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Last Updated on May 8, 2018 by Team Spinfuel

Throughout the reviews on Spinfuel VAPE, we regularly test mods and tanks to their maximum capabilities, but always acknowledge that “most vapers” rarely hang out at those elevations. Because, let’s face it – regular, ongoing vaping over 150 watts (high-wattage sub-ohm tanks) can be pretty aggressive, even for the most seasoned users. However, these power lovers are out there, and we need to make sure they have the best possible advice… or at least our expert opinions.


Though there’s a bit of crossover between this list and our other sub-ohm tank breakdowns. But there’s also a wide range of new names to check out, along with a few chestnuts from yesteryear (okay, last year) that still meet and exceed our parameters for best high-wattage sub-ohm tanks.


Read on to see if your favorites made the list…

The Best High-Wattage Sub-Ohm Tanks for 2018

All the Best High-Wattage Tanks

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Sigelei SLYDR L Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

SLYDR L atomizer from sigeleiDespite the “slender” and “svelte” sounding name, the Sigelei SLYDR L is a sizable, robust high-wattage tank designed for high power users. (The “SLYDR” name refers to the sliding top-fill system Sigelei introduced in this design.)


And high power is exactly what the SLYDR L wants – with a 28mm diameter, rugged stainless-steel body, 5.5mL juice capacity, and an all-new set of coils that reach maximum wattage without so much as breaking a sweat. Hell, it even has a ball-bearing reinforced airflow control ring to allow for the most durable, effortless precision over your vaping experience.


The SLYDR L coil system debuted with this tank kit, and what an impression it made. Starting with the 0.2-ohm L12 head that reaches an astronomical 285 watts, using a six-chamber, dual-coil per-chamber format for absolutely MONSTROUS vapor production at max power.


That’s not to say the other coils don’t hold their own. The 0.15-ohm L8 hits 200 watts with ease, while the 0.18-ohm L10 rocks 250 watts just as effortlessly. And no, you don’t NEED to stay at astronomical heights to enjoy any one of them – they are pretty damn effective at more reasonable wattages, too.


But when you crank up the SLYDR, it sings where other high-wattage tanks show cracks in the armor. Though this system hasn’t received a wealth of press so far, once users get a hold of one, we expect that to change…


Sigelei SLYDR L Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 28mm Diameter
  • 5mL Juice Reservoir
  • Superior 303 Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Resistance Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Ultra-Performance SLYDR L Coil Family
  • 2ohm SLYDR L12 Coil Head – rated for 50-285W
  • 18ohm SLYDR L10 Coil Head – rated for 50-250W
  • 15ohm SLYDR L8 Coil Head – rated for 50-200W
  • Enormous Dual Air slot at Base
  • Precision Ball-Bearing Airflow Ring
  • Convenient Sliding Top-Fill Design
  • POM Wide bore Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection


STANDARD Pack Includes:

  • 1 SLYDR L Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.15ohm SLYDR L8 Coil
  • 1 0.18ohm SLYDR L10 Coil
  • 1 0.2ohm SLYDR L12 Coil
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • Spare O-Rings

Instructional Manual

Vaping AMP Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

vaping amp the tanker sub ohm tank by rig mod package contentsThis one caught us by surprise. Because, once the market for high-wattage sub-ohm tanks began to grow, we never expected one of our favorites to come from a relatively unknown company – and an American one, to boot!


But the Vaping AMP (which stands for “American Made Products”) Tanker is not only a top-tier high-wattage tank, but it’s a top-tier vaping product in general, regardless of how hard you push it, or how high your wattage limits reach.


The 25mm Tanker sports a streamlined, relatively subdued design, but features high-quality construction and machining, so it still comes across as a serious, high-end device. And there’s a huge glass section, so you can see just how quickly the 5mL e-liquid capacity drops when the Tanker hits 180 watts of smooth, flavorful power.


Plus, as a nice bonus for fans of versatility, the Tanker also accepts the proven and potent SMOK TFV8 Beast coils, and arguably vapes them better than the SMOK original. If you have some TFV8 coils sitting around unused, consider the Tanker a good reason to dust them off and fire them up.


