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Think I‘m STOOPID? Show Me The facts!

As the walls continue to close in on the vaping industry the community is fighting back and not taking everything peddled by critics as fact. We have the US government, the FDA, tobacco companies and a whole host of other critics joining forces with one goal in mind. Anyone want to guess what that goal might be?


More and more medical trials are highlighting the significant difference in health implications between those using electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. Don’t you believe it?

Well, it has been evident for some time now that the authorities are looking to clamp down on electronic cigarettes/vaping products investing enormous amounts of time, effort and money. Ask yourself this, if they are so determined to destroy the vaping industry why have they failed with every attempt?

The simple fact is that there is no evidence to even remotely connect electronic cigarettes with their tobacco counterparts in relation to health implications. Electronic cigarettes remove the 4000+ toxins many experts believe are actually present in a modern-day electronic cigarette. The cost savings to the general public are there for all to see with equivalent electronic cigarettes available at a fraction of the cost of their tobacco counterparts. So, who is losing out?


It is common knowledge that governments around the world rely on tobacco taxes to balance their books, indeed the UK is now braced for a new tobacco levy, and electronic cigarettes are reducing this income. If you look back over the history of US politics you will see that time and time again “doubt” has been used as a weapon where there are limited facts and figures.

Therefore, recent adverts by the US authorities, constant criticism by the FDA and negative press comment funded by critics are feeding this fear and doubt. Can you put your finger on an advert or official medical report which suggests electronic cigarettes are anywhere near as potentially dangerous to your health as tobacco cigarettes? You may have doubts in your own mind about the safety of vaping going forward but where do these doubts come from?


Introducing doubt into the argument for and against electronic cigarettes is a very powerful tool and one which could, if left unchecked by the vaping community, slowly eat away at the industry from the inside out. Very quickly doubts seem to gather arms and legs of their own with rumours and counter rumour starting. No smoke without fire? Surely the authorities have evidence?

Well, if they have this evidence do you really think that electronic cigarettes/vaping devices would be anywhere near the general public today?


Do not underestimate the power of doubt over the power of evidence because subtly suggesting “things may not be right” feeds fear, feeds doubt and feeds speculation. Once this begins it can be difficult to close down with rumours very quickly seen as “fact” despite there being no evidence to back up many of the claims. Doubt is the enemy of the vaping community at the moment – the authorities run a very poor second!

Mark Benson

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