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Strix Elixirs 3 New eLiquids and Three Betas

Free 10ML bottle of eLiquid, any flavor you want, with every order! Free Shipping for every order over $35. Oh, did we mention that every bottle is pre-steeped and ready to Vape?

UPDATED APRIL 21 2015 – Spinfuel can no longer recommend Strix Elixirs to any reader. If or when things change we will  update you. In the meantime, we suggest Rocket Fuel Vapors instead

Strix Elixirs has only been up and running for a few months, but the combined experience of Jennifer and Andy (owners) are literally more than a decade of eLiquid mixing experience. So it’s not surprising that we have six new eLiquids to review today.

The exciting part is that 3 of them are available now, and 3 are still in beta testing. Where it looks from here, Strix Elixirs customers are in for some real treats in the weeks ahead.

The six new eLiquids we are reviewing today are:

Available Now:




Coming Soon (betas)

The Keys

Blue Honey Cream

Tico Tico

Strix Elixirs Particulars

Strix Elixirs offers a 10ML and 30Ml bottle, both are high-quality plastic bottles with long slim needle tips for easy filling of just about any clearomizer, tank, and even simple cartomizers. 10ML bottles are a flat $5.00, and the 30ML is $14.00. For the quality of the eLiquid offered by Strix Elixirs these are excellent prices.

All Strix Elixirs eLiquids are 60% PG and 40% VG. Nicotine strengths are 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg, as well as a zero-nicotine option. As usual we chose the 18mg nicotine strength.

Vapor and Throat Hits – All six eLiquids provided an abundance of vapor due to the PG/VG ratio of 60/40 and the quality of the VG. While throat hits varied, all presented a more than acceptable hit.

The Team & The Hardware – For this Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Tom McBride (me) takes the helm, with an assist from Julia. Hardware choices were left up to the team members and were varied. Batteries and mods consisted of Vision Spinner II’s (1600mAh), a 777 eCig M-1 (review coming), ProVari, iTaste 134 Mini, ZMAX, and X.Jet Spiders, Aspire BDC Vivi Nova’s, AeroTanks, and one Aspire Nautilus.

Voltage Variances – While every eLiquid out there has that special sweet spot (sometimes hard to find), and that sweet spot is always determined by the individual vaper, we noticed that each eLiquid in this review has a pretty wide variance in voltage settings.

Flavor and vapor change at different voltage/wattage settings, but each one in this review had a few voltage levels that produced excellent flavor and vapor, making the sweet spot move around depending on the mood of the vaper. While this is not limited just to Strix Elixirs, we wanted to mention it because we believe this adds a certain flexibility to Strix Elixirs eLiquids that make them even more appealing.

The Review

Strix Elixirs 3 New eLiquids and Three Betas Free 10ML bottle, any flavor you want, with every order! Free Shipping for every order over $35.  #1 Delish – “Due to popular demand, we’ve come out with a dreamy, creamy custard with a twist. Nope, we won’t be revealing the twist so you’ll have to decide for yourself. Months in development, our custard is finally ready. Creamy goodness on the inhale, vanilla on the exhale. 

This flavor will never crack tanks. Good at all voltages, but we suggest kicking it up a notch to fully experience this flavor. Best in RDA and RBA units, but delicious in all atomizers. Perfect for dripping!


Tom: Whichever one, Jennifer or Andy, who wrote the description for Delish did a great job with this one. This run up and down the voltage dial applies to all six, but this one in particular. The flavor holds up even in high 4v with the proper atomizer.

Not sure I want to reveal the ‘twist’ here mentioned in the description, but what I can say is that this creamy custard flavor has a certain ‘edge’ to it. If you wind up liking that edge this is going to be a phenomenal juice for you, but if you want a simple sweet and creamy custard/vanilla vape be careful. Me? I loved it, simple as that. Vanilla Custard with a tweak. Nicely done. 5 Stars

Jason: What I like about Strix is that they have so much experience with mixing flavors that when they set out to do something they do it fantastically well. It has to be fun for them, I just know it.

This is a sweet vanilla custard flavor that has an amazing little ‘flick’ to it. It’s not menthol or minty, thank goodness, it’s something else entirely, something I don’t think I should give away.