Vaping AMP The Tanker by Rig Mod Features:


  • 25mm Diameter
  • 5mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Design
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • Black Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • 0.15ohm Vertical Coil – rated for 50 to 180W
  • Compatible with the TFV8 Replacement Coils
  • 510 Connection




  • 1 The Tanker
  • 2 0.15ohm Vertical Coils
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube

Sigelei REVOLVR Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

sigelei revolvr sub ohm tank red 2Though not QUITE as ambitious as some of the other high-wattage sub-ohm vape tanks on this list, Sigelei’s REVOLVR still has coils that reach higher than most… and perform better than most at those elevations. The spiritual successor to the awesome SLYDR L, the REVOLVR may not have the same upper limits has its big brother, but it brings an awful lot of versatility to the table.


The 24mm REVOLVR has a suitably muscular exterior, made of 303 stainless steel and high borosilicate glass, so durability isn’t in question. But more importantly, the 4mL tank introduces a proprietary coil system that houses three independent coils along with a four coils option, allowing for a much more customizable experience than most high-wattage tanks provide.


By putting different resistance heads into the multi-slotted base, users can craft a coil setup perfect for their needs, with up to 140 watts of potential power capability. Combine this customization with fully adjustable airflow and generous e-liquid ports, and you have a tank that could compete to be the “only” atomizer in your growing collections.


Though we’re not 100% sure if this multi-coil arrangement will take off with other coil designers, we do know the flavor and vapor production is outstanding, even by the lofty standards of devices on this list.

Sigelei REVOLVR Sub-Ohm Tank Features:


  • 24.5mm Base Diameter
  • 4mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior 303 Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Borosilicate Glass Reinforcement
  • Unique Revolver Coil System
  • 0.32ohm Triple Coil Design – 0.9ohm Per Independent Slot – rated for 50-140W
  • 0.22ohm Quad Coil Design – 0.9ohm Per Independent Slot – rated for 50-140W
  • Dual Slotted Bottom Air slot – Fully Adjustable
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • Knurled Top and Bottom Base
  • Resin Wide bore Drip Tip – Only Available on Red, Green, and Blue Colorway
  • Glass Wide bore Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection


  • 1 REVOLVR Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 Extra Glass Drip Tip
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings

Instructional Manual

Sense Blazer Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

Sense Blazer ProA longtime favorite of flavor-focused vapers everywhere, it was only a matter of time before Sense entered the high-wattage sub-ohm tank sweepstakes. And if it wasn’t for the top-flight performance of some of the other entries on this list, the Sense Blazer Pro might be the best of the bunch. Because when it comes to balancing rich flavor and thick vapor production, there are few tanks better than the Blazer…


With a 28mm diameter and 7mL juice capacity, the stainless-steel Blazer Pro is designed for high-wattage vaping without sacrificing an ounce of flavor, thanks to a proprietary set of coils that come in a wide range of styles, including a dual-vertical parallel offering, and one with a ceramic housing to reduce burning. But no matter which option you choose, all heat evenly and ramp quickly for maximum impact, all the way to 200 watts.


(Nevermind the four 8mm airflow slots which allow for snug restricted lung draws, all the way to wide-open, cloud chucking glory, in one package.)


Even better, the Blazer Pro is compatible with earlier Blazer 200 coils, and even have the ability to house SMOK TFV8 heads – albeit with the included 6mL glass section in place – meaning the tank not only offers maximum performance, but also enough versatility to keep most vapers happy.


High-wattage vaping requires a tank and coils that can endure massive surges of power while still being enjoyable – the Sense Blazer Pro answers that call, and so many more along the way.


Sense Blazer Pro Sub-Ohm Tank Features:


  • 28mm Diameter
  • 7mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • 6mL Optional Glass for Blazer 200 & TFV8 Coils
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • Innovative Flip Top-Fill Design with Hinge Lock
  • Quad Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • Black Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • Blazer Pro Coil Technology – Ceramic Heating Element
  • 0.3ohm Blazer Pro Coil – Dual Vertical & Horizontal Design
  • Blazer 200 Coil Technology
  • 0.2ohm Sextuple Coil – rated for 60 to 200W
  • Also Compatible with TFV8 Coil Family
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Copper-Plated 510 Connection




  • 1 Blazer Pro Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.3ohm Blazer Pro Ceramic Coil
  • 1 0.2ohm Blazer 200 Coil
  • 1 6mL Replacement Glass
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Spare Parts

OBS V Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

New OBS V Tank 6ml Capacity OBS Vtank Atomizer Side Filling with V Tank V4 V8 1024x1024I honestly don’t know why OBS isn’t a bigger name among vapers in 2018. Not only is their Crius line of RTAs fantastic, but their entry into the burgeoning sub-ohm cloud machine battles – the OBS V – was a legitimate contender for the title.


