Organic eLiquid Label Virgin Vapor

Ah, the e-Liquid Review – The last time we reviewed the organically flavored e-liquids from Virgin Vapor it was way back on July 21st, 2012. To say that things have changed for Annette Rogers, owner and mixologist of Virgin Vapor) would be an understatement.


Virgin Vapor has become the place to go for 100% organically flavored e-liquid, and with good reason; Annette is a dedicated flavorist with talent to spare and her line of e-liquids are more than original, they are magnificent examples of what a true artist can accomplish with the right flavors, the commitment, and the passion to make premium e-liquids that carry the Virgin Vapors signature in each and every flavor.

Our time spent with these new flavors (new to us anyway) were some of the best vaping moments we’ve ever experienced in a long time. If you thought that vaping a rose influenced e-juice, for example, wouldn’t work, then you don’t know Virgin Vapors. But you’re about to.

But floral e-Liquids are just one part of this comprehensive review of flavors, albeit one I was very excited about. I had received an email from a reader who inquired about floral e-liquids and until I had read that email I didn’t even know they existed. And although not exactly exclusive to Virgin Vapors, the reader did mention VV by name so I simply had to include a couple in this “sequel” review.

What is Organically Flavored?

The food flavorings used by Virgin Vapor are considered “organic” because they do not contain any artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavorings. And although the FDA has considered food grade flavorings safe for human consumption whether they are organic or not, non-organic food flavorings are chock full of artificial colors and sweeteners and present with a totally different profile when compared to organics.

Organically flavored e-liquids just make sense to many vapers that are concerned about everything they consume, from food to vapor. But do organic flavored e-liquids deliver a better tasting, better ‘performing’ vape for e-cigarette users? I’m still not sure, but I do know the e-liquids we reviewed are outstanding examples this interesting genre of e-liquids.

Virgin Vapor Ingredients

Virgin Vapor’s ingredients include nicotine, organic vegetable glycerin, distilled water and certified organic flavors.  Some organic flavors come in an organic ethyl alcohol base. Virgin Vapor will, on request, use PG (propylene glycol), and as a matter of fact, our e-liquids for this review were mixed eith 50/50 PG/VG ratios. In addition, if you prefer zero alcohol in your e-liquids Virgin Vapor has created a line of alcohol free e-liquids called the “Absolute Virgin Line”.

With the exception of the “Absolute Virgin Line”, all of the ingredients are made in the USA. With regards to the “Absolute” line some of the ingredients have been sourced from the EU, and are certified “organic” by the EU organic standards. No ingredients are made or sourced in or from China. The Nicotine solution used in VV’s e-Liquids is 100% USA made from hand picked tobacco leaves grown in North Carolina.

Lastly, all Virgin Vapor e-Liquids are free of nuts, gluten and sugar. They are Kosher and Vegan accepted. Oh, one more thing… because of their concerns over BPA leaching into certain plastic bottles or caps all VV e-liquids are packaged in glass bottles. And yet, with all of these extra efforts, ingredients, and painstaking production methods, a 1-ounce (30ML) glass bottle is a very acceptable $19.99 (for a premium brand).

Virgin Vapor’s Three Lines

When you visit the Virgin Vapor website you’ll discover 3 distinct lines of e-Liquids, the standard Virgin Vapor line, the ECO Virgin Line, and the Absolute Virgin Line.

VV’s standard Virgin Vapor line uses only USA extracted nicotine and organic flavors in a base of organic ethyl alcohol.  With the ECO Virgin line VV uses the same organic flavorings but uses nicotine that is extracted in a laboratory in the UK.  And finally, the Absolute line uses the same USA extracted nicotine used in the Virgin Vapor line but used with a different line of flavorings that does not contain alcohol. Don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it is.

The Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team

We chose 11 flavors to review this time around, and we tried to vary the e-Liquids so that they had the most appeal for the members of the review team. At the end of the day, I chose to let Tom McBride sit this one out and instead brought in John Manzione. This wasn’t for any of other reason then for Tom’s involvement in a few Spinfuel projects and I didn’t think it was fair to drag him into a 3-day commitment to vape nothing but Virgin Vapor and then meet up with the team and hammer out a comprehensive review.