With the vapor and throat hit being way above the norm, this is the kind of custard that will appeal to vapers that want more than sweet and creamy. The AeroTank was made for juices like this. 5 Stars

Keira: The boys raved about Delish; it was obvious they were going to love it ‘formally’. I enjoyed it as well, but not as much as they did. Delish is a sweet custard vape with an almost peppery note to it. The sweet custard goes in and when it leaves it brings along just a hint of spicy note. Some will love it, some won’t. 4 Stars

Julia: The thing that threw me with this eLiquid was that I had not yet read the description, so when I tasted that sweet vanilla custard it was heavenly. So smooth, velvety, and sweet, and then on the exhale I get this vanilla and ‘something else’, something that I can’t identify, and it threw me. I really enjoyed this one at 4.1v with an X.Jet Spider. 4.5 Stars

Strix Elixirs 3 New eLiquids and Three Betas Free 10ML bottle, any flavor you want, with every order! Free Shipping for every order over $35. #2 Smitten – “Fall for this creamy concoction of white chocolate, strawberry, and a touch of lemon.  We wanted to create a Valentine inspired juice, but without using dark or milk chocolate. You don’t need to vape this on Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, this delicious blend can invoke the love of vaping any time of year.”



Tom: Man, I thought this was going to be way over the top with sweet flavors, and yes, it is sweet, but somehow every individual flavor, from strawberry to chocolate and even a hint of lemon combine in a way that just makes Smitten an excellent vape when you want something after dinner.

Some people will love Smitten as an all-day vape, but for me, this is an evening vape when my usual tobacco or coffee flavors just don’t appeal. A nice change-up, I’m adding this to my collection. 4.75 Stars

Jason: I distinguished the flavor order in Smitten to be strawberry, chocolate, and a barely noticeable hint of lemon. In fact, had I not known that lemon was there I would not have processed it. In fact, I could only taste a lemon finish after I knew it there… it is just that subtle. The other day I enjoyed a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream, and Smitten tastes just like a vapor form of it. If you like strawberry and chocolate ice cream you’ll love Smitten. 5 Stars

Keira: Smitten has a definite ice cream texture to it, flavor-wise, so I agree with Jason wholeheartedly. This is a strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream mixed together for one fine, sweet dessert-flavored vape. Best as a warm vapor, believe or not. Long deep drags is the way to vape this one… do that and you’ll do a little cloud chasing with something as simple as an X.Jet or Aspire clearomizer. A great dessert vape, anytime of the day. 4.75 Stars

Julia: Smitten definitely has that Strix Elixir profile. It’s a sweet strawberry and chocolate vape with just a hint of something lemon-like in the finish. All in all though, it’s an even, smooth vape, producing tons of vapor. The lightest throat hit of the six, but still not bad, Smitten is an excellent choice for a dessert vape. For sweet vapers this could make a good all day vape. I vaped Smitten with an AeroTank, set to a tight draw, at 3.9v on a ZMAX… it was awesome. 4.75 Stars

Strix Elixirs 3 New eLiquids and Three Betas Free 10ML bottle, any flavor you want, with every order! Free Shipping for every order over $35. #3 SunriseA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “This fruity vape with a citrus kick will wake up your senses with tons of flavor. Great for vapers who love clouds! Seriously, this vape produces huge clouds of vapor. This vape is similar on the inhale and exhale with a bright flavor. Citrus flavors have been known to crack polycarbonate tanks.”



Tom: First, heed the advice from Strix with this one, use a glassomizer. Second, this is one kickass vape that surprised the hell out of me.

Sunrise is not the kind of eLiquid that I usually like, so when I found myself going back to it over and over I was pretty amazed.

Huge clouds of vapor, especially with an AeroTank, and a wicked great throat hit, Sunrise is a straight up citrus vape that will have a very wide appeal. Even if you don’t think you’ll go for this one, try a 10ML bottle for $5, or ask for it as your free 10ML that you get with every order. Sunrise will make you a believer in citrus again. 5 Stars

Jason: There are times when I want an aggressive vape, something hard hitting, tons of vapor, and a hard throat hit. If you’re like me, get a bottle of Sunrise, put it in something like an AeroTank or Nautilus, crank it up to 4.2v, take a long deep drag, and you’ll shoot to moon. Man, this is one mean vape, a deliciously sweet citrus that can kick butt. 5 Stars

Keira: This lemon-lime sweet and sour vape is the hardest hitting eLiquid of the six. A cloud chasers dream come true, with tons of flavor and a throat hit that will have you wanting to stock up on it so you never run out.

