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The Uwell Crown 2


UWELL CROWN 2 REVIEW - SPINFUEL.COMThe Uwell Crown is a favorite Sub-Ohm tank among everyone here at Spinfuel. When I watched Julia lay out $99.99 for a Limited Edition Crown a few months back I knew she had to be serious about this awesome tank. Now, the Uwell Crown 2 tank is out among us, and although it too is a great Sub-Ohm tank, it’s not what I expected.

Packaged just like the Uwell Rafale, in a cylinder metal can, secured in a bubble wrap to keep every piece unmovable during transport, you can’t help think it’s a Rafale, not a Crown. Even the replacement coil heads are shipped like the Rafale, in tubes, with each coil head fitted with a condom to prevent it from touching the coil head above and below it in the tube. Premium packaging for sure, but the similarities to the Rafale continue, to the tank itself. CLICK FOR A LARGER IMAGE

For a long while my personal vaping, away from Spinfuel, the Crown and the Rafale were my tanks of choice. With the Crown 2, it’s as though Uwell took the Crown and the Rafale, put them in a blender, and outcome the Crown 2. You would think the new mashup would create a tank that outshines both the Crown and Rafale, and in some ways it does, and some ways it doesn’t. First, let’s talk about the new Uwell Crown 2 as a standalone Sub-Ohm Tank.

Uwell Crown 2 – The Particulars

The Uwell Crown 2 Sub-Ohm Tank is supposed to be an updated version of the ever popular Uwell Crown. The new Uwell Crown 2 features a large 5ml e-Liquid capacity, made with the premium “quartz glass” tank, with a large diameter of 24mm. In addition to the Quartz Glass, the body is all high grade stainless steel and built to last a


lifetime. Colors available now are Black, Stainless Steel, and Coffee. 

The Uwell Crown 2 features a leak resistant top-fill design, when used properly, and utilizes a juice tank locking screw to minimize leaks and to make the parts of the tank easy to clean. That said, it would have been nice to include a tool for the turn screw mechanism, but Uwell did not include such a tool. Luckily, we have a couple of hundred of the blue tiny screwdrivers, which work perfectly well with the locking screw.

Leaking Disaster Strikes

I’m going to take a detour off the Uwell Crown 2 features for a minute to emphasis a cruel mistake I made when I first set it up. A mistake I rarely make, and often expound on repeatedly in reviews and in person.

Always, ALWAYS, make sure the tank is locked down before filling it. That includes closing the airflow slots, no matter where they are located on the tank. Failure to do so can wreak havoc on your set up experience and make it virtually impossible to use. And I know this from experience with the Uwell Crown 2.


I was so excited to use this new mashup of the Rafale and Crown that I went down the list of all the preflight tasks you should make, except one. I made sure the coil head was hand tight, that the coil head was properly primed, and that all the proper parts were in their proper spaces. What I did not do is close the airflow ports.

I went about filling the tank, allowing the coils to fully saturate with ejuice, and did a few pre-burns to ready myself for some awesome vaping. The very second I took my first Direct Lung hit from the Crown 2 I got a mouthful of ejuice, and ejuice leaking out the airflow slots. It was ugly, and it got uglier.

I attempted to save the situation by inhaling through the drip tip without power, blowing out through the drip tip to flush away any remaining ejuice in the system, all to no avail.

At first I did not remember that I had left the airflow slots wide open, so I cursed the tank and was ready to throw it in the trash. I figured that somehow Uwell crashed and burned with the Crown 2… then I remembered. Pow! I was sickened by my own stupidity.


After I got through being angry with myself I went to the sink, disassembled the tank and rinsed everything under cool tap water. I shook out as much water as I could, laid them out on a clean washcloth, and waited for them to air dry.


(Truthfully speaking, a grabbed the SMOK TFV8 and began prepping it for review while the Crown 2 dried)

Once the Uwell Crown 2 was completely dry I reassembled the tank, turn the lock screw, grabbed a new coil head, made sure the airflow slots were closed, then repeated the rest of the steps.

Once I did all this I was finally able to vape leak-free, and it was wonderful. Now let’s return to the features.

Uwell improved chimney design of the Crown and Rafale in order to deliver a stronger flavor (more on flavor below). The Uwell Crown 2 features dual adjustable airflow rings on the base of the tank. Like the Crown/Rafale, the airflow slots work well enough to provide marvelous Direct Lung hits and all the way down to Mouth to Lung hits.

The New Coil Heads

The Uwell Crown 2 now offers a new Parallel Coil Heads which feature a cone-shape positive connector for smooth airflow and wicked conductivity. The bullet shaped coil heads only work with the Crown 2, but that’s fine, I expected that to be the case.

Uwell Crown 2 Flavor Production


I kind of understand this massive move to Stainless Steel coils. Stainless Steel allows the users to vape in Wattage mode or Temperature Control mode. So it’s easy to see why so many companies are moving to this wire. That said, Stainless Steel can do justice to eliquid flavors, provided that the tank and coil head are designed to take advantage of the wire. With Temp Control stainless steel works well IF the TC technology uses the right TCR setting. 316L and 304, and even 316 have slightly different TCR’s. So unless your mod expressly states that it has a setting for 316L, I would advise using stainless steel in wattage mode.

When you buy the Uwell Crown 2 it will come with a .25-ohm SUS316L coil head and the .5-ohm SUS316L. Also available is a Kanthal A1 .8-ohm coil head, which I used for comparison in flavor, not vapor clouds.