The team consisted of myself and John, Jason Little, Angel, and Keira Hartley, all fine connoisseurs of e-Liquids.  Don’t let John fool you; his is quite the connoisseur of e-Liquids despite his somewhat modest protests to the contrary.


Since Jason and Keira were successful bringing in a dripping method with their last e-liquid review we decided that all of us would spend at least a few minutes sampling the e-Liquid flavors with a drip atomizer. We picked up several inexpensive mini RDA’s from MyVaporStore ($9.00) for this very purpose.

Team Members and Hardware Choices

Here is a brief rundown of the equipment used in this review.

Julia Barnes – ZMAX w/RSST – Halo Triton & Clearomizer – SmokTech mini RDA

John Manzione – ProVari w/AGA-T and Joyetech eVic w/Smoktech 510 U-DCTank – Smoktech mini RDA

Jason Little – VAMO 2 w/ProTank – Innokin SVD w/iClear 30, SmokTech mini RDA.

Keira Hartley – ProVari Mini w/ProTank and Joyetech eVic w/iClear 30 and SmokTech mini RDA

Angel – Joyetech eVic (White) w/ProTank and a mini RDA drop atomizer from SMOKtech.

Each member of the team spent at least 72 hours vaping Virgin Vapors e-Liquid from the list of flavors below. However, this time I decided to allow the team members to vary their time spent with each flavor. Although extended times spent with a flavor can help with the decision of whether or not it qualifies as an All Day vape, as well as help determine certain complexities and nuances of certain blends, spending time with flavors the team member knows he or she doesn’t like within 30 minutes doesn’t do the e-Liquid any favors and could actually impact the score in a negative way. Think about being told you had to vape a flavor you didn’t like for 8 hours; chances are greater that you might think to want to punish that flavor rather than ‘grow to like it’. I’ve asked the members to note which flavor(s) they spent less time with so that you can judge their impressions in the proper context.

Virgin Vapor e-Liquid Flavors – The Review

All the e-Liquids sent for review were 50/50 PG/VG and .8mg “low” nicotine levels. Because our only experience with non-PG e-Liquids are limited to the new flavors coming from Johnson Creek, we believed reviewing a new set of flavors, especially a new “class” of flavors (Florals) the 100% VG liquids from VV would not have been the wisest choice. Having said that, our next Virgin Vapor review will consist of 100% VG. One other note about flavors, since we publicized this upcoming review a couple of weeks ago we were inundated with remarks about Virgin Vapor’s “cotton candy” and “Bananas Foster”, two of which we did not have, but will include in the next review or review as stand-alones in the near future.

Name & Description

Special note* Rather than repeat ourselves for each e-liquid we agreed that all 11 flavors produced an abundance of vapor and provided a small throat hit, which can be expected with a 50% VG mix and a low nicotine level. So, as you read our impressions on each of the flavors keep in mind that each one produces a splendid amount of vapor and a small TH unless otherwise noted.


Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerSpinfuel Choice Award: Organic Bed of Roses (Absolute) – From VV: Organic Bed of Roses e-liquid brings you the pure essence of rose in a beautiful floral vape.  This heavenly flavor is perfectly balanced with no perfume-y taste.  This flavor is created from organic or wild crafted blossoms and is certified under European Organic Standards.  It contains no alcohol and is extracted at temperatures below 118 degrees using a unique proprietary technology.  The result is an amazingly pure floral vape that is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

Our Say:

Julia: 5 Stars – Why not kick off our review with this amazing floral vape! This was the first floral flavor I’ve had and I was sure it was going to taste very much like a flower, or at least very perfume-y. I suppose you could say I was shocked by the magnificent flavor by this decidedly un-perfume-y e-Liquid. I adore this Bed of Roses!

John: 5 Stars – I think anyone would expect a perfume-y taste from an e-liquid made from the essence of rose blossoms, but there isn’t even a hint of it. I found it slightly sweet, fully flavored with a delicate touch. I’m not sure if I would vape this all day, but I enjoyed it for several hours. Some people are going to find their next great flavor with this Bed of Roses.

Jason: 5 Stars – I decided to award 5 stars to Bed of Roses not so much for its rose taste, which was nice and delicate, but for its amazing balance. This is one of the most complex flavors I’ve ever vaped and a true marvel by the wizard that concocted it. If you have the slightest interest in a floral flavor this is one you must try.