Definitely in my rotation and definitely there for a long time. I never dreamed I would like a hard citrus flavor as much as Sunshine. Vapor production and throat hit are the best of the six. Try it, seriously. – 5 Stars

Julia: Hard to believe how much we talked about Sunrise. Citrus flavors were always the ones we talked the least about. Sunrise is not your usual citrus flavor though, this one has sweet side that is just as powerful as the tart side, the vapor production is incredible, and the throat hit is extraordinary. Sunrise is a delicious lemon/lime vape with the right amount of sweetness to make it a long lasting and very satisfying ‘vape’ Just watch your tank, this could crack plastic. 5 Stars

Still In Beta as of April 29, 2014

As we went to publish this review we rechecked the Strix Elixir website just to make sure these flavors were still in beta stages. From what we can tell of flavors we vaped, we can say with confidence that two of them will be some of the best from Strix Elixirs yet.

Update: All three of these new flavors will debut in an eliquid subscription service in May. If you like our impressions we laid out below, or if they piqued your interest, perhaps this is a good enough reason to check out a few services. Not that you need a better reason, they are an exemplary eLiquid subscription service. Anyway, let’s take a look…


The Keys – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner Jennifer has traveled around the world trying versions of this dessert, trying to find the perfect Key Lime Pie. From that, we’ve blended a little cream, a lot of lime and the perfect graham cracker crust to create what we feel is the perfect version of Key Lime Pie in an eJuice.”

Tom: If the recipe for The Keys doesn’t change this will be an award-winning eLiquid. I love a good, sweet and creamy lime vape and The Keys fits that description like a glove. So creamy, so satisfying, like vaping a slice of key lime pie. 5 Stars

Jason: The Keys is a terrific key lime pie vape. Loads of vapor, a good throat hit, but more than anything else, The Keys is a relaxing, enjoyable, slice of the Florida Keys. The best thing about it is the lack of hard citrus flavors, this is a sweet and creamy lime that I think could be the best selling flavor Strix has, or will have, when they release it. I loved it. 5 Stars

Keira: I couldn’t get enough of The Keys. I filled an AeroTank and an Aspire BDC Vivi Nova and refused to change flavors until both were dry as a bone. Creamy, sweet lime flavor with a delicate and sweet graham cracker piecrust, The Keys is a very satisfying and very lovely flavor that will quickly become a Strix standard. 5 Stars

Julia: What makes The Keys so damn good is how it delivers a delicious sweet lime flavor with exacting piecrust notes that make it a real-as-it-gets key lime pie vape. Huge vapor clouds, and a decent throat hit, when The Keys is released it will be added to my rotation immediately. Sweet, creamy, delicious. 5 Stars

Blue Honey CreamA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “We’ve taken our world famous family recipe and added cream. Yep, that’s it! The cream balances the sweet honey and sits atop the luscious blueberry to propel the senses into a new realm.”

Tom: Another winning beta flavor, Blue Honey Cream is that same, legendary blueberry from Strix with a dose of creaminess that gives it a slightly sweeter, more full-bodied flavor than Blue Honey. If you like Blue Honey, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, you’ll love Blue Honey Cream. Wicked vapor production, an excellent thump of a throat hit, this one is definitely making it to my rotation. 5 Stars

Jason: Blue Honey Cream is a blueberry vape with honey notes and a nice creamy layer that gives it a bit of an edge over Blue Honey. If you like one, you’ll the like the other, but if you had to choose between the two, most, I think, would choose Blue Honey Cream. I could vape this one every day. 5 Stars

Keira: Well, if you don’t like blueberry stay away from this one. But, if you do like blueberry, or even feel “eh” about blueberry, then Blue Honey Cream is a must-try eLiquid. This is the original Blue Honey, a perfect blend of blueberry and a tad of honey, and what Strix has done was to add the perfect amount of creaminess to it so that what was once a great flavor is now even better. There is room for both flavors in anyone’s collection, but for me, I’ll vape Blue Honey Cream more of then Blue Honey, which I’ve had in my collection for months. 5 Stars

Julia: What can I say about Blue Honey Cream? Strix has taken a legendary flavor like Blue Honey, and “modded” it with creamy notes, and the end result is another amazing Strix flavor. Blue Honey Cream is richer, deeper, and more full-bodied than Blue Honey, but both are equally delicious. In a contest between the two I think the Blue Honey Cream would win the vapor production by almost 20%, maybe a little less, and the throat hit is about equal. But the flavor? Ah, man, I have to give it up to Blue Honey Cream for being everything Blue Honey is, and then a little more. Bravo! 5 Stars

Tico Tico – “Inspired by Carmen Miranda’s famous song, Tico Tico is a super tropical fruity blend. We combined 5 flavors to create a melon mash-up that’ll make you want to put on a fruit basket hat and dance.”


