The Snowwolf VFeng (reviewed here) was a divisive device around our offices. It was an oddball mod but had power and ramp-up to spare. So, when the aggressively styled Sigelei Snowwolf XFeng (available now) arrived, we were curious to see where it landed in comparison to its older sibling.

In other words, will it be another mod focused on power and polarizing style? Or will it soften the edges, ease up the ergonomics, and offer some temperature control that works? Time will tell, but our limited experience with the XFeng seems to show a similar—but still aggressively styled mod that’s more agreeable on many levels.

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The dual-18650 Snowwolf XFeng seems to be a slightly smoother, less angular version of its predecessor. But don’t get us wrong – this is not a dramatic departure from the brash styling of old. The XFeng just seems to be a little “softer” in the places that count, such as the grip, and the edges of the large glass screen.

The back of the device is immediately noticeable, with a strange, slightly confusing zodiac/star design. I imagine this is related to some wolf-like constellation. Or I could be completely off-base, and Sigelei is just looking for a reason to throw more graphics on this mod. Either way, it’s interesting, but probably won’t appeal to everyone.

Though there’s no doubt this is a Snowwolf device, the overall aesthetic seems to be a touch more unified, as well. Whereas the VFeng was all about angles and lights and standing out in every conceivable way, the XFeng seems to dial things back to more reasonable levels, while still staying “on brand” with the look and feel.

In fact, the removal of the LED lightshow is perhaps the most welcome improvement to the series. The LED light trend seems to be dimming – pun fully intended – and we couldn’t be happier. Of all the illuminated devices we’ve seen over the past 18 months, only a few used them in positive ways. Good riddance to bad gimmicks, I say…


The other major improvement on the Snowwolf XFeng is the use of a side fire bar versus the front-mounted fire key from before. With all of the cutouts and jutting edges, the VFeng wasn’t very comfortable to fire regularly. Though we’ve only spent a few minutes with the XFeng, we can confirm that it’s both easier and more ergonomic when firing – a positive sign for the test that lies ahead.

One final note – our black/gunmetal test model came with a pair of screen protectors, similar to those you’d use on a mobile phone. Considering how much of the glass screen is exposed on the Snowwolf XFeng, this is a fantastic addition, and a gesture I wish more vape companies would make.

Smoother under the hood?


The display and menu system appear to be identical to the VFeng. Now, we didn’t experience much trouble getting the VFeng to 200 watts, but things started to go south when we crossed that border. It hit its targets, however precariously, but we’re hopeful that new firmware and updated circuitry will mean Sigelei can deliver on its promise of a legitimate 230 watts.

While we’re discussing firmware, let’s ALSO hope that the temperature control suite has been fixed, since the VFeng really didn’t handle any TC settings very well. Yet, this new mod not only has standard TC settings, but also features support for a wider range of coil types, including three unique varieties of stainless steel options.

I still expect the XFeng to be a largely power-focused mod, but if they’re going to advertise temp control suites as part of the package, then it should deliver – especially today, when other companies have gotten TC vaping down to a literal science.

Questions and concerns…

I think our biggest concern overall is if the comfort level will be there for users. The Snowwolf XFeng strives (and succeeds) at making a bold statement, but doesn’t do much to promote comfort and accessibility. Though there are some design nods that indicate a more comfortable grip and firing position, there’s still no getting around the jarring, erratic edges, and how they dig slightly into your palm every time you grip.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting your device to stand out. But Sigelei might be trying too hard with the overall design aesthetic here.

Also pressing on our minds is whether the Snowwolf XFeng will work as advertised! In 2018, we don’t think it’s unfair to expect a mod to have certain features, and to have them work. Heck, we’ve even thrown praise to companies for omitting certain features, rather than cramming them onto a chipset and hoping for the best.

Today’s buyers are more educated, and more discerning, and companies need to show a little more respect before making inflated claims on a box. We’re very curious to see if Sigelei can deliver here.

SnowWolf XFENG

Available Now

We just got the Snowwolf XFeng in our hands, so give us a little while to put it through its paces. Expect a full review in a week or so!

But, if you’ve had your eye on this Mod for a while and you just can’t wait for our in-depth, un-biased review, it is our obligation to let you know that Element Vape has the device in stock now.

SnowWolf XFENG Specs and Contents

Sigelei Snowwolf XFeng mod contents:

  • 1x Sigelei Snowwolf Xfeng 230W Box Mod
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Sigelei Snowwolf XFeng mod specs:

  • Size: 49 x 30 x 89 mm
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Screen: 1.0-inch TFT color screen
  • Wattage range: 10 – 230 W
  • Temperature range: 100℃-300℃/ 200℉–570℉
  • Voltage input: 6.4 V – 8.4 V
  • Voltage output: 1.0 V – 7.5 V
  • Working modes : POWER / SS316 / SS317 / Ni200 / TCR / Ti1
  • Resistance range: 0.05 ohm – 3.00 ohm
  • Coils supporting: NiCr / SS (316 / 317 / 304) / Ti / Ni200 / TCR
  • USB charging: DC 5 V / 2.5 A