Keira: 5 Stars – I couldn’t get enough of Bed of Roses and when I had vaped through my ‘allotment’ I went around looking for anyone who decided it just wasn’t for them. Unfortunately I didn’t find a soul. This will be one of my most loved all-day vapes.

Angel: 5 Stars – You can taste the beautiful, rich textures of a rose without the slightest hint of perfume, and I was so pleasantly surprised! When you lean down to smell a rose blossom the last thing you think about is eating it, much less inhaling it as a vapor. But somehow it works, and works beautifully. Impressed beyond words, a memorable flavor perfectly done. Delightful!

Spinfuel Choice Award Winner e-liquid reviewSpinfuel Choice Award – Organic Blue Violet – From VV: “Have you ever wondered what violets taste like?  There’s only one way to find out!  This intense and unique flavor is lightly sweet balanced by an amazingly complex floral bouquet.  This unusual flavor is sure to captivate your taste buds!   

This flavor is created from organic or wild crafted blossoms and is certified under European Organic Standards.  It contains no alcohol and is extracted at temperatures below 118 degrees using a unique proprietary technology.  The result is an amazingly pure floral vape that is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!”

Our Say:

Julia: 5 Stars – As much as I loved Bed of Roses this one has an even better tasting floral flavor. A bit deeper taste with a hint of sweetness that is so incredibly complex. These two floral vapes has broadened my e-liquid world in a very big way.

John: 4.5 Stars – Blue Violet has the same floral textures as Bed of Roses, but for some reason I found myself reaching for the Roses more often. Although a delicious vape in its own right, there was more of a floral sense to it than I’d like. Not much of a throat hit, but wow the vapor production was great.

Jason: 5 Stars – A completely different flavor than the Bed of Roses but every bit as fantastic. I never realized vaping a flower flavor would be so good. Unique, complex, somewhat serious taste, Blue Violet was delicious!

Keira: 4.5 Stars – I would have given Blue Violet 5 stars had I not experienced a somewhat perfume-y taste to it. The bed of roses had no such perfume-y presence so I was a little concerned about why this one would have it. That said, for some reason that bit of perfume-y taste worked pretty well. Violet wound up being a terrific flavor after a while.

Angel: 4.75 Stars – As much as I loved Bed of Roses I thought Blue Violet came pretty darned close, but not all the way. Everyone seemed to like it as much as the roses, but couldn’t get there. Loved the vapor with all of these liquids, and this was no exception.

Organic Lemon Rosewater – From VV: “The flavors of lemon and rose ripple over your tongue in delightful waves making this flavor a beautiful, refreshing vape that is both delicate and overwhelming!  You’ll never look at roses the same way again!

Not recommended for use in certain types of plastic tanks.”

Our Say:

Julia: 3.75 Stars – Talk about delicate! The VV description fits this to tee. Since it is a blend of a tart lemon with that delicious rose flavor I didn’t think they blended all that great. Certainly a good flavor, but the tart lemon was a bit heavy handed.

John: 2.5 Stars – Lemon Rosewater tasted like I thought Bed of Roses was going to taste like, very perfume-y and very much like vaping on a flower. I did not like it at all. This was one I passed on after 30 minutes, and that 30 minutes couldn’t get there fast enough. I imagine that for people that like this type of flavor they would love Lemon Rose Water, but for me it was the least-liked one of the 11.

Jason: 3.5 Stars – I figured this was an attempt to get more life out of the fabulous Bed of Roses flavoring, and it just didn’t work for me. I stayed with it for the entire time hoping I’d like it more, but I just didn’t. Not the worst flavor, but not one of the better ones either.

Keira: 4 Stars – Lemon Rosewater depends on how well you liked the Bed of Roses AND lemon flavors. There are many lemon flavors that I enjoy, as long as they are on the sweet side instead of the tart side, and this wonderful vape delivered right where I wanted it too. A great blend of this unique roses flavor and a semi-tart lemon.

Angel: 2.5 Stars – Lemon Rosewater was hard to understand. By themselves these are two good flavors, but when combined it just didn’t work for me. I wished the two flavors had blended well but is just wasn’t going to happen.

