Vape in Peace: The Holiday Edition

Relax into the Present Moment

We all know the holidays can be hectic with endless shopping lists, cooking extravaganzas and lots of time with family, often in close quarters for extended periods of time. Instead of getting stressed, we would do well to find something that helps us relax so that we can be present and enjoy this unique, special time of year. For me, that includes a good vape.

Enter the vape. You already know it helps you cope. But why is vaping so relaxing, you ask?

• Ritual: the ritual of preparing our vaporizer and selecting our e-juice is a grounding act of kindness to ourselves.
• Dopamine: Nicotine is a precursor to dopamine, which controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.
• Taste the Rainbow: There’s an e-juice flavor to satisfy every craving.
• Sensory Enhancement: Food pairings with e-juice have the power to enhance the flavors in a meal.
• Be Here Now: When we focus our attention on something we enjoy doing, we relax into the present moment.

Post-Meal Respite

Old habits die hard, and most ex-smokers agree that the hardest cigarette to quit was the one enjoyed after a feast of a meal—the kind that are standard during the holiday season. After scanning forum after forum, it seems most vapers highly enjoy a good vape as a post-meal respite. Is it possible that this neural pathway is so ingrained, that the intake of nicotine (or oral fixation habit) may actually signal to our brains that we are finished eating? As one vaper commented, without that post-meal vape, “I would just keep stuffing my face ‘til I burst.”
Vape in PeaceWe think it’s also suitable to add here that a good vape can offer a post-feast respite by way of replacing dessert… or at least reducing your intake of that decadent spread of pies, cakes, brittles, s’mores, candies and more. Now let’s all give thanks for flavored e-juices that can satisfy that sweet tooth!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Without being too obnoxious and adhering to basic vaping etiquette, celebrate the fact that you don’t have to go outside to get your nicotine fix! It has been shown that unlike second-hand smoke, second-hand vapor is not full of poisonous chemicals; rather, it matches the composition of standard air in a room.
Nicotine, however, is present in secondhand vapor and thus it is advised to exercise caution when vaping around vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, and people with cardiovascular issues—as well as anyone else who prefers to not be exposed to nicotine. Definitely keep this in mind while vaping indoors during the holidays!

Room for Self-Improvement

You’re going to have to get very creative with your new year’s resolution because you FINALLY ALREADY QUIT SMOKING! Now you can become aware of other, perhaps less obvious, habits, behavior patterns and lifestyle choices on your path of metamorphosis.


Sheerlie Ryngler, contributor to Spinfuel eMagazine, is the Director of Operations at Vape Organics, the first USDA certified organic e-liquid line. Spinfuel believes in ‘safety first’ when it comes to e-liquid. We invited Ms. Ryngler to contribute to our online magazine to help educate vapers about the importance of knowing exactly what it is we are all filling our clearomizers and tanks with.