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This is a Team B Review! – The Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team, Team B, consists of Julia Barnes, Keira Hartley, Jason Little, Janet Richards and Cynthia Stevens.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reviewed Virgin Vapor, nor will it be the last time. Our first review of Virgin Vapor e-Liquid was a year ago tomorrow, July 21th 2012. (How time flies) Our last review was this past June 4th

 72 Divided by 6 Never Works Out

Despite our time limit of 72-hours spent on the six flavors we received we always seemed to wind up spending more time with them then we planned to. Maybe its because the e-Liquids we received for review left us wanting more, or maybe its because we just plain enjoy vaping them more. Whatever the reason, the six magnificent flavors we have for you today were difficult to leave behind, and it wasn’t until the last drop was properly vaped away that we were able to sit down, talk about them, and bring together this review.

About Virgin Vapors

If you’ve read any of our previous Virgin Vapors reviews this next section will seem redundant, so feel free to jump to the actual flavor reviews. Otherwise….

Virgin Vapor built its business to where it is today by spending enormous amounts of time developing each e-Liquid until it was exactly the flavor profile they were reaching for. Sometimes it could take a couple of weeks, other times it could take months. It doesn’t matter to VV; they won’t release a new e-Liquid until they are happy with it. If they are happy, you’ll be happy. And many, many of you are.

As far as Virgin Vapor business practices go, they are just as fastidious as ever, with each eLiquid still blended from “USDA certified organic” flavorings, USP vegetable glycerin, and nicotine.  Virgin Vapor eJuice contains no DEG, no artificial flavorings, no artificial colorings, and no artificial sweeteners*Every flavor of eJuice is “third party certified organic”.

Virgin Vapor eLiquid is still mixed and bottled only after you order it so that it arrives as fresh as can be. They still ship their e-Liquids in real glass bottles to ensure that there can be no leaching of plastics into these fine organic products.

Hardware And Other Review Particulars

The hardware used in this review consisted of various batteries, cartomizers, and clearomizers. The Halo Tritons, a staple now in the e-Liquid Reviews from Team B, were used often, as was the ZMAX (a brand new black one I got from Jon at MyVaporStore!), a ProVari with various tanks and cartomizers, a Triple 7 Bullet and the new Triple 7 Magnum (a 650mAh powerhouse, review forthcoming). The e-Liquids performed well in each and every piece of hardware we used.

Spinfuel Team B operates differently than Team A, who are based in Florida. We meet and divide up the eJuice that is shipped up from HQ and then off we go into our separate worlds. Keira and I head usually back to Boston, the rest of the team stay in New Hampshire. After a 72-hour review time we meet to discuss our impressions over a video Skype meeting. The team members write up their impressions and email them to the lead writer, which is me (Julia), and then the narrative is constructed, emailed back to everyone for last minute changes or corrections, and then sent to Spinfuel HQ in Florida where it is once again read, edited and then published.

The Virgin Vapor e-Liquids

Organic Double Espresso

Organic Mint Chocolate Chip

Organic Bananas Foster

Organic Sweet Lemonade

Organic Blooming Jasmine

Organic Cotton Candy Carnival

What a group of mouthwatering eJuice is this, huh? Wow!

All the e-Liquids we reviewed were 50/50 PG/VG, with “low” nicotine strength. (8mg). 50/50 PG/VG allowed for plentiful vapor in every flavor, and while most throat hits were okay, a few were better than average. 50% PG and a low (8mg) nicotine level is going to reflect in a lighter throat hit, there’s no way around it. We ask that you take that into consideration when reading our review.

 Let the Show Begin

From Virgin Vapor: “All of our e-liquids are flavored with USDA Certified Organic Flavorings. We NEVER use artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. Our e-liquids contain nicotine, USP (pharmaceutical grade) vegetable glycerin, and USDA certified organic flavorings in a base of organic ethyl alcohol, pure distilled water and NOTHING ELSE. If you select the PG option, your e-liquid will also contain USP propylene glycol. Packaged in glass, NOT plastic.”

First up was an e-Liquid we’ve heard so much about, but have never tried. Cotton Candy! I can’t tell you how often we get email from Virgin Vapor fans telling us that we HAVE TO try the Cotton Candy. So this time we made sure to have it available.

Spinfuel eMagazine e-Liquid Review for Virgin VaporOrganic Cotton Candy CarnivalSpinfuel Choice Award– “We released this flavor as a limited edition free gift to our customers during Halloween.  Ever since, we’ve been getting e-mails begging us to put this flavor into our regular rotation.  Your wish is our command!  Enjoy!

