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A Virgin Vapor Review

Just how “Organic” is Annette Rogers and her sister Helen’s, Virgin Vapor eJuice? I’m glad you asked.

Virgin Vapor eJuice (or eLiquid) is 100% USA-made eJuice.  Not a single ingredient comes from China. Even the nicotine used in the VV (Virgin Vapor) eLiquids is extracted in the United States. Each and every blend of their organically flavored eJuice contains no artificial ingredients or additives.

Each eLiquid blend is made from “USDA certified organic” flavorings, USP vegetable glycerin, and nicotine.  Virgin Vapor eJuice contains no DEG, no artificial flavorings, no artificial colorings, and no artificial sweeteners*Every flavor of eJuice is “third party certified organic”. I would venture to say that this certainly qualifies Virgin Vapor to use the “organic” moniker.

In addition to being ‘organic’, Virgin Vapor eLiquid is mixed and bottled only after you order it so that it arrives as fresh as can be. Speaking of bottles, Virgin Vapor is shipped in real glass bottles, never plastic; to ensure that there can be no leaching of plastics into these fine organic juices.

Annette Rodgers sent Spinfuel eCigs Magazine ten (10) flavors to review for our First Annual “July is eJuice Month” celebration, and we’ve had a terrific time sampling her wares. Each eJuice has a fresh, and rich flavor, producing thick, luscious vapor, with ‘throat hits’ ranging from “fair to excellent”. A couple of the flavors were shipped in zero-nicotine blends and as such, the throat hit was on the lighter side. (But even then, what the zero-nicotine flavors lacked in throat hit was made up for by the deep, rich flavors.)

The Players:

John Manzione, also the lead writer this time out, along with Julia Barnes, Jason Little, Lisa Johnston and Tom McBride. Each member of the staff vaped the ‘Virgin Vapor’ line for 72 hours before meeting to discuss their thoughts on the eLiquid.

The hardware used during the review process included; ProVape’s ProVari-mini, a NicStick eGo-T, Vapor King’s Storm 2.0, and various Halo Cigs G6 and Element batteries. We used Boge cartomizers, Halo Element 510-compatible cartomizers, Halo Cigs Element Atomizers and cartridges, along with a few Texas Tuff Tanks from Vapor Dudes, and two “Totally Wicked” DCT’s (dual coil cartomizer tanks). Each reviewer also received 5ML’s of juice for each flavor to use however they wished. All the cartomizers were prefilled by the lead writer, this time ‘myself’, and then left to ‘mature’ for 24 hours.

Time: The Virgin Vapor eJuice we reviewed was bottled and shipped on July 6th,. The review team began using the juices on July 16th through July 19th. A 3-hour ‘discussion’ was held on the evening of the 19th, and a final draft of this review was written in the morning of the 20th. Each member of the team signed off on the final draft at Noon on the 20th.

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Scoring: The 5-Star Rating

1 Star – I really don’t like it.

2 Star – I’m not impressed

3 Stars – It’s okay.

4 Stars – Hey, this is pretty good.

5 Stars – I LOVE this!

The Review:


I filled a cartomizer of each flavor after I had completed the task of preparing cartomizers, cartridges and DCT’s for the review staff and, as I often do, began to vape them, one by one, for a couple of minutes each, to allow myself an ‘initial impression’.

Many eJuice companies recommend that you allow the juice to sit or “breathe” for several hours at least. However, allowing juice to sit for a day is not something a lot of people want to do, they usually fill a tank or a carto as soon as it arrives and start vaping. It was for that reason I wanted to see what, if any, differences in taste there would be between waiting overnight and vaping ‘out-of-the-bottle’.

Sometimes it does make a difference, or more to the point, most times it makes a difference. Especially during the hot summer months and the cold winter months. Regardless if you decide to wait it out and prefill the day before, you should always wait for the eLiquid to reach ‘room’ temperature, no matter what the weather is outside.

 I’ve found that ‘thinner’ juices, like Virgin Vapors and Johnson Creek or Mountain Oak Vapors, has a profoundly positive ‘maturation’ period. ( With respect to both taste and satisfaction). In the case of Virgin Vapors specifically, I found that immediately vaping out of the bottle, while still mostly a positive experience, did not truly reflect their true nature. Out of the bottle I would have graded most flavors a 3 or 3.5, after waiting overnight that score would jump to 4.5 and 5.

The next day when all the cartos and other supplies were handed out I, along with the rest of the team, began our 72-hour exclusive vaping with Virgin Vapor.

The eJuice Results

As Julia did during the last eJuice review all the nearly-empty bottles were placed in a box and I reached in and grabbed a bottle. Placing it on the table, and calling out the name of the eJuice, the discussions began. Below are the edited (for space), responses from each reviewer.