Alcoholic Beverages

Organic In Vino Veritas  – From VV:Since vaping and drinking alcoholic beverages go so wonderfully together, we often get asked by customers what flavor e-liquid will pair best with their evening libation.  Well, we finally have the perfect answer.  In Vino Veritas is a crisp refreshing vape that tastes like a fine sauvignon blanc sipped cold from the bottle with the warm grass between you toes and good friends on either side of you.  This flavor is incredibly unique and unlike anything you have ever tasted in a vape before.  “In wine there is the truth.”  Bottoms up!”

Our Say:

Julia: 3 Stars – The thing with this one is that it really does have the taste of wine, and I found it to me way too much for me. If you like the taste of a white wine in an e-liquid I’m betting you won’t find anything better. Amazing authenticity, and I am bewildered that Virgin Vapor was able to replicate the taste of white wine.

John: 2.5 Stars – I love wine, just not white wine.  I didn’t like this one at all. The vapor is outstanding and I was intrigued about the possibility of doing a nice merlot. Could a Red Wine be next? I hope so.

Jason: 3 Stars – Virgin Vapor is truly a gifted e-liquid creator, and this white wine e-liquid proves it beyond a doubt. I vaped In Vino Veritas for about 30 minutes and was surprised I wasn’t drunk. And outstanding job, I just wished I enjoyed the taste of white wine.

Keira: 5 Stars – White wine is something I consume nightly, and I consider myself somewhat of a trained sommelier at the house. I can tell you with certainty that if you like the flavor of white wine you’re going to ‘get’ this e-liquid. I vaped my share and the rest of the teams, who just for one reason or another, couldn’t vape it very long. Try enjoying it with a real glass of white wine at the same time…delicious!

Angel: 3 Stars – I am truly amazed by Virgin Vapor’s ability to make an e-liquid that not only tastes like white wine, it feels like an alcoholic beverage. A remarkable job!

Organic Snake Bite – From VV: “This flavor was inspired by a notorious pub drink found in England that a friend of mine has described to me many times.  The secret ingredient?  A dark, mysterious berry flavor that will make you crazy!  Sweet, complex and dangerous, this flavor bites and won’t let go!”

Our Say:

Julia: 4.5 Stars – This is an e-liquid that takes a few drags to get used to the flavor, and then once you do it is magnificent! A totally unique flavor in the fruity family of vapes, and one that will surprise the hell out of you.

John: 4.5 Stars – I enjoyed this strange flavor a lot more than I thought I would. Naturally with a name like Snake Bite I had no idea what to expect but Julia told me that looking at the description before you try it is not allowed. The flavor was so original that the first couple of drags confused the hell out of me. Then there was this fruity flavor, then something else. I finally read the official description and I was still in the dark. I have no idea how to describe it, but I know it was really good!

Jason: 4.5 Stars – I kept asking myself, “What is this?” and I couldn’t figure it out. It’s a semi-sweet fruit flavor but a fruit taste I’ve never tasted before. Other than saying I enjoyed the flavor but cannot tell you what it was, I can’t say anything else. Great vapor? All 11 have great vapor production so that’s not much help. I just don’t know what to say about Snake Bite.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – I taste guava, but if I’m right I’ll be surprised. This is a strange tasting, but alluring e-liquid. But I don’t think it has mass appeal.

Angel: 3.5 Stars – After talking it over with K, I too think this e-liquid’s secret ingredient tastes like guava, I think. Unfortunately this was one e-liquid I did not spend the full time with. It just wasn’t up my alley.


Organic Pineapple Party Animal – From VV: “This flavor is amazingly delicious!  Sweet, fresh fruit taste with that wonderful pineapple tang finished with a nice punch of rum!  All you need is a tropical drink to go with it and you’ve got yourself a party!

Our Say:

Julia: 4.25 Stars – Completely natural pineapple flavor that just wasn’t sweet enough. I enjoyed it for as long as my schedule allowed but no matter what it wouldn’t get sweeter the longer I vaped it.

John: 3.75 Stars – Pineapple (and coconut as well) is among my favorite e-liquid flavors and it seems that many pineapple blends are going awry these days. This was not a complicated flavor so I think it comes down to being my first organic pineapple flavor. Not awful, but not that great either.

