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Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod Review

Sigelei has always produced great looking and reliable products (Sigelei 213 notwithstanding). My older Sigelei 150 TC is a device I use often and it just flat out doesn’t want to throw in the towel! There’s something rattling around inside of it, the rubber coating is chipping off every time I use it and the 510-connection is tilted so my atomizers attach at an angle. But all of that doesn’t bother me (much) because I still go back to it constantly and know that it will perform. So when it came time to put the Sigelei J150 to the test I had certain expectations.

The Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod

The Sigelei J150 is powered by the same chip as the well-known Sigelei/Fuchai 213. If you didn’t know or wasn’t informed, there was much debate over the Sigelei 213 and Fuchai 213 because extensive testing confirmed the devices only put out 154W and 144W; not the stated 213W!

Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Despite most vapers never needing to reach close to 213W, does it really matter? It depends. It does to a picky buyer like me because if I’m buying a product that’s advertised to do something, get charged a premium to purchase it, and then come to find out it doesn’t deliver; I’d feel like I got cheated. So having the same chip in the Sigelei J150, which has a power output up to 150W, technically means the J150 should be deadly accurate and hopefully deliver the correct amount of power. Let’s dive in shall we?

Sigelei J150 Up Close and Personal

The Sigelei J150 has an aggressive stance with sharp angles and bold lines; visually it waves the checkered flag in my book! The Sigelei J150 is made from zinc alloy and has a Satin Black and Red finish that screams quality. The edges on the front face have nice 45° angles and the back end has slightly rounded contours to it that feels comfortable and strong in the hand. Weighing only 203g, it’s ergonomic but at the same time well-built. Even the Sigelei J150 logo is beautifully incorporated on the side in a nice triangle cutout which flows perfectly with the lines and shape of the chassis! Unfortunately, the finish is a fingerprint and oil magnet! I find myself wiping the device down more often than most mods because me being a clean freak, even my mods need cleaning! Luckily, Sigelei includes a silicone sleeve with the J150 (as well as most of their devices) so that will remedy this problem!

Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The 6.5mm x 5.8mm up and down buttons are almost the same size as the 8.5mm x 8mm fire button and placed way too close for comfort! I trigger fire all my devices and I’ve hit the fire and up buttons together multiple times because that’s where my finger naturally ends up. The diamond-shape button layout continues with the aesthetic of the mod but for me, function is more important than form.

All three buttons barely protrude from the face and are close to flush to the device but do click and function well; when I push the correct button! In the manual, it states the width is 25mm but I measured 24.5mm at its widest point and my 25mm Atomizers do have just a hair of overhang. From the 24.5mm I measured by the 510-connection, it does taper down toward the front of the device to 23mm; so you have an idea it’s a slightly oval shape and not just a square box.

Sigelei J150 Feature Highlights

Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Sigelei J150 does have one standout ability that’s different than most. Instead of clicking the fire button five times to turn the device on, there’s an on/off switch on the side of the device! Now at first I thought this could be a problem since the switch could accidentally flip on when in my pocket and could potentially fire. But I’ve been using the Sigelei J150 constantly the last many days and I can confidently report this hasn’t happened once. I’m beginning to really prefer this type of on/off function especially when driving. Being able to switch it on and just fire right away verses clicking the fire button a certain amount of times and having to check the screen to make sure it actually turned on just works! I was skeptical at first but the more I use it the more I brag about it!

The Sigelei J150 can fire up to a reliable 150W and feels like it’s delivering every bit of wattage! It can fire down to 0.1Ω but I actually got it to read and fire my 0.08Ω Alien Clapton build on both Power and SS Mode. There is a small firing delay in TC Mode even with the preheat set to 100+ watts, but in Power Mode it fires a bit quicker! The preheat setting will let you program the wattage up to 150W for 9.99 seconds. The preheat option is nice and can circumvent the slight firing delay pretty easily. I set mine to fire about 30W higher than my wattage setting for 1.5 seconds and it heats quickly then drops back down to your specified wattage. It’s worked perfectly for me so far.

Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Sigelei J150 can handle any of the popular wires out there; Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel and handle heat up to temperatures between 200°-570°F. The Sigelei J150 does a great job regulating the temperature and it won’t exceed the degree you set thanks to the temperature protection safety feature. It also has TCR and TFR (Temperature Factor of Resistance) customization options with five memory banks; M1-M5. I have some experience with TCR and to my knowledge the difference between the two are TCR works linearly and TFR works on a curve and provides a more accurate temperature control vape. If you have any experience with TFR, please share it below in the comments!

Note: Remember to always lock your resistance in Temperature Control Mode. You can do this by holding the up and down buttons together for 3-seconds and it will ask to read the resistance or lock it. You also unlock it the same way.

Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The 0.96inch display screen is bright, easy to read and provides all the essential monitoring information. The 2000mAh built-in, internal Li-Ion Polymer battery is non-removable and the bottom of the mod provides plenty of battery venting which keeps the device from heating up. The only time it got warm for me is when it was charging. Battery life is short lived but you can still vape while it’s hooked up through the included micro USB. The charging process will pause while you vape then continue on when done. I ran the device above 70W the entire time I was in “review mode” it and you can pretty much count on getting a half a day’s worth of use from a fully charged battery. When plugging the device to charge, make sure you leave it powered on. If the power is off, it will not charge! Not really a con but had to be mentioned.

I got up at 8:00am with a full battery and ran it at 70W with my Uwell Crown 2 0.5Ω coil. I vaped consistently all day and the battery was dead by 7:00pm. I chain vape heavily on my mods so your usage might vary but it did provide most of the day worth of vaping. For only a 2000mAh battery, I thought it would’ve drained a lot sooner to be honest. With the battery at zero and unable to fire, I plugged the micro USB from the Sigelei J150 into my Apple Power Adapter that I use to charge my iPhone. Luckily the J150 supports 2A charging with the right adapter and charges pretty quickly. From zero to a fully-charged 8.4V took a little over an hour; one hour seventeen minutes to be exact. So even though the battery does drain quickly, it charges fast so you can promptly get back to vaping!

Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

In The End…

There’s really not much to complain about. The overall fit and finish is top notch. The device worked flawlessly in both Power and TC Modes. Aesthetically, it’s a strong standing mod for its size and is very visually refined! The only real complaint would be the three buttons being so close together but I have bigger hands so this might not be an issue for some vapers. If the battery was only a little bigger I could get a full day of heavy use out of it but that’s me being nit-picky. At $69.95 over at Element Vape, if you can afford it, it’s a great choice for any vaper with or without experience!

Available Now at Element Vape – $69.95

Final Grade – A-

Overall, the Sigelei J150 is a great performing, solidly built mod. The Black and Red accents really stand out and the craftsmanship and thought that was put into the design is very impressive. Not perfect by any means but the attention to detail is in full effect. It seems Sigelei put out an amazing little mod that should last the test of time just like all my other Sigelei products have!”

Team Spinfuel

Below are the official feature set and  a list of what’s included in the box at the time of this review. Features and specs could change over time, as well as pricing, so it’s a good idea to recheck the information below before purchasing.


In The Box:

  • 1 x Sigelei J150 Box Mod
  • 1 x Silicone Sleeve
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Security Code Instruction Card

Sigelei J150 Features

  • 25mm x 80mm x 60mm or 0.98″ x 3.15″ x 2.36″
  • Weight 200g or 7.05oz
  • Made from zinc alloy
  • Stainless steel 510
  • Spring loaded center pin
  • Diamond shape ergonomic fire button
  • Futuristic red/black contrast with rounded contours
  • Uses dual Li-Polymer internal battery
  • USB charging
  • Individual battery voltage monitoring
  • Highest ouput: 150W
  • Voltage range: 1V to 7.5V
  • Temperature Control Range: 200°F to 570°F
  • TC compatibility: TFR, TCR, Ni200, SS, Ti
  • Smart OLED display
  • Wide range of safety protections