(note* the comments below are truncated. They were picked by me to reflect what each reviewer experienced with the juice, not merely a reflection of whether each flavor was accurately described by Virgin Vapor. If someone disliked a flavor, or was crazy about it, I felt it important to get that message across to our readers. Some readers may think this type of ‘narrative’ review style to be unnessescary, and that’s fine, but there is more to any eLiquid that simply an accurate description. Opinion matters, or it should anyway.)

Organic Dark Roast Turkish Coffee – Virgin Vapors describes this as a “super dark roast coffee”. From the “Absolute” line, meaning it is Vegan; sugar-free, gluten-free, no colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives. This is a very strong flavor. How did the team react to Dark Roast Turkish Coffee?

Me: 5 Stars! This is amazingly good. Very strong, deep rich coffee with no harshness at all, just a mouthful of pure flavor. Never had a coffee flavor this good before.

Julia: 4 Stars: I liked it a lot. But, this flavor is so strong there is no way I could vape it all day. Like John says, a very deep coffee flavor. Delicious.

Jason: 5 Stars! You hit the nail on the head. Dark Roast Turkish Coffee is unbelievably good. Strong, very expensive, coffee flavor, more like Kona or Blue Mountain, and no harsh feelings in the back of the throat. I absolutely loved it.

Tom: 5 Stars! I couldn’t believe it really. I’ve had a bunch of coffee flavored juice before this but nothing as satisfying. It is the absence of everything but the flavor of very dark, very rich, coffee beans. I will definitely put this into my rotation.

Lisa: 5 Stars! I’ll admit that I had some reservations about being “organic” and all the rest; no alcohol etc., but vaping is believing. I didn’t want to stop and move on to another flavor and the only reason I did is because I ran out of it. Best coffee ever!

Organic Black Cherry Marshmallow – Described by VV as “true black cherry taste paired with a light, powdery, marshmallow sweetness.” Did the team agree?

Me: 4 Stars: While I liked this one quite a bit, it lacked the marshmallow kick I expected. It has a deep black cherry flavoring, and a very rich taste. It would have received 5 Stars had I been able to taste the marshmallow. A great vape even without it.

Julia: 4 Stars: I think the black cherry was a bit too deep. Really, the flavor kicked my butt. If you love black cherry you won’t find one with more black cherry flavor than this one. Another one I wouldn’t be able to vape all day, but after dinner it’s a great desert.

Jason: 5 Stars: I loved the black cherry marshmallow. The black cherry flavors are rich and smooth, with a great throat hit and not a hint of harshness to it. The marshmallow taste comes at the end, on the exhale, and it is delicious!

Tom: 5 Stars: I’m giving this one the maximum stars because it is exactly what its supposed to be; a deep black cherry vape. I may not think black cherry is the ‘end all be all’ but I enjoyed every second with this one.

Lisa: 5 Stars – The only thing I had an issue with was the fact that I couldn’t vape more of it! What a great black cherry flavor! So rich and so satisfying, unbelievably delicious!

Organic Hawaiian White Guava – VV describes it as “luscious flavor is a perfect replication of the taste of fresh, ripe, tropical guavas eaten straight from the tree!” What did the team have to say?

Me: 3 Stars: – I’m giving it 3 stars because whatever it was I was tasting, probably guava, it wasn’t my kind of eJuice. It wasn’t bad, it was Guava.

Julia: 5 Stars: This is the first guava-based ejuice I’ve ever had, and to tell you the truth I don’t know if it was guava I tasted but whatever it was it was awesome. Not as deep or rich as some of the others, it was still fab!

Jason: 4 Stars: I know Guava and this juice had plenty of guava taste. I liked it, but more as an occasional vape. A little light on the vapor, but a good blend. Bravo for being adventurous.

Tom: 3 Stars: This one didn’t produce as much vapor as I was used to by this point in the review. I admit I saved this one for later in the review and by then I was used to enormous amounts of vapor and deep deep flavors. I don’t know what guava tastes like, so I couldn’t say whether it was accurate or not.

Lisa: 5 Stars! You guys are right when you say it’s a lighter vape with a little less vapor, but still, a delicious vape. 5 stars for being my first guava flavored eJuice!

Organic ECO Kona Velvet MilkshakeSpinfuel Choice Award!  VV says this is a “nice, strong shot of Kona Espresso with velvety notes of rum, butter, and ice cream in a creamy milkshake base.” What did the team think?Spinfuel Choice Award 2013

Me: 5 Stars: So incredibly rich I couldn’t put it down! VV has some of the deepest, richest flavors and this is certainly one of them. I loved the milkshake flavor mixed in with a blast of espresso. Mean juice!

