapton coil, or a few simple twists of straight wire — the results were largely identical.

red - Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTAOne minor performance note — on higher wattages, the Trilogy gets a little warmer than I prefer, with the base lacking any grooves to channel heat away from the source. On mid-range wattages, it’s barely noticeable, but higher (100+) wattage outputs could cause some discomfort.


  • Works amazingly when wicked properly
  • Simple, efficient build deck
  • Massive, commanding check


  • It’s awfully big for such limited capacities
  • Wicking is tricky for newcomers
  • Stiff airflow control out of the box

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

In a market that’s moving away from rebuildable anything, it’s always nice to get a new RTA on our desks. But it’s even nicer to get one with the quality and performance of the Trilogy. While it has a few quirks, a massive footprint, and a simplistic format that might turn away some users, there’s no denying that less fuss makes for simpler, more enjoyable vaping through and through.


Score: A-