Jason: 4 Stars – The name, Pineapple Party Animal, gave me the preconceived notion that this flavor was going to be a very heavy pineapple vape. It wasn’t. It also wasn’t as full-bodied as I wanted it to be. I kind of enjoyed it, but it wasn’t about pineapple, or at least the normal pineapple flavor I’m used to.

Keira: 4.25 Stars – There is only one thing I don’t like about Pineapple Party Animal and that is the taste of the vapor on the inhale. Coming out it tastes luscious and deep, but on the inhale it has an almost stale un-pineapple taste. It took several puffs to get used to it, but afterwards I quite enjoyed it. Remarkable actually.

Angel: 5 Stars – This is the most authentic, most believable pineapple flavor I’ve had yet. Real pineapples are not sweet and candied like; they are raw, with hints of sweetness but mostly not. I loved this one because I eat raw pineapple at least once a week. Buy it whole and cut it up and you’ll find pineapple isn’t like 99% of the pineapple flavored “anythings”. Here, organic means totally authentic. A great all-day vape!

Spinfuel Choice Award Winner - e-liquid reviewSpinfuel Choice Award – Organic Forbidden Fig – From VV:This mouth watering flavor tastes like luscious, ripe figs!  Fresh, sweet and delicious!  This flavor is priced slightly higher than the other Absolute Virgin e-liquids because due to the nearly double cost of this amazing flavor.”

Our Say:

Julia: 5 Stars – I’m not going to beat around the bush, this is getting 5 Stars from me because it is an excellent e-liquid that tastes exactly like figs. Not to be confused with Fig Newton or some other fig cake or desert, but of the actual fruit. Very authentic, very clean and rich, without any other flavors getting in the way. This is an excellent flavor and a great all-day vape, if you like figs.

John: 5 Stars – I thought this e-liquid flavor was going to bomb out. In fact, I left it for last because I thought it would be really bad. Instead, it was one of the most enjoyable vapes of the bunch. This is a real sweet fig flavor that is very, very satisfying. If you like authentic figs, a luscious and sweet flavor so popular in the Mideast, this is one you have to try.

Jason: 5 Stars – I enjoyed this flavor quite a bit, but I’m not so sure about the taste of figs. I’ll take the words of John and Julia, but the closest I’ve come to real figs is, yep, Fig Newton. Forbidden Figs is a sweet vape that could easily be an all-day vape.  There wasn’t a drop left of this one after the review, and no chance to do a recap vape during the discussions.

Keira: 5 Stars – I love figs, and Forbidden Figs is as close to the real taste as you’ll ever get in an e-Liquid. So sweet and luscious, and original, that I didn’t want to stop vaping it. Eventually I ran out of it and had to move on to something else, but I plan on getting more.

Angel: 5 Stars – I enjoyed Forbidden Figs so much that once I filled a ProTank with it and started vaping I didn’t stop until it was done. Forbidden Fig is a sweet vape with an indescribable flavor. I suppose Fig is a fruit, but it doesn’t have that fruity flavor. Since this was such a huge hit with the team we’ve decided to let Julia and Keira serve up a plate of real, imported figs and show us how it’s done. As an e-liquid, Forbidden Fig wins huge. I loved it.


Spinfuel Choice Award – Organic Orange Creamsicle – From VV: “Sweet orange and rich, creamy vanilla compliment each other perfectly in this mouthwatering vape!  It’s even better than you imagine!”

Our Say:

Julia: 5 Stars – The first couple of drags from my ZMAX with the RSST produced a flowery, orange-blossom or rind taste that I didn’t care for, but the 3rd drag forward produced a rich, slightly sweet orange flavor that you get from the meat of the orange. After that I loved this flavor! Not the most original flavor, but done beautifully. As a 50% VG vape this one produced thick vapor and a prolonged orange Creamsicle notes. A definite all-day vape too!

John: 5 Stars – I am not a huge orange fan in e-liquids because the orange always tastes more like the orange peel than it does the orange. But VV Orange Creamsicle produced the exact taste of a Good Humor Creamsicle. I was also surprised I liked it as much as I did. If orange Creamsicle is an e-liquid you’ve been looking for then this one, I believe, will be the one you want.

Jason: 5 Stars – I thought an orange Creamsicle should be sweeter than this, so before making up my mind I popped a few drops into the mini RDA and there it was; a sweet creamy orange vape that I was so impressed with I wound up running about 3ML through the mini RDA and nothing else.