And while we usually turn to this tank for its fantastic RBA head, we recently revisited its wide range of OCC cores, and were blown away by how rich and nuanced flavor was from each coil setup. And unlike other competing sub-ohm tank offerings, the OBS V OCC cores are all capable of handling 100+ watts of power output.


Of course, we’re not here to discuss 100 watts. Or even 140. Thankfully, the OBS V comes to play with its V8 and V4 OCC cores, which are capable of 180 and 260 watts, respectively. And they don’t label them this way just for the hell of it – these coils perform at a very high level, for a VERY long time.


By perform, we don’t just mean clouds for days. We’re talking some deep, balanced flavor that rivals some of the industry’s leaders, with wattage ranges that allow a wide scope of users to enjoy them, without sacrificing anything during the experience.


Quadruple airflow slots only further allow you to craft the perfect experience. The company’s patented sliding top-fill remains one of the best around. And with three of the four available coil heads offered in the box, users will get the chance to push the OBS V as far as their devices will let them.


OBS V Sub-Ohm Tank Features:


  • 25mm Diameter
  • 5.2mL Juice Reservoir
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • High-Powered OCC Coil Structure
  • 0.15ohm V12 OCC Core – rated for 60-150W, recommended 70-90W
  • 0.15ohm V10 OCC Core – rated for 60-100W, recommended 70-90W
  • 0.15ohm V8 OCC Core – rated for 90-180W, recommended 110-160W
  • 0.15ohm V4 OCC Core – rated for 120-260W, recommended 140-230W
  • RBA Head – Not Included
  • Dynamic Airflow Circulation System
  • Quad Bottom Airflow Control
  • Precision Airflow Ring
  • Convenient Slide-to-Open Side-Fill Gasket
  • POM Wide bore Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection



  • 1 OBS V Tank
  • 1 0.15ohm V12 OCC Coil Head
  • 1 0.15ohm V8 OCC Coil Head
  • 1 0.15ohm V4 OCC Coil Head
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • Instructional Manual

Geek Vape Illusion Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

GeekVape Illusion blackGeek Vape is well-known in the industry for its tremendous range of mods, RDAs and more. But its first high-wattage sub-ohm tank, the Geek Vape Illusion, still stands out as one of today’s best power-hungry tanks.


The 25mm Illusion features a seemingly minuscule 4.5mL capacity, but what it lacks in storage, it more than makes up for with performance. This is due, in large part, to the proprietary iCoil series heads, which are capable of firing up to a staggering 260 watts.


Hell, even the “secondary” coil in the series handle up to 180 watts without a stutter, hiccup or dry hit. Geek Vape intended to make a strong statement with its inaugural high-wattage tank coils, and it did just that. But underneath all the power lies something that often gets lost in high-wattage setups – pure, unadulterated flavor.


Each iCoil head uses top-grade organic cotton, so each draw is as clean and potent as the last, regardless of the e-liquids you’re using, or how often you shift between lower and higher wattages. In fact, I found the Illusion coils to be just as enjoyable at their 50-watt minimum as they were pushing the stratosphere. The flavor never falters, and the vapor never quits.


Perhaps most important to readers of Spinfuel VAPE – for a limited time, you can find the Geek Vape Illusion for just $12.95 at ELEMENT VAPE. We wouldn’t sleep on this deal, and we wouldn’t dismiss this tank. This might just be the sleeper hit of the entire list.


Geek Vape Illusion Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 4.5mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Performance Illusion iCoil Series
  • 0.15ohm i4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 50-260W
  • 0.15ohm i1 Single Coil – rated for 50-180W
  • High-Grade Organic Cotton
  • Dual Slotted Adjustable Airflow
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip – Integrated Top Cap
  • Adjustable Gold-Plated 510 Connection

iJoy MAXO V12 Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

ijoy maxo v12 sub ohm tank 1 2There are high-wattage sub-ohm tanks, and then there are HIGH-wattage sub-ohm tanks. The iJoy MAXO V12 is perhaps the highest of them all. Because though it’s not our top choice in this list, vapers looking to push the limits of the atmosphere should look no further than this monster of a vape tank.