 Julia: Finally I had the pleasure of vaping this much-heralded eJuice! My conclusion after several hours of vaping is this; if you like cotton candy, and really, who doesn’t, you’ll love this organic cotton candy eJuice. It is definitely a sweet vape, but with the real taste of actual cotton candy. Tons of vapor, but a light throat hit, this is one of those flavors that would satisfy a sweet craving at any time of day. 5 Stars

 Keira: How could anyone not love such a sweet desert vape like cotton candy? This one was not only satisfying as a sweet vape it was actually fun to vape it. So much vapor, so much cotton candy flavor, it was a heck of a lot of fun. You’ll miss a nice throat hit if you don’t take long, slow drags. Do that and you’ll get a throat hit, a better than average one. A 5 Star desert vape!

 Jason: After hearing so much about Virgin Vapor’s Cotton Candy I was sure I was over expecting. You know, I thought surely it couldn’t be as good as everyone was saying it was. But I’ll be damned if it wasn’t every bit as good as people say it is. So sweet, so cotton candy-like that it’s just a vape you want to go on and on with. I loved it. 5 Stars

Cynthia: The thing I liked most about it was that instead of just being a sweet vape it actually tasted like cotton candy. Lots of vapor, especially if you let your PV reach the maximum amount of seconds, and you also get a heck of throat hit that way (Thanks for the tip K). All the way around, this is a great desert vape. 5 Stars

Janet: Cotton Candy seems like an obvious choice for a sweet eJuice so why is this the first one I’ve had? I have no idea, but it is surely a delicious flavor. I vaped it at different parts of the day and I seemed to enjoy it most in the middle of the afternoon, like a pick-me-up or something. This will make any craving for sweets go away after 5 minutes of vaping. Sumptuous! 5 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine e-Liquid Review for Virgin VaporOrganic Double Espresso: “The secret to our Double Espresso E-liquid’s amazingly rich and complex taste?  This flavor must be cured for a minimum of six months before mixing.  Limited quantities, get it while supplies last!”

Julia: Admittedly the first couple of minutes I vaped double espresso I thought it was much too harsh for me. A good, solid espresso flavor, but just too hard. So I sat it down and moved on to another flavor. A few hours later, after dinner out, we came back home and I decided to give it another go. This time the explosion of espresso coffee was just about perfect! Boy, this is a strong coffee espresso flavor but for some reason the richness of it, the deep, deep flavor was striking just right. Within 15 minutes I was a big fan. But, thing is, I cannot give it 5 Stars because, I swear to you, I wound up with “coffee breath”, just ask Keira. 4.5 Stars

Keira: This is such an authentic coffee espresso that you will get the dreaded “coffee breath” after vaping it, Julia is correct about that.  At least Julia and I did anyway. But, it’s a damn good espresso e-liquid, I’ll tell you. So rich, deep, and flavorful, it goes great as an after dinner vape. I little bit less vapor than the cotton candy, but not enough to make a difference. A decent throat hit with a long drag, but all in all this is a strong espresso vape without a hint of harshness. 4 Stars

Jason: This espresso was the best of the bunch to me. An awesome espresso flavor and the opposite of so many latte coffee blends you see from vendors. This is black espresso, plain and simple. Loved it as much as anything. 5 Stars

Cynthia: For an espresso e-Juice this is awfully good. Very dark roasted coffee, very much has an espresso taste to it. But there was an authentic espresso aftertaste as well. If you don’t mind coffee breath or coffee aftertaste then this is going to be one of your favorites. 4 Stars

Janet: I don’t like espresso, but I can’t judge it just because I don’t like the flavor. I’m judging it on the authenticity; does it taste like a double espresso? Yes, it does. Yes it very much does. If espresso coffee is your thing in an eJuice, this is one you have to try. 4.5 Stars

Organic Mint Chocolate Chip: “This flavor is another one of our consistent top sellers. It balances a strong, refreshing mint flavor with the taste of chocolate chips in a creamy base. Customers tell us it tastes just like Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!”


