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Two Great Tanks From MyVaporStore

Two things I love about my job as the editor of Spinfuel is discovering new products (or products that are new to me anyway) and new vendors do to business with (again, new to me). Last week I got to do both by using a couple of products I’ve not used before and I got to know a vendor I’d not done business with before. Both turned out fantastically well.

The Vendor is MyVaporStore, a vaping vendor that carries a wide array of terrific products by the biggest names in the eCig industry. Products from Joyetech, Smok, Kanger, Boge, Microcig, L-Rider, Vapor Associates, and Bauway, among others are just some of the well-known names MyVaporStore carries. In addition, some select products also carry the MyVaporStore logo as well.

Whenever we decide to do business with a vendor we spend a good amount of time vetting them. We compare products, pricing, shipping, customer service, and warranties with vendors we already know and trust. We also place some importance on the number of different items they carry and whether or not the items are in stock or have to be ordered in. You might be surprised at the number of vendors there are that advertise products they do not keep in stock. When you place your order they place theirs to the supplier they use. This can cause delays in shipping and in quality control. All of these issues matter to me, to Spinfuel, and it should to you as well.

MyVaporStore is one of the better vendors around, their prices are excellent, their customer service is fast and efficient, and they seem to have the things we need in stock, when we need them. By maintaining good stock levels their quality control is top-notch (they can spot-check batch qualities easily) and shipping is excellent.

The owner of the store seems to love discovering new products that he can offer to his customers. Since the company was founded (in 2009) they’ve built up an impressive and professional organization with thousands of loyal customers. (Just check out e-cigarette-forum and search their name.)

As you can see, I’m excited about doing business with them. I think you will as well. In fact, I’m confident enough in my judgment of various vendors that I invite you to comment below on your own experiences with MyVaporStore.

Two Cool Products

The first step in getting to know a new vendor is ordering a couple of products. For this step I chose to a tank system that I’ve had my eye on for some time; the 510 Smoktech Screw Tank (6ML) and the 510 Pro DCTank Combo, as a comparison Tank. Both of these tanks turned out to superb, but in different ways, but one was added to my “Buy More” list and one was not.

510 Smoktech Screw Tank – $10 at MyVaporStore

This large capacity tank (6ML) is, in the words of MyVaporStore, “Smoktech’s answer to the ViVi Nova by Vision.” Since the ViVi is a tank system we recently reviewed this was an ideal product to try out.


The tank system is comprised of 5 threaded pieces that come together to form a very secure and leak proof tank. It’s also very easy to assemble. The S-Tank is easy to fill as well:  remove the screw-on top and fill with juice. The replaceable atomizer is replaced just as easily: unscrew the top of the tank then unscrew the atomizer head and screw on a new one.  Oh, and naturally it’s a 510-thread that will work with any 510 PV, including all 510 VV devices.

The polypropylene tank is resistant to cracking, doesn’t absorb the juice over time, and is very easy to clean. It comes in 4 colors, Smoke Black, Blue, Red, and Frost. I decided on a Red one, and I suppose if I had a complaint at this point it would be that the red is more of an orange. I liked the tank well enough that I plan on picking up a few more in the other colors offered.

Replacement atomizers are $2.85 a piece. The 2.0ohm atomizer is optimal for my vaporing needs, putting out incredible amounts of vapor and flavor. A 3.0ohm replacement atomizer is also available for the same $2.85.

The dip tip is also a screw on piece, providing another layer of leak-proof security, and the dip tip is a nice size and have a great feel to it when you vape.

Real World Usage

I couldn’t wait to fill the huge tank with one of my top 10 ejuice flavors and test it out. I chose a fairly thin eJuice by The Plume Room, their Sweet Peach. I didn’t spill a drop filling the tank, and when it was fired up the sweet flavor, the throat hit, and huge amounts of vapor from the juice was just incredible.

A 6ML tank is considered large for good reason; most of the time a tank this size will last you a couple of days or more. The great thing about this tank in particular is that once the juice level got down about half way all I had to do is unscrew the top and refill it.

I’ve only had the tank about a week so I haven’t burned through the atomizer yet. The wicking is excellent and not once have I gotten a burnt taste from it. I also got a replacement atomizer head and the wick lost one of the threads when I opened the package to inspect it. These wicks are not primed at the factory so they are bone dry when you get them. Most people, including myself, don’t like “primed at the factory” wicks anyway because they taste awful. This was not a problem here.

I own several different tank systems because they offer a way to vape without the cumbersome and constant refilling that come with stand alone cartomizers. I plan to continue buying tanks systems, both old and new, for the foreseeable future, and one thing is certain the 510 Smoktech Screw Tank will be on that list for quite some time.

What you get for your $10

The “kit” comes with one polypropylene tube, top/bottom end caps, one black plastic mouthpiece, and a 2.0ohm atomizer head.