The MAXO brings together up to 12 tremendous coils into gargantuan cores, and places them inside a stellar 28mm diameter stainless steel chassis. The result is a tank built for pure, unabashed power. Each of the coil options is designed for max-wattage vaping, with triple, quadruple and 12-coil heads capable of 180, 250 and an unreal 315(!) watts of steady power.


And make no mistake, the 12-coil head is the star of the show, barely blinking when we fired up our most potent vape mods, all the way to their absolute limits. And you know what? The mods faltered well before the MAXO ever did. Even better, thanks to massive airflow and well dispersed heating, the MAXO never becomes too warm or uncomfortable. It just flat out works.


Even at lower wattages, the MAXO produces an almost unreal amount of vapor, with a surprising amount of flavor in each smooth draw, thanks to top-quality cotton with a very high burn point. But at the pinnacle of its power, the MAXO remains unrivaled for fogging rooms and satisfying vapers seeking a LOT more from their current tanks.


Competition-level doesn’t even begin to describe the iJoy MAXO V12. But we imagine you’ll come up with all-new adjectives all your own once you use it.


iJoy MAXO V12 Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 28mm Diameter
  • 5.6mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Innovative V12 Twelvefold Coil System
  • 0.1ohm V12-C12 Twelve Cylinder Coil – rated for 60-315W
  • 0.15ohm XL-C4 Chip Coil – rated for 50-250W
  • 0.2ohm XL-C3 Coil – rated for 50-180W
  • V12-RT6 Deck – 3-Point Triple-Post Deck
  • PEEK-Insulator
  • Powerful Dual Adjustable Airflow at Base
  • Convenient Flip-Cap Top-Fill Method or Threaded Top-Fill
  • Ultra-Wide Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip
  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Note: Chip Coil requires adapter. Do not discard the adapter.


Supreme Kit Includes:

  • 1 MAXO V12 Tank (Flip-Cap Top-Fill)
  • 1 0.1ohm V12-C12 Twelvefold Coil
  • 1 0.15ohm XL-C4 Chip Coil
  • 1 V12-RT6 Deck
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 Pack of Prebuilt Wires
  • 1 Vape Band
  • Instructional Manual
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

smok tfv12 cloud beast king tank packaging contentNever to be outdone, the current market leader in high-performance vaping products SMOK came to the table armed and ready to take on the best high-wattage sub-ohm tanks. And you know what? They may have done it with the now-legendary SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King.


Even the marketing language let people know they may not be ready for the King, when it stated: “Not for the faint of heart, the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King is a serious cloud-chasing sub-ohm tank. Make sure the mod you want to use can take advantage of what this tank can do, otherwise, look to picking up a new, more powerful mod. You won’t regret it.”


Not to make a bad pun, but they weren’t blowing smoke. The Cloud Beast King pushes the limits of what modern sub-ohm vaping is and can be, by producing a tank with unreal wattage capabilities, and more than enough flavor to keep lower-wattage enthusiasts well satisfied.


Though we can’t get into them all in depth, just look at the range of coil heads available for the King:


  • 0.12ohm V12-T12 Duodenary – rated for 60-350W, recommended 130-200W
  • 0.15ohm V12-X4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 60-220W, recommended 100-170W
  • 0.15ohm V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 60-190W, recommended 90-160W
  • 0.17ohm V12-T6 Sextuple Coil – rated for 90-320W, recommended 120-180W
  • V12-RBA – Two-Post, Dual Coil Deck
  • V12-RBA-T – Post-less, Triple Coil Deck


That said, let’s talk about that first one – the massive (and massively capable) V12-T12 Duodenary, which can reach an unprecedented 350 watts at the drop of a hat. Though the “optimal” range is well below that limit, let us tell you firsthand, it can hit the mark, even if most mods can’t.


And though its 25mm base diameter belies the power within, once you unleash a torrent of vapor into the breeze, you’ll understand why SMOK chose to use the name “King” when adding this tank to its ever-growing arsenal of sub-ohm hardware.


Though it’s not our favorite tank (or even our favorite SMOK tank), high-wattage vapers should keep this legendary innovation on their short lists when shopping for new tanks. They won’t regret this one.

