Review: Unitank • Grade: F

 If your experience with the Kangertech Unitank were different from my own I would love to read your comments. I found it to be a dismal performer, but unlike most reviews for items like this, we only had the one tank to review. So let me know!

Kangertech Strikes Out

Just a few days ago I reviewed the newest Kangertech ProTank, the ProTank 3 Dual Coil Glassomizer. In my opinion it was the best of the ProTanks, but still found wanting. So it’s a little disappointing that today’s review, of the Kangertech Unitank, I can say with complete conviction that it is the worst of the new clearomizers from Kangertech.

The Kangertech Unitank is just now becoming a well-stocked item for most vendors that want to carry it. What makes this Kanger tank unique over the other ‘ProTanks’ is filling and refilling eLiquid from the top, without having to unscrew it from your electronic cigarette. In fact, the only time you will need to unscrew the Unitank from your e-cigarette will be to replace the coil.

Although not technically a ProTank, the atomizers are compatible with the ProTank I, II, Mini and EVOD tanks. (not the dual coil ProTank 3). It has a removable drip tip, holds 2.5ML officially, 3ML unofficially, and it can be completely disassembled like the ProTanks. The tank is not Pyrex, and because of the unique compartment for juice at the bottom of the tank you can’t replace it with a Pyrex tank from the others.

The parts list for the Unitank is extensive:

▪       1 x Stainless Steel Drip Tip
▪       1 x Top Connector Ring
▪       1 x Plastic Tube
▪       1 x Clearomizer Pole
▪       1 x Spring
▪       3 x Atomizer Heads; 1.8, 2.2 and 2.5ohm
▪       1 x Unitank Base (510 Threading)
▪       1 x Decorative Ring (Threading Cover)

What should stand out while looking at the number of parts is the ‘spring’. The tension spring fits over the top post of the atomizer and into the post in the tank. The first time I had taken it apart I thought I had broken it. The spring slips out of the post and as you pull the atomizer out the spring is still attached to it. While the spring is an important part of the tank it gives the tank a ‘cheap’ look and feel.

You get 3 atomizers in the box, one already in the Unitank and two others in the box. You’ll receive a 1.8ohm, 2.2 ohm and 2.5ohm atomizers. A Unitank costs between $16-$18 through most vendors.

Real World

My review is based on a single Unitank. I cannot be absolutely sure all Unitanks behave the way mine did, other than to say that the Unitank box was factory sealed and nothing appeared broke, or for that matter, out of place.

The eLiquid I used for this review was 6 weeks old. I had been vaping it prior to the review and it is one of my favorite flavors from one of my favorite vendors. It is my main ‘go-to’ juice, a flavor I have vaped for more than a year. I know intimately, and I know the slight variations of flavors I get from different batteries and eLiquid tanks, clearomizers and cartomizers.

Kangertech Unitank Spinfuel eMagazineAfter filling the Unitank I allowed it to sit for half an hour while I ran an errand. During the errand I did not vape at all, I left all my vape gear at home. I did this for a reason; I wanted to be properly primed for a good vape session.

Attaching the Unitank with the 1.8ohm atomizer to my ProVari I ran the gamut of voltage settings looking for a spot on the dial that would let me taste the flavor of my eJuice. Over a period of almost 10 minutes I couldn’t find one. The Unitank has to be the worse device I’ve ever used when it comes to flavor. For the first time ever my go-to juice was completely tasteless. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I let it sit for an hour and tried it again. Nothing. No flavor at all. Vapor was okay, throat hit was okay, and both adjusted, as they should while I moved up and down the voltage dial.

I dumped out the juice, replaced the coil with the 2.2ohm and tried it again. Still nothing. Dumped that juice out and put in the 2.5ohm coil. Nothing.

Just to make sure I hadn’t suddenly lost my ability to taste I took my bottle of juice and filled a simple 510 single coil cartomizer, filled it and attached it to the ProVari. The result was plenty of flavor, vapor and throat hit. It wasn’t my inability to taste.

Look, I would love nothing better to write more about the Unitank but the truth is, it’s just not worth it. I can’t think of any reason why Kangertech would even release a tank like this, or what part of the market they think they needed to fill. Perhaps they have some internal goal to meet and this is what they threw together. I don’t know, and personally, I don’t care. This tank was a complete waste of money. Of course, if your experience were different I would love to be able to share that with our readers, so please comment below if you’ve used this tank, successfully or not.

Key Features:

1. The Kanger Unitank holds 2ml-2.5ml of eLiquid. 

2. The Unitank has a 510 threading similar to the ProTank 2.

3. It uses the same Bottom Coil method as the ProTank Series.

4. The Unitank has a drip tip that is removable and replaceable.

5. It has a magical ability to mute the flavor of eLiquid to nearly nothing.

John Manzione