Julia: Refreshingly brilliant! A perfect mint chocolate chip. Just the right amount of minty flavor balanced perfectly with chocolate chips. I loved this one so much I had to have more. If you even think you’d like this one, you will love it. 5 Stars


Keira: I don’t know what it is about organic flavors, but the authenticity of the mint and the milk chocolate is so good it’s almost shocking. It’s as though someone took chocolate chip mint ice cream and turned it into a vapor. The only negative, if you could even call it that is that my lower lip had a lingering cool spot, a touch of coolness I did not expect. Otherwise I adored it. 5 Stars

Jason: Mint Chocolate Chip happens to be my favorite ice cream, and it has to be Breyer’s ice cream too. This has the exact same flavor profile of Breyer’s Ice Cream Mint Chocolate Chip. Outstanding! Stars

Cynthia: I think Virgin Vapor did a great job with Mint Chocolate Chip eJuice, except for one thing. I started taking short drags and it was awesome, but then as I liked it more and more I took longer and deeper drags. And that’s when the “mint” flavor became a “menthol” flavor. It’s good, but not as awesome as it was going to be. 4 Stars

Janet: I was in heaven vaping Min Chocolate Chip. My favorite ice cream flavor turns out to be an excellent vapor too, who would have thought? Lots and lots of flavor, a good throat hit, and a perfect mix of mint and chocolate. Bravo! 5 Stars

Organic Bananas Foster: “Our Organic Bananas Foster E-liquid has lots of repeat customers. For some reason, bananas taste delicious when vaped! This e-liquid also has notes of vanilla, caramel and a hint of cinnamon.”


Julia: I’ve had some good bananas foster vapes in the past year and a half. But this one is out of this world. A proper bananas foster does not overload you with banana flavoring, it has to balance almost perfectly with caramel and vanilla, just like the desert that is served table side at fine dining establishments. Organic Bananas Foster delivers on all fronts, making it one of the best banana vapes. 5 Stars

 Keira: The first time I had Bananas Foster was with Jules in a restaurant here in Boston. It was an incredible desert experience. So, how does this e-Liquid compare? I won’t lie, there is definitely the same “flavor profile” present, but it isn’t close to the real thing, not really. But, as a banana vape, with hints of caramel and vanilla, it was excellent. So many banana-flavored eJuices have very overpowering banana flavoring in it but this isn’t one of them. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I did the real thing. 4 Stars

Jason: Not a perfect Bananas Fosters, but then I didn’t really expect it to be. What this is, for a change, is a nicely balanced flavor combo of bananas and caramel, with a touch of vanilla. I did not detect cinnamon at all. Still, very nice vape, one I could vape for hours and not tire of it. 4.5 Stars

Cynthia: Not your typical banana flavored eLiquid, that’s for sure. I really liked it because the banana flavoring was tamed by the caramel and vanilla flavoring. Lots of vapor, an okay throat hit, and an enjoyable vaping experience. I would definitely vape this again. 4.5 Stars

Janet: I’ve only had one other bananas foster before, as an e-Liquid I mean, and this is better. It’s better because it’s not so heavy on the banana. I would say that each flavor element, except the cinnamon, which I did not taste at all, was equally divided. That make it a mellow banana vape that did not overpower me. Sweet, lots of vapor, and even a better than average throat hit. I would vape it again. I will vape it again. 4.5 Stars.

Organic Sweet Lemonade: “This flavor was specially created for a customer who wanted something sweet and refreshing to help her get through the summer!  Virgin Vapor’s Organic Sweet Summer Lemonade E-liquid hits the perfect balance of sweet and tart.  This flavor is cooling and refreshing and full of real lemon taste. The perfect summer vape!”

Julia: I’m not at all crazy about lemons in my e-Liquid flavors. I much prefer lime to lemon, but this was sweeter than most other lemon flavors that I’ve had so it was better than most. I’m also not a big “tangy” fan either, and although there was a tangy part to this blend, it did not overtake the sweetness. For people that enjoy lemon vapes, you can’t miss this one. 4 Stars

Keira: Sweet lemonade. That is exactly what this is, and for that alone it gets the maximum stars. But even better, this one produces more vapor than I expected and the throat hit was really nice. If you like lemonade, this is for you. 4.5 Stars

Jason: This is a refreshing lemon flavored vape that I enjoyed from start to finish. Sweet enough not to overpower with tangy puckish flavors, Sweet Lemonade is delicious. A really nice balance, and lots of vapor, and a good throat hit round out the flavor profile nicely. For lemon lovers, you vape has arrived. 4 Stars

Cynthia: I thought I would like Sweet Lemonade but for some reason it didn’t taste right to me. Maybe more like a lemon flavored Crystal Lite drink, not sweet lemonade. Good vapor though. 3.5 Stars

Janet: If there had been any less sweetness to this one I would not have enjoyed it much, or if at all. But, the sweetness made it into a pleasurable lemonade vape. My only advice is to not jump into this flavor from a very different one without a break, or brushing your teeth, or drinking water. I tried that the first time and didn’t like it. Then I tried it again and it was a whole lot better. 4.75 Stars

 Organic Blooming Jasmine: “Looking for the perfect floral e-liquid?  You found it!  This ultra gourmet flavor is otherworldly!  Sweet and fragrant without a trace of artificial perfume, this flavor tastes like the scent of jasmine on the wind at night.  Delicate yet powerful, this romantic flavor will sweep you off your feet!

