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Before I start this review of the Sigelei SnowWolf Vfeng, I need to clarify something. I was immediately turned OFF of this mod because it had been advertised across the board as a touchscreen device. Lo and behold, the Vfeng’s 1.3-inch, full-color TFT display is gorgeous, but touching it won’t do anything but leave fingerprints.

So, right off the bat, SnowWolf loses a few points for allowing shops across the world to misrepresent what the Vfeng is supposed to be. That said, we can’t do reviews based on speculation, just what the device presents during testing. So, let’s get to it.


Initial impressions of the SnowWolf Vfeng

When opening the pedestrian packaging, I was shocked about how similar the Vfeng is to the recently reviewed (and MUCH pricier) YiHi SX Mini G-Class. From the symmetric body design, to the center mounted 510 connection, to the vivid 1.3-inch TFT display, the Vfeng is either a loving tribute to that device, or a blatant rip-off.


So, your appreciation of the Vfeng’s look and feel will largely depend on how much you like this style of mod. My black and gold test model was a cacophony of contrasting colors, LED lights, glowing logos, and sharp, abrupt angles. With an all-metal body composition, and a complete lack of subtlety, the SnowWolf Vfeng isn’t going to be anyone’s stealth device, but it WILL be quite the conversation piece.


Overall, the Vfeng is an extremely solid, weighty vape mod, and feels as if it would survive countless tall drops onto concrete. Though we don’t do “stress tests” here at Spinfuel VAPE, I’ve seen enough flimsy mods to know when a tough one comes along.


Looking a little closer, vapers will appreciate the snug, secure battery door, the rock-solid 510 connection, and the hexagonal, front-mounted fire button, which has a great, short throw, and zero rattle. Also nice was the front-positioned USB charge/upgrade port – may we never see another bottom-mounted USB again.

Hit the lights…

Anyone who’s read our page over the last few months knows that LED lights on mods are in-vogue once again, with varied results. Whereas mods like SMOK’s ProColor or T-PRIV do a decent job balancing flash with function, other LED light shows are simply gaudy for the sake of being gaudy. The Vfeng definitely leans in the latter direction, and there’s no “off” setting to be found.


[NOTE: The Vfeng’s documentation indicates the LEDs can indeed be set to off, but I was unable to make this happen. Please send help!]


Much like the SX Mini G-Class, the tremendous illuminated logo on the back of the Vfeng is also brighter than MENSA, which came in handy when navigating dark hallways at night, but otherwise seems to be nothing more than a poor way to use battery power. Your opinions may differ.


One key positive is the 1.3-inch TFT display, which is a bright, easily navigated screen worthy of your attention. When combined with a simple, no-nonsense menu system, I found the screen to be a highlight of the Vfeng, even if it isn’t quite as nice as its $200 doppelganger.


And yeah, I’m still bitter about this not being a touchscreen. Not that I prefer them, or even like them. But I DO like when things work as advertised. There’s nothing at all wrong with the current setup, but do a little QC work, Sigelei!


Both of the two stock GUI layouts are extremely intuitive, and most experienced vapers should have no problem navigating the click-driven menu system. One nice addition worth mentioning is the individual battery voltage check function.


Using a simple button combination, the Vfeng will show how your pair of batteries are draining, so you can keep an eye on unbalanced pairs. Sure, a smart charger will do the same thing, but it’s nice to see Sigelei/SnowWolf thinking in this direction.

Vaping the SnowWolf Vfeng

I have two words for you – instant power. The Vfeng – even at lower wattages – offered some of the fastest ramp-up time I’ve seen in the last few years. With a conservative 0.5-ohm Kanthal build in my iJOY Captain RDTA, the Vfeng gave me an instant jolt of amazing flavor and vapor. Whereas most mods need a few puffs to get the coil up to speed, the Vfeng just drips pure power.


I decided to push things a bit, and tried to build as close to the Vfeng’s 0.05-ohm limit as possible, coming pretty close. At 0.08 ohms on my trusty Goon RDA, I pumped up the power to 100 watts and fired – and got the same result: complete, instant power.