Tom: Unfortunately, Tico Tico is a little too tropical for me. Maybe it was a combination of tropical fruit and melon, which I just don’t think go together well, but the flavor left me wanting. That said, Tico Tico produces a lot of vapor and a wicked nice throat hit. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but if real tropical fruits and melon-y type flavors are your thing you just may love this one. 3.75

Jason: Tom and I are of one mind when it comes to Tico Tico, just too much of a mash-up for me as well. I like some tropical fruit vapes, and I’ve had some good melon vapes too, but to mix the too together kind of throws off the balance. I also agree that the vapor is phenomenal, and the throat hit is good, but a little on the harsh side. Too experimental really, if I were Strix I would add more tropical, like coconut, and less melon. 3.75 Stars

Keira: With Tico Tico you get this really strange, but delicious mixture of fruits. I can taste a melon side, cantaloupe I think, as well as some Kiwi (?). There are some other fruits in this intensely fruit juice, but I can’t quite make them out. This is the hardest-hitting fruit flavor I’ve ever seen from Strix. Excellent vapor production and throat hit that surprised me. 4.5 Stars

Julia: My first ‘session’ I guess you could call it, with Tico Tico was all over the place. It felt like I shorted out my taste centers in my brain. So many flavors, all colliding into each other and I couldn’t make them out. Only later, when I back to it was I able to finally figure some of it out. Definitely various tropical flavors, some exotic some not, and a distinct melon flavor, but whether it honeydew or cantaloupe, I just don’t know.

I also don’t know where Strix Elixirs are in the beta process with Tico Tico either. It may be too early to tell, or it might be ready for release.  This one might be just too confusing for some. I know Keira liked it, but for me, the best I can do is give it 3.5 Stars.


If there is one thing you can depend on with Strix Elixirs is that their talent pool runs deep. Each of these eLiquids is remarkable, in one way or another. All of them are quite the vapor producers, and despite the 60/40 PG/VG ratios they have much better than expected throat hits. The flavors are never weak, always foremost in the minds of the talent. I absolutely loved The Keys and Honey Blue Cream. In fact, the only one I probably wouldn’t vape if offered is Tico Tico, the rest I would gladly take a tank full if it was being passed around. (Aren’t vape parties incredibly fun?)

The team awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award to Blue Honey Cream, Sunrise, and The Keys, two of which aren’t even out yet.

Buying Advice

Strix Elixirs is a very affordable line despite the more expensive tamper-proof caps and deluxe labeling. Even the smallest size, 10ML, is just 50 cents per ML. Ramping up to 30ml for $14.00 comes in at 46 cents per ml, a very inviting price for the premium quality Strix Elixirs is known for.

Our buying advice is simple; the award winners are 30ml buys if you like the basic flavors they are built upon. The others, well, at $5 a piece how can you pass them up? In addition, no matter what size your order is you qualify for a free 10ML bottle, and its not a random pick, you can choose which one you want. In addition to that, every order over $35 ships free. I mean, come on, what else could you ask for?

Wrap Up

This is my first lead writer position on a Spinfuel eLiquid Review in quite some time so I hope you enjoyed the review. Most of all I hope you’ll try out some of these flavors. While we did mention that the new beta flavors will be featured in an eliquid subscription service I realize many of you do not want to subscribe to a subscription service. That being the case, I was able to learn this afternoon that The Keys will be widely available on June 1st, and Blue Honey Cream sometime in May.

Bonus: Lastly, while we did not formally receive Black Honey Cream this time around, we did in a past review and I think this extraordinary flavor is worth mentioning again. It did earn a Spinfuel Choice Award back in January. 

While visiting a friend a few days ago I was given 3ml of Black Honey Cream (I had run out some time ago). The blackberry flavoring is incredible, and when you add a creamy flavor to it you’ve got an amazing blend that is simply out of this world. The success of this eLiquid might be why Strix decided to add the same creamy flavor to Blue Honey. If you trust my subjective ‘taste’ at all get yourself some of this juice, you won’t be sorry.

Till next time, vape on, and don’t forget to visit the FDA comments page and tell them what you think of the new regs and how eCigs has changed your life for the better. We need everyone to do this.


Tom McBride, Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little.