The included 0.25-ohm coil is rated for optimum output between 60 and 100W, while the 0.5-ohm coil is rated for vaping at 50 to 80W, with emphasis at balancing flavor and vapor production in the .5-ohm coil.

Naturally the .25-ohm coil head produces massive clouds of vapor, with less emphasis on flavor. The .5-ohm coil head take a more balanced approach, offering more flavor and still excellent vapor. The Kanthal A1 .8-ohm produces the best flavor, not to mention its rated for lower wattage, more battery life and less eliquid consumption. The draw is a little tighter, but not much.

Here’s how I rate the flavor production with all 3 coil heads. Based on a 1-10 scale, 1 being worthless flavor and 10 being exceptional flavor.

.25-ohm SUS316L – Flavor – 8.5

.5-ohm SUS316L – Flavor – 9

. 8-ohm Kanthal – Flavor 9.9

 Uwell Crown 2 Stainless Steel Coil Heads

I have had some god-awful Stainless Steel coil heads. Some brands use stainless steel of lesser quality than Uwell, and the best Stainless Steel is the type Uwell, among others, uses, SUS316L, and it is one of the purest grade stainless steel


you can use for coils.

Stated as plainly as I can, the SUS316L coil heads for the Uwell Crown 2 produce excellent flavors, very close to Kanthal, my personal favorite.

Notable Highlights

Top-Fill – Removing the top cap to reveal the top fill slots is much easier with the Crown 2. The top cap is wide enough to get a good grip, so with a single twist you’re ready to fill the tank.

The Lock Screw – This is a big improvement over the Crown 1. If you own the Crown 1 you know how easily it is for the entire tank to come apart when unscrewing the base or the top cap. The lock screw makes it impossible to fall apart. Nice move Uwell!

Wide Bore Drip Tip – At first you might think that the drip tip is a permanent part of the top cap, but rest assured it is removable, it’s just set it really tight.

Aesthetics – The look of the Uwell Crown 2 tank is more attractive than the original Crown, and the Rafale. I’ve included photos to illustrate that point.

The Bullet Coil Head – The bottom Cone shape connector not only makes for a positive connection, but also provide a smoother airflow (see the small holes in the cone).

My Take on the Uwell Crown 2


The Uwell Crown 2 is a large tank. Not as large as the TFV8 Cloud Beast by SMOK, but it is larger than just about any other sub-ohm tank. The 24mm diameter is 2mm beyond the sweet spot of 22mm, so many mods will show some overhang when the Crown 2 sits atop the mod. Luckily, for the Vapers that this tank was designed for have most likely moved on toward newer, high powered mods with plenty of space on top for a 24mm tank. I use mine with the Lost Vape Triade DNA200, and the Fuchai 213, and it fits well, no hangover at all.

Performance wise, you can expect superior vaping with tons of clouds and plenty of flavor. I’m not sure if the Crown 2 is my new favorite, but I can tell you that it is a tank that can be used all day long, it is not “just” a specialty tank. I was surprised by that to be honest, but I think the reason it is an everyday tank is because how simple it is to fill, and how simple it is to adjust. I love the tank, but there is a new rash of tanks coming out so I’ll reserve judgement on whether it will be my go-to tank on a daily basis.

The sloped design of the bullet coil heads proficiently guides the airflow directly in to the four 2.5mm diameter inlets holes around the base and into the SUS316L Parallel Coil structure, which then provides wicked smooth airflow throughout the entire tank.

The SUS316L Parallel Coil structure was first used in the Uwell Rafale, and with some refinement in the coil spacing and manufacturing of the coil head, it has improved performance all the way around, but especially towards mid-wattage output with the .5-ohm coil head and the .8-ohm Kanthal coil head.

When you buy from Uwell you expect a certain amount of quality, and with the Crown 2 that same high quality that you would expect is definitely there.

The Uwell Crown 2 is available now at Element Vape for just $28.95, which surprised me. I expected at least $34.99-$39.99. If the $28.95 is within your budget, and if you want to see what a vapor crazy, flavor crazy sub-ohm tank can do, it’s a small investment to make.


Grade: A

“Recommended for Sub-Ohm Vapers. Not exactly great as a first sub-ohm tank (for that I recommend the Kanger Protank 4 Evolved), but if you have ‘some’ experience with sub-ohm tanks, and your mod can handle 24mm diameter, and your wattage is 100+, then yea, give the Uwell Crown 2 a chance. I think if you fit the profile, you’ll love the tank.”

Tom McBride

Uwell Crown 2 – Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 2-5/8″ x 7/8″
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • 5ml Capacity
  • 510 Threaded
  • Leak Resistant Top Fill Design
  • Can be filled from the Top or Bottom of the Tank
  • Tanking Locking Screw
  • Adjustable Dual Airflow Ring
  • Improved Chimney Design for Stronger Flavor
  • Removable Delrin Insulated Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Quartz Glass Tank
  • New Uwell Crown 2 SUS316L Parallel Coil Atomizer Heads
  • Cone-Shape Positive Connector on Atomizer Heads for Smooth Airflow

In the Box:

  • One Uwell Crown 2 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One SUS316 Parallel Coil 0.25-ohm Coil
  • One SUS316 Parallel Coil 0.5-ohm Coil
  • Additional Glass Tank Section
  • One User Manual

. 8-ohm Kanthal coil heads are also available.