Jason: 5 Stars: What a great flavor, or bunch of flavors! Loved the Kona coffee hit and the milkshake flavors, all mixing in to deliver one of the richest flavors I’ve ever had.

Julia: 5 Stars: I loved how the milkshake flavor and the Kona shot were equally powerful. How does VV get their flavors so deep and satisfying? This was almost a meal in itself!

Tom: 5 Stars: I could vape this forever, and a day. Unbelievable rich, I could not put it down. My favorite flavor of the bunch. (Clapping hands)

Lisa: 5 Stars: I agree that the milkshake flavor, (chocolate malt maybe?) was really rich. But it was the Kona coffee that did me in. My favorite flavor of the 10.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Organic Naked Vanilla – Spinfuel Choice Award! – Described by VV as “a pure extraction of organic vanilla”. Did the team agree?

Me: 5 Stars! VV also says this is a light and sweet flavor. I’m not sure of the “light” though because it had one of the richest vanilla flavors I’ve ever had. I will add this one to my rotation.

Julia: 5 Stars! Pure vanilla! Deep and rich like I’ve never experienced before. Great throat hit, but not at all harsh. I couldn’t put it down.

Jason: 5 Stars: Maybe John is confusing ‘light’ with ‘smooth’ or maybe VV is, I don’t know. What I do know is that this was a smooth vanilla that just hit home to me. Best vanilla flavor I’ve ever had.

Tom: 5 Stars: You know me; I like dark and tobacco flavors more than anything. I did not expect to like this Naked Vanilla at all, but I loved it. I can’t believe vanilla can be this good as a vape flavor. Lord knows I’ve had plenty of vanilla flavors but this is the first one I actually loved to vape.

Lisa: 5 Stars: I thought vanilla was a good idea, but never executed well. Until now. So deeply rich and smooth. Pure vanilla. Loved it!

Organic Vanilla Blackberry Swirl – VV describes this one as a “beautiful flavor of blackberries in this e-liquid, softened and enhanced by French Vanilla.” How did the team take to this adventurous flavor?

Me: 4 Stars: Blackberry and vanilla sounds like it would be awesome, and for the most part it is. My only, small, problem was it was a tad too sweet. But just a tad, which is why I gave it 4 instead of 5. Real blackberry and vanilla without a doubt.

Julia: 5 Stars: Blackberries and vanilla is such a great combo that this vape will keep you coming back for more. I vaped this flavor for about 10 minutes then broke my own rule of 4 10-minute vapes per hour by vaping the entire carto within 3 hours. Loved it.

Jason: 4 Stars: This one was a little too sweet for me, which is funny because I vaped the naked vanilla first and didn’t find that one too sweet at all. I don’t know if it was the blackberry sweetness combining with the vanilla sweetness. It was delicious, just a bit too sweet.

Tom: 4 Stars: Too sweet, yet still delicious. Blackberry and vanilla, they are made to be together. Look at this tobacco lover saying great things about blackberries! LOL, never thought I’d see the day.

Lisa: 5 Stars: Unbelievably scrumptious! Virgin Vapor is one of those companies that just keep delivering great flavor after great flavor. I’m adding this to my list right now.

Organic Original Sin (Absolute Line) – Described by VV as “ripe, red, delicious apples!  Pure, sweet, and sinfully delicious!” Could it be?

Me: 5 Stars: I never thought I’d find two great red delicious flavors to vape in as many weeks! But I did. This is a great Red Apple vape!

Julia: 4 Stars: I get the ‘original sin’ link, but didn’t you expect something decadent? This is not that. What it is is a great Red Apple vape! A real taste of red delicious apple!

Jason: 5 Stars: What a great red apple flavor! I think red delicious makes a much better flavor to vape than a granny smith. This is sweet, pure red apple. Loving it!

Tom: 4 Stars: As a red delicious flavor it is downright terrific. But, this is one of the fruitier ones of the VV line. Still, a good vape, and the taste of a real apple in every drag!

Lisa: 5 Stars: Pure apple flavors! Red Delicious is a great flavor for an eJuice! I adored this one and didn’t want to stop. Wow.

Organic Fresh Thai Mango (Absolute Line)  – Described by VV as “plenty of juicy sweetness paired with a nice hint of tang.  A fresh, exotic treat!” Did the team agree?

Me: 4 Stars: One of my least liked flavors of the Virgin Vapor line, yet still a pretty good flavor. I’m not crazy about mango, though I do eat them once and a while. I will say that of the mango-flavored eJuices out there this is one of the best.