There are a couple of brief negatives associated with this tank, though performance and price are not among them. Right now there is only the 6ML size, it would be nice to have a 3ML on hand for times when I’m finicky about what flavors I want to vape, and the other is that the tank comes with just one atomizer. The price, $10, is certainly a good one for a 6ML tank with the modern advances this one has, but I think they would sell more if it came with 3 atomizers of differing ohms (if possible) so you could spend more time experimenting with it before deciding whether to spring for additional atomizers that you will need within the first 3 weeks (at most).

Bottom Line – Buying Advice

Again, I come back to quality and price. This is a very well made Tank. With several screw on pieces that form a secure system against leakage, and a $10 price tag this is one tank that I would consider a “must have” if you use large tanks. I’d rank the 510 Smoktech Screw Tank a solid 4 out or 5. If offered in a 3ML size and a couple of extra atomizers it would definitely be a 5 out of 5. For my vaping needs, this is a great tank.

The Smoktech Pro 510 DCTank Combo – $21.35

I picked up this tank just to compare it with the newer Screw type Tank above. I have recently started switching over to Clearomizers, all the way from CE2’s to some new CE5’s for my 510 mini’s (CE2) and eGo-type devices and since the Smoktech Screw Tank utilizes some of the features of these Clearomizers, the atomizer and wicks mainly, I wanted to see if maybe the DCTank Screw tank could perform on a larger battery as well as the Clearomizers do on the eGo batteries.

The Smoktech Pro 510 DCTank Combo uses the older Dual Coil and Single Coil cartomizer. It felt like a step backwards, but I did enjoy using it with both a Dual and Single Coil set up. My continuing “issues” with this type of tank is the plastic ends that appear to be metal but aren’t, and the O-ring technology. They work well in the beginning but after time the O-ring tends to not seal against leaks as well as it used to.


The Smoktech 510 Dual Coil Tank tubes have a capacity of 3.5ml or 6ml. The vapor production of Dual Coil Cartomizer with a large capacity tank is legendary. The system uses specially made Smoktech Dual Coil Cartomizers that provide maximum conditions for vapor, using either their 1.5ohm Dual Coil or their 2.0-2.5ohm Single Coil.

The reason Smoktech calls this tank the “Pro” 510 DCTank is that the tank itself is made from polypropylene plastic and is much more resistant to absorbing the chemicals from citrus and cinnamon. If you do vape ejuice containing citrus or cinnamon it is well worth the extra $4 over the non-Pro version. In addition to the resistant plastic the Pro version also comes with a metal drip tip, which for some is a selling point, but I prefer the Delrin plastic type drip tip.

The Smoktech DCTank can use the Ego Series batteries or 510 threaded Mods. Smoktech recommends the 1.5ohm for Ego batteries or 3.0V-4.2V batteries and 2.5ohm for 5V or higher.

Real World Usage

Unlike the Screw Tank above, refilling any tank that uses long steel cartomizers are always more difficult, unless you’re using the Texas Tuff Tank or the MOV XL Tank (similar designs), which provides a tiny side screw drilled into the plastic tank for filling and refilling. While filling the DCTank from Smoktech tank was more difficult it was a tad easier them some DCT’s I’ve used in the past. It seemed to allow for a gentler push to the side of the cartomizer so that dripping in the liquid wasn’t as difficult as some others.

What you get for your $21.35

The “kit” contains 1 Pro DCTank tube, a 510 flat chrome drip tip, and a 5x pack of DCTank Cartomizers (Single or Dual Coil).

Replacement “tanks” are $8.55, $3.90 more than the non-Polypropylene DCTank.

Bottom Line – Buying Advice

This is hard call. On the one hand I like the fact that Smoktech is using the same polypropylene plastic offered by the 510 Screw Tank. I like the fact that its offered in both 3.5 and 6ML sizes, and the “package” will give you several weeks of vaping before needing supplies.

On the other hand, I have no need for a chrome drip tip. I use various drip tips made by a variety of companies, and that $4 cost differential between the Pro version and the non-pro version might not be so much if Smoktech offered the same Delrin drip tip that the non-Pro DCTank comes with.

You need to ask yourself where you are headed with your vaping future. Are you going to stay with the cartomizer (Dual or otherwise) or are you going to move to the atomizer and wick paradigm, or perhaps you’re happy with both.

For myself, I’m happier with the DCTank Screw. I will definitely add a few more of these to my collection. I also plan on picking up some larger Clearomizers from MyVaporStore, including some eGo CE4 Plus v2’s. For use with my Variable Voltage 510-threaded vaping hardware I still prefer a tank system and right now that system is the Smoktech DCTank Screw.


I’d like to thank Jonathan at MyVaporStore for all his help with assisting me and Julia in choosing the right tanks and cartomizers. MyVaporStore website lists tons of products and it makes visiting there a lot of fun just to see what’s new and exciting in the vaping world. I have no doubt that we will be buying from them for a very long time. Over 1000 products, priced right, with fast shipping and great, personalized customer service, this is exactly the kind of vendor the vaping community needs.

John Manzione