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank Features:

  • 25mm Base Diameter
  • 27mm Glass Diameter
  • 28mm Widest Chassis Diameter
  • 6mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • High-Temperature Resistant – Explosion Proof
  • Signature Top-Fill Rotary Design with Hinge Lock
  • Massive Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • Black Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • Performance-Grade V12 Coil Structure
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Stainless, Black, Gold, and Rainbow (7-Color)


SMOK TFV12 Standard Sub-Ohm Edition Includes:


  • 1 TFV12 Cloud Beast King
  • 1 0.12ohm V12-T12 Duodenary Coil
  • 1 0.15ohm V12-X4 Quadruple Coil
  • 1 0.15ohm V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual


SMOK TFV12 RBA Edition Includes:

  • 1 TFV12 Cloud Beast King
  • 1 V12-RBA Rebuildable Head
  • 1 V12-RBA-T Rebuildable Head
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual

iJoy EXO XL Sub-Ohm RTA Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

ijoyexoxltank 2IJOY never fails to amaze when it comes to offering value for their customers’ dollars. Because not only are their tanks and mods steadily impeccable, but their growing selection of interchangeable coil heads and build decks ensure an investment in an iJoy product is a long-term one. The iJoy EXO XL is a continuation of that trend.


Putting aside the absolutely unreal collection of RTA build decks iJoy makes available for the system (we already did that breakdown a while back), the veteran vape company also nailed it on the head with the innovative XL coil system, headlined by the 0.15-ohm XL-C4, which brings 250-watt capability to the table, alongside massive vapor production.


This integrated quad-coil head is best around 200 watts but pushing it to its max won’t even begin to break this monster down. And the robust airflow control and stout, flavor focused chimney ensures you’re not just making clouds without flavor to spare. Plus, as high as the EXO can fly, the well-designed tank never even gets warm, much less hot, even at max wattages.


Though there are a wide range of coil heads in the XL line, the EXO was designed to fly close to the sun, and the C4 is worth every ounce of juice it vaporizes, in the most flavorful, wonderful ways.


iJoy EXO XL Tank and RTA System Features:


  • 26mm Diameter
  • 5mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Swappable Deck System – Sub-Ohm and Rebuildable
  • iJoy XL Coil System
  • 0.15ohm XL-C4 Chip Coil – rated for 50-250W
  • 0.2ohm XL-C3 Chip Coil – rated for 50-180W
  • 0.3ohm XL-C2 Chip Coil – rated for 40-80W
  • XL-1 RTA Deck – Two-Post, Single Coil Design
  • XL-2 RTA Deck – Two-Post, Dual Coil Design
  • XL-3 RTA Deck – Two-Post, Dual Coil Design
  • PEEK-Insulator
  • Powerful Adjustable Airflow at Base
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • Stainless Steel Wide bore Drip Tip
  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection




  • 1 iJoy EXO XL RTA Tank
  • 1 0.15ohm XL-C4 Chip Coil
  • 1 0.3ohm XL-C2 Chip Coil
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • Spare Parts and O-rings

Wismec REUX Sub-Ohm RTA Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm/RTA

wismec reux sub ohm rta 4 43498.1486095055.1280.1280We’ve already spent a good amount of digital ink shining light on the Reux, a versatile (but high-wattage capable) tank from Wismec and longtime collaborator JayBo. But quite honestly, it never really got its due. Originally positioned as a potential flagship to rival SMOK’s endless line of cloud-chasing tanks, the Reux aimed to challenge the throne with massive capacity, innovative RX coil heads, and an ultra-versatile build deck.


This 25mm, easily assembled tank system is well-known for its robust build deck offerings. But for those who want to “set it and forget it” there are few setups as flavorful and capable as the Reux’s RX Dual Coil head, which is able to scale to 260 watts without breaking stride. And though the 6mL capacity might seem a little low, the RX coils are surprisingly frugal on juice consumption… at least as far as sub-ohm tanks go these days.


Dual massive airflow slots not only allow for monstrous vapor production, but also keep the Reux running cool… even when your mod is cranking the RX coils to their limits.


Though it’s only a little over a year old, vaping is a rapidly evolving industry. And Wismec was way ahead of the curve with the multipurpose Reux. From its unique build decks, to its easy-to-use detachable structure, and its stellar coil system, the Reux may not be a commonly mentioned vape tank. But after two mentions on our Top 10 lists, it might be time for the vaping public to change their views.