Jason: 5 Stars: Every mango flavor I’ve tried missed the mark for me until I tried this one. A real mango flavor, and rich too. Smooth with a good throat hit, this is the best mango vape I’ve had.

Julia: 5 Stars: Mango! And plenty of it! What is it about mangos that make it such a great flavor for eJuice? What more can I say than if you like mango you’ll love this one!

Tom: 4 Stars: Not as rich and deep as some of the others in the Virgin Vapor line but still a good solid mango flavor. A solid throat hit but a little less vapor than most of the VV line. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

Lisa: 5 Stars: I DID love this mango-flavored eJuice! A bit of a tang to it too. Delicious.

Organic Juicy Watermelon (Absolute Line) – Described as “juicy, sweet, watermelon refreshment!  The ultimate summer time vape!” What did the team think on this hot summer day?

Me: 4 Stars: This is the lightest flavor of Virgin Vapor that we tried. This was also only the 2nd time I’ve tried a watermelon flavor. It certainly had the watermelon taste, but light on vapor (comparably speaking) and not too sweet. Good, but not great.

Julia: 5 Stars: The best watermelon flavor I’ve ever tried! Pure unadulterated watermelon! I loved it. What more can I say?

Jason: 5 Stars: Man, Virgin Vapor is as accurate as hell when it comes to reproducing the flavors! I love watermelon and anytime I can’t have the real thing I can always fill a tank and vape till I’m satisfied. Loved it.

Tom: 4 Stars: If I were voting on flavor alone this would be a 5 star flavor. Perfectly blended to taste exactly like watermelon, but then I don’t like watermelon so I found this one to be a good flavor but not a great one for me. That said, if you like watermelon you’ll love this!

Lisa: 5 Stars: Watermelon is one of my favorites and Virgin Vapor did this up right. No artificial flavors? How did they get so good? Loved it!

Organic White Cherry Crush (Absolute Line) – Virgin Vapor says; “White Cherry Crush is unbearably good!  Sweet and complex, a true white cherry without the slightest hint of that cough medicine cherry taste.” Did our team agree?

Me: 4 Stars: The trouble with a lot of cherry flavors is exactly what VV addressed, that dreaded cough syrup taste. Yuk! Thankfully, there is not a hint of cough syrup in this. I liked it, but it is a light vape. VV makes some of the best dark deep and delicious flavors and this one has to be their lightest. Though, really, we only tried ten (10) flavors so it was the lightest of the 10.

Julia: 5 Stars: A great cherry vape! If you love cherry flavors this is one you’re going to love. Unique, real cherries, and smooth. I loved it.

Jason: 4 Stars: A little on the light side. Taste and vapor were a bit lighter than their other flavors. If you like cherry though, you will love this one.

Tom: 4 Stars: Cherry is one of my least liked fruity flavors. That said, I agree that it doesn’t have a cough syrup taste to it, just a real bowl of cherries in vapor form. I may not be crazy about cherry flavors but this is a whole lot better than I expected.

Lisa: 5 Stars: Cherry flavored eJuice are on the top of my list! Virgin Vapor did a great job with providing a real cherry experience without being syrupy and too sweet. Like cherries? You’ll love Organic White Cherry Crush!

Final Words:

All-in-all the team was impressed beyond measure with Virgin Vapor. We love the idea of being totally organic, and after this review we think there is something very real about going organic with eJuice/e-liquids. Every one of the flavors we tried was 4 and 5 Stars, and the group was able to use up every drop of eJuice they were given.

With companies like Virgin Vapor you are buying eLiquid flavors that are not only made in a sterile environment and bottled in real glass, the flavors are exquisite.

Virgin Vapor flavors are sold in ½ and 1 ounce bottles; a ½ ounce is $13.50. Converted in ML it comes to a 15ML bottle for $13.50. At less than a $1 per ML we think it’s a great price for top of the line eLiquid.

Virgin Vapor comes highly recommended by each and every team member.

Top Pick:

John: Naked Vanilla

Julia: Kona Velvet Milkshake

Jason: Dark Roast Turkish Coffee

Tom: Dark Roast Turkish Coffee

Lisa: Black Cherry Marshmallow

We would all like to thank Annette and Helen for allowing us the opportunity to review ten (10) of their best eLiquids. It was a blast!

SPECIAL: All readers can get a nice 10% off their entire order, no minimum, from Virgin Vapor until the end of August! Just type in the word “SPINFUEL” in the coupon code box upon checkout!

John Manzione, with Jason Little, Julia Barnes, Tom McBride, and Lisa Johnston.

*Some of virgin vapor flavorings come in an organic ethyl alcohol base; the Absolute Virgin line is alcohol-free