Keira: 5 Stars – Julia and I had the opportunity to vape this together at the same time, which allowed me to witness the look of disappointment on her first couple of drags. Then her look turned to all smiles and I knew she was digging this new Creamsicle vape. So, instead of using a new ProTank atty I went with the mini RDA drip atomizer. Orange Creamsicle is by far the best tasting e-liquid I have used in the mini RDA yet. A perfect replication for the Creamsicle everyone loves!

Angel: 5 Stars – I used a fresh replacement atty head with each flavor and I’m so glad I did, if only for the Orange Creamsicle e-Liquid. It took a couple of hits to get it going and once it did it was in the Top 3 of every orange Creamsicle flavor I’ve ever tried. A nice, sweet, creamy orange with tons of vapor kept me happy for hours and hours. This is a great flavor!

Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerSpinfuel Choice Award – Organic Death by Chocolate – From VV: “The ultimate vape for chocoholics everywhere!  This is rich, dark chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!  A nice balance of sweetness and dark, bitter chocolate…  To die for!”

Our Say:

Julia: 5 Stars – If you like DARK chocolate vapes, this is going to knock you on your butt. VV talks about this being the ultimate vapes for chocoholics, and they are as close to being right as any other…if the chocoholic includes dark chocolate that is.  I’ve had many delightful chocolate e-liquids and I had hoped that someday I would fine a vape that was a real authentic dark chocolate. I found it.

John: 5 Stars – The physical appearance of this e-liquid looks awful. It’s cloudy, with what looks like some kind of bacterial growth… but it’s not; it is the pure dark chocolate organics. I loved this in so many ways I thought I would vape this until I got sick, but I ran out before that happened. If dark chocolate is you thing, try this and have your mind blown.

Jason: 5 Stars – An unbelievably great dark chocolate e-liquid! You wont mistake this for some milk chocolate or other chocolate confection, this is real dark, but sweet stuff. Man,  just when I thought I’ve had about every chocolate e-liquid out there along comes Death by Chocolate and I find something to top them all. Dark Chocolate. Need I say more?

Keira: 5 Stars – This might sound a little strange, but I’m giving Death by Chocolate 5 stars because it is the deepest, darkest chocolate e-liquid I’ve experienced. But I don’t like dark chocolate, and the minute you begin vaping this you know you’re vaping DARK chocolate. An amazing blend. For chocoholics your e-liquid is waiting!

Angel: 5 Stars – I’ve vaped quite a few chocolate e-liquids lately and some of them have been incredible. None of them were dark chocolate. THIS IS. If you know that semi-sweet kick of dark chocolate you’ll find it right here in Death by Chocolate. I did not want to stop and neither will you.


Organic Dark Side of the Moon – From VV: “Rich, full bodied tobacco with notes of dark, Dutch chocolate!  The Dutch chocolate adds smokey notes to the tobacco and just a hint of bitterness making this a well rounded, complex flavor with very little sweetness.

Our Say:

Julia: 4 Stars – But… not 4 Stars for the description. This is a very deep, full-bodied tobacco flavor but the Dutch chocolate is only noticeable when dripped directly onto the mini RDA. Still, if you’ve looking for a very rich tobacco with organic flavoring this could be it. I thought the chocolate would give Dark Side of the Moon some sweetness, but to me it just wasn’t there.

John: 4 Stars – While I enjoyed Dark Side of the Moon for its deep and intense tobacco flavors I just couldn’t connect with it. Where’s the chocolate? For people looking for a good organic flavored tobacco flavor that isn’t a pipe tobacco this is an excellent choice.

Jason: 3.75 Stars – I wanted the Dutch chocolate to be the dominant flavor in this every complex e-liquid and found myself disappointed when it didn’t show up. If you don’t mind the near total absence of chocolate this could be an excellent tobacco flavor.

Keira:  3.5 Stars – I wanted this to be a great chocolate tobacco e-liquid and was so disappointed when I vape Dark Side of the Moon. Much too bold for me, but a real winner in the tobacco flavoring department.