Wismec REUX Sub-Ohm RTA Tank Features:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 6mL Juice Capacity
  • High-Quality Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Interchangeable Build Deck Design – Multiple Styles
  • RX RTA Deck 1 – Spring-Loaded Two-Post w/ Clamp
  • RX RTA Deck 2 – Two-Post, Two Large Terminals (Four-Point Secure)
  • RX RTA Deck 3 – Two-Post, Four Terminals (Top-Secured)
  • Performance-Orientated RX Series Coil System
  • 0.15ohm RX Triple Coil – rated for 60-160W
  • 0.5ohm RX Ceramic Coil – rated for 40-80W
  • 0.15ohm RX Dual Coil – rated for 100-260W
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • Dual Massive Bottom Airflow Control
  • Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip
  • Detachable Structure
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Spring-Loaded Gold-Plated 510 Connection


Advanced Configuration Kit Includes:

  • 1 REUX Atomizer
  • 1 0.15ohm RX Triple Coil Head
  • 1 0.5ohm RX Ceramic Coil Head
  • 1 RX RTA Deck 1
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • 2 Prebuilt Clapton Coil
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 Cotton Pad
  • Spare Parts and O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual


Standard Configuration Kit Includes:

  • 1 REUX Atomizer
  • 1 0.15ohm RX Triple Coil Head
  • 1 0.5ohm RX Ceramic Coil Head
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Spare Parts and O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual

Vaporesso Cascade Sub-Ohm Tank

High-Wattage Sub-Ohm

vaporesso cascade sub ohm tank 1We all argued about every entry on this list… except for one. Most of the other high-wattage sub-ohm tanks on this list could theoretically sit at any point on the list, but we all knew which one was going to sit atop the throne. And though other tanks here featured much higher wattage capabilities, none offered a balance of flavor, vapor and performance better than the Vaporesso Cascade.


For the last 18 months, all high-wattage tanks were compared to SMOK’s Cloud Beast King. This year, we anticipate all new tanks will now be labeled “Cascade Killers,” since this 24mm (28mm with extended glass) monster is the new high-water mark for enjoyment in this category.


The secret to the Cascade’s success is through a gimmick that actually worked – the isolated e-liquid flow system that keeps the coil head away from the main liquid reservoir, with juice instead “cascading” over the coils as needed. Innovation is hard to come by these days, but Vaporesso has done just that here.


There are a variety of plug-and-pull coil types for the Cascade, but the clear high-wattage winner is the GTM 8 Octuple Core, which has capabilities up to 200 watts. That number might seem conservative by this list’s standards, but once you take a few max-wattage draws, we’re pretty confident you won’t be thinking about the rest of the contenders here.


Rich, balanced flavor matches with some of the largest vapor production in the category, to create an attractive package for vapers who don’t want to sacrifice enjoyment for performance. And the coils are long-lasting, to boot, making the Cascade a tremendous investment for any kind of vaper – not just the ones most interested in this list.


We can recommend any of the tanks in this Elite 11. But the Vaporesso Cascade is a crowning achievement from a company making strides in all areas of this industry and is a must-buy for any high-wattage vaping enthusiast.


Vaporesso Cascade Sub-Ohm Tank:

  • 24mm Base Diameter
  • 28mm Diameter at Widest Point
  • 7mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Isolation Structure Design – Separates Juice & Coil Chamber
  • GTM Cores – Convenient Plug-n-Pull Mechanism
  • 0.2ohm GTM 2 Core – rated for 40-80W
  • 0.15ohm GTM 8 Core – rated for 80-200W
  • Compatible with GT Cores – w/ GT Adapter
  • Triple Triangular-Shaped Airflow Control
  • Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip – Spitback Protection
  • Slide-n-Fill Design – Convenient Top-Fill
  • 510 Connection
  • Available Color – Stainless, Black, Blue, Rainbow



  • 1 Cascade Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.4ohm GTM 2 Coil
  • 1 0.15ohm GTM 8 Coil
  • 1 GT Coil Adapter
  • 1 Spare Glass Tube & Parts
  • Instructional Manual

The Wrap Up

As we say on every one of these top device breakdowns, chances are we ruffled some feathers by choosing the products we did. But after a few rounds of arguing, yelling, occasional hair pulling, and more than one ill-timed mother joke, this was the one we settled upon.


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