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How to Salvage Your Elf Bar Vape from Disaster!The Elf Bar BC5000 is easily one of the most popular disposable vapes ever to enter the market, renowned for its huge variety of Elfbar flavors and its reliable hardware. Elf Bar (also known as Elfbar) is highly respected for their commitment to quality vaping products, which allows them to provide consistent battery power and dreamy flavor until the e-liquid finally runs out.

But, once in a while, your Elf Bar vape may run into an issue. After all, there’s no such thing as perfect technology, and you may run into the occasional issue, such as leaking vape juice or an Ebar that won’t charge. The good news is that there are simple remedies to these somewhat common problems in most cases.

Is Your Elf Bar Vape Pod Leaking? Here’s How to Fix it

First, talk about what you can do if your Elf Bar leaks. By leaking, we mean that e-liquid is leaking out of the mouthpiece and potentially getting into your mouth each time you go in for a puff. Keep in mind that if your Elf Bar is leaking out of your device, that can be dangerous to pets and children, as nicotine is toxic when ingested.

The most common cause for a leaking Elf Bar is pulling too hard when you take a puff. This does suck e-liquid out of the coil rather than giving it a chance to convert into vapor properly. The other common cause is taking too many hits quickly in a row, which again prevents proper vaporization as the coil simply can’t keep up. So, in the event of a leak, consider changing the way in which you draw pulls during your vaping sessions.

If the issue still doesn’t go away, then you may need to consider that there’s something wrong with the coil, in that it just can’t vaporize the e-liquid inside the wick anymore. This could be that somehow the coil got burnt out, or, worst-case scenario, you got a dud.

Why Isn’t Your Elf Bar Vape Charging?

Another issue you may encounter is an Elf Bar Vape that simply doesn’t want to charge. Elf Bars come with a charge port and need to be charged here and there because they contain so much e-liquid that the battery would run out before you get through all of the juice. But what happens if you go to insert your charging cable and nothing happens?

In this case, the most common culprit is a dirty charge port or charger connection. If there’s some kind of debris or residue on either part of the charging connection, you’re not going to be able to initiate the charging process successfully. So, take a good look at your charger and the charge port on the device, and see if there’s residue or debris. Use a toothpick or cotton swab if necessary.

If cleaning the connection doesn’t solve the issue, then it may be that there’s simply something wrong with the charger or the device. Sometimes, a component gets damaged, or you just end up with a dud. In this case, we recommend contacting the company to see if you can get a replacement.

Is Your Elf Bar Vape Overheating? Here’s What to Do

An overheated Elf Bar Vape can be concerning, as people are naturally going to be afraid of their device exploding. In most cases, if your device is overheating, it simply won’t work. It will likely feel very warm to the touch, which immediately tells you that the device’s internals have gotten too hot, which is now disrupting the vaporization process.

There are two real reasons why your device may overheat. One is that you’re just hitting it too much in a short time, causing far too much heat to be produced through the battery and into the coil. The other cause is that the device has been exposed to excessive heat – for instance, left on a metal surface on a hot sunny day or on your car’s windshield when the temperature outside is high.

In either case, with an overheated Elf Bar, you want to wait before attempting to use it. Allow it to cool back to regular temperature, and then try again. Trying to hit it repeatedly when it’s already overheating is simply going to make the issue worse. You’re good to go if your device works again once it’s cooled down. If not, then unfortunately, it’s possible that the inside of the device reached such a high temperature that its internals are permanently damaged.

Where to Find Safe and Legitimate Products

When seeking out the best Elf Bar Vape flavors, we may, from time to time, encounter a fake product. And, as you may have guessed, fake Elf Bars are far more likely to give you problems like leaks, charging issues, and overheating, as they’re made using cheaper materials and ingredients. Besides that, fake Elf Bars can be dangerous since you never know what a fake company is putting into their e-liquids or whether their hardware is safe to use.

To avoid a fake Elf Bar, we urge you to buy from a legitimate vape shop, either locally or online, like Vape Juice Depot. Legitimate vape shops are not going to carry fakes, instead buying from the manufacturer directly. If you suspect you do have a fake, check the authenticity code on the product’s box through the brand’s website.


Disposable users love Elf Bar Vape because their products are satisfying and rarely run into problems. But that doesn’t mean the occasional issue is completely out of the question. Basically, all disposable vapes come with the slight risk of the issues we’ve discussed today, and luckily, they’re usually very easy to fix. The key is knowing that you’re buying an authentic Elf Bar and reaching out to the company should the methods above fail actually to resolve the issue.

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