Within seconds, my tiny office was foggier than a Whitesnake video. But 100 watts wasn’t enough. The box indicates that the Vfeng is capable of 230 watts, so I started creeping in that direction in 20-watt increments.


To its credit, the Vfeng never really faltered above 200 watts, but the vape quality was noticeably diminished at this altitude. Yes, I was receiving the requested power, but the device began pulsing in this range, while battery life began to drop precipitously with each puff. No, I didn’t receive any warnings, nor did the Vfeng become too warm to handle, but I’d safely label this a 200-watt mod, not 230 as the box states.


Backing the Vfeng down to 80 watts, and going back to a less-extreme build, the mod returned to its pristine power production, never once faltering or misfiring.


Temperature control was another story entirely. I went back to the Captain RDTA, using a pair of prebuilt Ni200 coils, reading at 0.2 ohms. The Vfeng suddenly became gun shy, repeatedly throwing random warnings about coil resistance and temperature protection. I tried adjusting the wattage in TC mode, but alas, this is not something users can do – surprising, considering Sigelei allows for this on its other devices.


When I finally got the settings dialed in, the resulting vape was decent, but even at moderate temperatures, the Vfeng pulsed more than it sang, and never came close to the amazingly powerful vape I enjoyed in wattage mode.


I tried different coil materials, but the results were the same – overly fiddly and erratic readings, and more button pressing than actual vaping. Disappointing, to say the least.

Other notes about the SnowWolf Vfeng

Battery life on the Vfeng was above-average, provided the wattage was kept below 150-200 watts. Though that’s to be expected, I was still impressed with how frugal the Vfeng was on its dual 18650s, especially considering the ridiculously quick ramp-up time.


On a freshly charged pair of batteries, the Vfeng gave me around five hours of steady-to-heavy vaping. Outside of testing environments, I can imagine this being a solid all-day option for regular vapers.


One subjective negative? The Vfeng isn’t a very comfortable device to hold for long periods. Given the tall frame, a side-positioned button or fire bar would have made much more sense than the center-mounted one here. Though this is largely a matter of preference, I found it awkward to reach the fire key in a smooth manner, using my standard grip.


What likely ISN’T a matter of preference is the sharp, boxy, angular edges, which dug into my hands – especially when reaching to fire. While the edges certainly make a bold visual statement, in practice the Vfeng simply isn’t a very comfortable device to use for extended periods.

Wrapping up…

The Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng is an oddball device, for sure. On one hand, its sheer power and unparalleled ramp-up time make this a great choice for vapers who want a little more ‘oomph’ in every draw. On the other, its polarizing design, uncomfortable ergonomics, and downright erratic TC mode make this a questionable choice in many respects.


But for power-hungry wattage vapers who want something different in their stagnant mod collections, the Vfeng certainly fits the bill. It offers solid, well-built, and appropriately priced power.


Score: B-

Sigelei SnowWolf Vfeng


SnowWolf Vfeng Specs - Package Contents

Sigelei SnowWolf Vfeng Specs:

  • Size:463487mm
  • Main material: Zinc alloy+SS
  • Display:1.30〞TFT color screen
  • Wattage range:10W-230W
  • Temperature range:100℃-300℃/200℉-570℉
  • Voltage input:6.4V-8.4V
  • Voltage output:1.0V-7.5V
  • Max output current:40A
  • Battery support: 2*18650
  • Modes:POWER/SS(304/316/317)/Til/Ni200/TCR
  • Resistance range:0.05Ω-3.0Ω
  • Coil supporting:Kanthal/Titanium/Ni200/SS(304/316/317)/TCR
  • Charging support (USB):DC 5V/2.5A
  • Support

Sigelei SnowWolf Vfeng contents:

  • 1x Sigelei Snowwolf Vfeng box mod
  • 1x Manuals and warranty info
  • 1x USB charge/upgrade cable