Julia: Floral vapes are not everyone’s cup of tea; let’s just admit that up front. Some of you will hate it from the start. Others, who are interested in floral vapes but haven’t had them before will need to acquire a taste for them. Those that already like some floral vapes will love this one. I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve had some really good ones from Virgin Vapor like Bed of Roses, and this one isn’t bad by any means, but its not my favorite either. Maybe I need more time with Florals. 4 Stars

 Keira: Floral e-Liquids are an acquired taste, no doubt. Jasmine is one of the stronger floral vapes among Virgin Vapors floral lineup, but I loved it. 5 Stars

Jason: Every bit as complex as the other florals we vaped in June, Jasmine is a flavor I never thought I would like, but damn if I didn’t. We would have thought that I would get into floral vaping like this. I know not everyone will like it, but if you’ve never tried you’d never know. 5 Stars

Cynthia: I wish I could have been a member of the team in June when you vaped the other florals, because this one was just so fantastic! I let a friend vape Jasmine and he thought he tasted the inside of cedar chest (seriously!), so he’s not a good candidate for floral flavors. If you want to open up another world of vaping then at least try one of the floral flavors from Virgin Vapor. 5 Stars

Janet: There is an initial pushback I got when I tried my first floral vape, which was this one actually. The pushback is your mind telling you this is nothing like what you’ve been vaping for months and months. So at first I was like “Yuck!”, but then as I approached it slowly, a little here and a little there, my mind accepted this huge difference and I actually started to enjoy the underlying jasmine flavor. Not for everyone, but for those of you that like floral vapes, I would say by a sampler of all Virgin Vapors floral flavors, which I what I plan to do, because I’m told they are all very different. 4 Stars

 Conclusion and Buying Advice

Virgin Vapor’s 100% organically flavored e-Liquids have a slightly different flavor profile than non-organic flavored e-Liquids. There are a certain number of people that notice this difference in big ways, while others do not. I think from a personal standpoint that in the early days of my vaping discovery period I might not have preferred organic flavored eJuice because of the slightly different profile. Today it is something I look forward to. Virgin Vapor makes some of the most authentic flavored e-Liquids I’ve had the pleasure to vape, and some of weren’t so great. The takeaway from any Virgin Vapor review is to remember that 100% organically flavored eJuice is going to present itself a little differently, and to expect a different vaping experience.

For instance, any floral vape that expects to have a natural flavor must be organically flavored. That’s the only way you’re going to get the real flavor profile of any flower type eLiquid. As for other flavors, like the Mint Chocolate Chip, an organic flavor concentrate is going to give you a much better “mint” flavor than non-organic. Not menthol, but mint, from the mint herb. Organic flavors do not contain artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

The Double Espresso tastes as though it were made of actual coffee beans, and can therefore appear to be either too strong or too harsh. It is also more apt to leave behind an espresso scent in the air, and actually give you “coffee breath”. How’s that for authenticity?

All in all, our team was of different minds over every flavor except the cotton candy carnival. This Spinfuel Choice Award winner was just incredible as a sweet desert vape. It turned out to be every bit as great as everyone had been telling us.

All the e-Liquids in today’s review are available in 100% VG and 50/50 PG/VG. You choice in nicotine strengths are 5%, 8%, 12%, 18% and 24%, and non-nicotine.

Current Prices:

7.5ML  -(1/4 ounce) is $6.99

14.8ML – (1/2 ounce) is $11.50

30ML –  (1 ounce) is $19.99

Virgin Vapor is, first and foremost, an all-organic flavored e-Liquid house, but they also carry quite a bit of hardware at very competitive prices.

The head mixologist, Annette Rogers, is always working behind the scenes on creating new flavors. Annette is 100% committed to creating the most amazing organic flavored eJuice and you’ll never have to worry about the purity or safety of any e-Liquid you order from Virgin Vapor.

Since many of our readers are fans of Virgin Vapor we would love to hear from you below. Let us know if you’ve vaped any of the flavors we reviewed here, and how it compares with your experiences. Let us know your favorite Virgin Vapor flavors too, so that next time, and there will be a next time, we can try to bring you our impressions of your favorites.

Until next time,

Julia Barnes, Keira Hartley, Jason Little, Cynthia Stevens, and Janet Richards, aka, Team B.