Angel: 5 Stars – DSOTM is one of the deepest, richest tobacco flavors I’ve had in a very long time. Though not the bold taste of a pipe tobacco, this very down to earth tobacco e-liquid is exactly what many people look for when they are tobacco hunting in the e-liquid jungle. Very earthy, almost dirty tobacco notes that it becomes addicting for its soulful flavors. I could not stop vaping Dark Side of the Moon until it was completely gone.

Organic Best Damn Tobacco – From VV:It’s finally here!  Introducing Virgin Vapor’s all new organic tobacco!  We took our bold name from the exclamations trying this flavor inspired in taste testers!  This tobacco flavor is a rich, full-bodied flavor and is completely free of propylene glycol unless a PG mix is requested.  This flavor is specially extracted from certified organic or wild crafted, pesticide-free tobacco without the use of hexane.  Enjoy!

Our Say:

Julia: 5 Stars – With a name like this, Best Damn Tobacco, you’re setting it up for a fall…at least with some people. But, with me, it wasn’t much of a risk. THIS is the best organic tobacco flavor I’ve had. Now, I know, what’s the difference, right? Well, there is a difference. There is a certain earthy flavor with something organic, and a complete lack of ‘chemical’ flavoring gives it a rich tobacco flavor.

John: 4 Stars – Best Damn Tobacco is a good, earthy, tobacco flavor that is just a tad on the sweet side. Full bodied, smooth tobacco notes that really satisfy. Personally I prefer the Dark Side of the Moon’s tobacco flavor, but it is still a terrific tobacco e-liquid.

Jason: 4 Stars  – Best Damn Tobacco is a uniquely rich and smooth tobacco with an original, yet familiar taste. What I mean to say is that the tobacco flavor is instantly recognizable with woody notes. Almost like picking a tobacco leaf and squeezing the juice out of it and vaporizing it. Kind of strange, but it works extremely well.

Keira: 3.5 – A very authentic tobacco, a chemical-free tobacco with no distracting flavors to get in the way. If I liked tobacco more than I do this would probably be my choice for an all-day e-liquid.

Angel: 4.5 – Every one of these 11 flavors are very different from the normal fare I’ve had for the past several months. There is a distinct organic taste to every e-liquid in this review, and Best Damn Tobacco is a very original tobacco flavor. I’m not sure I know how best to describe it because I haven’t vaped anything close to this before. I also haven’t enjoyed a tobacco flavor like this one for quite some time.

Best of the Bunch

Orange Creamsicle – Choosing the best of the 11 wasn’t easy, but after narrowing it down to Orange Creamsicle and Death By Chocolate we choose Creamsicle by a vote of 4 to 1. Creamsicle is a very authentic, nicely sweet, and very orange-y flavored e-liquid that is simply amazing.

In Conclusion

Over the past year and a half of writing comprehensive e-liquid reviews this one goes into the record books as being the most diverse, and with a very distinct flavor profile. From floral vapes of Bed of Roses to the dark chocolate of Death By Chocolate there is something for everyone here.

Not everyone is going to enjoy the floral flavors, but if you’re worried about them being too perfume-y rest assured they are not. We’ve vaped many chocolate flavors over the past year and a half but cannot recollect a single on of them as “dark” chocolate.  The tobacco flavors were true and authentic, and the only big disappointment was the Pineapple Party Animal. All in all, out of the 11 flavors we reviewed 5 of them were 5 Star winners across all 5 members, which earns those particular flavors the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Before you choose any of the Spinfuel Choice Awards please remember that taste is subjective. Virgin Vapor e-liquids are very original, with very distinct flavors. If you’ve never vaped an organic-flavored e-liquid you may not know what to expect. Organic flavoring gives each flavor a unique ‘take’ that you may not expect.

Our Buying advice for Virgin Vapor is a little different than most other reviews we’ve done in the past. Virgin Vapor is a premium e-liquid brand, and priced accordingly. However, they are also one of the few “organic” e-liquid vendors in the marketplace. Because organic flavoring delivers a slightly different flavor characteristic, and with good reason I might add, it might be best to sample a few of them before plunging in.

Spinfuel Choice Awards were earned by the following e-liquids:

  •  Bed of Roses
  • Blue Violet
  • Forbidden Fig
  • Death By Chocolate
  • and Orange Creamsicle

Lead writer, Julia Barnes. Team members; Julia Barnes, John Manzione, Jason Little, Keira Hartley, and Angel.

June 3rd 2013