For months now I’ve been a subscriber, a very happy subscriber, to the Enthusiast Plan from Vape Box, a premier subscription service for Vapers. The Enthusiast Plan, $60 a month, includes at least 120mL of uber-premium e-juice and one to two pieces of Hardware. My deluxe hardware this month, March Madness Month, included the KAOS Z Vape Mod, and 4 bottles of awesome e-juice. Vape Box never disappoints, and the longer I subscribe the more they seem to get to know me. These guys are able to ‘curate’ just the right e-juice for me, based on my detailed flavor profile I set up on my Vape Box Account page.

My Vape Box March Madness Box has Arrived!

My March Vape Box Came With These E-Liquids

150mL of premium juice

Melon Milk – 30mL

Melon Berry – 30mL

Vape Maid – 60mL

Sour Menace – 30mL

Total – 150mL, 30mL more than the 120mL minimum. Of these four, I added Vape Maid and Melon Milk as two new all-day-vape, and devoured the other two during the following week.

The Vape Box Plans are Tailored for All Vapers


Don’t have $60 a month to spend on 120mL of e-juice and select hardware? How does $20 a month sound? For a no-contract subscription the $20 Sampler Vape Box gets you 90mL of e-liquid curated from your flavor profile. These curated juices are not randomly selected by some assembly line, they are carefully chosen for you. Best of all, when you discover an e-liquid you really love you can place it in your “favorites”, as Vape Box will include it in future boxes when the situation calls for it. Lastly, the Sampler Vape Box says it’s 90mL of e-juice, but more often than not, it’s more than 90mL, and never less than 90mL.


If you have plenty of hardware already, but you want an even better deal on your monthly e-liquid adventure, Vape Box offers a plan called “Juice Lovers Vape Box”. This carefully curated box contains at least 120mL of eliquid meant just for you. This particular plan is just $32 a month, without any sort of commitment for future boxes.

Breaking Down the Cost Per Milliliter


I’ll write more about personal flavor profile in a moment, but I think it’s important to go over the cost per mL for the e-liquid in the plans. Every bottle you will receive is brand new, premium quality, and not some vendors sample bottles they hand out at vape expos, or throw in your package when you order online. Every bottle is straight up retail bottles.


Sampler Vape Box provides every subscriber with at least 90ml of premium juice. This plan works out to just 22 cents USD per milliliter. Compare that with a discounted price of a bottle of KILO 60mL e-liquid of $17.99 (not a bad price at all), and that works out to 33 cents per millimeter.


Moving up to the Juice Lovers Vape Box, we’re getting 120mL of premium, retail packaged e-liquid for $32. That works out to be just 26 cents per milliliter. Working with the same example above, the Juice Lovers Vape Box saves subscribers some serious coin.


Lastly, let’s talk about this month’s Enthusiasts Plan and the inclusion of the KAOS Z. Our friend at Element Vape carry the Sigelei KAOS Z at a very affordable $37.95. That’s a good price, and the device in my March Vape Box was the full retail, factory sealed KAOS Z Vape Mod.


Since the cost of the Enthusiast Vape Box is $60USD, if we subtract the price of the KAOS Z, we come up with 120mL of e-juice for $22.05, or a remarkable 18 cents per milliliter. The value of my Enthusiast Vape Box, every month, surprises and shocks me. The money I save, the money you’ll save as a subscriber, is real, hard-earned money. What’s not to love?

The Vape Box Flavor Profile Magic

When you sign up for any of the plans you are presented with a series of general flavor categories, including Fruits, Cereal, Coffee, Bakery, Custards, Creams, Tea, Menthol, and Yogurt.


Choose at least 3 of these general categories, and the next screen shows you, through a drop-down menu, at least 50 flavors for you to “discount”, or eliminate from your flavor profile. This is optional, but if you use this tool you provide Vape Box with a finer profile so that flavors you don’t like won’t ever show up in a future Vape Box.


On the next screen you choose the nicotine strength, 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 6mg+. For this article I chose 3mg. The next screen shows you various atomizer types; Rebuildable or RDA, Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, or RTA, and Sub-Ohm Tank. I chose Sub-Ohm. The next screen you choose between regulated Mods or Mechanical Mods. I’m fairly certain the vast majority of subscribers choose Regulated Mods. I did too.


Then, on the next screen, they ask a simple Yes or No question: “We may occasionally send you highly rated products & juices that are not on your preferred lists” If you choose yes, they will do exactly that. If you choose no, they won’t ever sway from the flavor profile. For this excerise I chose NO.  The button under this question simply states; “Add to Cart”.

blankThe next screen shows you in great detail, exactly what you’ve answered, what Plan you chose, and the price.


Once you’re done with all that, the next screen is where you fill out your name, address, email, DOB, and so on. Next is the payment method and credit card number. Once all this is filled out and verified, your Vape Box is assembled and sent to you within days. From then on, it’s about 4 weeks between vape box vape-email.


Every month you’ll get a brand new Vape Box. New juices and/or hardware, all designed and curated to your picks, your style of vaping. When you want to change things up, you sign into your account and tweak your profile. Vape Box works fast, so the very next Box you receive will reflect the new changes.


I would love to be able to prepay for a 6-month or annual subscription, but as of now, it’s just a reoccurring plan, which is fine.

Vape Box is Special Every Month

blankVape Box had a great March, and their March Madness campaign was designed to reach as many Vapers as possible, and they achieved that. Just thinking about the April Vape Box is exciting because although they know my profile, there are hundreds of possibilities, and I’ve yet to be disappointed with any Vape Box I’ve received. In fact, I’ve discovered several all-day-vapes through Vape Box.


Lastly, Vape Box has an online store where subscribers, and non-subscribers, can shop for their favorite e-liquids, mods, tanks, coils, and whatever else a Vaper needs. They even sell Vape Box apparel, and their classic hoodie, just $30, is a top-quality hoodie with the Vape Box logo. For just $15 you can get a Vape Box logo’ed T-Shirt.

I guess what I’m saying here is that Vape Box has opened my ‘vape experience’ even further than I imagined. I’m a reviewer, I see mods, tanks, and e-liquids all the time, yet these guys still surprise me. Imagine what they can do for you?


A few days after my April Vape Box arrives I’ll be back to tell you all about it. Till then, Vape on!