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Vaping Etiquette 101:  – The Do’s and Don’ts of Ripping in Public

 It would be nice to have a list of vaping commandments. A comprehensive list with the rules of etiquette we could all adhere to. But, as a community, we are not all that polite when it comes to ripping big garlands of luscious vapor. At least not in public. A few bad apples have indeed spoiled the bunch.


As vapers, we understand our favorite hobby doesn’t wreck our lungs and our health like regular smoking does. We pick our favorite E-juices because we love the taste of fruits, dessert, or menthol. Because of this, we may assume other people want these flavors shot in their general direction.

Vaping Etiquette 101: Ripping in Public?

Imagine sitting outside with your family and some random is dropping fat pillows of billows (aka Ripping) around your children. What would you do? Would you hand him the book of quintessential rules of vaping etiquette? We wish.

Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is to shed a bright light on this pesky little problem and hope for a more polite society of vapers.

“You broke rules 1 and 3.”

What Is Etiquette?

Damn good manners.

It’s that simple.

Why Do We Want to Have Good Manners, First of All?

The vaping industry is dealing with a few dozen concerned citizens trying to regulate, control, and even ban vaping. Why? The regular, uninformed non-vaper thinks of vaping as harmful as smoking.

They have probably experienced a handful of rude people ripping clouds of vapor in their face. That may lead them to make assumptions and unconsciously create a stereotype in their minds.

This stereotype travels around and evolves. It lives in people’s minds and expands through conversation and debate. We want to break that mold. Try reading some of the comment sections on anti-vaping Facebook groups and other discussion forums. It’s madness. Ill-informed madness!

“We don’t understand how it works but we hate you for it!”


What Can We Do to Improve?

Don’t blow smoke into somebody’s face:

Well, that’s just rude.

Vape somewhere else:

The obvious answer would be to only vape in the smoker’s area, or in your car, or in your home. But that’s not always possible or enjoyable.

Ask first:

Have common sense and ask first. Ask if it’s okay to infuse the room with the flavor of churros, or vanilla, or blue razz. If you start ripping clouds in the middle of a crowded restaurant without asking, you’ll probably seem a bit douchey and entitled.

Consider the people around you:


Others may not know that second-hand vaping isn’t harmful (because they think it’s just like regular cigarettes.)

“Is it okay if I blow go ripping some clouds in your face?”

What Else Can We Do?

Do not support stores that don’t follow proper FDA / FTC guidelines. Buy only from trustworthy stores and starve shady stores from your dollars. Reputable sites offer age-restriction parameters. Any site that sells vaping products must have the FDA-provided nicotine warning label. Sad to say, some online stores ignore this.


Every community has its fair share of shady characters and myths. For some, vaping goes hand-in-hand with smoking and attribute the harmful effects of one with the other. But regardless of where we stand as a community, it shouldn’t stop us from trying to improve our image. Let’s spread common sense, and don’t go ripping clouds wherever you please.

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